8 TikTok Advertising Examples to Encourage Your Logo in 2022

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In line with HubSpot’s social media team, the video-based social app TikTok has critical expansion and engagement potential for producers.

The platform, which allows consumers to make transient, looping films with explicit effects and musical overlays, is booming with more than 1 billion users.

While Gen-Z uses the platform to show their creative side, some producers on TikTok use the platform to build brand awareness, have interaction younger audiences, and disclose a lighter side of themselves by the use of funny films and significant eventualities that drive social media dispositions all over other platforms.

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In this post, we’re going to speak about why you should leverage TikTok promoting and advertising in 2022 and the best way smaller companies can assemble a scalable, amusing, and inventive methodology on the platform. We will be able to moreover duvet 8 producers that have lengthy long gone viral on TikTok.

What’s TikTok Promoting?

Even if TikTok would possibly truly really feel like a hub of bizarre posts, its popularity and video-driven content material subject matter provide numerous unique promoting and advertising choices.

Marketers can leverage TikTok in 3 number one areas:

1. Influencer Promoting

A great way to leverage TikTok is by means of attractive with the influencer team. On account of influencers have a cast figuring out of the platform, they may be able to transform stiff brand messages into amusing and inventive films. This type of promoting and advertising is particularly environment friendly at opening your content material subject matter to a brand spanking new target market and boosting brand awareness.

2. Unique Content material subject matter

Even if fans of TikTok love distinctive content material subject matter, you do not need to spend hours arising with the next viral development. Steadily, the best showing TikToks are ones that copy or recreate a gift development. Get began by means of exploring the app, its dispositions, and where your brand can join the fun.

3. Paid Advertisements

TikTok commercials are a rather new addition to the platform. Powered by means of their own selling platform, TikTok For Business, producers can run in-feed commercials or create branded hashtags and video effects.

Even if lots of the first producers to join TikTok were massive, widely recognized companies, it’ll most likely nevertheless be helpful for small firms to take a look at why producers of all sizes are turning into a member of the platform.

Why Producers Will have to Leverage TikTok Promoting in 2022

TikTok has seen a expansion spurt all the way through the previous few years. The app has over 1 billion consumers and overtook Facebook for the reason that most downloaded app of 2020.

With its stellar expansion, there’s a massive target market ready to be wooed by means of leading edge and fast-thinking producers.

TikTok’s participating in field may be somewhat stage in relation to attaining viral status on the app. Against this to other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, even accounts with a handful of enthusiasts can spark hundreds of thousands of views on an ideal video.

Since TikTok is quirky by means of nature, producers wish to be creative to if truth be told succeed in their target market’s attention. A simple ad or sponsored influencer endorsement would possibly no longer decrease it on this fast-paced app.

Let’s check out 8 producers who nail TikTok promoting and advertising with creative content material subject matter that pulls attention.

1. NBA

Against this to its Instagram channel, which focuses purely on basketball video video games and highlights, the NBA’s TikTok posts show a lighter side of the gang. For instance, they’re going to ceaselessly post films of avid players working out to track, dancing on the court docket, or answering fan questions.

In this video, Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors busts a switch from the sidelines after his teammate scores:


Get you a friend like Steph 🤣 @warriors #nba #friendship #celebrate

♬ Nobodys Fool – Seven11

And check out this funny montage of Chris Bosh photo-bombing his teammates (along with LeBron James) all the way through his occupation:


The video bomb king, Chris Bosh, will be enshrined throughout the Basketball HOF this Saturday, September 11 🏀 🤣#21HoopClass #MiamiHeat #Basketball #Hoops

♬ ALL FALL DOWN – Turreekk

When you will be anticipating the NBA to focus further significantly on stats and video video games, it uses the app to chill out the branding and make its athletes look further relatable. While the flicks nevertheless market it basketball, moreover they’ve compatibility with other funny posts on TikTok feeds.

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In numerous trade settings, making your brand truly really feel further personal may have the an identical have an effect on. For instance, if your consuming position’s TikTok account posts funny films of waiters dancing, target audience would possibly think the consuming position has pleasant and happy body of workers. This will make them want to eat there because of they may be able to symbol themselves having a amusing consuming revel in.

2. Fenty Just right appears to be like

One of the most not unusual forms of content material subject matter on TikTok is tutorials. Some producers lend themselves to this more than others, then again an ideal example is Fenty Just right appears to be like, which uses TikTok to show makeup tutorials, wear-tests, and product launches.


