How Entrepreneurs Can Use AI Assistants [+12 Best Tools]

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Have you ever ever ever spoken with buyer enhance by way of a chatbot? If you’re like me, you once in a while ponder whether the other voice is a human or an astute AI assistant.

An AI assistant mimics human-like interactions and can assist in quite a lot of movements — from organizing your inbox to responding to purchaser queries.

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Then again how can AI assistants help marketers? Proper right here, we will be able to cover more than a few use instances, along with 12 AI apparatus for productivity, time keep an eye on, and additional.

Where Marketers Can Best Use AI Assistants

Personalizing purchaser enhance.

More and more, consumers want personalized enhance the least bit hours of the day. On the other hand, many buyer enhance teams shouldn’t have the bandwidth to provide round-the-clock assist.

Manav Monga, Co-Founder and Head of Product Keep watch over at Heymarket, believes AI may give buyer enhance teams a huge carry. For instance, AI assistants — like chatbots — can quickly retrieve comparable information, data customers through no longer abnormal issues, and provide right kind answers, all without human intervention.

On the other hand, Monga warns that chatbots are only as good as the ideas you give them. “You’ll have to give it detailed scripts with information from help articles, templates, and your knowledge base. That implies, it may give comparable and actionable responses on your customers,” he advises.

Managing your calendar and inbox.

Piece of email is a no longer abnormal time sink for marketers. On reasonable, working professionals spend 28% of the day finding out and replying to emails. On the other hand, depending on the amount of emails you get, this percentage would possibly skyrocket.

Fortuitously, marketers now have tough AI apparatus at their disposal to help arrange their inbox and calendar. For instance, the ones apparatus can prioritize incoming emails, flag urgent messages, and clear out unsolicited mail.

Over again sink is scheduling meetings. Marketers must arrange their calendar, agenda meetings, artwork spherical conflicts, and provide reminders — which is able to change into a full-time procedure in itself.

AI assistants have tough purposes in calendar keep an eye on. They are able to suggest suitable meeting events, send invitations (and reminders) to individuals, and seamlessly handle rescheduling requests.

Growing content material subject matter.

Many marketers are starting to use AI to streamline the ingenious procedure. For instance, if you’re a video marketer, you’ll have the ability to generate video scripts, create B-roll pictures, add observe, and even generate a talking head — all using AI-powered apparatus like Runway AI and Descript.

Whether or not or no longer you need to create motion pictures, blog posts, e-mail copy, or social media content material subject matter, AI can help expedite parts of the appearance process. That discussed, AI can lay the groundwork for creating content material subject matter, then again you still want to add your individual human touch, point of view, and brand voice to the overall product.

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Getting a fuller figuring from your customers.

Many AI assistants change into more practical through the years. For instance, each time you’ve gotten interplay with ChatGPT, it learns out of your responses.

In Monga’s words: “AI assistants regularly practice conversations and exchange their training dataset to provide further subtle responses. As the ones bots continue to gather treasured information, they supply a fuller understanding of customers.”

Monga Quote

For marketers, the ones conversations can paint a further detailed symbol of their customers, revealing deeper belief into their demographics, buying behavior, and intent.

Automating tedious initiatives.

AI assistants can take many tedious and repetitive initiatives off the fingers of marketers, freeing up time beyond regulation to be aware of higher-level methodology and planning.

For instance, a marketer can create a piece of content material subject matter — like a blog put up — in a fraction of the time using AI-powered writing apparatus. With that time beyond regulation, she’s going to have the ability to focus on distributing that content material subject matter all the way through social media or converting it into another piece of content material subject matter (e.g., a LinkedIn put up or a YouTube video script).

12 Best AI Assistants

Very best AI Assistants for Managing Calendars and Inboxes

Very best AI Assistants for Writing

Very best AI Assistants for Conferences

Very best AI Assistants for Boosting Productiveness

Best AI Assistants for Managing Calendars and Inboxes


Do you combat to go looking out uninterrupted time to artwork between meetings? For instance, it’s worthwhile to have 15 minutes of “heads down” artwork inside the morning, 30 minutes inside the afternoon, and a forged hour inside the night time. What you in reality need is dedicated time to focus, create, and innovate.

Clockwise combines numerous those moments of uninterrupted time into “blocks” to your calendar (fittingly titled “Point of interest Time”). In addition to, you’ll have the ability to mark certain meetings as “Flexible” and Clockwise will find the best time for individuals to meet. As a result of this, each day is designed at the side of your productivity in ideas.


Since the workplace mantra goes, “A clear ideas starts with a clear inbox.” But if your inbox has an entire life of its non-public, Superhuman is correct right here to help. It divides your inbox partly (known as “Minimize up Inbox”) and organizes your emails in step with priority. That implies, you’ll have the ability to see the most important emails in one place.

If you want to practice up on a decided on e-mail in a few days or perhaps weeks, you’ll have the ability to set a reminder for Superhuman to tell you. Or, you’ll have the ability to hit “Snooze,” which temporarily removes the email from your inbox for a set length.

