Easy methods to Write a WordPress Weblog Publish With AI

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Maintaining a blog for your WordPress internet web page is essential for providing treasured content material subject matter in your readers. Moreover, blog posts can help your internet web page appear on seek engine score pages (SERPs) when written well. In the past, those without very good writing skills will have to hire someone to write down down their posts or, worse, not have a blog. Because of artificial intelligence (AI) apparatus similar to ChatGPT and Divi AI, you’ll harness this new generation to help craft your posts for you. In this article, we’ll walk you for the duration of the stairs to write down down a WordPress blog publish with AI.

Let’s get started.

What’s WordPress?


WordPress is a popular content material control device (CMS) that is implemented on more than 43% of all internet websites on the internet. It all started as a blog platform throughout the late 90s and has advanced proper right into a website-building powerhouse used by freelancers, web companies, and large firms. There are two types of WordPress. .org and .com. While they’re built by way of the an identical folks, there are some variations. So the entire thing is plain, we can be working in WordPress.org, which is self-hosted and comes with with regards to countless customization possible choices.

What’s AI?

Divi AI image

image created with Divi AI | Steered: {photograph} of a Maine Coon cat, set a snowy wooded area, dramatic lighting, extraordinarily top quality, 8K UHD, National Geographic Wildlife {photograph} of the year

AI is the development of laptop techniques that use instrument learning to achieve tasks that would possibly maximum ceaselessly require other people to do. AI can train the ones techniques to generate photos, text, video, monitor, and additional. This sort of AI is called generative AI, which involves intensive training between two techniques, or generative hostile networks (GANs), containing a discriminator and a generator. They art work together to test the generator’s output to the data the instrument was once professional on. For instance, right through image generation, the generator items output to the discriminator, which tries to make a decision if it’s precise or fake. As training continues, the generator could be upper at output, so the discriminator can’t tell the difference between the two.

One of the additional widespread AI text and image generators like Divi AI, Jasper, Writesonic, and ChatGPT have many uses, in conjunction with writing blog posts, rising sensible photos, and additional.

What’s Divi AI?

Divi AI

Divi AI is the newest, most delightful product unencumber in contemporary memory. In line with Strong Diffusion and Open AI models, Divi AI can write content material subject matter and generate photos correct all through the Visible Builder. That said, Divi AI is built a bit bit differently than other generative AI. Made in particular for Divi, it understands all of Divi’s design components and can make guidelines for text and images consistent with the similar content material subject matter on the internet web page. For instance, if your internet web page is able a Maine Coon cattery, Divi AI will recommend text related to Maine Coon cats. This incredible new tech will make rising Divi internet websites more uncomplicated than ever!

Simple easy methods to Write a WordPress Blog Post With AI

With all the AI generation available to WordPress shoppers at the present time, there are a selection of tactics to create a blog publish using AI. On the other hand, for this publish, we can take note of two routes. The main uses Divi AI, and the other uses ChatGPT and Midjourney.

Without reference to the method used, using the Gutenberg editor to create blog posts is truly useful. The principle reason for that’s that complete web page enhancing problems like Divi or Twenty Twenty-3 imply you’ll be able to create templates to show off your internet web page’s content material subject matter. We won’t go into part about Gutenberg proper right here, on the other hand this publish outlines get spherical throughout the block editor. If you’re a Divi individual already, you’ll be at liberty to snatch that we introduced complex compatibility with the block editor once more in 2022 by way of introducing the Divi structure block. It permits you to use the Gutenberg editor and Divi Builder at the same time as, which could be sought after to use Divi AI.

Creating a Template

Forward of rising your first publish, you’ll need to discover ways to create a template using Gutenberg or Divi. When your template is created, you’ll get proper right down to business.

Step 1: Crafting the Blog Post Outline

We’ll outline the steps to create a blog outline using ChatGPT. While this step isn’t necessary, it will can help you form your concepts and get a hold of a building for AI to watch. If you haven’t already, sign up for an account with ChatGPT. Fashion 3.5 is loose, on the other hand you must sign up for a paid plan for the additional complicated fashion. For our publish, we need to serve as the dog-like qualities of Maine Coon cats, so we’ll use the following instructed: Create a blog publish outline describing how Maine Coon cats are like canine.

