9 VR Advertising Examples to Encourage You in 2022

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I would possibly not lecture you on the importance of incorporating virtual reality (VR) into your marketing strategy.

What I will do, however, is share a few a laugh details about VR and show you 9 examples of this period used for promoting a product or a fashion.

  • Client and undertaking VR market source of revenue is expected to achieve $6.71 billion by the use of the highest of 2022, and $12.9 billion by the use of 2024. 
  • Augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality market dimension world is expected to jump by the use of greater than 220 billion greenbacks between 2021 and 2028.
  • By way of the highest of 2022, it’s estimated that virtual reality {{hardware}} and software product sales will generate more than $6.4 billion greenbacks in source of revenue.
  • By way of the highest of 2020, the collection of VR headsets purchased is predicted to achieve 82 million — a 1,507% increase from 2017 predicted totals.

VR is emerging in its adoption, and it’s price making an allowance for together with it to your promoting channels throughout the coming 365 days.→ Download Now: Free Marketing Plan Template

What Is VR?

VR, fast for virtual reality, is software that immerses shoppers in a third-dimensional, virtual interactive surroundings — normally by the use of headset with explicit lenses — to simulate a real-life enjoy. Many VR research occur in 360 ranges. 

While movies, for example, allow audiences to revel within the film as although they’re a character throughout the scene, corporations use VR to turn and promote it their products to imaginable customers. In fact, many industries have found out a use of VR to transport folks to places they might in a different way should trip to or simply believe. 

Previous to we dive into some examples of businesses that have used VR for promoting, it’s price noting that virtual reality has a few key diversifications from another period of time chances are you’ll’ve heard previous to within the equivalent sphere: augmented reality. The video underneath runs by the use of the essential factor diversifications. 



In search of inspiration to your non-public VR promoting advertising marketing campaign? Look no further. Underneath are 9 of our favorite VR promoting campaigns and the way in which they served the company’s marketing strategy.

1. Gucci The town

Best-end taste house Gucci simply in recent times offered Gucci The city, a virtual world during the Roblox metaverse. Avid players can uncover the town, learn about the house’s history, and connect with folks throughout the game. 


The interactive parts of Gucci The town are the mini-games, the browsable paintings exhibitions, and the Gucci store where folks will have to acquire clothes for their Roblox avatars. When shoppers put at the garments they’ve purchased, they are able to spark conversations with others which may also be curious regarding the unique items and, as a result, are inspired to seek advice from and discover what the town has to provide. 

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2. Sephora Take a look at-on Kiosk

Excellent appears to be like shop Sephora has kiosks where visitors can just about check out makeup products on their face to ensure they’re pleased with the way in which it kind of feels to be prior to creating a purchase order order. The ones kiosks are a high-value promoting tool, providing a unique hybrid enjoy to have the same opinion customers get one of the most out of their in-store seek advice from. 

While Sephora does allow physically testing of its products, not everyone would in all probability want to do so, so the kiosks are an additional selection. It’s moreover truly useful for purchaser satisfaction, as folks can see exactly what the products look like ahead of time to ensure they invest in person who works perfect for them and their needs.

3. Wendy’s and VMLY&R: Protecting Fortnite Fresh

Wendy’s created an attractive VR promoting enjoy inside of Fortnite’s virtual world, leveraging native gameplay related to its endeavor: purple meat. Fortnite players would delivery purple meat to freezers at inside achieve consuming puts and become profitable when they were a success. 

To make it a further brand-relevant enjoy, Wendy’s tasked its promoting corporate, VMLY&R, to create an avatar that resembled its mascot, Wendy. The corporate then streamed on Twitch, where target market would possibly watch the new Wendy’s avatar break into consuming puts and smash freezers: 


All over the motion, mentions of Wendy’s on social media went up via 119%, and it was once observed for an entire of 1.52 million mins via 1 / 4 of 1,000,000 audience. Target market moreover began smashing freezers inside of their video video games, tweeting regarding the motion, and commenting throughout the feed’s statement thread. 

Like a enterprise or native ad, the promoting marketing campaign’s serve as was once to remind audiences that Wendy’s makes an effort to serve the freshest purple meat to its customers, which is why it was once so appropriate that buyers received money the faster they’d been able to transport purple meat to the freezers. 

4. A Tribal Earlier: Bear River, a Nation: What Can Eeling Educate Us? 

In partnership with Oculus, Jessica Cantrell created a 360° movie undertaking where tribal people shared their stories and reconnected more youthful folks with their team’s earlier. 