Each different great feature is “Be told Status,” which signs when any individual has be told your e-mail and on which tool. This permits you to practice up with the best message on the right kind time.

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Movement puts the usual to-do tick list to shame. Simply input your whole initiatives and Motion will assemble a agenda to get it all carried out. It automatically prioritizes initiatives, re-schedules them, and guards time for uninterrupted artwork.

Motion moreover doubles as a undertaking keep an eye on tool, serving to teams arrange points in time and stay on course. After inputting the undertaking initiatives, Motion will create an optimized agenda for each staff member. You’ll have the ability to moreover get ready any notes, sub-tasks, and comments from your staff in one central location.

Best AI Assistants for Writing


Jasper is a copywriter’s perfect imaginable good friend. It is going to effectively generate social media posts, blogs, articles, and e-mail copy in a subject of seconds. All you need is a well-written instructed (e.g., “Tell me the benefits of TikTok promoting inside the style of a LinkedIn put up.”).

Jasper takes it one step further by the use of helping marketers with technical search engine marketing. It is going to effectively write keyword-optimized content material subject matter, restore copy text, and suggest the best headers, meta tags, and descriptions.


For those who occur to get bogged down inside the research segment, Genei can do the heavy lifting for you.

Genei analyzes large amounts of information – like research papers, blogs, e-books, and articles — and summarizes the vital factor takeaways and identifies necessarily probably the most exceptional keywords. This accelerates the writing process, helping you move one step closer to putting pen to paper.


AI-powered writing apparatus are only as good since the turns on you give them. In any case, writing the easiest instructed is hard, and Cohesive wants to do away with that combat. It does this by the use of offering more than a few templates which can be suitable different content material subject matter needs.

For instance, Cohesive has a template for Instagram captions, Facebook posts, and YouTube motion pictures. Select a template, input your information, and Cohesive will take care of the rest.

Best AI Assistants for Meetings

Stunning AI

Do your displays want a makeover? Or do you’re feeling uninterested in the equivalent earlier PowerPoint templates? Stunning AI could be the solution.

Stunning AI is a presentation tool that permits you to create attractive and impactful displays and tales. You’ll have the ability to hit the ground running by the use of choosing from lots of pre-built slides. While you get began together with pictures and text, Stunning AI will automatically reformat the ones portions on the slide in real-time. Plus, you’ll have the ability to unlock millions of icons and photographs whilst you join.


With Grain, you under no circumstances want to take notes right through a meeting over again. This to hand tool automatically information and transcribes meetings – and very easily excludes any “ums,” “ahs,” and other filler words.

What’s further, Grain will automatically highlight, clip, and summarize key moments right through the meeting that you just (and your staff) can revisit later.

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Symbol this: you could be about to provide crucial presentation right through a video title. Abruptly, your neighbor starts mowing their lawn – and now it’s vital to speak over the persistent hum of the lawn mower.

While we will be able to’t stay up for each conceivable interruption, Krisp can alleviate most of them right through audio and video calls.

Krisp is a useful tool that mutes background noise and boosts voice clarity. Whether or not or no longer working from space, the administrative center, or in a busy coffee retailer, you’ll have the ability to be certain professional sound prime quality.

Best AI Assistants for Boosting Productivity


ChatSpot harnesses the facility of Generative AI at the side of your HubSpot CRM. Combined, HubSpot consumers can save a lot of time.

You’ll have the ability to recall to mind ChatSpot as a to hand virtual assistant. You’ll have the ability to ask it to draft an e-mail, add a marginally on your CRM, create a document, and additional. Simply put, this tool reduces the steps needed to get your procedure carried out.

To be informed further regarding the tool, check out this useful information.

Belief AI

Perception is a popular productivity app that no longer too way back introduced a collection of AI-powered apparatus to take your artwork to the next level. If you already have a Belief account, the ones apparatus are baked right kind into the app.

With Perception AI, you’ll have the ability to complete more than a few initiatives in a fraction of the time. For instance, it would take your messy notes and summarize them, outline key takeaways, and even populate a list of movement items from the ideas. On best of that, it supplies tough writing, researching, and enhancing apparatus.

Trevor AI

Between meetings, points in time, and surprising interruptions, it can be easy to lose practice of time at artwork. That’s the position Trevor AI can help.

This tool makes time blocking easy. Simply write out a list of initiatives and drag-and-drop them into your calendar. Over time, Trevor AI learns and adapts on your scheduling patterns. For instance, it will get began estimating how long certain initiatives will take. It is going to effectively moreover find available time to your calendar and make past due initiatives visible.

The best segment? Trevor AI syncs with Google Calendar, Outlook/Office365, and Todolist.

Once more to You

AI assistants have emerged as tough apparatus to revolutionize the way in which during which marketers artwork. By the use of incorporating the ones apparatus into your workflow, you’ll have the ability to boost your productivity, save time, streamline processes, and succeed in treasured insights into your customers.

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