20 Dangerous Conduct That Are Making You Much less Productive

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There are a selection of bad conduct many of us do every day, and research shows the ones conduct in truth hurt our productiveness, specifically at art work. The additional conscious we’re of the way in which this stuff are affecting our productivity, the additional proactive we will be able to be at taking duty for our conceivable alternatives.

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In this document, I will be able to break down one of the crucial most not unusual examples of bad conduct that stifle productivity and a couple of ways you’ll break them.

Table of Contents

Dangerous Conduct Examples Listing

Damage a Dangerous Dependancy

Bad Behavior That Are Making You A lot much less Productive

1. Speeding throughout the morning.

When the morning rush turns right into a dependancy, there can be unfavourable consequences on your sense of well-being and your common productivity.

Why this dependancy is bad:

Whilst you get began off your day in a frenzied frame of mind, you are actually no longer giving your thoughts any time to decompress, reset, and get in a position for the day. Instead, you might be pumping it with adrenaline very very first thing throughout the morning, which is able to reason why you to crash in a while.

break this bad dependancy:

If your mornings lack time and space to breathe, take a look at waking up 10–30 minutes earlier and starting off with a at hand information a coarse meditation session.

Check out the free app Headspace to begin out: It provides you with 10 free guided meditation categories, with the collection of signing up for a per thirty days subscription.

2. Skipping breakfast.

Whether or not or no longer you blame it on being too rushed (see #1) or just no longer feeling hungry, eating a well-rounded breakfast merely isn’t a priority for a lot of other folks.

Why this dependancy is bad:

If you find yourself sound asleep, you might be fasting — which means that you rise up with low blood sugar. That low blood sugar is exactly why many of us in point of fact really feel tired, apathetic, and even just a bit irritable very very first thing throughout the morning. It isn’t you; it’s your inherent need for the sustenance that, you know, helps to keep you up and dealing as a human.

break this bad dependancy:

What about converting foods with coffee? Positive, the caffeine rush from your morning coffee can lend a hand hide the symptoms of low blood sugar — however it without a doubt won’t satisfy your need for foods. In fact, it’s going to perhaps reason why you to crash later throughout the day, which is able to in truth harm your productivity.

Prioritizing a healthy breakfast is a key to boosting productivity for the rest of your day.

Check out healthy breakfast foods that have the fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals that’ll come up with energy. Avoid breakfast foods with added sugar like sugary cereal and pastries.

3. Tackling the straightforward stuff first.

It can be very tempting to get all the easy tasks out of the way in which during which first previous than tackling the tough stuff. This is especially true if you find yourself dreading that tough activity.

Why this dependancy is bad:

Tackling one of the tough tasks on your to-do document early on throughout the day is in fact upper to your common productivity. Researchers have discovered that strength of mind is a finite helpful useful resource that frequently decreases all over the place the day, in step with the book The Strength of will Instinct. So your thoughts is much better at coping with the hardest tasks firstly of the day if you find yourself further focused.

break this bad dependancy:

Mornings moreover generally tend to lend fewer distractions, making it easier so to get problems completed. My colleague James Gilbert suggests that individuals “make the most of morning hours to crank via meaty duties without distractions, and save any calls or virtual meetings for the afternoon.”

Creating a to-do document is among the most simple techniques to prioritize tasks effectively. Everyone has their own to-do document style, so take a look at this record of the most efficient to-do record equipment and apps available in the market and see which ones art work best for you.

4. Checking and responding to emails as they come in.

Email is supposed to lend a hand us do our art work, no longer distract us from our art work. So why does it always in point of fact really feel like a productivity suck?

Why this dependancy is bad:

So as to stay on very best of a regularly overflowing inbox, it can be tempting to check and respond to each and every email correspondence as briefly as a result of it’s to be had in. Receiving email correspondence notifications in exact time certainly does no longer lend a hand. On the other hand regularly switching tasks between art work and email correspondence can in truth hurt your productivity.

break this bad dependancy:

To help you focus in chunks of time, turn off those pesky email correspondence signs and limit checking your email correspondence to specified breaks.

If you’re nervous about missing a very powerful email correspondence, take a look at deciding on “Important mail notifications on” and Gmail will notify you for emails it thinks are important to you in keeping with earlier procedure.

