A Transient Have a look at the WordPress for iOS App at the iPhone XR

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It’s been a long time since I’ve used the WordPress for iOS app to create content material subject material. At the moment, I decided to take it for a spin to check out the block editor and to seem if it has an identical quirks to its desktop counterpart. Quicker than launching the app, I didn’t look forward to the experience I was about to move by the use of alternatively I was pleasantly surprised.

I started off by the use of connecting the app to my WordPress.com account and writing a post using what I believe are the most common blocks, those being Paragraph, Quote, Image, Record, Heading, and Video. While typing away at my phone’s keyboard like a chicken pecks corn kernels, the writing experience used to be as soon as upper than I imagined. Together with new blocks is a button press away. I moreover noticed that there’s a at hand search selection above the blocks.

The WordPress for iOS block selection user interface is shown on the bottom half of the screen
WordPress for iOS Block Selection Interface

Most of the blocks I used worked as expected with little trouble. The exception used to be as soon as the dreaded Quote block. I however have issues of it on the desktop style of the block editor and those issues persisted throughout the mobile app. You’ll not paste two paragraphs of text proper right into a Quote block without it changing into a Paragraph block. Simple the best way to get spherical this on the desktop is to select each and every Paragraph blocks and turn into them proper right into a Quote block alternatively as I came upon, there’s no way to select a few blocks throughout the app.

There’s an ongoing factor on GitHub from 2019 related to this feature. In 2019 and 2020, developers discussed using a chronic press to purpose the facility to select a few blocks alternatively that function is used to drag blocks up or down.

The quote block button appears when you press on the iPhone screen for a little while presenting an opportunity to drag the block up or down
WordPress for iOS Long Press Block UI

It feels natural to long press on a block and be capable of drag it up or down alternatively I consider it’s going to be nice if I would possibly simply make a choice the block above or below the selected one with a definite finger while the long press is occurring. Or, perhaps an more straightforward manner alternatively one that may clutter the UI or take in home is a block report view where I will make a choice a few blocks without any form of long pressing or using a few hands. The developers have not come up with a solution however so the Quote block’s usage will keep less than perfect throughout the as regards to period of time.

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It’s not my preferred manner of writing content material subject material alternatively in some ways, the small show style of the block editor feels a lot much less clunky than its desktop counterpart. Outdoor of the issues involving the Quote block, I’m if truth be told impressed with how well the interface works. Kudos to the developers operating on the WordPress for iOS app as they’ve finished a truly very best process getting a big new writing interface to be usable on a small show.

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