9 Best possible Equipment to Optimize Animated GIFs

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Animated GIFs are attention-grabbing and all, on the other hand the time taken to load the aren’t. On account of they come with frames of animations, they’re usually large on the subject of record measurement. This means this can be a pain to load web pages, specifically if when you have a large number of them.

Then again the good news is, Animated GIFs may also be optimized. In numerous words, their record measurement may also be reduced in size without compromising the image top quality.

For many who love creating and sharing animated GIFs, whether or not or no longer by means of internet gear, or telephone apps, this is a submit you will have to be informed. Listed below are one of the crucial very best tools you’ll have the ability to use to shrink the record measurement of your animated GIFs.

Shrink O’Matic

Shrink O’Matic is a drag-and-drop GIF processing device that allows you to choose images’ output measurement, rotation, identify and location, image structure, add watermark, choose image ratio, and other customization alternatives. It might be able to process a couple of GIF images in batch mode.

  • Record formats: .jpg .png
  • Platforms: House home windows
Shrink O'MaticShrink O'Matic


ImageOptim is a drag-and-drop device that can compress any GIF image without dropping its original top quality, up to 60-80% of the original measurement. The program gets rid of overstuffed metadata and invisible junk from the pictures and also gets rid of needless color profiles.

  • Record formats: .jpg .png
  • Platforms: macOS


FileOptimizer is a sophisticated GIF record optimizing device that maintains the behavior of the output image and shrinks filesizes with a couple of recompression and optimization techniques.

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It has a smooth interface that intermediates and professional people can merely use. It compresses the most well liked record formats, in conjunction with audio, motion pictures, and forms.

  • Record formats: .jpg .png .tiff .bmp .ico
  • Platforms: House home windows, macOS, Linux

FILEminimizer Photos

FILEminimizer Pictures compresses GIF images by the use of up to 98% with its native record optimization technology. There are 4 different compression levels, and also you’ll have the ability to even compress a couple of GIF files similtaneously. Moreover, the device implies that you’ll be able to upload images to Facebook immediately.

  • Record formats: .jpg .bmp .tiff .png .emf
  • Platforms: House home windows
FILEminimizer PicturesFILEminimizer Pictures


RIOT or Radical Image Optimization Tool is an easy-to-use GIF compressor that adjusts the image parameters and compresses filesizes. RIOT consists of a dual-view interface for comparing the input and output top quality of the image.

With RIOT, you’ll have the ability to keep an eye on the compression, metadata settings, and rather a large number of colors and even choose the pictures’ output formats.

  • Record formats: .jpg, .png
  • Platforms: House home windows

Giffing Instrument

Giffing Tool can optimize the pictures automatically to cover repetitive pixels and colors and cut back image sizes. Moreover, it will if truth be told resize and alter the playback tempo of GIF images without negatively influencing the pictures.

The device we could in image filtering, looping, merging, reversing, and cropping as well.

  • Record formats: .avi .mp4 .webm .mkv
  • Platforms: House home windows
Giffing ToolGiffing Tool


GIFMicro is a GIF image processing and converting device that enhances shopper experience by the use of showing the processing status in keeping with image and also highlights the adaptation between original and compressed images.

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The processed images, flawlessly delivered, keep shocking in every component the usage of this device.

  • Record formats: .gif
  • Platforms: House home windows

GIF Optimizer

GIF Optimizer is a one-click image optimization program. The device compresses the pictures by the use of up to 90% and reduces the overall load time. It’s a really useful device to compress and optimize GIF images for uploading to social networks.

It moreover includes a preview pane for comparing original and output images previous to finalizing the compression.

  • Record formats: .gif
  • Platforms: House home windows
GIF OptimizerGIF Optimizer

Rapid Symbol Optimizer

This easy program requires no arrange or working of device. It’s a small batch record implementation for the command recommended; you merely need to drag the GIF image over to the FastIO.cmd.

The program immediately starts compressing the image in a window and permits you to choose the compression percentage. When accomplished, the outcome’s listed inside the window, showing you techniques so much KBs is saved.

  • Record formats: .jpg .png
  • Platforms: House home windows
Fast Image OptimizerFast Image Optimizer

Additional tools to optimize Animated GIFs

In case you don’t optimize GIFs regularly and easily desire a touch-and-go device to use that one time, listed below are 9 additional online tools for compressing GIF images immediately on the web.

  1. Kraken.io: Is helping a couple of image optimization modes like lossy lossless and skilled and also mean you can resize GIFs. Footage may also be imported from online cloud products and services and merchandise like Google Energy, Dropbox, and plenty of others.
  2. Kraken
  3. ILoveIMG: Reduces the filesize of a couple of GIF images at a time. With ILoveIMG, you’ll have the ability to moreover edit images (like resize, crop, and plenty of others.) and convert GIF images to JPGs.
  4. Ezgif.com: Shrinks any GIF image by the use of decreasing the number of colors and minimizes the record sizes by the use of up to 30%, and can also resize, crop and add effects to GIF images.
  5. Compressor.io: Compresses GIFs and other images without affecting the picture top quality. It is helping best compression to save some a variety of bandwidth.
  6. PICASION.com: Reduces the burden of animated GIFs and helps you upload it faster. You’ll moreover alter the image measurement, top quality and effects as in keeping with your needs.
  7. GIFGIFS.com: Is helping lossy GIF optimization (with a couple of levels) and color help for GIF images. You’ll moreover remove a few frames to compress further.
  8. GIF Reducer: Shrinks the dimensions of any GIF image and helps your web internet web page load faster.
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