To sing their own praises signs in Outlook: On the “Apparatus” menu, click on on “Alternatives.” Open the “Preferences” tab and click on on “Email Alternatives,” then “Complicated Email Alternatives.” Under “When new items arrive in my Inbox,” clear the “Display a New Mail Desktop Alert (default Inbox very best) check box.

5. Checking social feeds.

All the “merely distracted” issue goes for social media notifications, too. The urge to check for social media notifications makes it hard to check our Knowledge Feeds “merely this once” — and maximum frequently ends up in a lot of mindless browsing.

Why this dependancy is bad:

As my colleague Scott Tousley says, “We’re madly in love with distracting ourselves.”

My colleague Alec Biedrzycki solves this problem by way of getting rid of all social networks from his toolbar bookmarks. “Even if I don’t suggest to browse them, some uncontrollable impulse subconsciously clicks on them after I experience downtime,” he says. “You’ll get sucked in without working out it (or even meaning to), so eliminating the gateway to those networks helps to keep me heading in the right direction.”


break this bad dependancy:

To sing their own praises notifications for social media so that you’re in keep watch over of when you check those apps. You’ll do this throughout the apps themselves or throughout the settings of your smartphone.

6. Protecting your phone with you at art work.

Raise your hand if you happen to panic when you perceive you do not have your phone with you—whether or not or no longer you might be sitting at your desk, attending a meeting, grabbing coffee, or heck—even going to the bathroom. (I’m accountable of this, too.)

Why this dependancy is bad:

Smartphones are one of the crucial important outstanding distractions on the planet. And when you keep your phone with you at art work, you might be putting your productivity levels at risk.

A learn about within the Magazine of Experimental Psychology: Human Belief and Efficiency found out that when people who have been appearing a role that required intense focus received a text or title on their phone, they’d further unsuitable answers and have been a lot more more likely to make rapid guesses. People who received notification of a decision — even if they didn’t make a choice it up — have been 3X a lot more more likely to make mistakes. In fact, error charges had been about the similar whether or not or no longer or no longer other folks spoke again that call or text.

Why does receiving that text or title hurt our productivity this sort of lot? Researchers from that find out about say that, even though the real 2d of interruption is short-lived, our concepts are disrupted for a considerably longer period, making it tough to refocus.

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break this bad dependancy:

There are a lot of different ways to curb your phone habit. The most simple is to turn your phone on silent and put it away in case you are at art work. If that’s no longer cutting it, take a look at an app like Woodland. This app will steered you to plant a virtual tree when you get began running, which “grows” over the method 30 minutes. The additional 30-minute classes you don’t use your phone, the larger your wooded area will increase; alternatively if you happen to leave the app, you’ll have to get began in all places over again.

7. Black hole browsing.

You know the feeling when you search for something work-related, then click on on on a linked video, and previous than you understand it, you might be knee-deep into TikToks about development a tiny area at some point of a a long way flung wooded area?

Why this dependancy is bad:

This is a bad aspect affect of having a job that requires internet research. It’s one thing to mindlessly browse the web outside of work or if you find yourself on a break. (In fact, I’ve a really perfect record of the most efficient websites and apps for losing time on the web for events like those.) On the other hand it’s some other absolutely if you find yourself supposed to be doing exact art work.

That’s what Tousley likes to call “black hole browsing,” and it’s transform one of the crucial important productivity-sucking psychological addictions to be had out there.

break this bad dependancy:

Chances are high that you’ll in point of fact really feel like getting out of place throughout the black hole is inevitable, alternatively there are apparatus to be had out there that allow you to prevent it from taking place. As an example, StayFocusd is a Google Chrome extension that breaks the black hole browsing cycle by way of blockading distracting web websites after a set time frame.

8. Working via your lunch break.

Eating at your desk does no longer merely make you antisocial. In step with HBR, it is usually “bad for making an allowance for, bad for creativity, bad for productivity, [and] bad to your body.”

Why this dependancy is bad:

To be honest, in case you are among those people who take lunch at your desk instead of taking a break, it might not be your fault. Perhaps it isn’t built into your place of business custom, or in all probability you’ve were given a point in time this is pressuring you to squeeze each and every waking 2d out of your day.

