Find out how to Create a Dropdown Menu in Google Sheets

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Google has in recent years made it if truth be told easy to create a drop-down menu in Google Sheets and no longer the use of a system sought after. The dropdown menu means that you can create and customize a listing of belongings you’ll select/choose from.

In this post, I’m going to show you the right way to briefly add a dropdown menu in Google Sheets.

Together with a dropdown menu on Google Sheets

There are two ways to insert a drop-down menu in Google Sheets. You’ll be capable of each do this:

  1. Make a choice the cell you want to create the dropdown menu.
  2. Type @dropdowns and hit Enter.
  3. type dropdowntype dropdown

Or, you’ll add it from the Google Sheets menu.

  1. Make a choice the cell to create the dropdown.
  2. Make a choice Insert > Dropdown from the easiest menu.
  3. insert from menuinsert from menu
Insert values in Dropdown menu

To enter your own worth, be sure “Dropdown” is selected in Requirements, and now not “Dropdown (from a wide range)“.

option within criteriaoption within criteria

You’ll be capable of drag-drop to organize your items or even trade the colors of each products.

drag drop itemsdrag drop items

Dropdown Menu’s Advance Alternatives

There are a few additional problems you’ll do to customize your dropdown menu further.

Trade the display style

You’ll be capable of trade the menu’s display style. There are in recent years 3 alternatives to choose from, respectively, Chips (default), Arrow, and Easy text.


chips displaychips display


arrow displayarrow display

Easy text

plain text displayplain text display
Display custom designed error message

Look under “if the ideas is invalid” – if “Show a warning” is checked, a tiny purple mark (top-right corner) could be displayed inside the cell when the patron input isn’t all the way through the provided alternatives.

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small red mark errorsmall red mark error

And if “Reject the input” is checked, it will reject the entered products absolutely.

error with prompterror with prompt

In any case, you’ll moreover create a custom designed message for the input error. To take a look at this, check “Show be in agreement text for a determined on cell” and enter your message.

error with messageerror with message

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