Final Internet Webhosting Statistics and Marketplace Percentage Record (2022)

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Are you looking for the latest web hosting statistics and market share wisdom?

Web hosting is one of the key parts of every a luck web site. By the use of understanding the hosting market and all the number one avid avid gamers, you’ll choose the most efficient provider on your WordPress web site.

In this article, we’ve accumulated lots of web hosting statistics and market share wisdom.

Ultimate web hosting statistics and market share report

Ultimate Checklist of Web Internet hosting Statistics

We’ve divided this tick list of web hosting statistics into quite a few different categories. You’ll use the links below to jump to the section you’re most focused on.

Global Web Internet hosting Services Market Measurement in 2022

Global web hosting market size statistics
  • The global web hosting market is projected to broaden to $267.10 billion by way of 2028 at a compound annual growth charge of 18%.
  • In 2020, the global market was once valued at $75 billion.
  • Web hosting is expected to generate $79.25 billion in income in 2022.
  • By the use of 2027, it’s predicted that the web hosting space will generate $144.40 billion.
  • Consistent with pros, the emerging number of small and medium corporations is the biggest factor the use of the industry’s growth.
  • Market share differs dramatically depending on location. While Amazon laws the us market with a 3.9% share, in Germany the preferred web hosting provider is 1and1 (18.29%), while in Italy Aruba has an excellent 30.71% market share. Similarly, the preferred cloud hosting provider in the United States is Amazon (31%) alternatively the Google Cloud platform has the biggest share of India’s cloud computing market (39%).

Without reference to whether or not or no longer you run an on-line retailer, a nonprofit crew, or an affiliate marketing online industry, every crew needs a web site. That suggests a big name for for web hosting.

In fact, originally of 2022, there were spherical 1.8 billion live internet websites and over 5.1 billion internet consumers.

While you believe the stats, we will be able to see that web hosting is a billion-dollar industry that’s easiest going to broaden sooner or later.

Global Web Internet hosting Market Share in 2022

A global web hosting network
  • In 2020, the North American web hosting industry was once valued at $34.32 billion.
  • Execs predict that the United States will have the most important market share correct up until 2026, with Europe forecast to have the second biggest market share.
  • In 2022, analysts predict the United States will generate the most important web hosting income ($5,832 million). In second place is the UK, which is expected to generate $5,832 million, followed by way of Japan ($5,666 million), China ($4,930 million), and Germany ($4,435 million).
  • Asia Pacific is expected to broaden on the very best CAGR throughout 2021-2028, with {the marketplace} throughout the Asia Pacific expected to reach $2.5 billion by way of 2026.
  • Execs moreover predict that the Heart East and Africa will show safe growth throughout the web hosting space as a result of an increasing point of interest on digitization.
  • China is forecast to reach an estimated market dimension of $16.9 billion throughout the twelve months 2026, with a CAGR of 15.6% for the period 2021-2026.

The Asia Pacific space is expected to broaden swiftly throughout 2021-2026. Execs say this is as a result of the emerging acclaim for online platforms and complicated connectivity throughout the space.

Governments have moreover invested quite a few money in small and medium enterprises, startups, and facet companies, which is fueling the growth in web hosting. For example, in 2019 the Chinese language language govt offered a unique investment of $894 million for small and medium enterprises, and in 2020 it invested $140 million into developing further startups.

With that being discussed, we predict to seem the number of internet websites continue to grow. By the use of investing this sort of lot money into startups and small corporations, governments throughout the Asia Pacific space are rising a huge name for for web hosting in the ones areas.

Space Registration Statistics

Balloons showing different domain extensions
  • A area identify normally costs $10–$15 in step with twelve months, despite the fact that the costliest publicly reported sale was once, which purchased for $49.7 million.
  • GoDaddy has over 78 million registered domains, which gives them a 12.77% share of all registered domains. That makes GoDaddy the field’s hottest space registrar.
  • Namecheap is GoDaddy’s closest competitor with over 17 million registered domains. This gives it a 2.87% share of all registered domain names and makes Namecheap the second hottest space registrar.
  • 37.20% of domains are top-level domains (TLDs).
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Opting for the most productive area identify on your web site is a very powerful, and quite a few web sites even use a area identify generator to select the perfect space, fast.

On every occasion you’ve decided on a website online, your next step is to appropriately test in that space determine.

The good news is that numerous the height web hosting providers are also space determine registrars, so that you’ll regularly get a website online and hosting from the identical provider.