On the other hand taking the midday break can be mentally rejuvenating — and, in many ways, further productive than plugging away at your desk between mouthfuls.

break this bad dependancy:

One of the best ways to take a lunch break is to remove yourself from your desk or workspace and eat in different places — like a cafeteria, consuming position, or public park. Upper however, assemble your neighborhood at art work by way of eating with a colleague. (Listed below are some extra concepts for what to do all the way through your lunch spoil.

9. No longer full of life listening.

Some of the unsatisfied consequences of being regularly distracted is the epidemic of very best section paying attention — and making an allowance for this is OK. Chances are high that you’ll think that any time anyone else is talking and also you are actually no longer, that implies you might be listening. On the other hand, as my colleague Andrew Quinn wrote in his publish on unhealthy conversational behavior, it does no longer. “The actual question is who’re you taking note of when [someone else] is talking,” he wrote. “I’m willing to bet a good portion of the time, you might be in fact taking note of the voice on your head.”

That, or you might be learning that email correspondence that merely were given right here in. Or checking to look why your phone buzzed. If you find yourself in a meeting, how so much can you in truth be paying attention when your notebook computer is open?

Why this dependancy is bad:

No longer very best can’t listening moderately price you relationships, it’ll in all probability moreover price you throughout the time it takes to make up for regardless of wisdom you not noted.

break this bad dependancy:

Becoming an full of life listener is a crucial part of turning into extra emotionally clever. This means in truth, in point of fact paying attention to what individuals are saying — and this is a skill that’ll set you apart in each and every your professional and personal life.

10. Announcing “positive” to each and every meeting.

Being “throughout the zone” is when you lose yourself in regardless of you might be doing — this sort of lot so that you lose track of time. It is among the a very powerful keys to each and every happiness and productivity at art work.

Why this dependancy is bad:

No longer anything else disrupts that drift like a meeting. Specifically an needless one. It sort of feels that the typical explicit particular person wastes 31 hours in unproductive conferences per month. The ones needless meetings are ones where you or the organizer isn’t in a position, you didn’t in truth need to be there, and so on.

break this bad dependancy:

Want to get those 31 hours once more? Listed here are a few pointers:

  • Remember to’re very best attending meetings you in fact need to attend. If you don’t see yourself actively contributing to the group, with politeness let the meeting requester know that you just will be unable to attend.
  • If you’re the one calling the meeting, send invitees a realize, description, or some more or less heads up along with your calendar invitations. This’ll give them an idea of why that they had been invited or need to be there. Check out an app like Do or Cast to lend a hand keep your meetings organized and actionable.
  • Agenda meetings in bulk in case you’ll. It is a strategic approach to ensure the time you do have outside of meetings is spent as productively as possible, as it takes other folks a mean of 23 mins to refocus after switching tasks.

Speaking of which …

11. Multitasking.

Multitasking can seem inevitable in our fashionable, ever-connected lifestyles. On the other hand it’ll in all probability make us much less productive and increase mistakes and force.

Why this dependancy is bad:

Needless to say bad dependancy of no longer listening? Folks do that such a lot during meetings when they’re making an attempt to multitask — whether or not or no longer it’s learning and responding to emails and messages, scrolling via their Twitter feeds, or something else.

break this bad dependancy:

Getting out of the dependancy of multitasking is difficult, alternatively certainly possible. Casting off notifications from your art work laptop computer (see #5) and putting away your cell phone (see #6) are two great ways to begin out. Other ideas include putting in place a no-laptop rule for meetings, using the Pomodoro Method (where you’re hired in sprints by some means that complements the body’s natural ultradian rhythm), and planning your day in blocks that include built-in breaks.

12. Participating in in conjunction with your phone previous than bed.

Have you ever ever ever lay in bed with the lights off and spent a few minutes scrolling via your phone to answer last-minute texts and emails, check Instagram, or scroll via TikTok? Now, carry your hand if those little while have ever transform section an hour, forty-five minutes, or even an hour.

Consider how much more sleep you want to’ve gotten that evening time if you happen to’d simply lengthy long past to bed when you first grew to transform the lights off.

