How one can Create a Desk of Contents in WordPress

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A Table of Contents in WordPress will also be an effective addition to your internet web page pages or posts. They’re great for boosting individual experience and for navigating long-form reproduction. Plus, they provide a slight benefit in search engine optimization.

In this article, we’ll show you step-by-step tips on how to add a table of contents to your WordPress internet web site merely with a plugin. And, we’ll show you the simple steps needed to create one from scratch. So, when you’re proper right here for a table of contents for WordPress, this post has what you want.

Proper right here’s what we’ll cover:

What’s a Table of Contents in WordPress?

A WordPress table of contents is basically an inventory of the main headings or topics lined all the way through the content material subject material of a internet web page or post. They’re great for giving consumers an summary of what’s to come back again. Typically, they’re located at the top of a internet web page, merely after the identify or introductory paragraph.


Typically, a table of contents consists of an inventory of anchor links (or bounce links) to the corresponding headings on the internet web page. When clicked, anchor links bounce or scroll proper all the way down to the corresponding heading where the content material subject material will also be came upon. This makes it clean for visitors to navigate the internet web page.

The Benefits of Creating a Table of Contents in WordPress?

If you happen to occur to’re a industry owner or blogger using WordPress, individual experience and search engine marketing(search engine marketing) are at all times going to be very important. The use of a WordPress table of contents to your internet web site can be in agreement with each and every.

Individual Experience

A table of contents will also be extremely really helpful to person enjoy. It lets in visitors to in short and easily orient themselves to the information available throughout the content material subject material.

Plus, on account of they contain anchor links, visitors can merely bounce to the information they’re searching for without one of these lot scrolling. It’s going to save a lot of time when there’s a lot of content material subject material. We even use them on our Chic Subjects Blog for long guides akin to final information to Divi Pace Optimization.

search engine optimization Price

Having a table of contents may give your internet web page a boost on SERPs by means of supplying you with an enriched search result. It’s going to include additional links to your most up to date internet web page sections featured right away to your search result.

Google Search Result

Plus, they be in agreement serps like google understand the crawling context of your internet web page which can lead to stepped ahead indexing or featured snippets. Via growing well-organized content material subject material with a table of contents, you give Google and other serps like google a clear figuring from your content material subject material.

How you can Automatically Add a Table of Contents in WordPress The use of a Plugin

Creating a table of contents in WordPress using a plugin is by means of a ways one of the most most straightforward techniques to go. And there aren’t any shortage of plugins throughout the WordPress repository that be in agreement create an site-wide Table of Contents to your posts and pages and generate anchor links routinely.

Automatic TOC WordPress Plugins

For this post, we’ll be using Simple Desk of Contents WordPress plugin to create a our table of contents.

1. Arrange and Flip at the Plugin

To get started, move to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugin > Add New. Search for the Easy Table of Contents plugin and click on on to position in and activate it.

install easy table of contents plugin

2. Check a Publish to See It Working

While you arrange and switch at the plugin, Easy Table of Contents immediately creates a table of contents segment to your posts. As soon as it’s activated to your internet web site, you’ll be capable of navigate to the doorway end and notice the table it created to your posts.

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Live Post Example

3. Customize Your Table of Contents Internet page-Large Settings

After seeing what the plugin does out of the sector, you’ll be capable of visit the plugin’s settings and tailor them to your needs. To talk over with the settings, navigate to Settings > Table of Contents.

Site-wide settings

For the general public, enabling the table of contents to show up on posts is maximum without a doubt all you’ll need. Pages are a distinct story. If you have landing pages which can be specifically designed as top-level pages, you’ll have to uncheck showing a table of contents to your pages (keep posts checked).

Easy Table of Contents Settings

Further, you’ll see that Easy TOC recognizes all your custom designed post types and various templates which you’ll be capable of toggle on/off for.

There are also a number of different alternatives for you to check out out, then again that is all dependent to your internet web page and needs. Most internet websites will most straightforward need to use H2, H3, or H4 headings in their table of contents. Too many items in a table of contents will muddle up your content material subject material and be a lot much less helpful than not having a table of contents the least bit.

