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Divi Essential is a plugin that provides over 60 new modules to the Divi Builder, increasing the probabilities for the designs you’ll construct. With this plugin, you’ll upload complicated tabs, content material toggles, dynamic sliders, distinctive symbol and content material modules, workforce sections, social modules, and a lot more. Each and every module comes with tough capability and intensive design choices that make designing advanced layouts a breeze.

Divi Crucial additionally comes with get admission to to 600+ premade segment layouts that make the most of the modules, 30 starter layouts, and six complete templates with a couple of pages. Those layouts can all be downloaded from the Divi Crucial site and let you accelerate the design procedure. On this put up, we’ll take a better have a look at Divi Crucial to lend a hand making a decision if it’s the appropriate product for you.

Let’s get began!

Putting in Divi Crucial

Divi Crucial comes as a .ZIP plugin document. To put in the plugin, open the plugin web page for your WordPress dashboard and click on Upload New. Click on Make a selection Record and make a choice the plugin document out of your laptop, then click on Set up Now.

Install Divi Essential

As soon as the plugin is put in, turn on the plugin.

Activate Divi Essential

Divi Crucial provides 65 new modules to the Divi Builder. You’ll get admission to the added modules via clicking the Divi Crucial module button within the Insert Module menu, or via looking out “subsequent”, which is able to carry up all the Divi Crucial modules.

Divi Essential Insert Module

Divi Crucial Modules

The 60+ new modules upload a whole lot of capability to the Divi Builder. Each and every of the modules comes with content material, design, and complicated choices to completely customise the glance and serve as. Let’s take a better have a look at a few of these modules the usage of the premade layouts from Divi Crucial.

Ingenious Modules

There are 10 other inventive modules you’ll upload on your web page. Each and every module provides some distinctive capability or design on your structure. Along with the modules I’ll spotlight beneath, Divi Crucial comes with modules so as to add a floating component, a novel divider, a promo field, a Lottie animation, and a step drift segment to show a procedure.

Divi Essential Creative Modules

Subsequent Complicated Tab

The complicated tab module means that you can create horizontal and vertical tabbed content material sections. You’ll set the identify, subtitle, and icon/symbol for every tab. This case is complicated tab structure 1.

Divi Essential Advanced Tab

Inside the frame of every tab, you’ll make a choice a Divi Library structure to show, or you’ll upload content material via enhancing the identify, description, symbol/icon, and button.

Divi Essential Advanced Tab Body Content

The module comes with intensive design settings for all of the module in addition to the person tabs. You’ll customise each side of the design, make a choice other hover results for the weather, set energetic types for the chosen tab, and a lot more.Divi Essential Advanced Tab Settings

Subsequent Trade Hour

This module makes it simple to show your enterprise hours to your site. The instance pictured is design structure 2. You’ll upload on a daily basis of the week as an merchandise inside the module. Each and every merchandise will also be custom designed by itself, or you’ll use the module design choices to use styling to every merchandise.

Divi Essential Business Hours

Subsequent Content material Toggle

The content material toggle module provides a toggle on your web page which you’ll use to modify between content material. On this instance (structure 2), the toggle is used to modify between exhibiting main points of a unmarried or lifetime license.

Divi Essential Content Toggle

You’ll make a choice so as to add a Divi Library merchandise to the toggle segment, or you’ll upload your content material inside the module settings. You’ll customise the design of every segment in addition to the design for the toggle.

Divi Essential Content Toggle Settings

Subsequent Symbol Hotspot

With this module, you’ll upload hotspots to a picture that unearths content material on hover. You’ll upload textual content and a picture that might be published, and you’ll customise every component with design choices. The hotspot icon and colour will also be simply modified, and the hotspot place will also be set via converting the horizontal and vertical positions within the design settings. The instance beneath is structure 1.

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Divi Essential Image Hotspot

Subsequent Timeline

The timeline module can be utilized to visually constitute occasions, the historical past of a company, processes, and a lot more. Inside the timeline module you’ll upload person timeline components, which contain every timeline segment. You’ll upload textual content, a picture, a button, and an icon to every timeline component. Each and every component will also be custom designed within the design tab, permitting you to create distinctive timeline designs. Pictured beneath is timeline structure 11.

Divi Essential Timeline Item

Slider Modules

There are six other slider modules you’ll upload on your web site with Divi Crucial. You’ll upload an emblem carousel, a picture and textual content carousel, a 3D dice slider, a gallery slider, a testimonial carousel, and a put up carousel. Let’s take a better have a look at a few the slider modules.

Divi Essential Slider Modules

3D Dice Slider

The 3D dice slider module provides a slider that flips with a 3d dice impact. You’ll customise every slide with a picture, textual content, and background. Inside the slider settings you’ll trade the autoplay, navigation, and impact settings, in addition to any of the design choices. The instance pictured is structure 4.