Why this dependancy is bad:

On the other hand it isn’t in terms of the volume of sleep — it is usually regarding the prime quality of sleep. Research have proven that people who gaze at a backlit visual display unit right kind previous than bed in fact document having lower-quality sleep — even though they get merely as so much sleep as anyone who didn’t check out their electronics previous than bed. It’s as a result of presence and lack of light tell our brains whether or not they’re going to must free up the sleep hormone melatonin that makes you tired. Given that LED lights emitted by way of the shows on our virtual gadgets is so similar to daylight, it’ll in all probability trick our brains into making an allowance for it’s daylight hours, causing us to stay conscious for longer.

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break this bad dependancy:

One of the best ways to break this dependancy? Acquire an alarm clock that isn’t your phone, and fee your phone in a separate room in order that you keep away from the temptation of checking it altogether. If you’re nervous about missing an emergency title, then take a look at sending those last-minute texts 30-60 minutes previous than you hit the hay. It will suggest you get further sleep and higher prime quality sleep, major you to serve as at top productivity the following day. (Learn this weblog publish for tips about getting one of the out of your sleep.)

13. Moral Licensing

Moral licensing is a not unusual indicator of lower productivity at best and a snappy track to a efficiency development plan at worst. The use of a very good deed to cover up an unpleasant one is morally flawed and can transform an unpleasant dependancy previous than you understand it.

Why this dependancy is bad:

Once developed, this kind of bad dependancy may purpose you to procrastinate on your art work, take shortcuts, forget closing dates, and leave your workforce in a lurch. It is going to seem far-fetched initially to cut corners when nobody is looking at, alternatively after it’s transform a dependancy, it’ll in all probability wreak havoc on your productivity and art work life balance.

break this bad dependancy:

Instead of banking very good actions to catch up on a poor movement each and every from time to time, come to a decision to doing what you might be pronouncing you’re going to and following the foundations set out by way of your office. When you’re feeling as even though the information cross in opposition for your particular person morals, lift this up in conjunction with your manager or imagine on the lookout for a brand spanking new selection.

14. Sitting down too often.

Whilst you art work a sedentary job, it may be tough to keep in mind to stand up every now and then. This is especially true in case you are taking section in a lot of meetings and calls

Why this dependancy is bad:

Sitting for too lengthy is said to a lot of effectively being issues like high blood pressure, most sensible blood sugar, and other metabolic issues. All of this may’t very best lead to a lower prime quality of life, alternatively probably loss of life.

break this bad dependancy:

Standing up for a few minutes each hour can do wonders to your mental and physically effectively being during the workday. For one, you could have interplay further muscle tissue when you stand which is superb for maintaining right kind posture and mobility. In conjunction with that, you’ll be capable of float into blood drift which allow you to think further clearly.

Use a tool like a well being watch to remind you to stand all over the place the day. Or, use a free timer on your desktop or mobile phone to come up with a caution when it’s time to stand up for a 2d.

15. Poor prioritization.

Have you ever ever ever woken up and immediately felt like tasks, events, and requests have been taking place to you moderately than you choosing to participate in them? This can be the result of poor prioritization.

Why this dependancy is bad:

If you find yourself no longer in keep watch over of your priorities every day, it isn’t perhaps that you just’ll be capable of get to the tasks and movements that you just wanted to. You’ll be able to be in reaction mode—prioritizing the whole thing for everyone else.

break this bad dependancy:

To support your prioritization, there are a few ways you’ll take a look at. Developing an inventory is a popular approach to be aware of what you plan to get completed every day. Every other other people time table each hour of their day in a digital calendar—supplied with reminders and alarms to stick them on time table. Whether or not or no longer you cross the manual or digital path, prioritizing your day very very first thing throughout the morning can break the bad dependancy of poor prioritization.

16. Over-planning

Merely as we mentioned above, prioritizing your day is a great dependancy to begin out doing to transform further productive. On the other hand over-planning can lead to a few bad conduct as successfully.

Why this dependancy is bad:

Planning each and every second of your day without room for personal problems, urgent tasks, trip time, and a 2d for reflection may end up in burnout—specifically in case you are mindlessly following a script you’ve gotten created on your self.

break this bad dependancy:

Instead, get proud of the idea of flexibility on your day. Purpose for no more than 5 to seven must-do tasks in line with day and leave a few hours open. That approach, you’ll be ready to feel good about prioritizing what you need to do while however having time (and a clear ideas) to lend a hand others, or simply rest and recharge for the following day.

