5 Tricks to Create a Consumer-Pleasant Footer with Divi

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The footer is ceaselessly lost sight of relating to designing the internet web page. However, it’s moreover one of the vital basic puts on the internet web page. It should be well-designed and usable very similar to any part of the internet web page. Fortunately, this is easy to do with Divi. In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 tips to create a user-friendly Divi footer.

5 Tips to Create a Client-Delightful Divi Footer

1. Include the Major Elements

Our first tip to create a user-friendly Divi footer is to include the principle parts. Every footer needs some fundamental parts. I’ve separated them into 5 categories, and there are multiple alternatives for each and every elegance. I love to suggest perfect using one, or two at the most, from each and every of the ones categories. Some, similar to links can include one or two gadgets of parts. The fewer the elements you use, the better. That is serving to keep the footer small and uncluttered.

Listed below are a few tips for each and every of the categories. I’m using examples from the free Divi header and footer construction templates. You’ll to search out them by means of on the lookout for “free footer” throughout the Elegant Themes blog.



Graphics sticks out and have the same opinion draw attention to the footer. Add your emblem or a small image. This is great to show partners, shoppers, social networks, a decided on product, and so forth. Don’t’ include too many, though, or the footer can look cluttered and difficult to be informed. This case displays the internet website online’s emblem in a small space in regards to the company.

It’s upper to use an icon than a word when every provide the equivalent knowledge. For example, instead of spelling the word Twitter, use the Twitter icon. As an alternative of spelling the identify of a consumer, display their emblem. Add the identify throughout the alt text and as a hover tooltip.

Identify to Movement

Call to Action

The footer can also be precious conversion house. A small title to movement throughout the footer can also be your ultimate chance to get a response from the buyer. Include one title to movement similar to an electronic message signup form, a button that links for your retailer, a donation box, and so forth. It should stand excluding for the whole thing else and be easy to take hold of.

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This case supplies a CTA on the most efficient of the footer that includes a large determine, a temporary description, and a styled button.



Links should include pages such since the about internet web page, contact internet web page, company knowledge, body of workers members, legal knowledge, and so forth. You’ll moreover include links for your latest or same old products, featured posts, and so forth. This case supplies two columns with links to services and products and merchandise and resources.


Any other basic type of link is your social media. Include icons for each and every of the social networks so your visitors can understand them at a glance. You’ll make them large or small. This case places them at the bottom.

Fundamental Contact Wisdom

Basic Contact Information

Provide fundamental contact knowledge that displays one of the crucial most simple tactics to the touch you. This will come along with your electronic message, deal with, phone amount, or most likely a small contact form. Link for your contact internet web page for additonal detailed knowledge. This case supplies the information as text under the company knowledge.

Company Wisdom

Company Information

The company knowledge accommodates endeavor statements, links for your body of workers members, copyright notice, and information about your use of cookies. The copyright notice is normally situated at the very bottom and accommodates the company identify and the 365 days. You’ll spell the word copyright, use the copyright symbol, or include every.

This case supplies a small paragraph with company knowledge inside of a exceptional space of the footer. The copyright is situated at the bottom and is minimized.

2. Simplify the Elements

Simplify the Elements

Our 2nd tip to create a user-friendly Divi footer is to use simpler diversifications of the elements. Protective any design simple is a smart not unusual rule, then again this is a lot more basic throughout the footer. It’s basic to stick your footer from looking cluttered. Use simpler diversifications of the elements than you’d use within the body of the internet website online. This case displays simplified parts in separate areas with quite a lot of house between them.

Rather than a slightly form with quite a lot of questions, use as few fields as imaginable. For an example of work, don’t include examples with quite a lot of component. As an alternative, use a small image and a temporary sentence or a determine. For a choice to movement, merely use a button with a temporary sentence or determine. Use quite a lot of white house between the elements to stick them clean and easy to see.

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3. Mix Your Theme Design

Integrate Your Theme Design

Our third tip to create a user-friendly Divi footer is to mix your theme’s design. The footer needs to seem adore it belongs for your internet website online. It shouldn’t look like a box tagged on at the bottom. It should be designed. At the equivalent time, it should be simple and easy to use. This is normally finished with darker colors, fewer colors, and a additional simplified design. You’ll moreover use different background colors for the quite a lot of sections of the footer.

Integrate Your Theme Design

Use the Divi Theme Builder to create a global footer and use the design parts from your internet website online. Use one of the most equivalent colors, fonts, buttons, and so forth. This case displays the footer from the earlier image opened throughout the Divi Theme Builder.

If you want your footer to stand excluding in your internet website online, you’ll use smaller fonts and buttons and make use of darker colors. For fonts, use sans serif and lighter weights. Your footer design doesn’t have to stand excluding for the rest of the internet web page, then again it’s something to consider for your internet website online design.

4. Check out the Difference

Check the Contrast

Our fourth tip to create a user-friendly Divi footer is to use very good difference. A lot less-important parts can also be smaller and have lower difference than the rest of your internet website online. That is very good for parts at the bottom of the footer. This informs the buyer that it’s not something they need to focal point on every time they view the internet web page.

For example, the bottom line with the copyright knowledge can also be the ground difference so that it doesn’t distract from the rest of the footer. However, the footer’s difference nevertheless should be designed with usability in ideas.

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Check the Contrast

You’ll test your colors with online tools similar to WebAIM Contrast Checker. Enter the colors you’re using, and it’ll get a hold of a ranking with advice on why it actually works or the best way to support it.

5. Check out All Visual display unit Sizes

Check All Screen Sizes

Our fifth tip to create a user-friendly Divi footer is to make sure it’s responsive. Similar to the rest of your internet website online, the footer should be responsive. Test it on as many gadgets and show sizes as imaginable. Every phase should be readable and useable from any device.

Check All Screen Sizes

The Divi Builder accommodates settings that make it easy to keep an eye on sizes based on the device kind. Make a selection the device icon to keep an eye on the desktop, tablet, and call diversifications of the internet website online independently. Regulate the padding, font sizes, icon sizes, and so forth., for each and every device. Will have to you don’t regulate the tablet and call, they’re going to use the desktop sizes.

Completing Concepts on Creating a Client-Delightful Divi Footer

That’s our take a look at 5 tips to create a user-friendly footer with Divi. The primary factor to the whole thing throughout the footer is to stick it simple. Use simplified diversifications of the elements from your pages similar to smaller forms, simpler CTAs, and so forth. Use colors, fonts, and graphics that suit your web site. Separate the elements to supply them rather numerous room. Following the following advice will can help you create a user-friendly Divi footer that will help you meet your internet website online targets.

We want to listen from you. Do you may have any tips to create a user-friendly Divi footer? Let us know throughout the comments.

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