20+ Extremely Addictive Cellular Video games to Take a look at

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On a daily basis we stand up to a gamescape that’s teeming with new entries, which makes that perfect-match game increasingly elusive. For those who occur to haven’t tried gamifying your phone experience, research displays you in reality should give it a pass, for the sake of your sanity if no longer the rest – and one of the crucial a very powerful perfectly suited reasons to do so is to relieve stress.

Whether or not or no longer you’re fearful or not, you’ll agree that, each and every time you’re tied up in a website online guests jam or commuting to art work via mass transit, boredom can get the simpler of you. So why not pull up this advisable tick list of game apps and acquire a few, for the thrill of it?

39 Best HD Games for iOS and Android

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39 Highest HD Video video games for iOS and Android

After unboxing your new smartphone and satisfying your eyes on its glory, you’ll be able to most certainly want to try its… Be told further


Created via Terry Cavanagh, an Irish indie developer, VVVVVV is a platformer with spot-on bare-bones pixel graphics, that defies gravity and luckily has an auto-save function in place to keep away from any needless frustration pile-ups.

The game capitalizes on a low-fi retro-nostalgic trend, while the minimalist graphics pass hand in hand with its original, ever unexpected game mechanics and a real earworm of a chiptune observe via Souleye.

Alto’s Adventure

The Toronto-based developers (Ryan Cash and Jordan Rosenberg) going throughout the name of Snowman started out with productivity app Checkmark, then went immediately to video video games by way of Circles and Super Squares.

For Alto, they got help on the design facet via Harry Nesbitt – and the next game temporarily gained traction: the trailer itself passed the 100,000 views mark 3 days after the huge release!

Ridiculous Fishing

Indie Dutch developer Vlambeer’s crazy fish angler revel in, Ridiculous Fishing, lets you with regards to blow your catch to smithereens, no release, merely fast gratification. Now there’s little need so that you could get up at the crack of crack of break of day to catch the tasty finned morsels.

The quirky visuals and suitably eerie observe will get your head in a game the least bit hours: merely power up, keep calm and solid a big internet! It made 2013’s “Game of the 12 months” and dubbed “a heroic quest for glory and gills”.

Mr. Leap

From the already roster-heavy game rising trio 1Button, were given right here Mr. Leap, a game banking on the ever common one-tap mechanic and no longer amiss streamlined graphics which may well be in point of fact simple on the eyes.

The game’s an uncluttered no brainer, that features a blank, square-headed avatar that predictably hops forward as perfectly suited it might in reality to keep away from the precipices and hurdles which may well be deviously peppered along the easiest way.

Two Dots

Introduced in Would possibly 2014, Two Dots is a basic connect-the-dots game. The determine pair of dots get dragged all over all forms of uniquely minimalist gameverses, tundras and jungles among them, where a brand spanking new little little bit of bother can at all times crop up out of left field.

With more than 185 levels to get by means of, each with more than a few, unpredictable mechanics, Two Dots used to be as soon as “created with the belief that just right seems to be and amusing don’t appear to be mutually distinctive.”

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The team of workers has stored busy, bobbing up with new levels regularly and updating the faithful Tumblr blog with inventive new posts (even a webcomic!).


Lastronaut tells the apocalyptic journey of a pixelated last-man-standing protagonist got a lot of traction on the once more of its nice-looking 8-bit graphics and relentlessly catchy gameplay.

Complicated as something of an experiment, with the first-time devs attempting to respond to the question whether or not or no longer a free-to-play game and no longer the usage of a pay involved at any level, ever, would take off, Lastronaut used to be as soon as presented to tremendous, fast acclaim and one million downloads, one week after free up!

Previous Ynth

Previous Ynth features a half-airworthy, frustratingly slow computer virus that you just’ll want to data by means of to the top of each level via having it switch boxes spherical while fending off getting squashed beneath them – basic, on the other hand focus-grabbing stuff.

Previous Ynth used to be as soon as revealed via FDG Recreational 5 years up to now, and had picked up each and every the Excellence in Gameplay and the Grand-Prix awards at the 7th World Mobile Gaming Awards.

Coming on the heels of the a very powerful darling Ynth, the beautifully-illustrated (every now and then hand-drawn) 80-level epic hasn’t sought after so much in the easiest way of promotion.


Powder makes you a skier who races downhill, amassing problems the longer you stay upright. It’s set against a snow-capped mountainous background that in reality excels relating to glacial stylishness.

Conceived throughout the ingenious pair of indie devs Dave Chenell and Eric Cleckner, working out of New York, the game’s, as they put it, “at the same time as soothing and being concerned”.

The game had more than 200,000 downloads throughout the first week and used to be as soon as featured via Apple in more than 15 global places.


Digital Melody’s Timberman, an arcade game with old-school graphics and a pixel-artsy in point of fact really feel that I know many will revel in, has been unsurprisingly gobbled up like scorching muffins on the app shops.

You get to play as a burly lumberjack, reducing at a tree that keeps going down forever. It looks like simple gameplay, which is most certainly why it’s super addictive.

“Created via Pawel Kitajewski, ingenious director for the Polish digital interactive corporate Digital Melody, it has had a very good uptake, boasting over 15 million avid players, and got named one of the crucial a very powerful perfectly suited video video games to have landed on the Apple store in 2014. There’s now various Timberman items you’ll be capable of acquire, T-shirts and iPhone cases that undergo its pixelated insignia.”

