How To Be offering Customized Design Products and services To Your Internet Building Purchasers

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Offering custom designed design services as part of your basic web construction service can be in agreement increase your attraction, your source of revenue, and can mean you can add further value for consumers. Be told, step-by-step, how it’s carried out in this article.

Looking to make larger your services previous commonplace web construction art work? Or in all probability you’re learning new web design talents and looking for a profitable method to put them to use?

In this article we’re showing you learn to offer specialized web design services for your consumers, even supposing you’ll have ZERO design talents or enjoy.

FYI, we surveyed our 50,000+ members and researched dozens {{of professional}} internet websites to go back to the tips and suggestions mentioned in this article.

“The money I’ve comprised of this facet business has paid for vacations and new toys I wouldn’t have been waiting to afford in a different way.” – Phil (WPMU DEV Member)

By the time you’re carried out learning you’ll have ideas for…

  • The best kinds of web design services to supply for your consumers.
  • Tips about the best way to put in force or outsource the services.
  • How so much you’ll value for design services.

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What Are Design Services and Which Services Will have to You Offer?

As mentioned above, our definition of design services are services that cross above and previous your commonplace theme, template, or page-builder means.

Branding, rebranding, emblem design, landing internet web page design. The ones are the kind of problems a lot of web developers might transfer on doing, and that’s great.

Alternatively if you’re up for earning additional income, providing further value in your consumers, and making your basic web construction service standout from the remaining, we’re showing you learn to do it.

Moreover don’t fear if you’re no longer a designer, or don’t think you’ll have the crucial talents or enjoy to supply the ones services.

We’ll get a hold of relatively a large number of outsourcing alternatives that still will mean you can apply a markup and make a get advantages.

As we touch on each service you’ll moreover see we get a hold of quite a lot of apparatus and resources to use if you want to do the method yourself.

The Best 4 Web Design Services You Can Offer (As Voted By the use of Our People)

Every time you’ve decided on offering the ones additional web design services, the next question is what type of services you’re in truth going to supply.

Quite than taking a stab at the hours of darkness, or copying what the easiest Google outcome discussed, we idea we’d ask a group of people who know upper than any person, because of they in truth do this for a living…

Our 50,000+ web developer members!

Listed below are the design services that were given right here out on best after we asked them in a up to the moment members discussion:

  1. Branding
  2. Visual Identity
  3. Landing Pages and Lead Technology
  4. Redesign
Key Web Design Elements bar chart
And the survey says…

Now let’s check out each of the ones design services in detail. You’ll learn what’s serious about each service, resources, apparatus, and outsourcing alternatives for each, along with what you’ll most likely value your consumers.

Web Design Supplier 1: Branding

Branding is how a business differentiates itself from other entities, and what consumers will resolve and associate it with.

You don’t have to move previous the basics to get an emblem up and dealing, specifically if it’s no longer a huge corporate.

Additional branding portions may also be supplemented, if or as they develop into similar.

“Get began with only what’s required and add further if crucial.”  – Databoy (WPMU DEV Member)

What’s Involved With Branding Services?

The branding we’re that specialize in – in step with member crew input – is solely making an emblem by means of incorporating a color palette, selecting fonts, and strategically putting a symbol or wordmark (we’ll talk about emblem creation separately; see Visible Identification underneath).

Creating a color palette in your consumers brand

Adopting a color palette is integral to the synergy of a shopper website online.

There are some great online apparatus you use if you wish to have be in agreement putting sunglasses together in your consumers.

Listed below are just a few we love, all of which may also be unfastened.

Color palette apparatus:


With Coolors, you’ll in brief generate palettes randomly, or further precisely using their color inspector (RGB bars), or by means of uploading an image – for each and every solids and gradients.

For those who need ready-made alternatives, they’ve a huge library.

Color tools, Coolors
Ahoy, mateys! Shipper is without a doubt crimson.

This software is available by means of iOS and Android apps, a Figma plugin, and a Chrome extension.

