6 Highest Editorial Calendar Plugins for WordPress

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An article calendar is an organizational instrument for scheduling and publishing content material subject matter on the internet. They mean you can stick to your publishing cut-off dates and make sure your whole staff is staying on track. Whether or not or no longer you’re a solo freelancer or a content material subject matter manager responsible for a complete staff of creatives, an editorial calendar is an important. Then again why have person who lives except for where you’re if truth be told publishing content material subject matter? There are some great editorial calendar plugins for WordPress you’ll use to stick the whole thing within the equivalent place.

What Are WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugins?

WordPress editorial calendar plugins get a hold of a visual approach to create and adhere to a publishing schedule. And previous that, many offer additional capacity. As an example, you could possibly auto-post by means of their provider, percentage content material subject matter to social media, or quick-edit at once from the dashboard. The best segment is that the calendars are nearly always in the market correct from the WordPress dashboard. This assists in keeping the whole thing front and heart, speeding up your workflow.

6 Absolute best WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugins

When you’re in search of an article calendar plugin in your WordPress web site, the ones listed in this article are the most efficient place to start. Every editorial calendar plugin on our document has an excellent recognition. The ones which can also be available at once from the WordPress plugin library are (to this point) well-maintained. Plus, even those who revel in paid upgrades available offer loose permutations.

Let’s check them out!

1. CoSchedule

wordpress editorial calendar

CoSchedule is one of the major promoting and advertising and marketing and organizational apparatus available in the market, making it easy for marketers to regulate their content material subject matter calendars and teams all in one place. The CoSchedule WordPress plugin implies that you’ll be able to combine the tough capacity of CoSchedule together with your WordPress web site. On account of your WordPress posts are synced with CoSchedules editorial calendar apparatus, you’ll use the calendar to regulate those posts with out a wish to transfer back and forth into WordPress. As an example, you’ll WordPress content material subject matter dynamically (Post Identify, Date, Writer, Magnificence, and lots of others) from within the calendar itself. You’ll be capable to moreover use it to put up content material subject matter to social media networks from the equivalent place. CoSchedule moreover has content material subject matter optimization and agile promoting and advertising and marketing choices. As an example, there’s an asset organizer to catalog brand files and folders.

Key Choices of CoSchedule


  • Drag and Drop capacity to change post dates on the fly
  • Assign and organize staff member tasks
  • Arrange content material subject matter for newsletters and events (check out the ones occasions calendar plugins, too).
  • Color-coding for upper at-a-glance elegance staff.
  • Built-in Social media publication capacity
  • Add last-minute requests to the calendar to interchange the entire staff ASAP.
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CoSchedule is for you if…

  • You wish to have to schedule additional than just blog posts.
  • You could have a staff of creators and marketers that collaborate.
  • You want additional regulate and promoting and advertising and marketing apparatus to expand your target market.

CoSchedule Pricing: Free; $29 in step with particular person monthly for Skilled | Be informed Extra About CoSchedule

2. Editorial Calendar


The Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress will give you a customizable review of your blog and when posts can also be printed. The plugin integrates with the WordPress admin console so that you’ll get entry to it from your dashboard, and also you’ll edit posts at once from the calendar. You’ll be capable to moreover customize what you notice on the calendar (creator, post status, time of day) and what percentage of weeks show at one time.

Key Choices of Editorial Calendar


  • Drag-and-drop capacity to reorganize posts (and post dates) inside the calendar.
  • Speedy-edit instrument to interchange the title, content material subject matter review, time and status of a post.
  • A few calendars to separate post sorts or topics.

Editorial Calendar is for you if…

  • You wish to have an article calendar that works inside of WordPress with out a wish to handle third-party device
  • You wish to have separate calendars to prepare the content material subject matter scheduled in your blog.
  • You want transient get entry to in your calendar and continuously used apparatus.
  • You aren’t as serious about additional promoting and advertising and marketing choices like social media publications

Editorial Calendar Pricing: Free | Be informed Extra About Editorial Calendar

3. Nelio Content material subject matter

wordpress editorial calendar

The Nelio Content material subject matter plugin has every an article calendar and what they title a “Content material subject matter Assistant,” which helps you optimize your content material subject matter merely. The standout serve as of this plugin is that social media posts can be created and promoted routinely to market your content material subject matter. From the calendar, you’ll view and organize your blog posts, social media posts, and tasks. Plus, you’ll alternate publication dates with drag and drop capacity.