ChatGPT will get to art work on rising an outline for our publish:

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ChatGPT blog outline

Step 2: Create a New Post

To create a brand spanking new publish, log into your WordPress dashboard, then navigate to posts (1). Next, click on at the Add New button (2) to create your first publish.

add new blog post

Next, we’ll need to add a establish to our publish (1). Let’s use the one generated with ChatGPT: The Canine Attract of Maine Coon Cats: Unveiling Their Dog-Like Traits.
If using Divi, click on at the default editor button (2) to load Gutenberg.

WordPress blog post editor

Step 3: Writing the Intro

With the publish created, the first step is so that you could upload an intro paragraph.

Using ChatGPT

Growing an introductory paragraph is understated using ChatGPT. Head once more to the interface and write the instructed: Create an introductory paragraph using the outline above. Keep it beneath 300 words, in brief touch on the problems throughout the outline, and offers it a human tone of voice.

Now, you’ll do one among two problems proper right here. You’ll reproduction and paste the generated paragraph or use it to turn you the best way to in rising distinctive content material subject matter. On account of we need to keep problems ethical, we’ll trade the introductory paragraph by way of using the generated output merely as a data.

ChatGPT intro paragraph

Paste the output into the default editor by way of together with a paragraph block. To take a look at this, click on at the + icon (1) throughout the internet web page builder or navigate to the tick list view (2) so that you could upload a paragraph block there.

adding a block

Using Divi Inside Gutenberg

We’ll need to set problems up differently if using Divi. We’ll use Divi to create our publish rather than together with a paragraph block so that you could upload content material subject matter. The initial process is similar, aside from for the block. Click on at the + icon (1), then search for and add the Divi Structure block (2).

Divi Layout block

Next, click on at the Assemble New Structure button.

build new layout

To create our new construction, we’ll assemble it from scratch. Click on at the Get began Development button to continue.

start building with Divi

Make a choice the single column row.

single column row

Select a text module to create AI-generated text.

Divi text module

Getting Familiar With the Divi AI Interface

Generating text with Divi AI is a snap. To start out, click on at the Generate Content material subject matter with AI button (1) or hover over the placeholder text to turn the AI icon (2). You’ll have two possible choices: Write with AI (3) or Write Automatically (4). Choosing the automatic chance will generate text robotically. It is a very good serve as for posts and pages with content material subject matter you want to extend on. For this case, however, we’ll select to write down down with AI. This will likely most probably allow us to provide Divi some context.

Divi blog post AI

You’ll notice a brand spanking new dialog box with a few choices when your computer screen refreshes. Let’s in brief explain what each and every environment does:

  1. Content material subject matter Kind: This allows you to generate a paragraph, establish, button, blog publish, or social media publish.
  2. What are you writing about: Use this to provide Divi a starting point for your text.
  3. Added Context: If you’ve started rising your publish already, you’ll use this to provide Divi context. Possible choices include this internet web page content material subject matter, this section content material subject matter, this module content material subject matter, or no context.
  4. Tone of Voice: Make a choice the writing style you like from the available possible choices: creative, informative, and funny.
  5. Will have to use keywords: Add essential keywords in your text.
  6. Content material subject matter length: Specify what collection of words, sentences, characters, paragraphs, or tick list items you require.
  7. Language: Proper right here, you’ll specify the language. You’ll each use the language of your instructed or choose from over 130 supported languages.
  8. Generate Text: Generate text with Divi AI.

Divi AI options

Generating Text with Divi AI

To generate our first paragraph, we’ll select the following possible choices:

  1. Content material subject matter kind: Paragraph
  2. What are you writing about: Write an introductory paragraph about how Maine Coon cats have dog-like qualities
  3. Added Context: No context
  4. Tone of Voice: Inventive
  5. Will have to use keywords: Maine Coon, dog-like
  6. Content material subject matter length: Exactly 200 words
  7. Language: Language of instructed

With the settings in place, click on at the generate button to offer the text. Divi will create the text consistent with your instructed. In the event you’re satisfied with the results, click on at the Use this text button (1). Alternatively, if you want to make changes, you’ll modify the output by way of clicking retry (2) or by way of settling at the beef up with AI dropdown menu (3). You’ll make it upper, rephrase, lengthen, shorten, simplify, paraphrase, or modify it by way of changing the tone of voice, amongst other possible choices. If you’d like to refine it, you’ll add additional details in refine finish end result (4) text field, then click on on regenerate (5).