Moreover they offer a Difference Checker, and an Paintings Recolor software (see my check out case inside the image above).

Adobe Color

Adobe Colour provides their professional color wheel software, with 3 modes available: RGB, HSB, & LAB.

Color tools, Adobe Color Wheel
Adobe is an business icon, at the side of their complicated color wheel.

You’ll be capable of extract a theme from an image to avoid wasting a number of as a color palette or gradient.

Accessibility apparatus are each and every different plus; use their Difference Checker and Color Blind Safe modes to appear each, respectively.


Eggradients allows you to make a choice from quite a lot of ready-made gradients. The ones are simple, two color blends, alternatively will also be helpful or spark creativity if you’re looking for fundamental palette approaches.

Color tools, Eggradients
Ombré omelets, any person?

Their color palette generator allows you to make a choice from a list of quite a lot of colour gradients.

They actually have a “50 Shades of Color” phase, which is in a position to pull random tones in that color family, each with corresponding hex codes.

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Choosing Internet web site Fonts

Typography and robust font selection play a crucial serve as inside the success of a brand spanking new design.

There are a selection of first rate apparatus for comparing and testing fonts, along with web pages that offer get right of entry to to an impressive number of the fonts themselves.

All over again, the ones are all unfastened alternatives.

Web Font Tools


Fontpair has a collection of pre-paired fonts on their site accumulated from around the web.

They’ve a concepts/submissions internet web page, with new pairings added weekly.

Font tools, Font Pair
Font Pair

Pair & Read about

Pair & Examine makes experimenting with font pairings easy.

You’ll be capable of use Google or local fonts (shared from your device), and have up to 3 comparatives at the same time as on the computer screen.

Font tools, Pair & Compare
Pair & Read about

There are lots of enhancing alternatives: size, weight, color, line best, and additional.

You’ll be capable of moreover business any of the development text, and bookmark fonts for testing later.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is an excellent helpful useful resource for finding and using fonts, with almost about 1500 families – in conjunction with variable fonts and subject material symbols.

The ones are all unfastened to use, even commercially or within a product that is introduced commercially (example: a symbol or wordmark).

Font tools, Google Fonts
Google Fonts

Downloads are available for families, or particular person sorts, and will also be shared with others by means of links.

Additional web pages that offer unfastened fonts:

And a lot of best elegance/paid font web pages:

How So much Can You Value For Branding Services?

To get an idea of learn to price your branding services, a useful exercise is to try what the competition is offering and charging for creation of the equivalent or an equivalent content material subject matter.

We did this ourselves and listed below are some similar examples to draw pricing inspiration from:

TechCrunch had a very good article on the price of startup branding & visible identification, from a designer with a decade of enjoy (in conjunction with Fortune 500s).

Proper right here’s a breakdown of what they charged: logo branding cost 1
Branding & Emblem value estimates. Provide:

Pricing estimates are broken into two categories, in step with the level of the business, which as you’ll see, very a lot affects the approximate costs.

The Branded Corporate is a full-service digital corporate that provides services and advice encompassing all elements and levels of branding.

They’ve an informative article through which they provide specs to lend a hand with making plans & calculating branding prices. logo branding cost 2
Branding Methodology & Visuals value estimates. Provide:

There is also variance in the ones prices too, alternatively they’re nevertheless helpful to get an idea of what the on a regular basis range is for design services.

Figuring out this may be in agreement prevent you from massively over or beneath charging, taking your ability and knowledge degree (and the scope of a given undertaking) into account.

In reality you’ll and should price higher the additional you’re in conjunction with for your branding programs.

Affordable price range for branding services: $1,000-$30,000+

Web Design Supplier 2: Visual Identity

A visual id generally is a graphic only (emblem), inventive text only (wordmark), a mix of each and every, or the entire complement of all.

It will nicely be as fundamental as a circle with an initial in it, or the business determine in a decided on font, weight, and color.

Working example >> WPMU DEV!:

WPMU DEV logo elements
WPMU DEVs fleet of visual identities.

