How To Create A Absolutely-Branded, Custom designed Shopper Portal With WPMU DEV

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Learn to give your customers a very simple {{and professional}} white label portal revel within the position they can get entry to their account, internet sites, and pay you by way of a protected and self-hosted checkout.

Imagine having your own unique portal where your customers can login, get entry to their billing accounts, even make expenses – all hosted on your own website online, with your own branding.

Well, superb knowledge, with WPMU DEV it’s conceivable and simple! And in this article we’re showing you one of the simplest ways to create the consumer portal of your wants.

You’ll learn:

  • Learn how to create custom login pages for customers,
  • Learn how to ask customers to your portal using branded emails,
  • How customers may just make expenses to you in short and easily.

Throughout the height of this text you’ll have organize a sleek portal underneath your own style that customers can use to get entry to information about their internet sites and make protected expenses in your services and products.

Listed here are the segment breakouts:

And we’re off!

What You Will Need To Create Your Portal

Previous to we get started, correct right here’s what you’re gonna need if you want to apply along, or in the end create your own portal:

1. The Hub, to determine the ground of your portal and mix billing equipment

The Hub is your central interface as a WPMU DEV client, and it’s where our web developer participants arrange each and every facet of their consumer internet sites.

You’ll learn additional about how it works in our the best way to get probably the most out of The Hub article.

This all-in-one website online interface moreover includes a built-in consumer regulate and billing dashboard – where you’ll invoice customers, organize subscriptions, apply per month regimen source of revenue (MRR), and additional.

And most importantly and associated with this text… you’ll invite your customers to have customized get entry to to your billing dashboard (and explicit areas of your overall Hub), where they can view their account and subscription information, and even pay invoices immediately by way of a built-in Stripe checkout.

All of the above lays the groundwork in your white label consumer portal. Then again it’s nevertheless all underneath WPMU DEV’s branding up until this point.

That’s where this next software comes into the equation…

2. The Hub Consumer, to style your portal as your own

The Hub Shopper permits you to take your Hub interface, along with billing equipment and checkout, and white label the entire issue with your own branding, logos, and so on.

This case might be on your own website online at your own house, so when your customers login they see your style, not ours.

3. A Hosted Internet web site For Your Portal

In any case, you’ll moreover need a hosted website online to host your consumer portal…

This will also be each a 3rd-party hosted website online, or there’s at all times our non-public devoted WordPress internet hosting, which you’ll moreover arrange suitable from your Hub dashboard.

All of the above equipment are integrated with the WPMU DEV Corporate plan, which you’ll moreover trial at no cost at this time.

Good enough, now that you realize what’s sought after, we’ll get the entire method all the way down to it!

How To Create and Brand Your Consumer Portal

Good enough, first problems first… for the reason that white label consumer experience comes courtesy of The Hub Consumer, we need to arrange and configure that right away.

When you’ve signed up for a paid WPMU DEV membership, The Hub Consumer plugin might be available to place in for free of charge by way of the plugin landing internet web page, The Hub plugin manager, or the WPMU DEV dashboard plugin (confirmed beneath).

hub client wpmudev dashboard install
Setting up The Hub Consumer from the WPMU DEV WordPress dashboard.

Once activated, click on on on it to see the Welcome visual display unit, then click on on on Get Started. This puts you immediately into Settings.

Via default, your Hub Consumer will inherit the Brand Determine and Logo you’ve gotten set to your non-public Hub, on the other hand you’ll customize it to be regardless of you like.

hub client branding page & preview
The Hub Consumer settings in WordPress, default view.

We’ll in short organize our first 3 style customizations underneath Internet web site Profile.

  1. Click on at the arrow icon for Brand name, sort what you’d like to call it, and Save Changes.
  2. Next, click on at the arrow icon for Your Logo, upload your graphic, and Save Changes.
  3. Underneath Color Scheme, click on at the arrow icon for Navigation Background, make a selection desired colour from the color picker, then Save Changes. You’ll moreover make a selection your Navigation text and Navigation text made up our minds on & hover colors correct right here, to test your utterly branded color scheme.
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You’ll see all of your changes in real-time by way of the Preview strip at the peak of the Settings internet web page.

the hub client settings wp dashboard
The Hub Consumer Settings number one visual display unit, customized to your style.

Configuring Menu Navigation Items

We need to make getting spherical in our branded portal an attractive, good experience for our customers.

We will be able to merely accomplish this right through the Hub Consumer’s settings.

Let’s check out personalizing the rest of the branded portal in your customers.

First up, we’re going to prepare what’s going to be displayed as the main menu of your branded portal.

