Divi Product Spotlight: DiviCommerce

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DiviCommerce is a third-party child theme for Divi that’s designed for development online stores. It incorporates a number of pages and features to create WooCommerce shops that stick out from the crowd. In this put up, we’ll take a look on the pages and features of DiviCommerce to be in agreement you make a decision if it’s the right Divi child theme for your needs.

Putting in place DiviCommmerce

I came upon putting in place DiviCommerce to be intuitive. Arrange it such as you may be able to any WordPress theme then again with Divi for the reason that full of life theme. Got o Glance > Subjects > Add New Theme.

Installing DiviCommmerce

Select Upload Theme, click on on Make a selection Report, select the DiviCommerce zipped file to your laptop, and click on on Arrange Now.

Installing DiviCommmerce

Next, click on on Activate.

Installing DiviCommmerce

In the end, select DC Demo Import > Easy Demo Import.

Installing DiviCommmerce

Make a selection the guidelines to import and click on on Import Demo Content material subject material. I love to suggest using the default settings.

Installing DiviCommmerce

As quickly because the demo content material subject material imports, click on on Remove Demo Content material subject material & Import Functions. Your web page now turns out just like the demo with dummy photos to show the sizes sought after. Add your content material subject material and your web page is in a position to use.

Installing DiviCommmerce

DiviCommerce Pages

DiviCommerce comes with 26 pages that include 6 area pages designed to create a couple of varieties of online shops. It moreover incorporates 3 retailer pages, 2 product pages, 2 checkout pages, 5 headers, 2 footers, and a number of extras. Choices include Ajax product filters, cart popups, product Ajax search, popup bureaucracy, and WooCommerce variation swatches.

Let’s take a look at the layouts. I’ll ruin the larger layouts into smaller groups in order that they’re more straightforward to keep an eye on and show photos from the downloaded child theme and the product demo.

DiviCommerce Space One

The hero segment presentations a full-screen image with a CTA.

DiviCommerce Home One

Following this is a segment for brand new arrivals. This incorporates hover effects for the product taking part in playing cards. A two-column segment displays photos that link to the shop. The photographs include the Ken Burns affect. Next, is some other retailer segment with hover effects. Proper right here’s the absolute best portion of the product demo.

DiviCommerce Home One

The bottom a part of the principle area construction presentations some other full-screen CTA, featured products, a novel deal countdown, a blog, and photographs.

DiviCommerce Home One

DiviCommerce Space Two

The second area internet web page presentations a full-screen slider with CTAs.

DiviCommerce Home Two

The absolute best a part of the internet web page incorporates CTAs to shop for categories, a novel retailer segment with two products on one facet and a CTA on the other, a shop segment, and a full-width email correspondence signup form. All the product taking part in playing cards and buttons include hover effects.

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DiviCommerce Home Two

The second a part of Space Two presentations a shop segment, a deal countdown timer in a card over a full-screen background image, a blog, and photographs.

DiviCommerce Home Two

DiviCommerce Space 3

The absolute best a part of Space 3 displays a full-width CTA, a shop segment with new arrivals, a work with 4 photos in two columns for sophistication CTAs, and a big email correspondence form.

DiviCommerce Home Three

The second a part of the construction displays segment retailer sections, a blog segment with a background image, and a work with purchaser photos.

DiviCommerce Home Three

DiviCommerce Space 4

The fourth area internet web page includes a unique hero segment with two photos. One is longer than the other and the text and CTA overlap each and every photos. It moreover incorporates magnificence photos with the determine at the bottom of the card and a shop segment.

DiviCommerce Home Four

The second a part of the construction displays two huge magnificence CTAs, a shop segment, a deal segment with a countdown timer, and a blog with a background image.

DiviCommerce Home Four

DiviCommerce Space 5

The fifth area internet web page displays a full-screen hero segment with the CTA at the correct. It has a large segment of sophistication photos with 5 smaller photos and three upper photos. 3 retailer sections show what’s new, what’s on sale, and the best sellers. This construction moreover incorporates the full-width email correspondence form and purchaser photos.

DiviCommerce Home Five

DiviCommerce Space Six

The sixth area internet web page is one of the unique. It displays a sale countdown timer throughout the hero segment. Each of the shop sections places the determine in huge text to the left of the segment. This is followed by way of two image CTAs that include the determine and button that overlap the image and each other. Some other magnificence segment places incorporates photos with box shadows that disappear on hover. This construction moreover incorporates the email form and purchaser photos.

DiviCommerce Home Six

DiviCommerce Retailer One

The main retailer internet web page displays a full-width image with a internet web page determine followed by way of the products in 4 columns with a sorting clear out and a sidebar to the left. The sidebar incorporates the category, size, and color possible choices. Products display a box shadow on hover.