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refine generated text Divi AI

Step 4: Growing Blog Post Pictures

The next move is to create an image for our publish. In the end, blog posts are upper with supporting photos. They provide visual aids, keep your readers engaged, and serve with the intention to boost your internet web page’s search engine marketing (search engine marketing) using alt tags.

We’ll show off two tactics to generate photos for your WordPress blog publish: Midjourney and Divi AI.

Using Midjourney


image created with Midjourney

Midjourney hit the scene earlier this year and has transform one of the most an important widespread platforms for rising photos. We won’t go into the steps to use it proper right here, as we’ve were given an in-depth educational already created for you. Midjourney generates one of the most essential most incredible AI artwork you’ll to find. On the other hand, we will have to caution you on using it commercially. As a result of ongoing litigation, its long run is unclear. That said, generating photos with it’s most likely good enough should you’re a paid subscriber. This publish concentrates on the second method, Divi AI.

Using Divi AI

Some other (and better) approach to create photos for your blog posts is by way of using Divi AI’s built-in image generation tool. It functions similar to the AI text generator, where you’ll create, refine, and use photos inside your posts or pages. Against this to other AI image generators, there’s no need to use a separate platform. With Divi AI, you get the facility of Sturdy Diffusion correct throughout the Visual Builder. To create an image using Divi AI, add an image module in your publish.

Divi image module

To activate AI, hover over the placeholder image throughout the module to turn the AI icon.

Divi AI icon

Upon clicking the icon, you’ll have two possible choices: Generate with AI or Generate Automatically. Select the principle chance.

Generate AI image

Divi AI Image Settings

Forward of manufacturing an image, let’s go over the settings in order that you’ll know how problems art work. We won’t go over the entire thing related to generating photos, like prompting pointers, on the other hand we can show you the basics.

  1. Image style: Choose from 13 style presets, in conjunction with {photograph}, digital painting, vector paintings, and additional.
  2. Image description: The text instructed field you’ll use to provide an explanation for your desired image.
  3. Reference image: When you’ve got an image in ideas that isn’t slightly what you want, you’ll use it as a reference image to be in agreement Divi AI in rising the easiest one.
  4. Facet ratio: You’ll choose from sq. (1:1), Landscape (8:5), portrait (3:4), or a custom designed size.
  5. Size: The pixels (width x top) for your image.
  6. Generate: Generates an image consistent with the settings above.

Generate an Image Using Divi AI

Now that you recognize the interface, we will be able to generate our first image. Since our blog publish is able Maine Coon cats, we’ll generate an image that can be used in our publish that we will be able to moreover observe as our featured image. With the AI image dialog box opens, input the following settings:

  • Image style: {Photograph}
  • Image description: {{photograph}} of a brown sortie Maine Coon cat, lying on a sofa, looking out the window, award successful photos, comfy shadows, midday lighting, cinematic photos
  • Reference image: none
  • Facet ratio: Landscape (8:5)
  • Size: 1280 x 800

With the settings in place, click on at the generate button to generate your {photograph}.

generate Divi image

When the process completes, Divi will provide 4 photos for you. To make a choice one, click on on for your favorite (1), then click on on Use this image (2). Alternatively, you’ll generate additional like it (3), generate 4 additional (4), trade the style (5), or add a completely new description (6) to regenerate it (7).

image generation

Once you select {a photograph} to use, Divi will robotically place it into your image module. From there, you’ll upscale it to make it the following top quality image by way of clicking the AI icon over again and deciding on upscale throughout the settings.

upscale Divi AI image

Step 5: Writing the Post Content material subject matter

Now that we’ve generated our establish, introductory paragraph, and featured image, let’s walk for the duration of the stairs needed to create the body reproduction.

Using ChatGPT

To create the body of your blog publish using ChatGPT, you’ll repeat the steps outlined above. Head once more over to ChatGPT, then instruct it to complete the body of the publish. You’ll do this by way of getting into the following instructed: In line with the outline above, create the publish content material subject matter minus the conclusion. Make it no longer than 1500 words, and use the an identical tone of voice throughout the introductory paragraph.

ChatGPT body copy

ChatGPT will proceed in rising the body reproduction for your publish. As prior to now discussed, you want to make use of this text as a data rather than simply copying and pasting it into your publish. There are a selection of reasons for this. First, ChatGPT has been known to suffer from hallucinations or falsehoods. Because of this reality, you will have to all the time fact-check the entire thing it is going to provide you with. Secondly, Google is getting upper at recognizing AI-generated content material subject matter. It is a grey space given that generation is so new, on the other hand some indications using generated content material subject matter with out a human touch might simply hurt you throughout the SERPs.

