Find out how to Repair the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL Error

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For those who’re conversant in Safe Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, you’ll have to recognize that the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL error is related to them. Seeing this message way the website has an SSL certificate, alternatively the browser can’t validate it. In practice, there are many reasons why an SSL certificate would most likely not artwork correctly.

Understanding the explanations behind issues of SSL certificate will assist you troubleshoot this error. Then you definately certainly’ll be able to regain get entry to to your website and make certain that visitors don’t run into horrifying browser warnings.

In this article, we’ll keep up a correspondence regarding the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL error and what causes it. Then we’ll move over 4 ways to troubleshoot it. Let’s get to artwork!

What Is the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL Error (And What Causes It)?

The ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL error message is unique to Google Chrome. The browser displays this show when you try to get entry to a website that uses an SSL certificate it could’t validate:


Although this error message is restricted to Google Chrome, you’ll be capable to come across the equivalent problem with other browsers. Mozilla Firefox, for instance, displays the following error message instead:

Somebody might be in the hunt for to impersonate the internet web page, and likewise you’ll have to not continue. Internet websites prove their id by way of certificates. Firefox does not believe X certificate because of its certificate issuer is unknown, the certificate is self-signed, or the server isn’t sending the correct intermediate certificates.


The main problem with the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL error is that some browsers prevent you from getting access to internet sites that display it. Firefox allows you to select whether or not or to not discuss with the website anyway, alternatively other browsers, related to Chrome and Edge, don’t get a hold of that selection.

If the error turns out to conceivable visitors, it makes your website just about unreachable. However, maximum incessantly, the problem is along side your computer rather than the internet web page itself or its certificate. That means it’s not common for this error to search for all visitors.

Learn the way to Restore the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL Error (4 Methods)

In this phase, we’ll assume your website has an SSL certificate from a relied on authority. SSL certificates are very simple to procure and organize (you’ll be capable to even get them at no cost).

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For those who’re using a self-signed certificate, move ahead and exchange it with a valid one. However, you probably have a certificate from a depended on provide and it’s correctly organize (many web hosts will do it for you), then the problem is possibly with the instrument you’re using.

Fortunately, changing some local settings must clear up the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL error in no time. Let’s take a look at 4 conceivable solutions!

Manner 1: Wait For the Certificate to Propagate

From time to time, it’s conceivable you’ll run into the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL error whilst you organize a valid certificate and take a look at to get entry to the internet web page in an instant. The certificate needs time to propagate, just like when you substitute a site’s settings.

For those who merely organize an SSL certificate, we propose in the hunt for to get entry to the website from multiple devices. If the error turns out on all of them, you’ll be capable to assume that you just’re dealing with a propagation issue. If that’s the case, simply wait a few hours for the certificate to transform associated with the realm you’re using.

You’ll be capable to moreover take a look at to see if your SSL certificate is working using a internet primarily based software related to Qualys’ SSL Server Check. You’ll be ready to check out any space to see if it has an comparable certificate and if it’s running appropriately:

The results of an SSL certificate report

The SSL report can take plenty of minutes to generate. If the certificate is working correctly, you’ll have to perfect see green take a look at marks. Otherwise, it’s conceivable you’ll need to re-install the SSL certificate or ask your site website hosting provider to do it for you.

Manner 2: Check out Your Tool’s Time and Date

Via design, SSL certificates are designed with expiration dates. That expiration forces you to renew the certificate periodically, proving you’re the website owner.

Whilst you seek advice from a website with an SSL certificate, the browser tests its expiration date and compares it to your instrument’s date. If the certificate is expired, the browser will will will let you know.

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Your instrument’s time can also be improper, that implies that the browser can’t take a look at for the certificate’s validity and starts displaying errors related to ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL. If that’s the case, the restore is understated. All it’s a should to do is substitute your instrument’s time and date to the correct values.

Most Operating Tactics (OS) do this routinely to forestall errors. On House home windows devices, open the Get began menu and sort in Industry time and date. The Date & time settings will pop up, and also you’ll be capable to select the selection that says Set time routinely:

Updating your device's date and time

Whilst you’re sure that you simply’ve the correct date and time, close the settings window and take a look at reaccessing the website. If the error persists, it’s time to try any other solution.

Manner 3: Clear the SSL State

You’re nearly undoubtedly conversant in the concept that that of browser caching. However, you gained’t know that browsers moreover cache SSL certificates to avoid re-authenticating them each time you seek advice from the equivalent web websites.

The “problem” with SSL caches is they now and again cause conflicts within the tournament that they continue to store out of date diversifications of a certificate. Fortunately, if that’s the provide of the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL error, you’ll be capable to restore it by means of clearing the SSL state (which is what we title this particular cache).

That process varies between OS and browsers. On House home windows, you’ll be capable to clear the SSL slate by means of opening the Get began menu and typing in Internet Homes. Click on on on the selection that comes up and move to Internet Homes > Content material subject matter. Now seek for the button that says Clear SSL state at the best of the window:

Clear SSL slate in Windows.

The SSL slate will clear right away, and also you’ll be ready to check out getting access to the website another time. The error must now be lengthy long gone if the problem was once as soon as with an old style SSL certificate.

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Manner 4: Disable Your Antivirus (Temporarily)

In any case, depending in your decided on antivirus software, it will come with a built-in firewall. From time to time, firewalls can be overzealous when blocking web websites on account of protection issues, at the side of problems with SSL certificates and HTTPS connections.

Although an antivirus program blocking a connection with a valid SSL certificate is unusual, it could happen. To be sure that isn’t the case, we propose in short disabling your antivirus software and firewall.

This process will vary depending on which antivirus software you’re using. Most often, you’ll be able to to find an strategy to disable the antivirus totally, alternatively we propose learning the software’s documentation.

Whilst you disable the antivirus software, try to get entry to the website usually. If you happen to’ll be capable to now seek advice from the internet web page, then you already know what the culprit is. Most often, you’ll be able to reactivate the firewall after a while for the reason that error must be temporary.


SSL certificate errors tend to be easy to troubleshoot. As long as you already know the certificate is legit and hasn’t expired, the problem normally lies along side your instrument’s configuration. Tweaking a few local settings is incessantly enough to resolve the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL error.

For those who run into the error and you need to troubleshoot it, proper right here’s what you need to do:

  1. Stay up for the certificate to propagate.
  2. Check out your instrument’s time and date.
  3. Clear the SSL slate.
  4. Disable your antivirus (in short).

Do you may have any questions about fixing the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL error? Let’s talk about them throughout the comments phase underneath!

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