What’s Involved With Providing a Visual Identity Supplier

Settling on a symbol for a consumer has quite a lot of ranges of factor.

It boils all of the means all the way down to how particular they’re, and what their value vary is.

The additional refined or particular a client-envisioned design is, the a lot more most probably their needs it will likely be met by means of going with a custom designed one.

The other distinct advantage to a custom designed design is it’s going to be unique. The prefab stuff is available to any person, so multiple companies might gain and use the equivalent design.

Merely as we checked out some web pages that can be in agreement with the core elements of branding, we next set out to to find resources that offer nice conceivable alternatives for visual identities (logos, wordmarks, and so on).

Tools and Outsourcing Possible choices For Creating Custom designed Trademarks

All the logos on are unfastened.

The ones are very fundamental, premade cookie cutter alternatives, alternatively there are a lot of them.

Moreover they enable great variation in color (there’s a Hex field) if you wish to have an excessively particular colour.

Collaborating in with unfastened emblem customization on

Bearing in mind the ones are totally unfastened, it’s a just right chance if you don’t need the remaining intricate or unique.

Inventive Market

Ingenious Marketplace has 150,000+ emblem templates for use in corporate branding, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship.

The logo template devices include badges, icons, and other elements for creating unique and stylish logos.

Logo tools, Creative Market
Inventive Market

The ones are all pre-made designs, so keep in mind that any number of other folks can purchase/use the art work together with you. If your client needs a novel emblem, this selection gained’t art work.


Fiverr is a very in taste provider marketplace, where you hire an individual artist for any number of design elements offered as Gigs.

Logo tools, Fiverr
Fiverr for logos.

On account of this is completely relying on what designer you happen to make a choice, your mileage may vary. Alternatively normally, reviewers seem glad on the whole, and in point of fact really feel they got a excellent deal for what they paid.

The prices range from $5 to $995, depending on the ability degree of the artist and the portions built-in.

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Logoglo is a best elegance emblem site. The remainder you get proper right here generally is a singular, one-off design, professionally comprised of scratch, in step with your temporary.

Programs include further content material subject matter as you cross up in tiers – very similar to number of initial concepts, turnaround time, & revision allowances.

Logo tools, Logoglo

This is a great chance if when you’ve got a consumer who has a moderately better value vary, and wishes art work that folks gained’t come all through elsewhere.


99designs is a subsidiary of VistaPrint, the extraordinarily successful online print area.

Possible choices include the level of designers, and whether or not or no longer you get a loyal manager and prioritized support.

The number of introduced design concepts starts at 30, and goes up to 90. All designs come with a money-back be certain, and full copyright ownership.

Logo tools, 99designs
99designs Design Contest process.

How So much Can You Value For Visual Identity Services?

Jacob Cass is an emblem designer, strategist, and the founder of JUST Inventive, an award-winning branding & design consultancy. has an article on design price, with an invaluable chart on emblem design pricing. Additionally, they equipped a list that breaks out the costs in better part.

Just Creative Logo design costs 1
Emblem Design value estimates. Provide:
Just Creative Logo design costs 2
Emblem Design value estimates. Provide:

Entire Branding for international identities is priced extremely best, tapping out at over 1,000,000 dollars.

This in spite of everything is the elite upper echelon, successfully above affordable.

For the level we’re enthusiastic about, you’ll see the variance goes from $0 for DIY/unfastened emblem makers, to upwards of $5K for an professional designer.

Affordable price range for visual id services: $500-$5,000

Web Design Supplier 3: Landing Pages and Lead Technology

The principle function of extreme internet websites (excluding coaching and recreational) is to turn incoming web site guests into leads.

Offering touchdown web page or an equivalent conversion-based services for your consumers is without a doubt value it.

In any case, they’re no longer in point of fact to turn down the potential of gaining further consumers and leads.