Key Choices of Nelio Content material subject matter


  • Optimization pointers from the Content material subject matter Assistant to be able to upload tags, assemble inner links, use images, and lots of others.
  • Social media posts are created the usage of sentences from your articles.
  • You’ll be capable to set permissions for more than a few contributors of your staff.
  • Analytics mean you can to seek out your perfect content material subject matter so that you’ll promote it additional.
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Nelio Content material subject matter is for you if…

  • You could be in search of an article calendar native to WordPress
  • You want to post your content material subject matter to social media networks routinely.
  • You want analytics enhance from Google Analytics and social media networks

Nelio Content material subject matter Pricing: Free; starting at $5 monthly for Most sensible elegance | Be informed Extra About Nelio Content material

4. PublishPress


The PublishPress WordPress plugin is is an article calendar additional content material subject matter regulate choices to lend a hand keep you and your staff on track. It lets you view and organize your content material subject matter with and easy to use drag-and-drop calendar. This makes it easy to interchange publication dates for blog posts if you want to reschedule them. You’ll be capable to moreover clear out the posts displayed inside the calendar via elegance, status, kind or particular person. One of the best possible choices is that PublishPress lets shoppers move away comments beneath posts so that staff contributors can get notifications and discuss changes quicker than the content material subject matter is printed.

Key Choices of PublishPress


  • Create custom designed statuses that go beyond WordPress’ same old possible choices.
  • Set metadata to keep up a correspondence post must haves, very similar to due date and word rely.
  • Notifications alert shoppers about changes.
  • A choice of additional add-on plugins available with Skilled fashion.

PublishPress is for you if…

  • Your company or staff publishes a large amount of content material subject matter.
  • Your website has a few authors and shoppers.
  • Your want additional apparatus to regulate your content material subject matter and staff additional effeciently.

PublishPress Pricing: Free; starting at $69 for Skilled | Be informed Extra About PublishPress

5. SchedulePress

wordpress editorial calendar
SchedulePress’ editorial calendar is each different great WordPress plugin with all the vital apparatus organize, schedule, and percentage your staff’s publications. What makes this plugin unique is
its emphasis on automation. You’ll be capable to schedule posts prematurely to be auto-published in your blog and social media platforms. The calendar makes it easy to view the whole thing that’s set to transport are living by way of the dashboard widget. When you want to create a brand spanking new post, you’ll achieve this from the SchedulePress calendar. There’s moreover the method to set permissions for others to regulate your calendar.

Key Choices of SchedulePress


  • Drag-and-drop to move scheduled posts to different days.
  • Email correspondence alerts tell authors regarding the status of their blog posts.
  • Auto-share blog posts to social media with customized templates.
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SchedulePress is for you if…

  • You want to prepare auto-publishing prematurely.
  • You could have a multi-author blog.

SchedulePress Pricing: Free; Skilled starting at $39 in step with 365 days | Be informed Extra About SchedulePress

6. Take a look at


Take a look at puts your content material subject matter calendar where it’s most dear: on your WordPress dashboard. From there, you’ll add, reschedule and edit your posts. The plugin moreover has other useful choices for content material subject matter creators, like the power to create a revision of a post (for SEO) and art work on it quicker than making it public and overwriting the original post.

Key Choices of Take a look at


  • Uniqueness statuses previous Draft and Revealed to provide an explanation for content material subject matter – Not Started, Writing, Editing, Entire.
  • Post checklists with to-do steps that display inside the post editor.
  • Kanban-style pipeline to see the prevailing level of each piece of content material subject matter.

Take a look at is for you if…

  • You’re a solo blogger and rely on yourself to stay on perfect of your workload and workflow.
  • You put up numerous content material subject matter for promoting and advertising and marketing purposes and need a approach to organize it all.

Take a look at Pricing: $7 monthly | Be informed Extra About Try

Final Concepts on WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugins

When you have a content material subject matter calendar, it’s undeniably more straightforward to come to a decision which blog post to schedule next and where they’re going to need to each move in relation to one each different. If when you have simple needs relating to content material subject matter staff, a freebie plugin would possibly art work merely wonderful for you. And in case you have a large staff and an unlimited content material subject matter creation plan, likelihood is that you’ll wish to pay for upgraded choices. Each way, you’re sure to look out your content material subject matter planning so a lot more simple to regulate if when you have an article calendar to rely on.

You may to seek out it helpful to combine Google Calendar with WordPress, too — in spite of everything, you’ll’t be too organized, can you?

Have an WordPress editorial calendar plugin you favor best possible? Let us know inside the comments beneath!

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