17. Being late.

Upper late than under no circumstances, alternatively under no circumstances late is more healthy. Punctuality is a skill that’s no longer innate in the general public, it’s something all people need to be knowledgeable as children and apply regularly as adults. The necessary factor to not growing the bad dependancy of being late throughout the first place is to price your own time and the time of others.

Why this dependancy is bad:

If you find yourself late, you indirectly tell the other person who your time is further valuable than theirs. And I get it—from time to time problems rise up and being late is unavoidable. That’s the position steered verbal exchange comes into play to rectify the site. On the other hand in case you are always understanding of time, rushing at some point of the door, or changing into a member of a meeting a minute or two at the back of time table, that is typically a bad dependancy throughout the making.

break this bad dependancy:

Time keep an eye on best practices are prevalent, and in terms of anyone you ask can have a tip or trick for you to check out. One tip in particular that works successfully to increase productivity is together with buffers on your digital calendar. As an example, if when you have a meeting from 2:00 to a couple of:00 and some other from 3:00 to a couple of:30, add a 5 minute buffer between the two by way of each scheduling the principle meeting to complete 5 minutes early or get began the second meeting 5 minutes late. Doing this prematurely when sending your meeting invitations is important—everyone will understand what time the meeting begins and ends, even if it’s an unconventional scheduling apply.

18. Gossipping.

Gossipping is an unpleasant dependancy that many of us disguise as venting, alternatively there’s a distinction between the 2. Venting is conversation with a beginning and end—maximum frequently completed in a protected space— that is most often outside of work with people who is also providing lend a hand or advice. Gossipping, alternatively, is a toxic bad dependancy with the purpose of being distracting and unkind.

Why this dependancy is bad:

Gossipping is known to tank the productivity of everyone who engages with it. Even if you might be very best listening, you might be spending effort and time consuming unhelpful wisdom when you want to be making an allowance for art work.

break this bad dependancy:

If you’re the deliverer of the gossip, take a 2d to duplicate on your priorities. Are you happy in conjunction with your career? Are there areas of your life where you wish to have to look industry? If positive, then keep up a correspondence to a trusted mentor, buddy, or advertising marketing consultant moderately than gossip about others. If you’re surrounded by way of gossip alternatively need to stay productive, remove yourself from the environment by way of taking a walk, moving your lunch break to over again, or meeting new other folks during the lulls throughout the day.

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19. No longer reflecting on objectives for the week.

Going from week to week with no time in between for reflection and serve as environment is a favorable technique to see a productivity dip one day.

Why this dependancy is bad:

Without reflection, it can be tough to look where your growth choices are, be expecting roadblocks, and be proactive on your art work. Whilst you’ve ever heard of other folks feeling as even though they’re on a hamster wheel, no longer reflecting on their objectives each week is a contributing factor.

break this bad dependancy:

A simple 15-minute check-in at the end of the art work week can be all you need to extend a healthy dependancy of reflection and serve as environment. Proper right here are a few things to imagine during this weekly assessment:

  • Did I reach my objectives for the week?
  • What made me happy?
  • What went flawed?
  • Who did I lend a hand/who helped me?
  • What am I grateful for this week?
  • What are my objectives for next week?

20. Poor Dialog

After we keep up a correspondence clearly and effectively timed, productivity improves consequently. On the other hand poor verbal exchange can transform an unpleasant dependancy for various reasons which no longer very best impacts you and your art work alternatively those you have interaction with, too.

Why this dependancy is bad:

Poor verbal exchange as an unpleasant dependancy is gorgeous clear: sending last-minute emails or Slack messages, asking unclear questions, or leaving stakeholders out of the loop are all examples of poor verbal exchange that when completed often or in conjunction with one some other, can transform an unpleasant dependancy.

break this bad dependancy:

To break the dependancy of poor verbal exchange, keep two words in ideas: be proactive.