The best way to #Contour a Relaxed Kid Face ✍🏽 @kali.ledger KILLIN the mission w Truffle Have compatibility Stix 🤌🏼✨ #fentybeauty #beautyhacks #makeuptutorial #makeup

♬ original sound – Fenty Beauty

Instructional-based films may have compatibility numerous producers. For instance, a garments store can show the right way to style certain pieces of garments. A ironmongery shop can show the right way to assemble, restore, or paint something the usage of its apparatus. Even a gym will also be providing an indication on the right way to use different equipment.

Get began by means of brainstorming all the tactics any individual would possibly simply use your products or services and products and merchandise. Should you’ll damage a task into steps that ultimate no more than 60 seconds, it must make for an ideal TikTok video educational.

3. Dunkin’

Dunkin’ was once as soon as one of the vital necessary first producers to use influencer promoting and advertising on the platform by means of partnering with TikTok celebrity Charli D’Amelio.

Together, they presented new menu items at Dunkin and collaborated on various films.


So respected, we put it in writing @charlidamelio. Order ‘The Charli’ on the Dunkin’ app!🙌 #CharliRunsOnDunkin #TheCharli #Dunkin

♬ original sound – Dunkin’

After posting content material subject matter in regards to the partnership, Dunkin spotted a 57% spike in app downloads and a 20% product sales boost for all cold brew coffees.

Influencer promoting and advertising is powerful because it taps into word-of-mouth promoting and advertising and social proof. On the other hand for individuals who consider you wish to have to partner with a well known TikToker for it to art work, think yet again.

In terms of influencer promoting and advertising, relevance is further necessary than succeed in. Fairly than partnering with an influencer based most effective on self-importance metrics (very similar to follower depend), seek for micro-influencers who’ve a niche target market that aligns with your personal. Research presentations that influencers with less than 1,000 enthusiasts download more engagement than their further not unusual counterparts.

4. Milk Bar

TikTok films thrive with track, and Milk Bar is conscious about this too neatly. The bakery chain does an excellent job at capitalizing on not unusual TikTok memes, formats, and audio.

This is Milk Bar placing a spin on the “Have you ever ever ever been in love?” video development:

Check out each and every different funny video that uses the most well liked “Oh Lord” audio clip:

TikTok makes it easy with the intention to upload track to video clips, which may consequence from having made jail arrangements with number one track companies. Possibly this is why it is only about impossible to scroll by the use of TikTok without seeing consumers dancing or lip-syncing to track.

Target audience like to appear producers turning into a member of in on provide dispositions or placing a novel spin on an present one. When producers take a while to understand TikTok and keep a finger on the pulse of the platform, it becomes more uncomplicated to join trending topics, challenging eventualities, and memes. And if you’re no longer positive where to start out out, check out TikTok’s Discovery Internet web page for inspiration.

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5. Chipotle

Since turning into a member of TikTok in 2018, Chipotle has set the standard for some way producers can increase their brand presence while attractive the TikTok team in a amusing and authentic method.

Chipotle opts for a further casual vibe, ceaselessly posting dance challenging eventualities and fan-made content material subject matter, very similar to films of folks sharing their favorite Chipotle recipes and hacks. This is an example of a Chipotle “menu hack” for extremely spiced queso, which has over 300,000 likes:


Dragon sauce walked so extremely spiced queso would possibly simply run. Check out the Quesabrisket ft. new Smoked Brisket on the #Chipotle app or internet web site. #chipotlehack #brisket #queso #quesadilla

♬ original sound – Chipotle

Chipotle moreover showcases behind-the-scenes footage from exact workforce individuals in exact Chipotle kitchens. Check out this “vlog style” video of a former Chipotle employee revisiting her job and interviewing her coworkers:


If you’re into taste trying out guac, join the gang! You’ll be capable of now use #TikTokResumes to start out out applying to Chipotle. Link in bio. (by way of @muslimthicc) 🥑

♬ original sound – Chipotle

If you wish to have an inventive approach to spread brand awareness briefly, taking a be aware from Chipotle and sharing personable behind-the-scenes footage could be an ideal experiment. Moreover, lean into your brand advocates who could also be prepared to proportion their reviews on social media.

6. Gymshark

Gymshark is among the primary well being producers on TikTok, reaching 2 million enthusiasts in easiest six months. Gymshark caters to well being enthusiasts by means of posting workout challenging eventualities, inspirational smartly being journeys, and relatable well being humor that makes the gym truly really feel a lot much less intimidating.

This is one of those relatable well being films:


Expectation vs truth 😂 @jonnyhammond__ #gymshark #running #runningmeme

♬ original sound – Gymshark

One of the brand’s most notable TikTok campaigns was once as soon as the 66 Days: Alternate Your Life drawback, which highlights the fact that it takes 66 days to form a dependancy. TikTokers submitted films of their own workout journey in hopes of winning a Gymshark membership.

