Glasp Vs Readwise. Which Wisdom Control Device is Higher?

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A data regulate instrument is a tool that lets you store and get ready vital wisdom. The ones apparatus moreover imply you’ll percentage wisdom briefly, keep apply of knowledge, and encourage innovation on your ideas.

There are lots of knowledge regulate apparatus on the market, with standing out inside the crowd, Glasp, and Readwise.

While Readwise is one of the in taste imaginable possible choices available in the market, it’s no longer your only option. Glasp comes briefly from in the back of, and it’ll even surpass Readwise every now and then. Every instrument has a novel approach and product philosophy. Previous than you decide, I will read about the ones two products in detail to help you make a better resolution with various wisdom.

glasp vs readwiseglasp vs readwise

Evaluation of Glasp and Readwise


Glasp is a “social web highlighter” for the desktop. It manner you’ll be capable of spotlight internet content material related to web articles, PDFs, Kindle, and YouTube. And your knowledge is socially shared in the neighborhood so that others will also be knowledgeable from you along with you learn from others.

Glasp is helping many ways to export your contents as a record related to .html, .md, .png, and .txt.


Readwise is a data regulate instrument that specialize in importing and exporting digital content material subject material. It has a number of integrations with other programs related to iBooks, Instapaper, Kindle, and lots of others. and it signifies that you’ll import and export your collections related to notes, highlights, tweets, and lots of others.

Will have to you’ve ever used a highlighter for the most efficient quotes or highlights, Readwise does that for you, digitally.

readwise interfacereadwise interface

To understand each and every apps neatly, this article discusses their choices in line with the following categories:

How you’ll acquire content material subject material

Knowledge regulate is a place to collect and get ready wisdom. So, all knowledge regulate apparatus have no longer strange and unique ways to collect wisdom.


Glasp provides two ways to collect wisdom on its platform. The main risk is to focus on web content material subject material on your own. And that’s their number one feature. With their browser extension on the desktop, you’ll be capable of highlight web content material subject material related to web articles, PDFs, and YouTube films, and also you’ll be capable of add notes to each and every highlight and content material subject material. 

The second approach is to import from Kindle. Will have to you highlight on Kindle ebooks, you’d have a lot of highlights on Kindle devices or apps. Glasp signifies that you’ll import Kindle highlights & notes into Glasp and also you’ll be capable of get ready your highlights there. You need a browser extension for this process, too.

While they settle for lots of web contents, there’s one thing you need to grasp: You’ll have to do it manually. It’s sensible whilst you’re making highlights by yourself, on the other hand they don’t enhance automated import from Kindle apps that another apps provide.

glasp knowledge managementglasp knowledge management

They provide three ways to collect wisdom as neatly. The main risk is to import from other programs. And that’s what makes them stand out in relation to the choice of programs they enhance.

You’ll be capable of import highlights of Kindle and Apple Books, web highlights from Medium, Pocket, Instapaper, Hypothesis, Feedly, Raindrop, tweets, and transcripts of Podcasts via Snipd. And for those who connect with their apps, Readwise does the entire thing mechanically.

The second way to acquire wisdom is so as to add information. You’ll be capable of upload My Clippings.txt (Kindle highlights), emails, PDFs, and paper books with pictures.

And in any case, you’ll be capable of highlight web articles with their browser extensions as Glasp does. You’ll be capable of tag categories to each and every highlight and see it on their platform.

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readwise knowledge managementreadwise knowledge management

Supported devices

As a shopper, what devices you’ll be capable of use is one of the most vital problems to grasp. Because it straight away determines what you’ll be capable of do and impacts productivity.


Glasp is a desktop highlighting instrument and you need a browser extension to make highlights or import content material subject material. As such, in relation to accumulating wisdom, you need to do it with the desktop. At the moment, they enhance browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi.

Alternatively, to see your or others’ knowledge on the platform, you’ll be capable of see it with any device related to a desktop, tablet, or mobile.

It doesn’t have a mobile or tablet app now. In step with their internet web site, an iOS mobile app is beneath construction.