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Additionally, there’ll obviously be plagiarism concerns, specifically since ChatGPT was once training on wisdom pulled directly from the internet. In the end, generated content material subject matter maximum ceaselessly needs additional creativity and personality. Because of this reality, we propose taking what it is going to provide you with as a data to overcoming author’s block or for inspiration in more creative writing.

Using Divi AI

Now that Divi AI has a bit little bit of context, we will be able to proceed one among two tactics: use Divi AI to create the entire publish or generate a few paragraphs at a time. The method you choose is made up our minds via whether or not or no longer you propose on making additional photos. If you highest plan to have one image in your publish, Divi can create your whole publish for you. On the other hand, if you want to create additional supporting photos, you’ll need to create a few paragraphs at a time. To generate your whole publish, activate Divi AI by way of together with a brand spanking new text module and clicking the AI icon over again. Make a choice blog publish from the dropdown menu when the dialog box turns out.

write blog post with AI

Throughout the What are you writing about text field, head once more to ChatGPT to copy the blog outline we created in step 1, then paste it into the sphere. You’ll wish to disregard the intro section.

blog post context

Click on on data me (1) to turn the additional settings. You’ll wish to add your tone of voice (2), must use keywords (3), specify the collection of words to generate (4), make a selection the language (5), then generate your publish (6).

generate blog post

Tip: When generating content material subject matter with Divi AI, add headlines for your essential paragraphs. Moreover, use Divi AI’s word settings to stick paragraphs beneath 300 words. By the use of doing this, you’ll succeed in the following SEO ranking in conjunction with your decided on search engine marketing plugin.

Step 6: Writing the Conclusion

Writing the conclusion paragraph is the remainder step in rising your first publish. If using ChatGPT, all you want to do is provide it a instructed to complete the publish. For instance, give it the following: In line with the outline above, write a conclusion paragraph within the an identical writing style.

ChatGPT conclusion

Write Conclusion with Divi AI

To create our conclusion paragraph, we’ll take a slightly different method. As an alternative of leaving the context blank, for this ultimate paragraph, we’ll have Divi write a conclusion consistent with the content material subject matter of our publish. To take a look at this, add a brand spanking new text module, then fill throughout the following settings:

  1. Content material subject matter kind: Paragraph
  2. What are you writing about: Summarize the various tactics during which Maine Coon cats blow their own horns dog-like traits.
  3. Added context: this internet web page content material subject matter
  4. Tone of voice: Inventive
  5. Will have to use keywords: Maine Coon cats
  6. Content material subject matter length: About 250 words
  7. Language: Language of instructed

Divi AI conclusion paragraph

That’s it! You’ve successfully created a well-written blog publish with Divi AI.

Blog Post Pictures

So that you’ll get a better considered tactics glorious Divi AI image advent is, we thought it’s imaginable you’ll like to take a look at the images we generated for our Maine Coon cat publish:

Steered:{Photograph} of a Maine Coon cat sitting in a window, majestic, award successful photos

blog post with AI

image created with Divi AI

Steered:{Photograph} of a Maine Coon cat wearing a harness, extraordinarily detailed fur, walking on pavement, afternoon lighting

blog post with AI

image created with Divi AI

Steered: {{Photograph}} of a Maine Coon cat, clean sharp point of interest, extraordinarily detailed fur, green eyes, cinematic lighting

blog post with AI

image created with Divi AI

Steered: Extraordinarily detailed {{photograph}} of a Maine Coon cat, wading via water, ripples, clean sharp point of interest, 8k resolution

blog post with AI

image created with Divi AI

Final Concepts on Writing A WordPress Blog Post With AI

With the introduction of generative AI, freelancers, and internet content material householders can merely write blog posts with AI. With apparatus similar to Divi AI and ChatGPT, what would maximum ceaselessly take a day or two (or sometimes longer) now takes a fraction of the time. By the use of using artificial intelligence appropriately and responsibly, we will be able to use it to harness creativity, building up productivity, and make writing a laugh!

What are you most desirous about with our new artificial intelligence serve as? Let us know by way of sounding off throughout the statement section underneath.

Featured Image by way of Lightspring / shutterstock.com

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