“Each internet web page has one serve as, to grow to be. Make sure you have a clear path on how the buyer needs to grow to be, what’s the target that the buyer needs out of each buyer. Keep your design enthusiastic about getting that convert click on on.” – Chris (WPMU DEV Member)

What’s Involved and The Tools to Lend a hand You Provide Landing Internet web page and Lead Technology Services

Landing Pages

Chances are high that you’ll already have a template you use for client landing pages – each self-created, purchased, or purchased for free.

In the event you’re looking for something contemporary, or don’t already have a go-to, listed below are some alternatives for Landing Internet web page internet websites.

Tools and Outsourcing Possible choices


Nicepage supplies 10,000+ pre-designed Landing pages, otherwise you’ll make your individual.

You’ll be capable of edit any of the pre-made templates, using their own site builder – which allows for drag-and-drop, no coding customizations like content material subject matter enhancing, construction changing (blocks), enhancing colors and fonts, and making adjustments for quite a lot of responsive modes.

Landing pages, Nicepage

Nicepage is available for House home windows or Mac OS as a WordPress Plugin.


Fiverr’s professional landing internet web page designers can create the correct construction and branding id in your internet web page.

Expect best elegance prime quality footage, responsive design suitable for mobile devices and desktop, content material subject matter upload (of content material subject matter equipped by means of you) and additional.

Landing pages, Fiverr
Fiverr for landing pages.

The prices vary very a lot, depending on what you need, how fast you need it, and the self-ascribed talents & enjoy of the artist you choose. For reference, we found out prices ranged from $5 to $1500.


Landingfolio features a surprising and quite a lot of collection of landing pages, curated from around the web.

Their alternatives include:

  • Tailwind CSS Web page Templates – Figma built-in on all designs
  • Trademarks – a collection by means of designer Jord Riekwel, donated to the gang (they’re unfastened)
  • Mockup Generator – in brief create device mockups in your app or web design; enter your site URL, and they’ll generate the mockups for you
Landing pages, Landingfolio

Tailwind is a CSS framework like Bootstrap, that speeds up your construction time. It uses classes to style elements, in order that you don’t have to jot down any CSS.

Trendy Internet web page Builders Like Elementor and Divi

In reality, you’ll all the time turn to internet web page builders and problems if sought after, most of which is in a position to can help you create prime quality custom designed landing pages for consumers.

Divi only supplies a paid style of their builder, which provides a delightful taking a look end-product in terms of landing pages and conversion elements. Elementor moreover has the potential to create landing pages in each and every their unfastened and Skilled permutations.

Create Lead Generations Modules With Hustle

Each excellent landing internet web page needs environment friendly lead technology elements.

You’ll be capable of put together some great lead generating modules with our unfastened Hustle plugin.

Come to a decision-ins, pop-ups, slide-ins, social shares, and embeds – Hustle helps you create they all, designed to power results and convert visitors.

CTA, Hustle's templates
Just a few of Hustle’s many premade templates.

It’s easy to build great taking a look modules in minutes with Hustle’s professionally designed templates (18 and counting).

All of which may also be mobile responsive, and come with a number of e mail opt-in forms and informational designs (i.e., shoppers click on on a button and are sent to each and every different internet web page).

Hustle is to be had in each and every unfastened {and professional} permutations. Every get a hold of all of the equivalent great settings and alternatives.

The only difference is the Skilled style comes with countless Come to a decision-ins, Custom designed Content material subject matter, and Social Sharing.

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Want further Hustle? Check out the ones info-packed articles on the blog:

How So much Can You Value For Landing Internet web page and Lead Technology Services?

F5 Studio, a successful web construction outfit that has been in business since 2013, has a very good article breaking down the elements of design, and what’s going into its touchdown web page pricing.

They’re announcing digital companies value from about $600 to $3,000 to create a static landing internet web page, and from $2,000 to $5,000 for a dynamic landing internet web page.

Brimar, an award-winning, full-service promoting and advertising and marketing corporate, shared those insights on touchdown web page price, claiming an corporate can value any place from $300 to $3,000 in step with landing internet web page, depending on the undertaking’s complexity and the patrons business goals.

