How Get advantages Segmentation Will Take Your Advertising Campaigns to the Subsequent Stage

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In case you are serious about HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Methodology, you most likely understand the importance of customer success. In truth, 70% of businesses with emerging source of revenue prioritize purchaser just right fortune as “crucial.” So, if you wish to have your corporation to prevail you must be sure that your shoppers do, too.

By way of doing so, you’ll stack the probabilities to your need, ensuring the leads you’re passing on your product sales staff are a good fit for your corporation via benefit segmentation. In this publish, we can move over what benefit segmentation is, why you wish to have to make use of it, and where it can be spotted in the true world.

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Why will have to you do benefit segmentation?

Receive advantages segmentation will help you gain a better understanding of the opposite needs of your purchaser base at the side of the following:

1. Receive advantages segmentation makes it more straightforward for product sales reps to change into leads into shoppers.

This is because of your promoting and advertising campaigns will attract shoppers who’re upper suited on your product or service. For the reason that campaigns are centered to the people who need your corporation one of the crucial, your product sales staff will have to have an more straightforward time ultimate provides.

2. Marketers and salespeople can use benefit segmentation to engage shoppers.

By way of understanding the necessary factor value that your corporation provides, your staff will create further compelling promoting and advertising campaigns and product sales pitches. They’re going to grasp exactly learn how to distinguish your product or service to make it sexy on your target market.

3. Receive advantages segmentation improves customer retention.

Converting leads that are a good fit on your staff will decrease your churn fee over the years. Customers will be happy your product or service is pleasant their needs and will be a lot much less liable to retailer along side your pageant.

Now that we understand what benefit segmentation is and why you wish to have to make use of it, let’s take a look at some precise examples where this promoting and advertising manner helped corporations attract and close leads.

Receive advantages Segmentation Examples

1. Samsung

Benefit segmentation example Samsung

Image Source

The cell phone has transform one of the crucial fundamental products of recent technology. Just about everyone has a cell phone to get them via their day-to-day tasks. On the other hand, depending on who you may well be, how old-fashioned you may well be, and where you’re from, your cell phone needs would possibly range dramatically from the next purchaser. Most people need a cell phone, alternatively steadily for a different the reason why. So, how do phone companies organize to meet the ones purchaser needs?

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Samsung uses benefit segmentation to personalize ads for quite a lot of function audiences. Inside the cell phone business, age is a large understanding factor of customer needs. As shoppers get older, what they would like from their cell phone changes. It’s going from amusing choices like cameras and apps to more effective benefits like battery lifestyles and protection.

We can see this play out throughout the two ads pictured. The principle one is aimed at a more youthful target market and evokes them to “Do higher problems.” The phone comes with two cameras and lets the individual draw on pictures using the integrated stylist.

Samsung Galaxy Benefit Segmentation Example

Image Source

Read about this to the next ad where Samsung specializes in the practicality of the phone. Its tagline, “Designed for folks,” lets the reader know the phone is user-friendly and easy to prepare. The phone is designed for max capability so that it on no account slows down irrespective of what selection of apps are working instantly. This is in particular useful for an target market that may have a busy professional schedule and is working on a few tasks instantly.


  • Samsung used it’s “Do higher problems” advertising marketing campaign to attract a younger target market by way of reeling them in with graceful new camera choices.
  • Conversely, the company used to be as soon as ready to attract older shoppers who will not be as tech or equipment savvy with the tagline “Designed for folks,” implying the phone is user-friendly for all.

2. Ford

benefit segmentation example FordImage Source

Automotive companies steadily use benefit segmentation to position different types of automobiles. For example, we can take a look at Ford to appear the variation in industrial between its Ford Fusion and F-150 models.

The Ford Fusion is a sensible, four-door sedan this is described as “delicate” and “cool.” Ford recognizes that people who are in this car will value its style at the side of its capability and worth. The company highlights this by way of using vibrant colors in its industrial to move with the car’s eye-popping design.

Now, read about that image to the image of the Ford F-150 below. The F-150 is a work truck designed for many who need a tough, strong car. Customers who’re throughout the F-150 would value the truck’s impressive towing capacity and talent to navigate difficult terrain. For this reason the image below shows the truck towing a large piece of kit with a tagline of “Built Ford Tough.”