It sounds as if, GoDaddy is every the preferred web hosting provider and the preferred space registrar, which suggests numerous other people choose to use the identical company. As it’s this kind of in style variety, we predict to seem further web hosting firms moreover offering space registration sooner or later.

Should you occur to haven’t purchased a website online determine however, then please see our a professional pick of the best possible area registrars.

Shared Internet hosting Stats (Along with Cheap Price of Web Internet hosting)

Shared web hosting
  • Shared webhosting plans normally worth between $2.51-$4.63 monthly.
  • On cheap, an entry-level shared hosting plan will worth $2.5 –$3.72 monthly.
  • Most often, you’ll expect to pay between $4.63–$6.52 monthly for mid-tiered shared web hosting.
  • Execs predict that the shared hosting market will broaden at 15% CAGR and reach $72.2 billion by way of 2026.
  • 75% of the websites on a shared hosting plan use GoDaddy.

Shared hosting is where a few internet websites share a server. By the use of hosting quite a few web sites on the identical server, web hosting firms can scale back their costs and offer hosting at a less expensive worth, since the stats show.

To be in agreement you decide whether or not or no longer shared hosting is right for you, we’ve published this data on the actual fact about the most productive shared internet webhosting products and services.

VPS Internet hosting Stats (Along with Internet hosting Costs In line with Month)

A VPS Virtual Private Server
  • You’ll normally expect to pay between $13.41-$21.89 monthly for VPS webhosting.
  • Get right of entry to-level VPS hosting costs $13.41–$15.57 monthly.
  • For mid-range VPS hosting, the average worth is $21.89–$25.17. However, when publishing the ones figures researchers known that the variety is skewed by way of a small number of height fee provider providers.
  • 21% of the websites on a VPS hosting plan use GoDaddy.

Similar to shared hosting, VPS hosting runs a few web sites on the identical server. However, VPS makes use of strong virtualization generation to create a digital barrier between each site. This gives shoppers confident get right to use to a share of the server’s belongings. As well as they’ve higher keep watch over over how their server is ready up.

As we will be able to see from the web hosting statistics, further flexibility, protection, and complicated potency come at a value. On cheap, even entry-level VPS plans are noticeably more expensive than shared hosting.

That can assist you choose the fitting VPS hosting plan on your price range, we’ve created a knowledge to the best possible VPS webhosting.

Faithful Internet hosting Stats (Along with Web Internet hosting Market Measurement)

A web hosting server
  • In 2021, trustworthy hosting had 25.5% of the global web hosting services and products market.
  • Faithful hosting is expected to broaden at 11.1% CAGR throughout 2021-2026.
  • GoDaddy is the preferred trustworthy hosting provider. Once we check out all the web sites that are known to use trustworthy hosting, 35% of those internet websites use GoDaddy.

Faithful hosting is where a single purchaser has private get right to use to a whole server. Faithful hosting plans are basically used by huge internet websites that get quite a few visitors and desire a over the top level of potency and protection.

Faithful plans are expensive, alternatively they’re no longer the only solution to create a top-notch web site.

For example, for individuals who’re using WordPress then there are lots of tactics to spice up WordPress velocity and function. Plus, you’ll use safety plugins to be in agreement protect your site.

Web server software code
  • Nginx is used by 34.2% of all internet websites whose web server is known, making it the preferred server generation. Alipay, TikTok, and Zoom all use Nginx.
  • 31.2% of all the internet websites with a known web server use Apache. Some huge names that use Apache hosting services and products include eBay, Spotify, Dropbox, and Salesforce.
  • 21.6% of all internet websites with a known web server rely on Cloudflare Server. This accommodates some huge names similar to Zoom, Definitely, Etsy, Discord, and Fiverr.

The web hosting stats show that over 50% of all internet websites use open-source server instrument.

Open provide will give you the freedom to use, alternate, extend, and redistribute instrument with out a wish to pay the remainder. Right away, open provide helps you run a web site for a lot much less and creates some way of crew and collaboration that benefits everyone who uses the instrument. With that being discussed, it’s no longer unexpected that it’s one of the most number one hosting inclinations.

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Along with open-source server instrument, nearly a part of the web (43%) uses the WordPress open-source content material subject material keep watch over device. It’s clear that throughout 2022, the far and wide the sector web runs on open provide.

For added details about open provide and WordPress, you’ll check out our guides on why WordPress is loose and how a lot it truly prices to construct a WordPress site.