Divi Essential 3D Cube Slider

Subsequent Divi Carousel

That is carousel structure 17. There are 4 layouts you’ll make a choice: symbol, textual content, textual content inside of symbol, or textual content beneath symbol. This permits for plenty of flexible layouts.

Divi Essential Carousel

You’ve got complete keep an eye on over the structure and design of every carousel merchandise in addition to the carousel module itself. You’ll trade the carousel autoplay settings, trade the navigation settings, adjust the impact, upload a lightbox serve as, and extra.

Divi Essential Carousel Settings

Symbol Modules

With 12 other symbol modules, Divi Crucial offers you some ways to creatively show pictures to your site. You’ll upload a picture magnifier, a masonry structure, modules that upload other loading and hover results to the photographs, a picture hover field, a earlier than and after slider, and extra. Let’s check out a few the picture modules.

Divi Essential Image Modules

Subsequent Sooner than After

The Sooner than and After module means that you can show a earlier than and after photograph this is published with a slider that you’ll drag. This structure is earlier than after structure 4.

Divi Essential Before After Slider

You’ll set the earlier than and after pictures, adjust the labels, trade the slider course and serve as, and customise the design.

Divi Essential Before After Settings

Subsequent Round Symbol Hover

With the round symbol hover module you’ll create a round symbol that unearths content material with a hover impact.

Divi Essential Circular Image Hover

There are 19 other hover results and four other hover instructions you’ll choose between, supplying you with a whole lot of flexibility within the design.

Divi Essential Circular Image Hover Effects

Subsequent Symbol Accordion

The picture accordion module provides an interactive symbol accordion on your design. While you hover over probably the most pictures within the accordion, it’ll extend and expose content material. You’ll make a choice so as to add an icon, identify, description, and button to every symbol. On this instance, the 3rd symbol is about to open when the web page so much. For those who hover on some other symbol, it expands and remains expanded.

Divi Essential Image Accordion Settings

You’ll set the accordion to transport on hover or on click on, and you’ll set it to open vertically or horizontally.

Divi Essential Image Accordion

Content material Modules

There are 19 modules within the content material class. All of those can be utilized to dynamically show your content material and create fascinating layouts. You’ll upload bins and blurbs, modules with other textual content results, buttons, weblog put up sliders, and extra. Let’s check out one of the crucial modules.

Divi Essential Content Modules

Subsequent 3D Turn Field

The 3D Turn Field module means that you can have a dynamic field that flips with a 3D impact on hover. You’ll have a unique design at the again aspect of the field. This case is structure 7.

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Divi Essential 3D Flip Box

Within the module settings, you’ll customise the weather which are on the back and front. You’ll upload an icon, a picture, heading textual content, frame textual content, and buttons. Within the design tab, you’ll customise the glance of each component.

Divi Essential 3D Flip Box Settings

Subsequent Blurb

The blurb module could be very flexible and provides many content material and design choices you’ll use to create distinctive layouts. The instance blurb used this is structure 11. It includes a tilt impact on hover that strikes together with your mouse.

Divi Essential Blurb

Within the module settings you’ll permit a pre-heading, set the heading textual content and heading tag, permit a post-heading textual content, upload an outline, upload a picture and icon, and upload a button. You’ll upload a picture masks, distinctive hover results to the blurb or buttons, and so a lot more with the intensive design choices to be had.

Divi Essential Blurb Hover

Subsequent Button

The button module contains many choices so as to add enticing results on your button. You’ll upload background transitions, hover results, icon hover results, stroke results, 2nd results, set a background symbol, upload a background gif, and extra. On this instance, I’m the usage of a number of buttons with 2nd results. You’ll see how the Develop Rotate button has greater in dimension and turned around reasonably on hover.

Divi Essential Button

Subsequent Textual content Animation

With the textual content animation module, you’ll upload a wide variety of animation results on your textual content. That is instance structure 10, and it includes a typing impact. You’ll set the earlier than and after textual content, upload the textual content that will get animated, and make a choice the animation impact. The textual content styling will also be additional custom designed within the design tab.

Divi Essential Text Animation

Subsequent Textual content Colour Movement

The textual content colour movement module means that you can animate the textual content colour. This case is structure 9.

Divi Essential Text Color Motion

You’ll make a choice from a number of other animation types and make a choice 4 other textual content colours that create an crowd pleasing gradient impact.

Divi Essential Text Color Motion Color Settings

Workforce Modules

There are 5 other workforce modules that include Divi Crucial, permitting you to sing their own praises your workforce contributors with distinctive sections and results.

Divi Essential Team Modules

Subsequent Workforce Overlay Card

With the workforce overlay card module, you’ll sing their own praises your workforce contributors with an overlay that looks on hover and divulges further content material, similar to an outline or social media icons. The instance proven is structure 1, which includes a curved border that provides a novel contact.