From the main visual display unit in The Hub Consumer; scroll the entire method all the way down to Configuration, and click on at the chevron arrow to the precise of Navigation.

Choose between the dropdown possible choices, or create a website online explicit menu in WordPress’ Glance > Menus, then come once more to this internet web page and make a selection it.

select the Navigation menu in client portal
Settling at the Navigation menu to your consumer portal.

Now we’ll set the consumer internet web page for the reason that hub.

Click on at the chevron arrow to the precise of Consumer Internet web page, and from the ensuing popup, make a selection as desired from the dropdown possible choices, then Save.

select Client Page to be replaced with your client hub
Settling at the Consumer Internet web page to be replaced along with your consumer hub.

Now you’ll see this additional hooked up text – View Internet web page, next to Consumer Internet web page, together with the name of the internet web page you made a decision directly to the precise. In this case, “hub”.

config nav client page view page text in menu
We’ve set the consumer internet web page for the reason that hub.

Click on on on View Internet web page and it’s going to open this situation of the Hub in a brand spanking new webpage, where you’ll see the internet web page you made a decision on, with the menu you made a decision on at the peak of the website online.

branded hub client view
The Consumer’s view of your branded hub.

You’ll moreover customize the link used for the Once more text in your Consumer Login internet web page. We’ll knock that out presently.

From the WP Dashboard > The Hub Consumer > Settings > Configurations > Space Internet web site URL, click on on Add to open the configuration module.

Enter the website online URL and website online name (Title), and Save changes. (You’ll moreover click on at the checkbox to Open in a brand spanking new tab prior to saving, when you select.)

customizing site home URL for back button
Customizing the website online area URL for the once more button inside the Hub Consumer.

Follow: if no customizations are made correct right here, the once more button will direct to the default area internet web page for that website online.

For individuals who ever need to revert once more to the default state, simply click on at the Reset button.

Atmosphere Up a Help Button

Having lend a hand resources readily available in your customers is a big plus. It’s going a prolonged technique to making them truly really feel calm and collected, understanding answers are just a click on on away.

“Provide enough customization possible choices so that we will tweak the feel and appear of the interface to some degree. And the ability to put in our non-public information, identical to the touch information and links to our non-public lend a hand pages/purchaser enhance and things like that.” – Julian (WPMU DEV member)

Getting the Help Button in The Hub Consumer is a cinch. I’ll walk you through how to check out this now.

From the WP Dashboard > The Hub Consumer > Settings > Configuration; to the precise of the Help Button, click on on Add.

Enter the URL in your Help internet web page, then Save Changes.

Tada! You’ll now have a floating lend a hand bubble in your Hub internet web page that when clicked, will direct the shopper to your decided on URL. Via default, the Help internet web page might be opened in a brand spanking new tab.

When you’ve organize your Help Button, it’s going to turn inside the lower suitable corner of The Hub number one internet web page, able for movement.

help button client portal view
Together with a Help button to your internet sites in The Hub.

Integrating Live Chat

Live Chat is an out of this world serve as to supply to your customers. And The Hub Consumer supplies 3 highly-rated chat platform integrations to choose between.

For individuals who head over to the WordPress dashboard, The Hub Consumer > Settings > Integrations, you’ll configure a Live Chat widget in your Hub Consumer.

3 of the most well liked third-party services and products are available: LiveChat, Tawk.To, and HubSpot.

Live Chat logging in for
Live Chat inside the Hub Consumer, logging in for customized live chat preview’s live chat glance settings and preview.

Depending on which live chat supplier you choose, the setup will vary.

For individuals who’d like a basic walkthrough on surroundings the ones up in The Hub Consumer, be told Find out how to Set Up Are living Chat on WordPress. Or get the entire rundown in our Integrations assist medical doctors.

Inviting Customers To Your Custom designed Portal

Time to roll out the red carpet! With customizations set, we’re able to ship our customers inside.

Let’s get began by the use of manually together with a brand spanking new consumer.

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Navigate to The Hub > Customers & Billing, and click on on + New Consumer.

adding a new client
Getting a client organize takes only some clicks.

Enter the entire consumer’s required (and no longer mandatory, as desired) wisdom inside the form fields.

Client Roles play an excessively vital phase in Consumer setup. Basically, the ones decide what each and every consumer could have get entry to to to your hub, with regards to viewing and taking movement. You’re going to have whole control on the ones by the use of selecting permissions.

