How one can Ship Efficient Order Affirmation Emails [Examples + Template]

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Order confirmation emails have a 65% open fee, the most productive cheap open rate of all emails. Optimizing the ones emails is a good strategy to get additional eyes in your style.

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Previous brand-building, e-mail confirmations put across peace of ideas in your valued shoppers by the use of verifying {{that a}} transaction in your web site was once as soon as a good fortune. Without this confirmation, your shoppers would in all probability truly really feel confused. The result’s a shaky style experience and probably an increase in inquiries to your buyer fortify workforce.

Let’s uncover the way you’ll have the ability to optimize your confirmation emails with actionable examples and templates. In this article, you’ll uncover:

Confirmation E mail Perfect Practices

Many confirmation emails are part of a workflow. Once a purchaser completes a transaction, an e-mail mechanically comes out recapping what they bought. Even if this e-mail follows a right kind building, there are however highest practices your style should put into effect.

For example, it is necessary your order confirmation e-mail be:

  • Mobile-friendly. Many recipients will take a look at their e-mail on their phones to appear whether or not or no longer an order was once as soon as processed.
  • Skim-able. Many patrons are on-the-go and wouldn’t have time to be told dense text. If if you have vital provide wisdom you want to incorporate, consider linking to it as a substitute of at the side of it inside the body text.
  • Provides an e-mail and contact collection of your purchaser fortify, in case the recipient’s order is unsuitable.
  • Outlines next steps. That comprises when the patron can also be anticipating an order to ship, or how the patron can observe their order.
  • Accommodates supply deal with, rate manner, and order amount.
  • Provides upselling possible choices, like products that complement their achieve or upgraded plans to consider one day.

Additionally, consider the way you’ll have the ability to include style voice on your text to cultivate purchaser loyalty, particularly with first-time shoppers. You may also add links in your social media accounts or blog, so new shoppers can find other ways to interact at the side of your style.

10 Order Confirmation E mail Examples

Previous than you get started in your confirmation e-mail, take inspiration from our round-up of the most productive e-mail examples. Then, be told on for some templates that your workforce can use.

1. Offer a next step.

Email confirmation example from Uber.

Uber’s order confirmation emails are swish, clean, and aesthetically gratifying. Their design makes use of large text, slightly a couple of white space, and a blue call-to-action to incentivize the rider to “rate or tip” the driving force.

What we love: The email is organized so the rider sees necessarily essentially the most important wisdom above-the-fold — a “thank you” followed by the use of the price. The recipient most efficient will have to scroll within the match that they wish to.

2. Test the purchase.

Email confirmation example from JetBlue.

JetBlue’s order confirmation e-mail opens with their fun and artful slogan, “You might be all set to jet.” This phrase immediately reassures the recipient that their order was once as soon as successfully processed.

Additionally, the text underneath the initial slogan promises the recipient “necessarily essentially the most legroom in instructor, unfastened wi-fi & recreational, and unfastened snacks & drinks.” Even if the recipient has already paid, JetBlue uses the order confirmation e-mail as each and every different selection to cultivate stronger purchaser loyalty.

What we love: Beneath the confirmation, JetBlue provides a simple “Arrange travel” CTA, so the patron can merely exchange a seat mission, add extras, or switch flights. Perfect of all, they’ve built-in a link to their cellular app. Customers receiving order confirmations from JetBlue will need their app to get right to use their cellular price ticket, so this can be a just right methodology for JetBlue to include the app link.

3. Create a graceful design.

Email confirmation example from Hausera.

Hausera, an ecommerce internet web page that sells kitchen and bathroom fixtures, does an excellent procedure ensuring their order confirmation e-mail is swish, all while offering the recipient any wisdom they’re going to need. They start with certain messaging like “building is a beautiful issue” and “congratulations” to thank the patron for their order.

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Email confirmation example from Hausera.

What we love: Beneath the order summary, they arrive with helpful CTAs harking back to “Keep Purchasing groceries,” along with possible choices to each e-mail, identify, or are living chat with a fortify rep. Whether or not or no longer a purchaser has a subject matter with their order or simply must continue perusing Hausera, the ecommerce internet web page promises the patron can find the next steps from throughout the order confirmation itself.

4. Put an important details up best possible.

Email confirmation example from Tobi

Tobi’s order confirmation e-mail is unassuming and simple. The ecommerce internet web page supplies two important CTAs — “evaluation my order” and “contact purchaser care” — throughout the e-mail itself. The recipient is able to immediately take a look at and right kind any wisdom if their order does no longer look right kind.