It was once one of those team storytelling that leveraged an emerging VR tool to market the story and to have the same opinion people of a historically marginalized team be told further about their custom. 

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5. Lowe’s: Holoroom How-To

Somebody who’s lengthy long past throughout the angst of being a first-time buyer is acutely aware of the unfathomable power of bureaucracy and value vary to undermine the fun of designing or decorating a brand spanking new area.

This is why Lowe’s decided to step in and have the same opinion out homeowners — or recreational DIY enthusiasts — with a virtual skills-training well being facility that uses HTC Vive headsets to steer people by the use of a visual, educational enjoy on the how-to of area enlargement.


Now, customers can embark on their hand-crafted renovation objectives with no need to pay for a licensed and with the tutoring, they wish to achieve success on their own. 

6. Boursin: The Sensorium

Cheese fashion Boursin created a VR enjoy to take shoppers on a multi-sensory journey by the use of a refrigerator to shed light on its products’ style profiles, foods pairings, and recipe ideas.

The serve as? To spice up awareness among U.Ok. shoppers of Boursin’s distinct taste and product selection.


While the VR installment was once part of a live experiential promoting advertising marketing campaign, the rest of us can get a mode — pun supposed — of the virtual enjoy by way of this YouTube video.

7. Adidas: Delicatessen

Adidas partnered with Someplace Else, an emerging tech promoting corporate, to look at the mountain-climbing journey of two over the top athletes sponsored by the use of TERREX (a division of Adidas).

And what excellent is mountain mountain hiking to an audience if you happen to’ll’t give them a 360-degree view of the journey?

Target market would possibly follow the climbers, Ben Rueck and Delaney Miller, in reality rock for rock and climb at the side of them. You heard that correct — the usage of a VR headset and protecting two sensory a long way off controls in each hand, target market would possibly scale the mountain of Delicatessen correct alongside Rueck and Miller.

Consistent with Somewhere Else, this VR advertising marketing campaign served to “find an unforgettable way to market TERREX, [Adidas’s] line of outdoor apparel & apparatus.” What the company moreover did, however, was once introduce target market to an job they might have certainly not tried in a different way and instill an pastime throughout the enjoy.

Check out the promoting marketing campaign’s trailer underneath.

8. Toms: Virtual Giving Shuttle

Toms, a popular shoe company, is well known for donating one pair of running shoes to a child in need each and every time a purchaser buys a pair. This charitable developer found out a brand spanking new way to inspire its customers to provide — wearing a VR headset.

Blake Mycoskie, the founder and Chief Shoe Giver of Toms, narrates Tom’s Virtual Giving Shuttle with one in all his colleagues.

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As they describe the story of Toms’ founding, their VR enjoy takes target market on a trip by the use of Peru, where Blake and the shoe-giving group of workers seek advice from a school of children who’re about to acquire the shoes they would like for the main time.

What Toms’ VR advertising marketing campaign does so smartly is something cause-driven organizations world fight to do: Show donors exactly the position their money is going. Even and not using a VR headset, the video underneath gives you an intimate enjoy to put Toms for your report to your next shoe gain.

9. DP World: Caucedo Facilities Tour

DP World is a global trade company this is serving to corporations delivery pieces world. As the company opens new terminals, however, they would like a way to show their customers what DP World’s belongings has to provide.

DP World’s Caucedo facility throughout the Dominican Republic is just one of plenty of DP World houses the usage of VR to promote it its large and regularly mysterious ships and land masses as they unexpectedly appear in a bunch.

Trade logistics isn’t an exciting industry for everyone, on the other hand this is exactly why a 360-degree tour of DP World’s terminal is so treasured proper right here. Show folks merely how atmosphere pleasant, secure, and the most important the ones houses are to certain corporations — without making them put on a hardhat and walk throughout the port itself — and also you’ll reach large team give a boost to.

Navigating VR in Promoting

As you be informed this, you might be taking into account, “Why should a small-business marketer like myself be learning about high-priced VR campaigns?” 

Neatly, even though VR might be too pricey for a lot of. promoting budgets, it’s getting increasingly really extensive in society, As it grows, we’re seeing a handful of producers leverage it for product promotion and virtual storytelling. And, while you would in all probability not have the ability to create a VR-based advertising marketing campaign, you’ll gain some great takeaways related to promoting innovation, content material subject material promoting, or visual storytelling which is in a position to get a hold of other ideas of how you can upper interact along with your digital audience.

Need to see how other emerging technologies will impact your promoting? Check out A Sensible Solution to Rising Tech for SMBs: AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, IoT, and AR/VR.

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