80+ Helpful Home windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

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House home windows 11 is a great operating machine, on the other hand it can be slightly bit daunting for green individuals to try and resolve all the ins and outs. That’s where keyboard shortcuts are to be had; by means of learning a few of them, you’ll boost up your workflow.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of a couple of a very powerful keyboard shortcuts you’ll have to know so as to get started instantly!

Apps and Choices

House home windows key + A Open the fast settings panel

↑This allows you to regulate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for your instrument and change the brightness of your computer screen, amount, and additional.

House home windows key + C Open chat with Microsoft Teams

↑This new feature in House home windows means that you can have a at hand information a coarse panel so as to see your recent messages and contacts in Microsoft Teams. You’ll moreover get began meetings and calls in an instant from this panel.

House home windows key + D Show/cover the desktop

↑Hiding the shortcut to the desktop approach all your apps are hidden, and showing the desktop restores all your apps in their original position

House home windows key + E Open File Explorer
House home windows key + F Open the Feedback Hub to take a direct screenshot
House home windows key + G Open the Xbox Game bar

↑With the ones shortcuts, you’ll document films, get right of entry to a couple of choices while taking part in a game, and take screenshots.

House home windows key + Alt + B Turn HDR On or Off

↑This requires an HDR-compatible observe and the newest Xbox Game Bar app model.

House home windows key + Alt + R Record a video of your app or game with Xbox game bar.
House home windows key + H Liberate voice typing

↑This allows you to dictate text as an alternative of writing it by means of hand.

House home windows key + I Open the Settings app.
House home windows key + Pause Open the About Internet web page in settings
House home windows key + Good enough Open the Solid panel
House home windows key + L Lock your PC
House home windows key + M Cut back all your House home windows.
House home windows key + N Display the Notification Middle and Calendar
House home windows key + O Lock instrument orientation
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↑This stops your PC computer screen from rotating when you rotate your convertible or tablet PC.

House home windows key + P Switch the display mode for quite a few presentations
House home windows key + Q Open Speedy Have the same opinion
House home windows key + R Open the Run dialog
House home windows key + S Open House home windows search
House home windows key + Shift + S Take a Screenshot with the Snipping Device
House home windows key + U Open the Accessibility Settings internet web page.
House home windows key + Ctrl + C Turn Color Filters On/Off
House home windows key + V Open your Clipboard history

↑You’ll use this to seem a couple of items you’ve copied, along with text and links. You’ll moreover turn this feature on from proper right here.

House home windows key + W Open the widgets panel

↑This new House home windows 11 feature incorporates widgets for local weather, calendar, OneDrive footage, and additional.

House home windows key + Z Open the snap layouts panel

↑This feature of House home windows 11 makes it more uncomplicated to combine app house home windows for your computer screen.

House home windows + . or ; Open the Emoji Panel
House home windows key+ Ctrl + F Uncover PCs for your neighborhood
Ctrl + Shift Switch to every other keyboard layout
House home windows key + Ctrl + Enter Turn on Narrator
House home windows key + + (plus) Switch on the Magnifier and zoom into the computer screen
House home windows key + [(minus) Zoom out with the Magnifier
Windows key + Esc Close the Magnifier
Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B Wake up your PC from a blank or black screen
Windows key + PrtScr (Represented differently on distinct keyboards) Take a full-screen screenshot and save it to a file
Ctrl + Esc Open the start menu
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Open the Task Manager

Window Management and Multitasking

Windows key + Tab Open Task View
Alt + Tab Go to your last opened Window
Alt + Esc Move through Windows in the sequence they were opened
Ctrl + Alt + Tab See all the open apps to pick one with the keyboard Arrows
Alt + F4 Close the running app or Window
Windows key + Up arrow Maximize the Running Window to See it On the Entire Desktop
Windows key + Alt + Up arrow Snap the running Window to the upper Half of your monitor
Windows key + Left arrow Snap the running Window to the left half of your monitor
Windows key + Right arrow Snap the running Window to the right half of your monitor
Windows key + Home Minimize all Windows besides the active Window
Windows key + Shift + Right arrow, or Left arrow Shift the Active Window to a separate monitor
Windows key + Ctrl + D Build a new virtual desktop
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File Explorer

Alt + D Select the Address Bar]
Ctrl + F or Ctrl + E, or F3 Fixed Focus to the Search Bar
Ctrl + N Open a brand spanking new Window
Ctrl + W Close the running Window
Ctrl + Shift + N Create a brand spanking new folder
Alt + Enter See properties of the chosen file or folder.
Alt + P Display the preview panel
Alt + Left arrow, or Backspace Go back one internet web page
Alt + Correct arrow Move forward one internet web page
Alt + Up arrow See the daddy or mom folder of the full of life folder
Ctrl + (arrow) Navigate the items on the present internet web page without Choosing them
Ctrl + Spacebar Select personal items While Navigating
Shift + (arrow) Make a selection consecutive items ranging from the in recent years decided on one
Correct arrow (On navigation sidebar) Extend a collapsed folder or switch to the main subfolder of an expanded folder
Left arrow Collapse an extended folder or choose the daddy or mom folder of the presently decided on one
F4, or Backspace Display Pieces in an Lively File
Ctrl + Tab Switch by means of a couple of tabs
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch backwards by means of tabs
Tab Switch Through Imaginable possible choices on the Lively Internet web page
Shift + Tab Switch backward all the way through the selections available at this time internet web page


House home windows key + T Cycle by means of applications on the taskbar
House home windows key + Shift + 1-9: Open a modern app instance pinned to the taskbar inside the position confirmed by means of the amount
House home windows key + Ctrl + Shift + 1-9: Get began a brand spanking new app instance at the given location on the taskbar as an Administrator
Shift + left mouse click on on Get began a brand spanking new instance of the chosen app
Ctrl + Shift + left mouse click on on Get began the chosen app as an administrator
Shift + correct mouse click on on Open the Window menu for the chosen app
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Other House home windows 11 Shortcuts

Ctrl + A Select all text or items in a document, window, or internet web page
Ctrl + D Remove the selected products or text
Ctrl + X Decrease the chosen products or text
Ctrl + C Replica the selected text or products
Ctrl + V Paste decrease or copied content material subject material from the clipboard
Ctrl + Z Undo your ultimate movement
Ctrl + Y Redo an undone movement
F2 Rename the chosen file or folder
F4 Display the deal with bar record in File Explorer
F5 or Ctrl + R Refresh the full of life window or internet web page
F6 Process by means of computer screen portions of the full of life desktop or window
F10 Flip at the menu bar inside the running window or app


Whether or not or now not you’re a seasoned House home windows particular person or just starting out, there are certain to be events when you want to use keyboard shortcuts. In this article, we’ve put together a list of a couple of useful House home windows 11 keyboard shortcuts to help you get necessarily essentially the most out of your laptop.

From adjusting your window settings to controlling your web browser, the ones shortcuts can change into helpful in relatively numerous scenarios. So whether or not or now not you’re searching for speedy and easy ways to art work for your laptop or arrange your day-to-day tasks, this record has something for you.

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