What we love: Tobi moreover effectively outlines their order process throughout the body text of their e-mail. They tell the patron to ” allow up to 2 trade days to process and ship your order.” By the use of at the side of this information in their e-mail, Tobi promises minimal outreach from shoppers who’re wondering when their order will ship, or why they’ve no longer received supply wisdom already.

5. Say, Thanks!

Email confirmation example from BigStub

BigStub’s order confirmation e-mail, while admittedly text-heavy, does a very good procedure providing the patron with slightly a couple of important wisdom during their e-mail, at the side of a CTA to check order status, a phone amount to the touch purchaser fortify, and a understand in the case of provide details for the recipient’s price ticket.

What we love: BigStub supplies a $25 rebate throughout the order confirmation e-mail with enrollment in Nice Amusing. Although the patron does no longer practice for the rebate, the inclusion is still an effective manner that allows BigStub to probably boost certain style trust.

6. Make it shoppable.

Email confirmation example from JustBats

JustBats, an ecommerce internet web page that sells baseball and softball equipment, does an excellent means of cross-selling other products in their order confirmation emails. For example, if you will purchase a glove on their internet web page, you’ll have the ability to download an e-mail with the following message — “You might have the glove, now get the bat.”

The rest of the email is designed to help a client choose a bat, with CTAs like “Retailer all bats” and “Retailer closeouts.” The email moreover choices helpful property to ensure the recipient is able to find the correct bat for his or her needs.

What we love: JustBats proves an order confirmation e-mail can be an effective selection to suggest other comparable products or products and services and merchandise, particularly for the reason that order let you understand the patron’s needs. Throughout the above example, a glove is a logical next step for any person who has merely purchased a bat, and vice versa.

7. Be helpful.

Email confirmation example from SoulCycle.

SoulCycle’s order confirmation e-mail effectively provides all comparable wisdom and demonstrates SoulCycle’s talent to transport above-and-beyond in buyer fortify. Once they’ve outlined when, where, and on which bike the patron could be using, SoulCycle accommodates other useful wisdom at the side of the studio deal with and a understand that footwear and water could be provided.

At the bottom of their e-mail, they send a cheerful invitation that reads “Questions, problems, or just wish to say hello?” with each and every a phone amount and e-mail if the recipient needs to reach purchaser fortify.

What we love: SoulCycle can pay attention to the language in their order confirmation e-mail, and looks for areas where they can add model voice.

8. Improve important actions.

Take a look at the order confirmation received from Massachusetts’ Franklin Park Zoo upon a up-to-the-minute achieve:

Email confirmation example from Franklin Park Zoo.

This e-mail provides all the wisdom sought after, alternatively it moreover makes the recipient feel good about the purchase by the use of letting them know that their money was once as soon as helping fortify conservation efforts.

9. Educate shoppers about new generation.

Screenshot of Zoom’s email confirmation showing 3 core elements: payment details, getting started, and support.

Zoom’s confirmation e-mail accommodates 3 parts:

  • It confirms the purchase.
  • It encourages the recipient to use the supplier by the use of jumping with “time table a meeting.”
  • For the recipients who could be a lot much less savvy, Zoom supplies demos, webinars, and fortify.

What we love: The sleek and minimal design underpins the good thing about use of Zoom’s meeting device. The email is well-designed with numerous white space. This makes it easy to be told and draws the eye to an important elements similar to the iconography representing fortify and training possible choices.

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10. Stay on style.

Screenshot of an ecommerce brand’s email confirmation shows good use of branded language like: ‘happy, healthy skin’ and ‘we hope you love your new skincare’

SKINICIAN uses a continuing tone during its confirmation e-mail. The text on the most productive is pleasing and personable. It affirms the shopper’s achieve with “Glad Healthy Pores and pores and skin is around the corner.” The intro ends with a pleasing “we hope you’re prepared to your new skincare.”

What we love: On the most productive of the email the recipient can take two actions: “View your order” or “Keep purchasing groceries.” An effective addition to this e-mail is the “You saved £5.00,” which reminds the shopper of the cost of purchasing groceries at their internet web page.

11 Order Confirmation E mail Templates

Taking a look to craft the very best confirmation e-mail? Check out the ones e-mail templates to create a confirmation assortment that serves your shoppers and is helping your style.