The selling marketing campaign was once as soon as a great success, with the hashtag #gymshark66 generating 193 million views.

Challenging eventualities are one of the vital necessary largest dispositions on TikTok, and leading edge producers are the usage of them to fast-track their expansion and hook up with hundreds of thousands of shoppers on the app. Consider rising your personal drawback or placing a novel spin on an already present one.

7. The Washington Put up

The Washington Put up was once as soon as one in every of TikTok’s earliest brand adopters. Those who have now not seen their films could be anticipating investigative or critical content material subject matter. Surprisingly, the newspaper actually uses its account to post comedic skits about the most recent breaking data.

The ones films fit in utterly with the platform because of they’re funny, smartly timed, and include a couple of of TikTok’s maximum unearthly explicit effects. Check out this skit about Delta Airlines’ PR department struggling to put in writing down a press unencumber in regards to the COVID-19 delta variant:


Delta Air Strains will require staff to be vaccinated or face weekly trying out and a $200 per 30 days surcharge for clinical medical health insurance.

♬ original sound – We are a newspaper.

The Washington Put up presentations how producers can be successful on TikTok by means of talking right away to its particular target market — more youthful target audience who want to snicker.

On account of The Put up has a chronic history of groundbreaking, award-winning, and intellectual journalism, this comedic approach might also attract more youthful readers who want to follow the scoop then again used to worry that content material subject matter from a newspaper will also be too difficult or out of touch for them.

If your brand is in publishing, academia, or similar industries, trying out out a video methodology that presentations off your lighter side may well be an enchanting experiment. It will make your content material subject matter and brand truly really feel a lot much less intimidating and will let you succeed in attention from newer audiences.

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8. San Diego Zoo

Everyone loves a adorable animal video. The San Diego Zoo’s TikTok account pleasantly takes advantage of this widely recognized fact.

The zoo’s methodology is unassuming: Put up films of adorable animals with amusing track. And with over 2 million fans, it sort of feels to be working. How would possibly simply any individual no longer want to follow them after seeing this video of an adorable pink panda?

If that cuteness wasn’t enough, the zoo has moreover dueted with other animal-friendly accounts, identical to the Monterey Aquarium:

Now not easiest is this attention-grabbing to penguin lovers, then again it’s generally an ideal example of the best way two similar producers can cross-promote the usage of TikTok choices. As a result of the zoo’s tagging methodology, this video could be seen by means of fans of the aquarium and the zoo. This way, zoo enthusiasts would possibly succeed in further pastime throughout the aquarium and vice versa.

TikTok Promoting Guidelines

While it’ll smartly be tricky to get your content material subject matter to transport viral like the bigger producers, TikTok most often is an invaluable software for getting in sync with younger audiences.

While you think TikTok could be part of your marketing strategy temporarily or one day, now is usually a just right time to get ahead of your festival by means of downloading the app and investigating what similar producers or attainable audiences are doing there.

If you’re raring to transport on a TikTok methodology, listed here are a few tips and takeaways that we have gained from looking at the producers that have already achieved neatly on the app.

  • Show a definite side of your company. The app is a hub for creativity and humor. Embracing a further personal tone or a behind-the-scenes approach would possibly simply make your company appear further relatable or dedicated to attainable consumers.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Against this to platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, there don’t appear to be as many norms, best possible practices, or regulations about what works and what does now not. While you think something could be crowd pleasing or funny, take a look at it and spot if it’ll get any likes, comments, or shares.
  • Interact together with your target market. Between challenging eventualities, duets, likes, comments, and shares, there are lots of tactics to interact with other TikTok consumers — despite the fact that you have no idea them. Try to come up with films, challenging eventualities, or duets that goal to have interaction with others. As with other platforms, the additional you have interaction with folks, the additional your fan base would possibly simply increase.
  • Don’t shy transparent of promoting and advertising your products, then again you’ll want to do it in an inventive method. Check out your hand at tutorials, demonstrations, and how-to content material subject matter that sing their own praises the best parts of your products or services and products and merchandise.
  • Tap into the power of word-of-mouth promoting and advertising with influencers. On the other hand understand that relevance is further necessary than succeed in, so partner with house of passion micro-influencers who proportion a similar target market.

It’s getting difficult for marketers to put out of your mind in regards to the reputation and have an effect on of TikTok. Turning into a member of the platform provides a chance to achieve younger audiences and increase brand awareness in a very playful environment. On the other hand succeeding on TikTok is determined by rising exciting content material subject matter — so get able to position your creative hat on and experiment with new formats.

Editor’s be aware: This post was once as soon as at first published in September 2019 and has been up-to-the-minute for comprehensiveness.

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