Turbo Bugs 2

Turbo Bugs 2 can every now and then be merely as frustrating as any adult-targeted endless runner to be had out there.

That, added to the cute factor that the computer virus’s slice of life has effectively cornered, leads to a revel in that, while not extremely original relating to gameplay, keeps your heartbeat higher and your eyes at surface level, scorching on the heels of the lead computer virus.

From the Bulgarian devs at Zariba, Turbo Bugs 2, by means of its computer virus’s eye view and well-drawn, cartoonish characters, stands out from the pack. For those who’ll be capable of’t put it down even though the clock’s run out for your coffee ruin, don’t in point of fact really feel responsible, it’s not merely you!

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Boson X

In Boson X, you play as a scientist, move nicely with, tie and in vigorous pursuit of the elusive Higgs boson.

Certainly not as boring as this description would perhaps lead you to believe, the app will have you quantum-leaping forward proper right into a ceiling- and floor-less race, at an ever-increasing pace.

Offered via Mu and Heyo (specifically, Ian MacLarty and Jon Kerney) 2 years up to now, the game itself took 3 years to make, given that developers had day jobs. Merely as effectively, since temporarily after its free up, enough accolades were given right here in to make them in point of fact really feel the moonlighting used to be as soon as price it.

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 is the best rooster flinging game you’ll ever find. Your aim is to hit and destroy piggies tower via throwing different birds at them by means of a slingshot. Each rooster has its private choices that you simply’ll be capable of use as a method and save the rooster eggs.

The game supplies daily challenging eventualities, a few levels, and leaderboards. It can also be carried out with others if you want to compete in an arena with other avid players or join a prolonged circle of relatives of your pals to take down the piggies.


Each you want to loosen up your thoughts or just kill time while able, Ballz is a straightforward and lovely addictive game. You’re required to swim your finger to throw the balls and ruin the bricks.

As you clear some extent, another more difficult one comes up. Your just right fortune lies throughout the perspective of the ball being thrown which makes it hard to reach the highest ranking. Ballz has an endless gameplay and also you’ll be capable of downside your pals to conquer your best possible ranking .

Mini Metro

Mini Metro is an interesting game about designing a subway map for a emerging the town. To begin with, you’ll be capable of draw lines to attach the stations on the other hand since the lines expand, you want to redraw the subway lines to stick a blank glide of the metro.

The most efficient issue about this game is that yo get to build a subway group of real-word cities, like Budapest, Berlin, Hong Kong, and a dozen others. There are daily challenging eventualities, not unusual upgrades, and colorblind and evening time mode display available.

Crossy Freeway

Why did the chicken transfer the road? We don’t know on the other hand we do know how addictive can or no longer it’s to make the chicken or pigeon transfer the road, river, or rail observe with Crossy Freeway.

The game has many retro pop-art inspired characters that you simply’ll be capable of collect and make them without end hop. Moreover, you’ll be capable of compete with your pals on the identical device and can even play it on the large visual display unit with Android TV.


For the enthusiasts of Sci-Fi and robotics, Levelhead would offer a captivating passion. The backstory tells you that you just’re a newly-hired employee at the Bureau of Supply which is the galaxy’s premiere package provide service.

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You get to create your own levels, assemble incredible machines, create excellent expeditions, and even teach your very private GR-18 provide robot for more than a few provide eventualities. How cool is that!

Dan The Man

Dan The Man is an action-packed game that works in a story mode with interesting secrets and techniques and strategies to find. This can be a very well-designed game and even though supplies most efficient 12 levels (throughout the story mode), on the other hand the ones levels are so sexy that you just’ll get addicted.

The most efficient issue in regards to the game are the opposite modes that it supplies. Advertising marketing campaign mode, story mode, adventure mode, and a multiplayer mode – and the ones modes are free. Moreover, you’ll be capable of support your characters and create your own hero.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer is a kind of video video games that keep you hooked for a long time. This can be a antique endless runner game full of adventures. You play this game as Jack who surfs subways shopping to run from an inspector and his dog.

The game choices glossy HD graphics, hoverboard surfing, in reality speedy swipe aerobatics and engaging challenging eventualities. Our hero Jack moreover paints trains and plats trees in conjunction with his partner Mala.

Snake VS Block

A simple snake game, alternatively with an added downside of hitting and breaking the bricks. You want to swipe your arms to move the snake of balls and try to break as many bricks as possible.

You moreover get additional balls to make the snake greater. The game has an infinite game play, a very easy finger swipe keep watch over. You’ll be capable of follow and get a very good ranking and then downside your pals to surpass you.

Go with the flow Loose

Loose Go with the flow is a simple video video games all the way through which you should sign up for the pipes of identical color to create a glide. Then again, the trick is to keep away from the pipes of various colors because of if pipes of two different colors transfer or overlap, they’ll ruin.

Loose Go with the flow serve as more than 2500 free puzzles, free play mode, glossy graphics, and cool sound effects. The game is in reality amusing and stress-free passion for anyone.

Color Freeway

A simple ball rolling game, Color Freeway is free 3D game that may perhaps remind you just a bit of the Twisty Freeway. All you want to do is to roll to the ball which has the identical color and keep away from the person who has a unique color.

You aim is to take a look at to reach the top line to clear some extent. It’s a very good amusing color matching game with endless game play and some distance possible to stick you hooked.

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