We’ll take a deep dive into Client Roles in our upcoming Customers & Billing article. For now, click on on on the dropdown arrow underneath Client Serve as, and make a selection View All & Get right to use billing.

add client user role dropdown
Making a decision what your consumer has get entry to to by the use of applying a client serve as.

For individuals who opt for a Custom designed Serve as – you’ll make one on the spot by the use of clicking on + Create custom client serve as.

This will likely most probably ship up the visual display unit where you’ll make a selection possible choices from the main and nested menus. Determine your new serve as, and reserve it.

Now while you go back to that consumer, you’ll assign this custom serve as to them.

While together with a client, you’ll moreover unravel what Primary Hub they’re associated with.

Whilst you’ve were given a few Hub, it’s going to be available inside the dropdown. For those who’re using The Hub Consumer on a website online, and make a selection it for the reason that Primary Hub, when that consumer clicks on a Test Invitation or Pay Invoice link from your Consumer & Billing automated e mail, they’ll be taken to the your white labeled Hub website online as a substitute of

add client select primary hub
Regardless of Primary Hub you choose will sync the verbal change preferences that can occur from that Hub (e.g. emails, invoices, and so on.).

At the bottom, switch the Invite Consumer toggle to on, then click on on Add.

invite client from add client window
Invite a client from the Add consumer window.

Enlargement! Consumer has been added, and sent a white-labeled invitation to your consumer portal, which will seem to be this:

email confirm invitation

Once the consumer confirms by the use of clicking the Test Invitation link to your e mail, they’ll have get entry to to your branded portal.

Within the match that they already had an present Hub account with you, it’s going to take them immediately to the login internet web page of the Hub they have got been invited from.

Within the match that they’re new to your account, they’ll be taken to the account introduction internet web page of that Hub instance.

From the account introduction internet web page, they’ll get a popup modal with their e mail take care of already inside the form field. They’ll merely need to create a password, then click on at the Create Account button.

create account (from email invite)
Consumer account introduction to your Hub.

What Your Customers Will See Inside Their Portal

Every consumer experience to your portal might be unique to them.

Your branding might be prevalent all the way through, and what your customers will have the ability to view and get entry to relies on the permissions you’ve granted them through Client Roles.

It’s an out of this world technique to custom serve each and every consumer an excellent fit in your mixed business interests and needs.

The Consumer Dashboard

Once your customers have logged into your consumer portal, they’ll be greeted by the use of a dashboard with get entry to to any content material subject material you’ve given them permissions for.

portal initial view
A shopper’s-eye view of your custom branded portal.

Customers can organize single or a couple of internet sites to your portal, and organize them in their dashboard area as they see fit.

portal multi sites
Customers can favorite internet sites, color labels, and additional to your branded Hub.

The roles you’ve assigned to a client are editable by the use of you and will also be changed at any time inside the regulate and billing platform.

For instance, if we assign Billing permissions to a client, he/she’s going to have the ability to view and edit the rest in that segment, on the other hand they’ll be bring to a standstill from every other pages/screens in Consumer Billing.

plugins, manage existing
Customers will also be given get entry to to modify and read about, or view highest, making it conceivable to hide screens like Plugins only.

Be informed this put up for a better take a look at Consumer Roles and Permissions.

Letting your customers view and arrange their own billing details saves you the time and effort it’s possible you’ll differently spend on their admin movements, and allows them to truly really feel connected to their account.

There’s so much your customers can accomplish correct right here. For instance, managing their billing information and account details, viewing their services and products and subscriptions, filtering on value status (due or paid), assessing what their reasonable spend is, and much more.

billing details client view
The Billing Analysis segment gives customers a handy guide a rough on the other hand informative top-level view of their account(s).

Throughout the billing segment, customers can see the entire details by the use of drilling down right through the various menu possible choices.

current subscriptions
The Products & Products and services and merchandise internet web page allows views by the use of breakout sections for subscriptions, each and every full of life & inactive, and one-time services and products as well.

Any line products correct right here will also be clicked on for whole details, and/or to take sure actions. For instance, canceling a subscription.

view subscription details
Details on a decided on consumer subscription, with an way to cancel it.

Invoices will also be examined in whole component.

invoices summary list mixed pay status
The client invoice summary tick list, with merely visible status and amounts for each and every.

The built-in clear out capacity is superb, offering distillation possible choices for date, value status, and web site.

filter on invoices
Even archived invoices will also be positioned fast using the robust clear out.

For individuals who’ve given them permissions to do so, customers can view details and take movement on services and products and bills, identical to creating expenses or downloading PDF diversifications of invoices.

filter on invoice menu options
Every line products has speedy actions by way of the popup menu, identical to making a value or viewing a subscription.