4. Override Internet page-Large Settings for Individual Posts

Excluding for the site-wide settings, Easy Table of Contents offers you post-by-post keep an eye on over the table of contents. However, to permit Easy Table of Contents individual post settings throughout the Block Editor, it’s a should to permit Customized Fields throughout the block editor’s preferences segment.

To take a look at this click on on on the Equipment Icon throughout the top right kind to appear Internet web page Settings. Of those settings, click on on on “Preferences”.

This will an increasing number of open up a modal throughout the middle of your computer screen. Click on on on the “Panels” tab. Then, Toggle on the “Custom designed Fields” risk. This will an increasing number of allow any plugin or theme environment that gives custom designed fields to your pages/posts to turn those settings underneath the block editor.

enable custom fields

You’ll be capable of disable the table of contents from showing up on the posts internet web page and alter other settings that most straightforward impact that one internet web page. This is absolute best for explicit use cases that change from your site-wide settings.

To disable the Table of Contents segment from a selected post/internet web page, scroll proper all the way down to the plugin settings (after you’ve enabled custom designed fields).

Checkmark the sector for “Disable the automatic insertion of the table of contents.”

This eliminates the table of contents that can routinely be inserted by the use of plugin settings.

Disable TOC on Page or Post

That’s it!

Other Table of Contents Plugins for WordPress

Excluding for Easy Table of Contents, there are lots of other Table of Contents plugins that may serve you correctly. There are some great free plugins like LuckyWP Desk of Contents that artwork great with WordPress blocks and internet web page builders like Divi. And there are height fee plugins like Fastened TOC that have all the sophisticated choices one would wish. Do your research and test a few out to get the best choices that fit your needs.

At the complete, seek for the ones which can be clean to use out of the sector, have built-in toughen for schema markup, and have decent styling alternatives. Listed here are the best Desk of Contents plugins for WordPress that we recommend.

How you can Create a Table of Contents in WordPress Manually

Creating a table of contents from scratch the use of the WordPress Editor will also be useful for patrons who most straightforward need one for a few posts or pages and don’t need the site-wide capacity of a plugin. And growing one is relatively clean (and kinda amusing) once the concept that.

A table of contents is basically an inventory of anchor links that bounce to specified sections or headings of a internet web page. So, when you’ve created an anchor link on a internet web page or in a navigation menu previous than, you could be already accustomed to the basics of making a table of contents. If your not accustomed to anchor links (or bounce links), we’ve a whole data on the right way to create anchor hyperlinks in WordPress.

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Proper right here’s tips on how to create a table of contents from scratch on a WordPress post:

1. Create Your Record of Headings for Your Table of Contents

At the top of your internet web page or post, create an inventory of all the headings to your table of contents using a paragraph block (or record block). To take a look at this, create a brand spanking new paragraph block (or record block) and add the heading text that corresponds to the headings to your internet web page content material subject material beneath. Be sure there’s a line harm after each heading text.

Create Table of Contents - Block Editor - Create Paragraph Block

Once done, you must without a doubt check that the heading text throughout the table of contents suits the heading text throughout the content material subject material for a better individual experience.

2. Add a Unique HTML Anchor ID to Each Heading on Your Internet web page or Publish

Next, move right through the content material subject material to your internet web page (heading by means of heading) and assign each heading a unique HTML anchor ID.

To take a look at this, move to a heading block and click on on on its settings.

Create Table of Contents - Block Editor - Steps 2-4

After that, throughout the heading block settings (throughout the “Sophisticated” tab of the heading block), add an HTML Anchor ID to the field. For this situation, the anchor HTML anchor is “heading-one”. This anchor ID can be utilized for the reason that anchor link purpose.

Create Table of Contents - Block Editor - Steps 5-6

3. Convert Each Heading in Your Table of Contents Into an Anchor Link

As quickly because the ID for the heading section is ready, we can go back up to our paragraph or record block that accommodates our table of contents. One by one, highlight each line and click on at the “Link” icon in an effort to upload a link.

Create Table of Contents - Block Editor - Steps 7-8

Instead of a web care for, add a pound sign or hashtag (#) plus our anchor ID. Press enter and the link will observe to that text.

Create Table of Contents - Block Editor - Step 9

For our example, we added “#heading-one” for our anchor link. Your anchor hyperlink textual content must be descriptive then again concise. On the other hand it’s going to need to moreover appropriately summarize the content material subject material that is within that segment so serps like google can be informed it.