1. Teaching Customers

order confirmation template, Thank you for your order. Please take a moment to review the details below.  Order Number: [order number] Order Date: [order date] Payment Date: [order payment] Now, let’s get you started with [product]. [Information on how to use the product.] Dig into some of the guides, webinars, and training materials, below. Contact customer support.What we love: This template supplies the recipient everything they wish to examine their achieve, then, it preempts their next needs by the use of offering instructional materials.

Each the recipient will know what they wish to do next, or they’ll recognize guidance to get necessarily essentially the most out of their new achieve.

This template moreover connects the logo to the consumer. The addition of “Contact purchaser fortify” shows the logo cares regarding the shopper by the use of giving easy get right to use to fortify.

2. Supporting Your Product sales Funnel

confirmation email template, You’ve purchased [item]. Thank you for choosing us! Purchase date: [date of purchase] Order number: [order number] Amount: [cost of order] [Order status] [Add sections with related items to bring the buyer back into the shop.]

What we love: Shoppable e-mail confirmation is liable to take your shopper once more to the web site. Plus, it shares products that you recognize the patron could be fascinated about.

3. Sharing style values.

Thank you for shopping with us today! Here are the details of your latest purchase: Purchase date: [date of purchase] Order number: [order number] Amount: [purchase cost] [Track My Order] [Add a “Did you know?” section taking the user to relevant pages on the website.]

What we love: Have in mind, 65% of other folks open confirmation emails, and your buyer would in all probability not know everything about your style however. Informing your consumers about what gadgets you except for for the competition can help turn them into dependable shoppers and style advocates.

4. Making the Buyer In point of fact really feel Good

Hey [name], You’ve done something incredible today by donating [amount]. Thanks to your generosity we will be able to [what the donation money accomplishes]. It’s people like you who make a difference and we really appreciate it.

What we love: There’s no longer the rest similar to the affirmation that you just’ve accomplished a very good issue. With something like a donation you’ll have the ability to expect the donor to truly really feel very good already, alternatively they won’t recognize the dimensions of their contribution. This e-mail template helps to only do this, and it quietly reinforces exactly what the nonprofit is achieving.

5. Welcoming a Buyer Into the Crew

email confirmation template, Hey [name], You signed up for [subscription]. It’s great to have you! Here are the details. Subscription start date: [date] Subscription length: [time period] Amount: [cost] Payment date: [date of payment] Your subscription is active until [date] and will automatically renew. You’re now part of a [size] community, and we’re all here to [mission].  Why not head over and introduce yourself to the community? You’ll find threads and channels dedicated to introductions and our moderators are there to welcome you. Find us on [Slack link], [Facebook Group link], and [LinkedIn link].

What we love: The email covers the details of the purchase and subscription on the most productive. It removes questions about automated renewal and affirms that the decision is a wonderful one by the use of telling the recipient that others have subscribed too. In the end, the email goals to make the transition into the community easy by the use of encouraging them to introduce themselves and where to do it.

6. Reaffirming the Gain

Hello [name]! You’ve taken action today! Here's more about your order. Invoiced amount: [cost] Status: [paid or pending] Payment date: [date of payment] [Order details] You should be proud of the good work you’ve done today. By purchasing [service] you can expect. Got questions? Reach out to customer service.

What we love: There’s no longer the rest like a to hand information a coarse affirmation of a very good selection. This e-mail does that, alternatively it moreover supplies the reasons why the recipient can be happy regarding the selection by the use of outlining the expectations. The customer supplier details at the end are a delightful addition, merely in case there are any nagging worries.

7. Confirming a Booking

Dear [name], Thank you for choosing us for your upcoming visit. We can’t wait to meet you. Here’s confirmation of your booking: Booking number: [order number] Arrival date: [date] Nights: [number of nights] Room: [room number if applicable] Total rate: [nightly rate if applicable] Amount paid: [cost] Balance outstanding: [remaining balance if applicable] Before you arrive, there are a few things to note: [Provide specific instructions.] Here’s how to find us. [Detailed directions.] Any questions, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us at [number].

What we love: This confirmation template provides all the next steps that the recipient needs to appear their hotel or room booking was once as soon as a success. Additionally, the email is advising the recipient on what they can do next. That comprises overlaying the web site and any specific instructions the patron would in all probability need to be aware of.

8. Opting for Simplicity

Hello [name], Thanks for choosing us. Your order for [product/service] was successful. You can expect delivery in [number] business days. Order number: [order number] Payment received: [cost] [Track order status]What we love: Although simplistic, this confirmation e-mail does everything that it will have to. It’s suitable for producers who wish to get to the aim and send all the core wisdom.