If you’re estimating {{that a}} mission will also be later than expected, even by way of only a few days, keep up a correspondence it as early as you realize. Your workforce will acknowledge you taking accountability, alternatively they acknowledge the fact that they can plan spherical this inconvenience successfully prematurely.

1. Research the bad dependancy.

Quicker than you’ll get started breaking an unpleasant dependancy, it’s a should to understand why the dependancy exists to begin with. Just about all conduct serve a need and have a purpose. On the other hand those two problems is also tough to find on the flooring stage.

For example, if when you have an unpleasant dependancy of being late, the need isn’t that you just’ve were given additional time on your day. It’s perhaps that you need to prioritize your day upper. With just a bit further planning, you’ll be able to see your time-bound commitments drawing close to and gives yourself enough time to meet them.

2. Set a smart serve as.

Once you know the need your bad dependancy serves, you’ll set a smart serve as spherical breaking the dependancy. Breaking bad conduct does no longer happen in one day, and it received’t even happen throughout the first week of the strictest dependancy keep an eye on practices. The necessary factor that is the word “cheap.”

A not unusual serve as for those who need to break bad conduct is to do it within 3 weeks. On the other hand once those 3 weeks are up, you’ll be capable of want a sustained sense of motivation to take care of the great dependancy. So set a serve as spherical the way you’ll like to in point of fact really feel in case you drop the bad dependancy. Keeping up this feeling will permit you to stay the course and kick the bad dependancy for very good.

3. Change your routine.

Routine is one of the biggest influences of an unpleasant dependancy. This on my own may make or break your probabilities of success in kicking an unpleasant dependancy.

If you know your ideas is happening autopilot spherical 3pm at art work, you’ll want to interrupt that routine previous than it begins. You’ll do this by way of environment an alarm, scheduling a coffee chat with a coworker, or taking a walk to redirect your ideas transparent of the bad dependancy.

Even though changing your routine on my own won’t save you the dependancy in its tracks, it’s going to make it tougher so to take care of the dependancy which provides you with the space to modify those unfavourable actions with positive ones.

4. Limit choices to take a look at bad conduct.

The environments we spend one of the time in can impact each and every very good and bad conduct. To mitigate ad conduct, it’s a should to ban the choices where we could engage in them. This may increasingly on occasion suggest changing your surroundings further often or limiting contact with people who encourage bad conduct.

And this tip goes for each and every a long way flung workforce and in-office other people. Bad conduct can building up in each and every environments, so it’s your duty to be honest along with your self about when and where bad conduct most often occur so as to support your productivity.

5. Ask for support.

Nipping bad conduct throughout the bud is difficult enough, alternatively going via it on my own may make it much more tough. Teaming up with a support neighborhood or an accountability partner allow you to ease into the industry without judgment or grand expectations.

Rather than relying on your own strength of mind, you’ll lean on your neighborhood for support as you get used to the changes you make on your worklife to be further productive. And while all people you have to be on our A-game, everyone has an unpleasant dependancy or two to break, so you’ll want to return the like to them when the time comes.

6. Implement a rewards instrument.

Breaking bad conduct does no longer suggest we must no longer be rewarded for our expansion. In fact, using rewards allow you to stay on the very good dependancy wagon for for much longer than if you happen to relied on sheer strength of mind on my own.

Make realize of small niceties that you just experience (and which can be appropriate relating to the dependancy you might be breaking) to treat yourself when you surpass a milestone. Merely make sure that you don’t building up new bad conduct throughout the method of breaking an out of date one, like spending outside of your worth vary, growing unhealthy wellness conduct, or implementing on your friends and family to help you have fun too-frequent milestones.

7. Be affected particular person.

Closing alternatively no longer least, be affected particular person along with your self. Since bad conduct can affect productivity, it’s smart that productivity received’t increase instantly or even after you’ve gotten hit your first milestones in opposition to growing very good conduct. Stepped ahead productivity comes with time, repetition, and incorporating a lot of very good conduct repeatedly at scale.

In the case of completing ad conduct and beginning very good ones, have the benefit of the journey. You’ll be able to perhaps be informed such a lot about yourself, your art work ethic, and the environment spherical you so as to prevent bad conduct previous than they form someday.

This post was once as soon as at first revealed in March 2016 and has been up-to-the-minute for comprehensiveness.

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