To gather wisdom, you’ll be capable of use a web device, a browser extension on a desktop, and a mobile/tablet device. And to see your content material subject material, you’ll be capable of use any browser on a mobile, tablet, desktop, and mobile/tablet device.

Its browser extension works on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and Safari. And the mobile device is available each and every on App Store and PlayStore.

readwise supported devicesreadwise supported devices

Export possible choices

There are many concepts for knowledge regulate. One thing Glasp and Readwise have in no longer strange is they don’t appear to be permanent places where the entire knowledge is stored or organized.

They each and every art work inside the heart layer of the workflow of knowledge regulate. They’re no longer a place for finding the information, nor saving the entire knowledge, on the other hand the placement for aggregating contents from various belongings and exporting them into a few formats and programs.


Glasp is helping three ways: Exporting as a record, copy-n-paste, and integration.

Your highlights from web content material subject material and Kindle are exported as information related to .txt, .html, .csv, .md, and .png. And also you’ll be capable of export the entire highlights straight away and separately.

The second approach is simple copy-n-paste. After you finish highlighting or importing web content material subject material, you’ll be capable of click on at the “replica content material subject material” button on the net internet web page or the browser extension. It copies the entire highlights and notes you made and metadata related to a reputation and a URL.

Glasp is helping integration with Readwise. You’ll be capable of send your highlights from web content material subject material and Kindle to Readwise. This process isn’t automated, so that you’re going to need to do it manually whilst you’re making highlights.


Readwise is helping two ways: Integrations with other apps and export as a record. As for exporting notes, you’ll be capable of do it to Belief, Obsidian, Evernote, Roam, Logseq, RemNote, and Mailbrew. And for those who connect Readwise with those programs, it’s automated. You don’t need to export them each and every time you add content material subject material.

You’ll be capable of export your knowledge as a record. They have two formats related to .csv and .md.

How they help shoppers learn and arrange knowledge

Throughout the paragraph above, I mentioned the typical issue between Glasp and Readwise, on the other hand in this section, I introduce the variation in philosophy and approach between Glasp and Readwise. And that’s necessarily essentially the most stood out stage for those two knowledge regulate platforms.

Previous than digging into the diversities, let me point out their similarities, which they each and every clutch and store the highlights. I believe the highlight is the moment when something sparks on your ideas.

Something is senseless to be understood at that 2nd, but it surely tells you something vital or resonates along side your ideas. And later on, when you look once more at or get ready the highlights, they connect with wisdom on your ideas, and they change into knowledge.

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It takes time to develop into a piece of knowledge into knowledge. Because of this truth, it’ll be essential to avoid wasting a lot of something that has caught your filter. At this stage, it seems that each and every Glasp and Readwise have the identical figuring out.


After figuring out the importance of the highlights, let’s look into the Glasp approach. Glasp signifies that you’ll clutch the moment, save it, and get ready it on your profile internet web page. Moreover, they provide a way to see like-minded people’s knowledge.

You’ll be capable of find the people who be informed the identical article as you and see their notes, you’ll be capable of find like-minded people’s learning articles, and also you’ll be capable of find the most well liked articles in each and every elegance.

They imply you’ll find other critiques and interests, keep you motivated, and connect with like-minded people to be told together. Moreover, you get a notification when your lovers be informed the identical article as you, which resurfaces the articles with serendipity.

After that, you’ll be capable of export your highlights and notes to note-taking apps related to Perception and Obsidian to write down down and get ready further. Moreover, they send you newsletters that can pastime you two instances each and every week and a weekly recap e mail to remember what you found out the week.

To sum up, they imply you’ll learn via protective you motivated, exploring interests, and digging proper right into a deep knowledge of others’ critiques.

glasp learningglasp learning

Readwise, on the other hand, pursues a place where the entire wisdom is accrued, and people can export their content material subject material to other note-taking apps seamlessly. I believe it’s as a result of Readwise would think people get understood neatly when they sense-making on their own on note-taking apps.

Making highlights and taking a look once more at them is an important, on the other hand people comprehend them extensive when they organize them. So, they supply various choices and cover many apps so that people can focus on further vital problems and scale back the time spent on unrelated problems.