Benefit segmentation example Ford

Image Source


  • Ford marketed the Fusion sedan to shoppers who were further thinking about having a sensible, alternatively trendy car to get spherical town.
  • For the F-150, Ford used it’s “Built Ford Tough” advertising marketing campaign that comes with the rugged outside to attract buyers on the lookout for a strong, all-terrain truck that would possibly take care of the toughest jobs.
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3. Airbnb

benefit segmentation example Airbnb

Image Source

Airbnb’s market segmentation is eye-catching because it has to account for two number one function audiences: hosts and guests. Now not absolute best does the company have to hunt out shoppers to ebook the rooms, alternatively they must moreover attract welcoming hosts with attention-grabbing living spaces. This forces Airbnb to perform benefit segmentation to create ads that appeal to each and every guests and hosts.

Inside the example above, we can see how Airbnb uses benefit segmentation to attract hosts in New York The city. New Yorkers have a large number of excitement for their the city and price companies sharing that passion. So, Airbnb created the ones subway ads to train New Yorkers on why Airbnb is good for local business householders along with staff building.

We can read about that instructional message to the inspirational one below. This ad is aimed at potential guests who’re planning a long run go back and forth alternatively have now not made concrete pass backward and forward plans. Airbnb capitalizes on this selection by way of creating a message that embraces uncertainty. Slightly than pointing to a decided on location, Airbnb makes the holiday spot beside the point and as a substitute specializes in how the company will be in agreement, irrespective of where you move. This makes Airbnb look further dedicated to shoppers who may be fearful about making a large financial resolution.

Airbnb benefit segmentation example

Image Source


  • To attract NYC hosts to use their service, Airbnb introduced right into a advertising marketing campaign that tapped into the excitement New Yorkers have for their the city and local corporations.
  • For guests, Airbnb established themselves as a faithful accommodation chance – irrespective of where they decided to crash – by way of using the uncertainty of the objective target market’s holiday spot to their receive advantages.

4. Nike

Nike Benefit Segmentation

Image Source

Nike provides plenty of products to relatively a couple of function audiences. It needs to use benefit segmentation to extend different promoting and advertising campaigns that appeal to each personnel of shoppers. Some of the notable example we can pull from Nike is its ads that comes with tennis famous person, Serena Williams.

The ones ads are aimed at Nike’s female target market, in particular at its more youthful demographic. Nike understands that the ones shoppers value the athletic self trust they experience when wearing Nike products. This is because of Nike’s apparel isn’t simply trendy alternatively designed for elite capability. The company uses the tennis phenom, Serena Williams, as an icon to turn how this added self trust can support your athletic ability.

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  • Nike expertly leveraged it’s reputation for growing high-performance equipment by way of using tennis giant identify Serena Williams.
  • Additionally the brand used to be as soon as ready to tap into more youthful nostalgia and appeal to female buyers by way of using pictures of Williams as a youth to inspire their target market to greatness.

5. Hulu

benefit segmentation example Hulu

Image Source

Amidst the “cord-cutting” phenomenon, Hulu has been ready to position itself as a viable option to cable TV. Hulu’s shoppers value convenience and efficiency and don’t want to spend money paying for television channels they on no account watch. So, the company has created an ad advertising marketing campaign that explains how Hulu shoppers can lower your expenses while maintaining get right to use to their favorite content material subject matter.

Inside the ad above, we see how benefit segmentation influenced Hulu’s promoting and advertising advertising marketing campaign. For example, the copy highlights how shoppers can view “provide episodes” and “hit movement photos.” Since many cord-cutters concern about shedding get right to use to new content material subject matter, this lets shoppers know that Hulu’s content material subject matter is up to the moment so that they’re going to on no account fail to remember a modern episode. This is extraordinarily important for many who follow assortment like Game of Thrones, where it is crucial to watch the episode as temporarily as it airs.


  • Hulu’s ad advertising marketing campaign assures potential cord-cutters they received’t fail to remember provide episodes of their favorite shows.
  • Hulu came upon what used to be as soon as most important to their shoppers (missing their favorite shows) and then tailored their messaging to deal with their needs.

The Good thing about Using Receive advantages Segmentation

With benefit segmentation, you’ll organize your shoppers and leads in keeping with the value you provide them. This promises you’re attracting shoppers who will extend a strong relationship with your corporation over the years. By way of pursuing the ones shoppers, your corporate will support lead acquisition and ensure purchaser just right fortune.

This text used to be as soon as at the beginning revealed June 3, 2019 and has been up to the moment for comprehensiveness.

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