Divi Essential Team Overlay Card

Subsequent Workforce Social Expose

With this module, social media icons are published underneath the workforce member description segment on hover. This case is structure 1.

Divi Essential Team Social Reveal

Social Modules

Divi Crucial provides tactics to attach social media on your site. For Fb, you’ll upload the next modules: proportion, like, embedded video, remark, embedded remark, embedded put up, and embedded web page. For Twitter, you’ll upload a timeline, tweet, Twitter button, or apply button.

Divi Essential Social Modules

Subsequent FB Remark

This is the Fb Remark module. You’ll use this module to permit customers to remark to your web site content material with their Fb account. The design will also be custom designed with choices within the design tab.

Divi Essential FB Comment

Subsequent Twitter Timeline

This module means that you can upload a Twitter timeline on your web page. All you wish to have to set is the Twitter account username, and the timeline will seem. You’ll customise the timeline with the design settings.

Divi Essential Twitter Timeline

Evaluate Modules

There are 3 evaluate modules you’ll use to show buyer critiques and testimonials to your site.

Subsequent Divi Evaluate

The evaluate module means that you can upload buyer critiques on your web page. You’ll upload a reputation, place, and outline, and you’ll set the superstar evaluate for every module. That is structure instance 1.

Divi Essential Review

Subsequent Testimonial Slider

With this module, you’ll upload a slider to sing their own praises your buyer testimonials and critiques. That is structure 11. Each and every testimonial slide is added as an merchandise to the module, which means you’ll customise the design of every slide in my opinion and you’ll customise the slide design as a complete. You’ll upload a score, textual content, and symbol to every slide. Within the slider settings, you’ll make a choice to have the slider auto-play, regulate the slider transition settings, and alter the navigation settings. The choices within the design tab assist you to customise the glance of the slider on your liking.

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Divi Essential Testimonial Slider

Divi Crucial Starter Layouts

Along with the modules and the module layouts we explored above, Divi Crucial additionally comes with 30 starter one-page layouts that you’ll use. Let’s take a better have a look at one.

Divi Essential Starter Templates

Excursion Format

That is the excursion structure. The design is stuffed with animations and interactive components. The heading makes use of the multi-heading module and is available in with a expose impact. Beneath is an emblem carousel, 3 blurbs, and a carousel exhibiting locations. Subsequent is a bit with a floating symbol and a few content material and quantity counters at the proper. The map segment makes use of the hotspot module to pinpoint locations and expose data on hover. In spite of everything, there’s a testimonial slider, a e-newsletter sign-up, and a footer.

Divi Essential Tour Website Starter Layout

Divi Crucial Prebuilt Web pages

Divi Crucial additionally comes with get admission to to six complete site templates that come with a couple of pages.

Gardener Template

Let’s check out the house web page for the gardener template. Along with this web page, the template contains the next pages: about us, products and services, gallery, challenge, challenge main points, and phone.

Divi Essential Garden Prebuilt Website

The web page opens with a hero segment with a couple of headings, a big symbol, a floating component, buttons, and a number of other background graphics. The following segment options 4 blurb modules that spotlight products and services. Following that is some other segment with some textual content and photographs that experience a floating impact. The heading content material has a expose animation. The products and services segment beneath additionally makes use of the Divi Crucial blurb modules and is adopted via a floating component with a rotating animation and a picture accordion that expands and divulges content material on hover.

Divi Essential Garden Website Layout Home Page

Subsequent is some other segment that has blurb modules, adopted via a bit with a fullwidth background symbol and a floating graphic. There’s a pricing desk segment beneath this,

Divi Essential Garden Website Layout Home Page 2

Proceeding with the house web page, there’s a brand slider and a earlier than/after slider, adopted via a testimonial slider. In spite of everything, the web page ends with a e-newsletter sign-up shape.

Divi Essential Garden Website Layout Home Page 3

The place to Acquire Divi Crucial

Divi Crucial is to be had within the Divi Marketplace. It prices $79 for limitless site utilization and 1 yr of strengthen and updates. The fee additionally features a 30-day money-back ensure.

Ultimate Ideas

Divi Essential is full of modules that upload new options and dynamic layouts on your site. I used to be inspired with the customizability and the intensive choices that include every module. The demo layouts, the starter one-page layouts, and the prebuilt site templates that include Divi Crucial all appear to be fine quality designs that you’ll simply use and adjust to your personal design functions. In case you are searching for an all-in-one plugin that may extend the chances of what you’ll design with Divi, Divi Crucial is a brilliant choice.

We would like to listen to from you! Have you ever attempted Divi Crucial? Tell us what you take into consideration it within the feedback!

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