How Writing Assistant Works [+ Its Pros and Cons]

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Must you’re keeping up with conversations about generative AI, you’ve perhaps heard of

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In this put up, I’ll duvet its highest choices, show how it works, and explain the pros and cons of using this software.

The instrument supplies plenty of templates to choose from, responding to many eventualities – like if you want to write a long-form blog put up or need the perfect response to a evaluate. It takes the tension of a blank internet web page correct out of writing.

In recent years, is best for marketers, offering advantages to companies of any dimension. Choices

  • Text and image AI generation
  • Integration with Grammarly and other Chrome extensions
  • Revision history
  • Auto-save
  • Record sharing
  • Multi-user login
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Brand voice customization

One additional serve as price checking out on is the “Explain it To Me Like a 5th Grader” selection. Since the identify suggests, this selection we could in you to select the text that may be jargon-heavy and reword it to simplify it – enough for a fifth grader to comprehend it.

This is in particular helpful when writing about a complicated matter to an audience with limited knowledge. It’s serving to you keep the essence of your sentence while increasing its accessibility.

How Works

  1. Select a template.How writing works: step 1

  2. Add your inputs.How writing works: step 2

  3. View output.

How writing works: step 3

How unswerving is the output?

It will depend on the content material subject material. I’ve found out that works successfully with tactical, step-based content material subject material that’s been successfully documented. It moreover does successfully with promoting replica, like social media captions and ads.

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But if the topic is just too house of passion – i.e. there’s not so much documentation already to be had out there – the guidelines could be incomplete or could be incorrect altogether.

What are the pros and cons of


  • Generates in seconds – Seeing content material subject material appear out of thin air in fact in no way gets out of date with generative AI. After a few simple inputs, you’ll have an entire internet web page of content material subject material to artwork with.
  • Sounds natural, well-written, and proper– What excellent is gen AI if the output isn’t excellent, correct? does a fantastic means of sounding natural and matching the tone you’ve requested while keeping it error-free.
  • Fleshes out ideas – Must you’re struggling to position pen to paper, can lend a hand spark new ideas, new angles for your content material subject material.
  • Affordable – is a smart selection for a small industry taking a look to scale up its content material subject material production with a limited worth vary. The main tier starts at $24/month for 20,000 words – enough to get most marketers started.


  • Lacks character and voice – AI can’t provide the enjoy and personalization {{that a}} human can add to a piece. While it might in fact mimic tone, the output is incessantly generic.
  • Can require heavy improving – This con is only a con depending on what you’re rising and the best way you wish to have to leverage AI. Some most effective want to use software like for a rough first draft, so heavy edits aren’t an uncongenial issue. For others who’re looking for a additional polished end product, you’ll get this additional merely with shorter-form content material subject material.
  • Struggles with house of passion topics – seems to perform best with easy content material subject material requests. For example, it’s going to perhaps do upper writing a put up on deleting your Instagram account than upcoming short-form video dispositions.
  • No fact-checking – Jasper feeds you a compilation of what it reveals online. So, if the guidelines’s incorrect, guess what? Your output will be the an identical.
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How so much does worth? supplies 3 pricing tiers:

  • Free trial – Jasper supplies a five-day free trial with 10,000 word credit score.
  • Starter – Starts at $24/month for 10,000 words, over 50 templates, and is best for other people and entrepreneurs.
  • Boss – Starts at $49/month for 50,000 words, over 50 templates, and is best for marketers and small corporations.
  • Industry – This may occasionally most probably require custom designed pricing and is best for teams and firms taking a look to scale their content material subject material production.

Alternatives to include HubSpot’s Content material Assistant,, Author, and Frase.

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