AWS Web Internet hosting Market Share

The AWS Amazon website
  • Over 57 million internet websites use Amazon as their hosting provider.
  • 6.2% of all internet websites use Amazon as their host, which gives Amazon Web Services (AWS) the biggest share of the web hosting industry.
  • A couple of of Amazon’s most widely recognized shoppers are Reddit, Netflix, TikTok, Twitch, Zoom, and eBay, plus Amazon themselves.
  • Out of the perfect 1 million internet websites, 22.23% use Amazon as their provider.
  • 41.08% of the perfect 100K internet websites use AWS, plus 53.76% of the perfect 10k internet websites.

Amazon has the most important market share and is also clearly a favorite among high-traffic web sites.

This reputation may well be proper right down to Amazon’s reputation, as they’re known to offer difficult and scalable hosting to one of the most the most important biggest firms in the world.

In fact, Netflix alone uses over 100,000 Amazon server circumstances to send high-resolution films to their shoppers.

GoDaddy Internet hosting Market Share

The GoDaddy web hosting website
  • Regardless of the determine, the GoDaddy Crew owns quite a few web hosting providers along side Host Europe and Media Template. Once we check out all of the GoDaddy Crew, 3.9% of all internet websites use one of the most company’s hosting providers.
  • GoDaddy is the Crew’s hottest brand. Out of all the web sites that use the GoDaddy Crew, 78.5% choose GoDaddy as their web host.
  • Over 41 million internet websites use GoDaddy’s wisdom amenities.
  • Once we check out the perfect 1 million internet websites in keeping with guests, 2.27% use GoDaddy as their hosting provider.
  • 1.76% of the perfect 100K internet websites use GoDaddy, plus 1.78% of the perfect 10k internet websites.

GoDaddy can have a blended reputation, however it nevertheless has a big market share and hosts over 41 million internet websites.

This may also be because of how so much GoDaddy spends on promoting, as they invested over $100 million throughout the second quarter of 2022 alone.

However, it’s always just right to believe your entire alternatives. With that being discussed, it’s imaginable you’ll need to see our a professional pick of the best possible GoDaddy choices.

Namecheap Pricing and Web Internet hosting Statistics

The Namecheap web hosting provider
  • Over 5 million internet websites use Namecheap as their host, which is 1.0% of all internet websites.
  • Out of the perfect 1 million internet websites, 0.75% use Namecheap as their hosting provider.

Namecheap is easiest imaginable known as a website online registrar, alternatively they’re moreover a popular hosting provider since their plans are very reasonably priced.

For example, Namecheap’s shared hosting plans get began at $2.18 monthly, which is low when compared to the shared hosting cheap of $2.51-$4.63.

As we’ve previously spotted, Namecheap is also the second hottest space registrar. For web site homeowners who need to acquire their space and hosting from the identical company, this makes Namecheap a beautiful variety.

Hostinger Web Internet hosting Market Share

The Hostinger web hosting website
  • Over 1 million internet websites use Hostinger as their provider, which is 1.3% of all internet websites.
  • Out of the perfect 1 million internet websites, 0.5% use Hostinger as their hosting provider.

Hostinger may not have a huge share of the high-traffic market, alternatively they’ve a significant portion of the wider web hosting market.

This is possibly because of they supply reasonably priced, all-in-one hosting packages whole with 24/7 live chat support, managed automated updates, a free CDN carrier, and free site migration. They in reality have a 1-click installer that makes it easy to set up WordPress plus other in style instrument.

For an intensive check out Hostinger’s strong problems and inclined problems, you’ll check out our knowledgeable Hostinger evaluation.

WP Engine Crew (Managed WordPress Usage Statistics)

The WP Engine website
  • 2.2% of all internet websites use one among WP Engine Crew’s producers as their hosting provider.
  • 81.5% of all web sites that use WP Engine Crew, choose WPEngine as their provider.
  • Flywheel is used by 18.5% of all internet websites that use the WP Engine Crew.
  • A couple of of WP Engine Crew’s biggest shoppers include Definitely, Udemy, SoundCloud, and Mozilla.

WP Engine is one of the global’s major controlled WordPress webhosting providers, used by 2.2% of all internet websites.

A managed hosting plan is very best for busy web site homeowners who need to avoid time-consuming admin tasks.

With its advanced security features, protection against DDoS assaults, and built-in CDN in partnership with MaxCDN, WP Engine is powerful enough to support upper corporations similar to Mozilla and SoundCloud.