Consumer Profile

Customers can freely edit their non-public content material subject material – profile information (along with their profile p.c, if they’ve one set in Gravatar), make a password trade, setup 2FA (requires an authenticator app), or sign out, all over the cog icon menu inside the upper suitable corner.

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client profile edit
Customers can merely edit their own profile wisdom.

The whole thing updates in authentic time. For instance, if the consumer changes the email addy in their profile, it’s going to moreover substitute in their billing profile, for the reason that Hub and Customers & Billing profiles are synced. Easy peasy!

Customers Can Pay Invoices by way of The Consumer Portal

With the Customers & Billing modal, your consumer could have the benefit of paying you immediately through your branded consumer portal (with protected Stripe checkout utterly integrated)!

As mentioned earlier, all consumer regulate movements along with expenses occur securely inside your own house and fully custom-branded screens.

hub URL
The whole thing happens at your most well-liked house URL.

During the path of their industry shuttle with you, customers are stored inside the loop with automated emails, which reflect your custom style and company details.

email pay invoice
Electronic mail communications and invoices are brought on automatically and keep on-brand, taking that task off your plate.

Customers can readily make expenses by the use of clicking on the invoiced e mail link, taking them to the fee portal.

client invoice payment in portal 1
Customers give a final take a look at to their invoice details, then click on at the Make Rate button.

The client can enter their value wisdom, then click on at the Pay button, which could have explicit wisdom on it relating to the amount of money and service they’re approving.

Follow, within the match that they in the past added a value method, it’s going to auto populate correct right here, with an way to trade it if desired.

client invoice payment in portal 2
Consumer value process in The Hub, persevered.

The client can take a look at all of their information on the next internet web page, then click on directly to pay.

client invoice payment in portal 3
Consumer value process in The Hub; one final visual take a look at, pre-pay.

With the fee made, the invoice will load up, reflecting the details and paid status.

client invoice post payment details
Consumer invoice details; status: paid.

Now while you transfer to the Invoices tab, you’ll see all provide and memorable invoices.

invoice summary list status all paid
Consumer invoice summary tick list inside the Hub.

Throughout the Status column, red indicates value is due, and green indicates value has been made.

The top-level Invoices menu has a notifier icon (a host in a red circle), indicating the quantity of outstanding invoices – for quick visual reference.

The client can download a replica of any paid invoice by the use of clicking the PDF Invoice button at the top-right of the invoice visual display unit.

Customers Can Get right to use Invoices Straight away in The Billing Modal of The Hub

Your customers can merely view and arrange billing movements from any internet sites in their Hub, very similar to specific billing. It’ll be on the subject of very similar to what you notice to your Hub Billing area, if truth be told explicit highest to their website online(s).

Customers can use the left sidebar menu to navigate to their billing segment.

Customers need highest click on at the Billing link inside the sidebar menu of any website online they’re viewing to get started. Any invoices you’ve sent to them might be accessible to them correct right here.

client billing overview with sidebar
Consumer overview visual display unit to your branded Hub.

Customers who you’ve added a web site for on the other hand haven’t however sent an invoice to will nevertheless see the website online, it merely won’t have any explicit billing information.

Once the main site-specific invoice has been paid, knowledge will instantly populate inside the Summary segment, together with the Products & Products and services and merchandise and Invoices sections’ Status, which will reflect as Vigorous and Paid.

For individuals who’ve stuck with us right through all the breakdown, congrats! You’re now truly neatly versed in lots of the great choices inside the Consumer Portal – ie your branded Hub. We haven’t any doubt you’re going to do very good problems.

For individuals who do ever need an be in agreement, reach out to our highly-trained (and top-rated) enhance body of workers. They’re at all times on, 24/7/365.

For an entire knowledge to the whole thing on the consumer portal, see The Hub Shopper documentation.

Giving Your Customers a Additional Customized Enjoy with The Hub Consumer from WPMU DEV

The Hub Consumer lets you run WPMU DEV on your own house as a 100% white label experience in your customers.

You’ll utterly customize your branding, colors, links, logins, emails, and shoppers get entry to…even allow customers to edit sure areas at your discretion.

“It’s like giving your customers at the back of the scenes get entry to, on the other hand as a VIP experience.” – Josh Hall (

Check out our Hub Consumer plugin through a trial of one in every of our paid plans, or our Internet hosting – utterly trustworthy and optimized for WordPress. We offer a 100% pleasure be sure that, and our enhance body of workers helps with all problems WordPress, not merely our services and products and merchandise.

See you on the inside!

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