Most importantly, your anchor link should be unique and not used somewhere else on the internet web page. It’s as a result of using the identical HTML Anchor ID will confuse the browser and not artwork as intended.

Once you could be done, save your changes and preview your internet web page. Check out your new Table of Contents by means of clicking the anchor hyperlinks to make sure they’re all jumping to the precise places. If those links aren’t running, you might want to have dismissed or misplaced the “#” or your Anchor IDs and Anchor Link URLs aren’t an exact have compatibility.

Creating a Table of Contents in Divi

Divi Theme Builder is one of the most robust and easy-to-use apparatus for WordPress internet websites. It lets in internet web page creators, industry house owners, and marketers to create stunning internet websites which can be function rich.

The use of the default WordPress editor to create a table of contents is beautiful limiting, specifically in terms of design. Divi makes it one of these lot easier to create unique table of contents designs and add clean scrolling anchor links to any section on the internet web page or post with out a want to seize HTML or CSS.

Create a Table of Contents in Divi Theme Builder

We’ve an entire write-up for the right way to construct out a Desk of Contents phase to your blog. Now not most straightforward can you to find the how-to steps, then again there could also be a free structure download for you. The structure is for you when you’re searching for a faster solution with the Divi Theme.

The Best Divi Table of Contents Plugin

If you’re searching for a way to create a table of contents in Divi, check the Divi Desk of Contents Maker plugin.

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divi table of contents maker plugin

This plugin includes a unique Table of Contents Module for Divi that routinely generates your lists, anchor links, and all the capacity you want in a few clicks. You’ll be capable of use the module on a theme builder template in an effort to upload table of contents routinely for all your blog posts! Plus the module has a variety of customization settings and elegance alternatives.

Be told additional about Divi Desk of Contents Maker.

Other Table of Contents Solutions to Imagine

If you are interested in numerous solutions for together with a table of contents in WordPress, listed below are some others which you’ll be able to not have in mind of which can be worth allowing for.

Look forward to a Built-In Table of Contents Block in WordPress Core

If you have time to look ahead to a table of Contents solution, it kind of feels a Table of Contents WordPress block is throughout the works. And, there’s a lot of recent traction on the project that you simply’ll be capable of view on the Github Pull and in an problems discussion. It seems like a promising block that can elevate table of contents natively into WordPress’ block editor.

However, there are bumps throughout the roadmap so this can be a toss-up whether or not or now not or not it’ll make WordPress 6.1 or be in a later unlock.

Check for a Table of Contents Feature in Plugins You Would most likely Already Use

With all the robust plugins to be had out there. Who’s acutely aware of? There’s a decent likelihood that most likely you’re using a plugin in recent years that has a table of contents function hidden in the details. Listed here are a couple of fashionable plugins likelihood is that you’ll already use that give you the energy to create a table of contents in WordPress.

search engine optimization Yoast Most sensible elegance

If you happen to occur to’re using the Yoast search engine optimization plugin for WordPress, you’ll be wondering what the Desk of Contents block is and how it can help you. The Table of Contents block is a top rate characteristic that allows you to dynamically create a table of contents to your post or internet web page. The most efficient segment is that when you already use Yoast search engine optimization Most sensible elegance, you might have a very easy TOC solution.


Another plugin many people use is Spectra. Spectra has been becoming more popular as an enhancement of the built-in block editor for WordPress.

Probably the most an important blocks built-in in Spectra is a straightforward to use Desk of Contents block. The block has entire design customizability and is deployable with out a additional coding. As you’ll be capable of see, add the block to your post and alter the settings. You’ll have a table of contents in a few seconds. Spectra does are to be had in a free and height fee fashion.


In conclusion, creating a table of contents in WordPress is simple and will also be done in a few steps. Via using a plugin, you’ll be capable of routinely generate a table of contents to your pages and post. Or, you’ll be capable of manually create a table of contents throughout the default WordPress editor or in a internet web page builder like Divi for added design settings. Each manner, you might have the power to customize your internet web page to afford your internet web site visitors a better individual experience and be noticed upper in search results.

Do you employ a table of contents to your WordPress internet web site? Do you might have a favorite plugin you employ? Let us know throughout the comments!

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