For more information, please see our knowledgeable evaluation of WP Engine.

HostGator Web Internet hosting Statistics

The HostGator homepage
  • HostGator is part of the Newfold Digital Crew, which was once up to now known as the Endurance International Crew. HostGator is the company’s hottest web hosting provider. In fact, HostGator is used by 30.8% of all internet websites that use a Newfold Digital Crew brand.
  • HostGator is used by 1.4% of all internet websites.
  • Over 960,000 web sites rely on Hostinger as their hosting provider.
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With 1-click WordPress arrange, a 99.9% uptime be certain, and 24/7 support, it’s easy to seem why HostGator is used by 1.4% of all internet websites.

As well as they offer shared hosting, Virtual Personal Server hosting, trustworthy hosting servers, and regulated WordPress webhosting plans, so web site homeowners can choose the plan that works the most efficient for them.

To see whether or not or no longer HostGator is right for you, check out our knowledgeable evaluation of HostGator.

Bluehost Pricing and Web Internet hosting Statistics

The Bluehost special offer for WPBeginner readers
  • Bluehost is also part of the Newfold Digital Crew and is the company’s second hottest hosting provider. Bluehost is used by 27.4% of all internet websites that use a Newfold Digital Crew brand.
  • Over 2 million internet websites are hosted on Bluehost, which is 1.2% of all internet websites.
  • Out of the perfect 1 million internet websites in keeping with guests, merely 0.39% use Bluehost.

Bluehost is an reasonably priced hosting provider, specifically when compared to the average prices we’ve spotted earlier.

WPBeginner readers can get a 60% off discount with Bluehost. You’ll achieve a shared plan for merely $2.75 monthly, which is at the lower end of the $2.51-$4.63 cheap. Plus, it comes with a free space determine!

The ones reasonably priced prices may explain why Bluehost is used by 2 million internet websites. Along with offering low prices, Bluehost is one of the few hosts officially in reality useful by way of WordPress.

To learn further about Bluehost, you’ll see an in-depth Bluehost evaluation from our professionals.

Shopify Internet hosting Stats

Shopify website
  • Just about 4 million internet websites use Shopify as their hosted solution.
  • In 2020, Shopify’s market share was once merely 1.8%, alternatively by way of 2022 it was once 4.4%. That’s an increase of 2.6% in merely 2 years.

Shopify is a popular web site builder, similar to Wix and Squarespace. Shopify has spotted speedy growth from a nil.4% share of the web hosting market in 2016 to 4.4% in 2022. This is possibly as a result of the rising acclaim for online purchasing groceries, in particular throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

With physically retail outlets closed world wide, many corporations needed to create a web based store, fast. As an absolutely hosted eCommerce platform, Shopify spotted superb conversion fees and quite a few new shoppers throughout the pandemic.

However, Shopify does energy you to use its Shopify Rate platform. If you want to use a different price processing solution, then you definitely unquestionably’ll need to pay an extra 2% transaction worth that could be very over the top compared to other eCommerce platforms.

With that throughout ideas, we may see Shopify’s growth slow as store homeowners start to seek for further reasonably priced Shopify choices. For example, we’re starting to see further other people transfer from Shopify to WooCommerce.

Squarespace Web Internet hosting Stats

The Squarespace CMS
  • Over 4 million internet websites use Squarespace as their hosting solution, as a result of this 2% of all internet websites use Squarespace.
  • Once we check out the 1 million web sites in keeping with guests, 0.69% of them use Squarespace.
  • 1.36% of the perfect 100k internet websites use Squarespace, plus 3.16% of the perfect 10k web sites.

Similar to Shopify, Squarespace’s market share has grown very quickly. In 2016, Squarespace had merely 0.3% of {the marketplace}, alternatively by way of 2022 it had 2.0%.

Regardless of this, today only a small share of the perfect 1 million web sites use Squarespace. This may well be because of Squarespace forces shoppers to use its built-in drag and drop builder which will also be restrictive.

Greater organizations are a lot more most likely to choose a flexible hosting plan and open-source CMS similar to WordPress, slightly than a hosted solution and restrictive web builder.

For more information, you’ll see our knowledge on Sq. vs. WordPress – which one is healthier?


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We hope this ultimate web hosting statistics and market share report will let you find the most efficient hosting provider on your web site. You may also need to see our research on the newest running a blog statistics along with new advertising tendencies and stats.

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