9. Encouraging Referrals

confirmation email template: Hello [name], It’s time to celebrate! Your order is being processed and will be with you in [number] business days. Your order details: Order number: [number] Order date: [date] Amount paid: [cost] Don’t forget! We offer 10% off your next order if you refer a friend. Just share your referral code [code] with a friend, and we’ll sort the rest!

What we love: The tone of this e-mail template is pleasing and informative. At the end, the logo turns on the patron to share with a friend for 10% off their next order. You’ll improve this messaging in later emails too, which is especially useful when the order arrives.

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10. Upselling

Hello [name], Please find the details of your order below. You’ll receive a shipping notification in 1-2 days. Your order details: Order number: [number] Order date: [date] Amount paid: [cost] Your items would look amazing with these accessories! [Related items] [Revise Your Order]

What we love: In a similar fashion to the JustBats and SKINICIAN examples above, this template is giving shoppers an opportunity to go back to the web site. The related items next to a “revise your order” button are environment friendly. This CTA can inspire an upsell previous than the order is completely processed.

11. Incentivize Movement

confirmation email template, Hey [name]! Your order is processed. Check out the order details below. Order number: [number] Order date: [date] Amount paid: [cost] [Review Order] Before you go, did you check out our sale ending in [hours/days]? It’s not too late, you can pick up [items] for up to 50% off. [Shop]

What we love: The belief of a soon-to-be-ending sale encourages shoppers to take action. The shop button makes viewing the sale items easy.

Subject Line Templates

Searching for some rapid inspiration for matter lines? Listed here are a few in taste possible choices that you just’ll have the ability to use on your confirmation emails.

Bear in mind: Subject lines vary in keeping with the type of products that is in the marketplace and the movement that has been completed.

Ecommerce Purchases

  • 🙌🏻 You almost certainly did it!
  • Your achieve is on its means.
  • We’ve got your order!

E mail Sign-ups

  • E mail confirmation! You’re one click on on away.
  • You’re just about there! Confirm your e-mail.
  • Click on on proper right here to ensure your e-mail.
  • Click on on to join 10,110 subscribers.


  • Confirm your e-mail for get right to use.
  • You’re making a difference.
  • You changed a life today.
  • You’re excellent! 💙 Thank you to your donation.

How you can Create and Send Order Confirmation Emails

There are lots of online web sites with e-mail templates that let you create confirmation emails.

For example, you’ll have the ability to create an order confirmation e-mail throughout the HubSpot E-mail Advertising and marketing device at no cost. You’ll choose a pre-made template and customize text, pictures, and overall design. Or, you’ll have the ability to create an e-mail from scratch.

This is an example of an order confirmation e-mail made with HubSpot’s e-mail instrument.

Email confirmation email created using HubSpot’s email marketing tool.

There are lots of other order confirmation e-mail templates available by means of apparatus harking back to Stripo and Squarespace.

Then again, if you happen to occur to make use of an ecommerce web site builder like X-Cart, you’ll have the ability to use one among their e mail device add-ons to create your personal order confirmation e-mail.

Order Confirmation Internet web page

In most cases, when a purchaser places an order, they’re going to see a confirmation internet web page previous than they even download the confirmation e-mail.

For example, here’s what you’ll have the ability to see whilst you place an order on Amazon.

Amazon order confirmation page

Symbol Supply

This internet web page is where you could be redirected whilst you click on at the “Acquire” or “Gain” button and signifies that an e-mail should be on its means. A internet primarily based confirmation internet web page is a brief understand that tells your purchaser that their transaction went by means of appropriately. If a purchaser does no longer see this internet web page, he or she will almost definitely think their transaction didn’t art work.

If you find yourself creating an online confirmation internet web page, proper right here are a few things you’ll have to include:

  • Messaging harking back to “Success! Your order is confirmed”, along with a understand that the patron should expect an e-mail in their inbox temporarily.
  • An order amount, provide details, and order summary (at the side of general worth).
  • Pictures of the products or products and services and merchandise bought.

Additionally, it’s possible you’ll include other comparable purchases on a purchaser’s order confirmation internet web page. For example, if they’ve purchased a blender in your internet web page, in all probability you want to show them a smoothie recipe e book on their order confirmation internet web page.

Ultimately, you will need to create order confirmation pages and emails. The ones details make sure your purchaser feels supported during their entire buyer’s journey.

Editor’s Bear in mind: This submit was once as soon as originally printed in Aug. 2019 and has been up-to-the-minute for comprehensiveness. 

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