Alternatively, they supply some choices on Readwise. Necessarily essentially the most stood out feature is a day-to-day reminder e mail. Readwise selects vital highlights and sends them to you by means of e mail.

You’ll be ready to select the frequencies of each and every highlight and which books/articles you’re going to get highlights from. Obviously, spaced repetition is efficacious for remembering what you learn. The additional you see the highlights, the additional you’re going to most likely understand and fasten along side your provide knowledge.

AI choices

2022 was once as soon as a 12 months of generative AI. Many knowledge regulate apparatus created AI choices to help shoppers profit from them effectively. Integrating AI with the prevailing knowledge regulate instrument will also be inevitable in 2023. In this section, I will introduce you to the AI choices that they supply or shall be providing.


It’s eye-catching to look into Glasp’s AI feature lists. They provide writing lend a hand, custom designed summaries, YouTube summaries, and digital clones. In step with Twitter, the entire choices are in line with GPT-3 or ChatGPT.

As other writing lend a hand apparatus do, Glasp offers your writing lend a hand feature. When you want an idea for a sentence or paragraph, you’ll be capable of ask AI for concepts. The personalized AI summary is a fascinating feature of Glasp. Consistent with the content material subject material of the articles and your highlights, Glasp creates a summary of an editorial to suit your wishes.

YouTube summary will give you a summary of the YouTube video even forward of staring on the video. You’ll be capable of get to the bottom of must you’ll watch the video via learning the summaries, because of this truth, you’ll be capable of save time dramatically. Digital clones would be the most enticing feature of Glasp.

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It collects your highlights and notes, then offers a digital clone of you. It manner you’ll be capable of ask any questions to your digital clone, and your AI will resolution them. So, if your friends percentage their digital clones, you’ll be capable of ask them any questions they know neatly.


Readwise in recent years introduced a brand spanking new reader app referred to as Readwise Reader (It’s in a public beta type now), and also you’ll be capable of use some AI choices. You’ll be capable of summarize, translate, define, and generate flashcards for the web internet web page you’re learning without switching to another browser tab. They’re in search of to make Readwise AI “Copilot of Finding out,” so you’re going to see many various choices related to AI.

Probably the most the most important helpful choices is to ask the record a question. Whilst you upload the record, it searches it and shows the answers after you input turns on.

For instance, you’ll be capable of upload an esoteric jail record and ask questions about industry precise belongings loans, then it extracts the sentences answering your question and generates sentences on the facet. This selection is terribly useful.

Unique choices

As mentioned earlier, Glasp and Matter have unique choices that help lead them to stand proud of the rest of the group.


Glasp is a community-based instrument that can be used for specific individual purposes. Its massive collection of choices in line with most shoppers’ preferences makes it stand out. Except for for notes and highlights, it shall we in finding content material subject material from like-minded people. It even has a community internet web page.

As Glasp tries to make a digital clone of himself, it’s eye-catching to stick watching it. In the end, there will also be many digital clones of people, in order that you’ll be able to ask Isaac Newton questions. And a digital clone of him answers your questions.

glasp searchglasp search

It’s moreover eye-catching to stick watching Readwise’s use of AI and its choices. Readwise seems to pay attention to increasing people’s doable and productivity. Readwise will be the people’s must-go place to search for what they be informed, found out, and wrote.

And Readwise will also be no longer highest the place to import and export content material subject material, however moreover the place to take notes, make a summary, define words, and simplify the difficult language.

No longer like Glasp, you don’t need to care about privacy. The whole lot you import and write is stored private and nobody can see or get entry to your knowledge. One thing to note is that Readwise isn’t loose.

To stick the use of the instrument for more than 30 days, you need to pay $4.49 or $7.99 a month. And must you don’t pay, you’ll’t import and export content material subject material although you saved it there. For the pricing, please look into the image beneath.

Should you employ Glasp or Readwise?

Glasp and Readwise offer different choices that depend on the shopper’s preferences. It’s highest to keep in mind of the choices you need in a data regulate app and make a choice from there.

Will have to you want a social facet, allowing you to percentage insights and learn from others, Glasp is a brilliant risk.

For those who need managing all of your knowledge seamlessly and protective them private, Readwise is suited for this option.

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