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As ubiquitous as WooCommerce is, many shoppers have under no circumstances delved extremely deep inside the generation at the back of it. For excellent reason, too. You don’t will have to. WooCommerce is modest and easy and works extraordinarily well correct out of the sphere. Alternatively, if you want to get some of the out of WooCommerce, digging just a little bit deeper can help make bigger your knowledge of the platform as an entire. And understanding WooCommerce endpoints is an out of this world place to start that. So let’s dig in.

What Are WooCommerce Endpoints?

WooCommerce documentation says, “Endpoints are an extra section inside the site URL that is detected to show different content material subject matter when supply.”

In plainer language, WooCommerce endpoints are further URL slugs in your WooCommerce URL slugs. As an example, takes any registered particular person to their WooCommerce account details internet web page. In this instance, /my-account/ is the WordPress URL slug to the My Account internet web page. Whilst you add /downloads/ after that slug, the individual will instead be taken to the Downloads section of their Account internet web page.

What’s necessary to note right here’s that the endpoint isn’t a separate WordPress internet web page. While WooCommerce does arrange a lot of default pages (Retailer, Cart, Checkout, My Account), endpoints allow the tool to artwork on a much more minimal level, displaying pertinent wisdom from the database most effective when requested, somewhat than being installed or inserted one at a time. You don’t have to use a shortcode to turn endpoint wisdom, which reduces the amount of power you place on the server and site load events as well.

Sorts of WooCommerce Endpoints

WooCommerce comes default with two different varieties of endpoints: Checkout endpoints and Account endpoints. Both a kind of will let you make your internet website online faster to load and easier to navigate in your shoppers. Each and every of the actions comes with a default endpoint slug (listed beneath), alternatively you’ll be capable to alternate them right through the WooCommerce settings (we can show you techniques beneath, too).

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Checkout Endpoints

The rather numerous Checkout endpoints for WooCommerce coincide with the opposite steps and actions the individual will take. The ones will always practice the URL of your Checkout internet web page. The Checkout internet web page is situated at by the use of default.

  • Add Rate Approach – /add-payment-method/
  • Delete Rate Approach – /delete-payment-method/
  • Order Received (thank you/confirmation internet web page) – /order-received/
  • Pay – /order-pay/ORDER_ID
  • Set Default Rate Approach – /set-default-payment-method/

Account Endpoints

The individual has get admission to to a couple of actions when it comes to their account settings, each of which can be accessed by way of endpoint. The ones will always practice the URL of your My Account internet web page. The WooCommerce My Account internet web page is situated at by the use of default.

  • Add/Edit Stored Addresses – /edit-addresses/
  • Edit Account/Password – /edit-account/
  • Out of place Password – /lost-password/
  • Logout – /customer-logout/
  • Rate Methods – /payment-methods/
  • See All Downloads – /downloads/
  • View All Orders – /orders/
  • View Particular Order – /view-order/ORDER_ID

Viewing and Changing Endpoint URL Slugs

If, for any reason, you want or want to alternate the endpoint URL for any of the above choices, you’ll be capable to achieve this inside the WooCommerce settings for your WordPress dashboard. Head to WooCommerce inside the left-hand sidebar, choose Settings, and then click on on on the Sophisticated tab.

woocommerce endpoints

You’ll alternate the WooCommerce endpoints to anything you wish to have, alternatively they’re going to however be useable on the specific pages for which they’re designed.

changed woocommerce endpoints

You’ll’t trade them transparent of the Checkout and My Account pages (although you’ll be capable to alternate those internet web page URL as much as you wish to have).The endpoints will always append to without reference to the Checkout and My Account slugs are. (Example: if your Checkout internet web page is, you then’ll be capable to however most effective use Checkout endpoints after it.)

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How to Restore a 404 with WooCommerce Endpoints

While there is no single way a 404 error can happen, there’s a primary reason that WooCommerce endpoints return a 404: unsuitable (or  missing) permalinks. Even if you’ve gotten the right kind endpoint URL, it’s a will have to to make certain that each and every your primary link and the WooCommerce settings line up with it.

Does the Internet web page Exist?

Very very first thing, transfer into the All Pages tick list for your WordPress dashboard. Make certain that the Internet web page in question actually exists. WooCommerce generates the Retailer, My Account, Cart, and Checkout pages by the use of default. Occasionally, the Setup Wizard is interrupted or an error occurs. It’ll goal various of the default WooCommerce pages to not be created. When that happens, you might have to manually create a internet web page with the default slug and transfer in and insert the right kind shortcode to turn the content material subject matter.

Then, transfer to the Sophisticated tab beneath WooCommerce – Settings and ensure that WooCommerce recognizes that Internet web page since the default one.

woocommerce advanced endpoints

Whilst you understand inside the image above that the My Account and ToS pages aren’t set in WooCommerce. Which means that that if an individual tried to get admission to they may get a 404. Even if the /my-account/ Internet web page quite a bit, WooCommerce couldn’t to seek out it for the endpoint URL. Environment it proper right here will have to remove the 404 error from your internet website online.

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Is the URL Slug Correct?

Whilst you see that the Internet web page exists and that it’s registered inside the Sophisticated WooCommerce settings, you will have to check out the URL slug for the principle internet web page that’s giving the 404 error. Transfer to the All Pages section of your WordPress dashboard and make certain that the URL slug is free of typos or other mistakes.

404 error woocommerce endpoints

After you’ve checked the URL slug for the internet web page, run through everywhere you might have used the URL and link. It’s imaginable you’ll link to the WooCommerce endpoint for your navigation menu, alternatively a mistyped URL is terribly common. And all over again, this may occasionally most probably throw a 404 once more on your particular person.

typo in woocommerce endpoints

You’ll transfer to Glance – Menus to troubleshoot any links that could be causing imaginable problems.

Wrapping Up

WooCommerce endpoints are certainly one of the crucial necessary most-used choices of the platform. However as well as one of the crucial necessary lesser-known. Even if it sounds find it irresistible, you don’t must be a developer to profit from endpoints. Whilst you’re looking to make larger your WooCommerce knowledge and get into additional advanced choices and customization, understanding endpoints will have to certainly be where you get started.

What has been your enjoy the use of WooCommerce endpoints for your internet website online?

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