General, the cost of creating a landing internet web page varies depending on the complete scope of the method, and what kind of art work it will likely be involved.

Affordable price range for landing internet web page and conversion services: $300-$5,000

Web Design Supplier 4: Redesign/Rebrand projects

There are a selection of the reason why a consumer might have the benefit of or want a website online redesign. The commonest are:

  • The full appear and feel is outdated or unappealing.
  • The business id isn’t well-reflected inside the design, or temporarily gained’t be as a result of a planned rebranding.
  • The usability is poor, making navigation difficult and restricting conversions.

“It’s specifically essential for a complete overhaul (the UI might require a complete rethink) if in the hunt for to attraction to a completely different target market—e.g. if a site changes from b2c to b2b.”Marianna (WPMU DEV Member)

What’s Involved and The Tools to Lend a hand You Provide a Redesign Supplier

Figuring out the individual enjoy is very important. If a site’s interaction/conversion fees are such a lot lower than their site web site guests, it will behoove you to look into behavior analytics.

Hotjar and Crazy Egg for UX insights

Tools like Hotjar and Loopy Egg can give great belief on a site’s UX design/usability.

By the use of looking at recorded computer screen behavior, you’ll pinpoint any prone areas, and make upgrades in step with real-use data.

Hotjar supplies their service for free, up to 1000 dollars (per 30 days) in step with what choices you wish to have, and for what collection of categories (“Observe”) or responses (“Ask”).

Crazy Egg pricing accommodates 5 different programs, from lower than thirty dollars a month, to priced by means of quote. Every tier we could in better quantities of services (like tracked internet web page views, snapshots, & recordings).

Learning where consumers switch their mouses and where they click on on, what they focal point on vs what they fail to remember about, removes any doubt and guesswork, allowing you to pay attention to the areas specifically highlighted as ripe for enlargement.

How So much Can You Value For Redesign Services?

Redesigns are very similar to new designs relating to the total effort required. They include a number of the equivalent elements, apparatus, and time prerequisites.

The only price differential with a redesign would be the additional value of UX belief apparatus, as outlined above.

As for basic web redesign costs, individuals in a fresh world redesign survey revealed some key stats:

  1. Affordable value to design a site (with fundamental choices): $3,200
  2. Affordable time to design a site (with fundamental choices): 2 months
  3. The important thing explanation why other folks hire an authorized web designer (relatively than using site construction device): the ability to totally customize.
Goodfirms survey costs of web design
Web Design survey results for basic web design costs. Symbol credit score
Goodfirms factors influencing web design
Web Design survey results for elements influencing value. Symbol credit score

Irrespective of the explanation behind a redesign, it’s essential to setting up what the expectations are for scope and price in advance.

We’re seeing an average of $3+K and a period of time of about two months for whole web designs/redesigns. Factor that into what your affordable assemble time is and what services you’ll include to be in agreement set your prices.

Affordable price range for site redesigns: $2,000-$4,000

Putting All of Your Web Design Portions Together

Having accumulated wisdom and given it due consideration, you’ll now compile a menu uniquely tailored for your web design services, providing easy get right of entry to (and value proposition) to consumers.

An Example of a Complete Design Services Menu:

Proper right here’s an example we were given right here up with, which incorporates variations on elemental prices, depending on the portions built-in and expected art work involved.

GWD Web Design service package menu
Our whole service web construction menus, as spotted on our development site.

Get Started Offering Web Design Services To Your Shoppers

We hope you took away some treasured insights from this detailed check out offering web design services.

If you wish to have any longer advice or rationalization about the remaining discussed inside the article, be happy to ask us inside the comments underneath.

There are a lot of balls to stick inside the air as a Web Developer. At WPMU DEV, our function is to assist in making that process so simple as possible.

For those who’re occupied with giving our platform a take a look at, our loose plan is the best place to start out out. It accommodates countless site regulate, built-in billing, plugins, and additional.

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