Easy methods to Rebrand as a Content material Writer and Keep Related [Expert Tips]

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With regards to the time frame “rebrand,” most people recall to mind major company rebrands like Dunkin’ or Lego. Alternatively, firms aren’t the only entities that may to seek out themselves in need of a change.

Every now and then, content material subject matter creators will need to rebrand, too, specifically if the author’s interests have changed or the author will have to keep up with the latest client characteristics or adhere to new platform pointers.

If you want to rebrand, chances are you’ll marvel learn to rebrand as a author and keep similar. To get some belief, I spoke with author, blogger, and YouTuber Lisa De L. a. Cruz, who no longer too way back went through a rebrand herself.

That is her story and tips for creators taking a look to switch up their content material subject matter.

Why a rebrand?

The Problem of Rebranding as a Writer

Easy methods to Keep Related Via a Rebrand

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Why a rebrand?

As I mentioned earlier, there are many reasons a content material subject matter author would most likely choose to rebrand. In De L. a. Cruz’s case, the COVID-19 pandemic plays a job in her selection to modify her content material subject matter.

“I rebranded on account of, at the most sensible of the pandemic, the content material subject matter I was creating used to be as soon as very local,” she says, recalling her content material subject matter that used to be as soon as geared toward her native land of Finding out, PA. “And on account of laws, I may just no longer continue interviewing folks particularly individual. It moreover wasn’t making me happy anymore.”

De L. a. Cruz began moving her point of interest against the anime and manga business to hunt out her spark and keep creating amid pandemic restrictions.

She would interview voice actors, cosplayers, and anime lovers for her podcast, The Surprise of Anime, and analysis anime and manga for her YouTube channel and blog of the equivalent identify.

“I had slowly started moving my content material subject matter in this new trail, and it used to be as soon as actually making me happy,” she says. “I realized it is a topic where I can interview folks from everywhere on account of I shouldn’t have to look them particularly individual. I can use Zoom.”

The Downside of Rebranding as a Creator

Actually, pivoting to every other house of pastime as a author isn’t easy, specifically if your lovers aren’t to your new trail.

“There without a doubt used to be as soon as a change in my audience on account of, at the time, most of my audience used to be as soon as local, they generally weren’t enthusiasts of anime,” De L. a. Cruz says. “So I without a doubt had a drop in audience to begin with.”

Fortunately, De L. a. Cruz’s platform grew as she persisted in her new house of pastime.

“If I know myself and know the center of what I’m doing, then I know this is true to me and I merely will have to push forward that means,” she says.

Simple the best way to Stay Comparable By means of a Rebrand

So, how did De L. a. Cruz expand her platform post-rebrand, and what can you do to make your rebrand a good fortune? Listed here are some skilled tips she says may just make for a simple transition.

1. Consider fascinating to an untapped market.

“The new type of content material subject matter that I was making used to be as soon as unique throughout the sense that I was covering problems that didn’t have a large number of a focal point,” she explains, “similar to an earlier assortment or nostalgic problems that folks may have forgotten about.”

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Over the years, De L. a. Cruz says her content material subject matter began to attract anime and manga lovers who were happy to look her shine a steady on cult classics.

“I tapped into a brand spanking new audience and a specific house of pastime that hadn’t been touched on,” she recollects. “I imagine that actually helped on account of folks were excited to look any individual give representation to a series they revel in alternatively isn’t without end discussed.”

2. Know why you want to rebrand.

While creators will have to keep up with the latest client characteristics, De L. a. Cruz warns moving characteristics and numbers will have to no longer be your sole motivator.

“Actually imagine why you want to rebrand,” she says. “For me, it wasn’t about emerging a singular audience — I merely wanted to stay true to what I really like and am passionate about. I may warn against switching because of numbers.”

Target audience are very perceptive, and De L. a. Cruz says they’ll know if you’re rebranding merely to stay throughout the spotlight. Doing so can foster distrust and make your emblem seem inauthentic — and authenticity is beneficial in branding.

In truth, 88% of shoppers say authenticity is very important when deciding what producers they like and toughen.

3. Move all in.

“Move 100% in. If you’re in-between and you’re teasing your audience via doing slightly earlier stuff and new problems at the equivalent time, you’ll lose folks and confuse folks,” she says. “That can be a turn-off on your audience.”

De L. a. Cruz says for those who do a pivot, make it a troublesome one.

“I to seek out it’s serving to determine your new audience because you’re no longer giving folks false hope that you’re however going to create your previous style of content material subject matter.”

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4. Be in contact your rebrand on your audience.

Depending on how long it is advisable had been a author, your audience may have followed you for years previous to you rebranded your platform.

De L. a. Cruz says you will have to acknowledge the relationship it is advisable have built along with your target market and to stick them throughout the loop of your new era.

“There’s a relationship between you as a content material subject matter author and the objective target market consuming your content material subject matter,” she says. “Every now and then doing a troublesome pivot without making it clear can actually really feel distrustful on your audience, specifically if they didn’t see it coming.”

De L. a. Cruz suggests making a clear commentary to show appreciation and to allow your audience to decide within the tournament that they wish to apply you on your new journey.

This commentary can are to be had in a YouTube video, a social media submit, an e mail, or a newsletter.

Above all, De L. a. Cruz says to be confident to your selection.

“Your rebrand is in all probability something it is advisable had been interested by and weighing on you for some time, so be confident that your rebrand will do along with your previous content material subject matter,” she explains.

“You want to imagine it so your earlier audience and freshmen will imagine in it and apply your new journey.”

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