DiviCommerce Shop One

DiviCommerce Retailer Two

Retailer Two includes a full-width image, places the products in a single column, and gives an interesting product clear out where shoppers can clear out by way of magnificence, size, and color above the shop segment. It moreover incorporates the sorting clear out and gives pagination at the bottom of the internet web page. The filters open on hover.

DiviCommerce Shop Two

DiviCommerce Retailer 3

Retailer 3 doesn’t include a full-width image. It places the shop categories at the top of the internet web page with photos. The shop segment incorporates the sidebar, clear out, hover effects, and pagination.

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DiviCommerce Shop Three

Product Internet web page One

The main product internet web page displays a large, featured image on the left and the product possible choices at the correct. The product possible choices keep in place as you scroll. Breadcrumbs at the top of the internet web page show the consumers where they’re throughout the navigation development.

Product Page One

Following the featured image is a selection of thumbnail photos and some other huge image. Once the large image reaches the arena of the product possible choices, the selections scroll with the internet web page.

Product Page One

Next is the description and supply knowledge and a work for reviews.

Product Page One

In any case, there’s a segment where customers can add their own reviews.

Product Internet web page Two

The second product internet web page follows the design of the principle then again supplies the description and supply knowledge to the product possible choices area throughout the toggles.

Product Page Two

The bottom of the internet web page supplies a work of products the patron could be serious about. The product taking part in playing cards add box shadows on hover.

Product Page Two

Cart Popup

The cart popup turns out when a product is added to the cart. It includes a field so to upload a coupon code, a slider with an identical products, and a checkout button.

Cart Popup

Cart Internet web page

DiviCommerce includes a styled cart internet web page. The cart knowledge includes a box shadow. The buttons are pink to test the child theme’s design.

Cart Page

Checkout Internet web page One

It has two checkout pages. That’s the number one checkout internet web page. It places the order and rate knowledge at the correct of the checkout form. The second checkout internet web page places this knowledge under the form and places company knowledge at the correct of the form.

Checkout Page One

About Us

The About Us internet web page displays angled photos that stand out. The internet web page moreover includes a full-width image, a variety of areas for text, and a couple of upper photos.

About Us

Contact Us

The Contact Us internet web page displays the contact knowledge with blurbs, displays a slightly form, toggles for the FAQs, and includes a full-width map.

Contact Us

DiviCommerce Headers

DiviCommerce incorporates 5 headers. They arrive with a couple of sections that can be used, deleted, or swapped to some other header.

Header One

The main header supplies a sale bar at the top and includes a search, account login, and a link for the popup purchasing groceries cart at the correct. The logo and menu are on the left.

Header One

Header Two

Header two places the hunt box inside of probably the most good bar. The purchasing groceries cart and menu alternate aspects.

Header Two

Header 3

The 0.33 header places the menu in a brand spanking new bar throughout the heart and at the bottom and moves the hunt to the center.

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Header Three

Header 4

The fourth header amenities the logo and the menu, places the hunt on the left, and the cart at the correct.

Header Four

Header 5

In the end, the fifth header places the hunt box inside of probably the most good bar, moves the logo and menu to the left, and places the cart at the correct.

Header Five

DiviCommerce Footers

DiviCommerce incorporates two footers. Every art work well for eCommerce.

Footer One

Footer number one incorporates two sections. The main segment comprises blurbs for information provided as text. The second segment incorporates an Image Module for the logo, a Social Media Practice Module, and a number of Text Modules for information and links.

Footer One

Footer Two

The second footer replaces the absolute best segment with an email correspondence form. The second segment moves the Social Media Practice buttons to the right in its private column.

Footer Two

DiviCommerce Popup

DiviCommerce includes a popup made with the Divi Builder and a plugin known as Popup Maker. The popup itself displays an email correspondence form with a sign-up CTA on one facet and an image on the other facet. It incorporates an overlay and an in depth button.

DiviCommerce Popup

DiviCommerce Search

The Ajax search lists the categories and products as you sort. The quest is fast and the results stay open, allowing the patron to click on at the relaxation throughout the results.

DiviCommerce Search

Where to Gain DiviCommerce

DiviCommerce is available throughout the Divi Market for $25. It incorporates twelve months of reinforce and updates, endless internet web site usage, and a 30-day money-back be sure.

Where to Purchase DiviCommerce

Completing Concepts on DiviCommerce

That’s our take a look on the DiviCommerce child theme for Divi. This child theme incorporates a number of pages and layouts to build any type of WooCommerce retailer. The 5 further plugins with the child theme add many desirable choices, such for the reason that cart, popups, and filters. The Ajax choices are fast They provide the internet web site many elegant and useful equipment and stick out from the crowd.

We need to concentrate from you. Have you ever ever tried the DiviCommerce child theme? Let us know what you take into accounts it throughout the comments.

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