How To Migrate From Weebly to WordPress (Entire Information)

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Weebly is likely one of the many web page builders to be had out there folks would possibly check out once they’re allowing for publishing their web page. Why? It provides a loose plan. Alternatively, what happens when you outgrow a basic setup and don’t need to give a boost to your Weebly plans? If this is the case, one of the absolute best possible choices for you’ll be to migrate from Weebly to WordPress.

In this step-by-step knowledge, we’re going to walk you via what you need to do to successfully migrate your provide web page from Weebly to a brand spanking new WordPress web page.

Quicker than we go through the true migration steps, let’s take a look at a few problems that need to be in place to be sure that the solution to be as simple and easy as conceivable. From getting a domain name and hosting to setting up WordPress for the migration process, now we’ve you lined.

From Weebly to WordPress: Migration Will have to haves

Everyone knows you’re prepared and able to get your web site moved from Weebly to WordPress. Quicker than it’ll happen, let’s transfer over a few problems you’ll have already taken care of quicker than starting the true web page migration process.

Going from one CMS to some other isn’t always easy. This is especially true with Weebly and WordPress. While we’re laying the steps out for you, certain problems will have to be considered up to now.

Possibly an important issue to bear in mind is the main difference between Weebly and WordPress.

Were given thru Sq. in 2018, Weebly isn’t an open-source gadget. It is a proprietary drag and drop web page builder that gives folks the whole lot they need to get began building a web site in an instant and getting it online.

While this is all efficient and good, oftentimes folks generally tend to outgrow a Weebly setup on account of they would really like further freedom and control over what they are able to and can’t do on their internet pages.

WordPress is built for exactly this. WordPress is an open-source system that gives shoppers a ton of possible choices when it comes to controlling and flexibility.

With WordPress, shoppers can customize (just about) the remainder, including the underlying source code, themes, and capacity (through plugins) which allows for very good freedom.

Now that we’ve highlighted the core diversifications between the two platforms, let’s take a look at explicit actions you’d need to perform to verify your migration from Weebly to a brand spanking new WordPress web page goes simply.

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Check in a Space Determine

In case you’re shifting from a platform like Weebly and going to WordPress, chances are it is important to test in and purchase a domain name. Since Weebly has a loose plan, shoppers that assemble internet pages there have a URL that looks something like this:

Now, this isn’t always the case. So if you already have your house determine, feel free to skip ahead to the next section.

There are a selection of good domain registrars to choose from. You want to believe things like pricing and TLD (top-level domain) names which may also be made available.

Purchasing a website determine is the first step in opposition to getting your web site migrated from Weebly to WordPress. Our in-depth knowledge protecting how to select the best domain name registrar can give you a further detailed look into this process.

Gain Internet web hosting

Now that you just’ve were given a website determine able to roll, it’s time to obtain internet hosting so that you can get your new WordPress web site up and dealing as it should be. Another time, you need to have your WordPress web site up and dealing with a up to date WordPress arrange for your house determine so that you can perform the migration as it should be.

There are quite a lot of types of internet hosting available. Alternatively, we suggest managed WordPress hosting for quite a lot of reasons.

Our Kinsta hosting platform is an excellent variety and provides you with get right to use to the entire WordPress hosting features and tools you need to easily prepare a web site in WordPress and get able to perform the migration from Weebly to WordPress.

Arrange and Set Up WordPress

There are a few different ways wherein you’ll be capable of arrange WordPress for your decided on house determine and get it running as it should be. The way in which wherein you installed it’s going to maximum for sure be in response to the internet hosting platform you decided on to go with.

In case you’re on a internet hosting provider that uses cPanel, then setting up WordPress there isn’t that difficult. There’s a one-click arrange process, then again there are certain details that need to be filled out and possible choices to believe. Non-tech shoppers would possibly experience some issues.


On the other hand, now we’ve MyKinsta, our custom-designed dashboard where putting in place a WordPress can happen thru together with a few bits of data and the usage of the one-click movement that is available.

Installing WordPress using the MyKinsta one-click option

Setting up WordPress the usage of MyKinsta.

3 Methods To Migrate a Weebly Internet web page to WordPress

From this stage, you’re in a position to perform the migration. There are 3 number one techniques to migrate your web site from Weebly to WordPress. The ones include:

  1. Information migration (DIY loose)
  2. Automated migration (plugin loose and paid)
  3. Outsource migration (paid)
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Let’s transfer over all three ways together.

Information Migration

Manually migrating your Weebly web page over to WordPress isn’t in truth a tough task. Actually, this is maximum for sure how you need to do it, as this is the most simple process. All it’s a will have to to do is copy and paste content material subject matter from one place to some other.

One of the crucial horny part of doing the migration manually is that you just’re making sure each piece of content material subject matter is coming over as it should be, the correct manner you need it.

One thing to believe right here’s the size of your provide web site on Weebly. Information migration is a little bit of time-consuming, so you probably have a large web site, it may be a good idea to use the automated manner or the outsourcing manner, both of which we cover underneath.

Step 1: Create Pages and Posts in WordPress

Quicker than you get began copying and pasting content material subject matter from Weebly to WordPress, it’s going to lend a hand the process transfer sooner when you occur to create pages and posts to start out out.

This accelerates that process because you don’t will have to create the pages and posts as you progress.

There are a couple of techniques to check out this; you’ll be capable of create the pages and posts manually, 1-by-1, otherwise you’ll be capable of use a plugin known as Bulk Page Creator to create pages in bulk so much sooner.

When you do need to use this plugin, then transfer ahead and install and activate it on your WordPress website.

As quickly because the plugin is activated, transfer to Settings and then click on on on the Bulk Internet web page Creator tab.

Screenshot showing the Bulk Page Creator plugin options in the WordPress dashboard

Bulk Internet web page Creator plugin possible choices.

Click on on on the A few Pages mode checkbox and from there, kind the determine of each internet web page you need to create and separate them the usage of commas.

Example: test1,test2,test3,and so forth. Don’t cross away any spaces between commas and internet web page titles.

There may be some other plugin it’s possible you’ll need to use for this process. The Quick Bulk Post & Page Creator plugin implies that you’ll do the exact same issue as Bulk Internet web page Creator, apart from it expands into posts, media, hierarchies, and much more.

In case you arrange this plugin, click on on on Apparatus and then make a selection the Speedy Post Creator tab.

Quick Bulk Post & Page Creator plugin

Speedy Bulk Post & Internet web page Creator plugin.

Once on the plugin possible choices internet web page, you’re going to look that this plugin supplies just a bit further capacity. Alternatively, we need to use it to create bulk posts. You’ll see that we wrote in some publish examples.

Move ahead and create the publish titles you need, set the configurations how you favor the usage of the decisions, and then click on on on the Bulk Insert button at the bottom of the internet web page while you’re able to create your posts.

Quick Bulk Post & Page Creator plugin options in WordPress dashboard

Speedy Bulk Post & Internet web page Creator plugin possible choices.

Whilst you do this, you’ll be capable of transfer to the Posts section of your dashboard and see that the similar posts had been created.

Relevant posts are created using the Quick Post Creator option

Comparable posts are created.

Step 2: Copy and Paste Content material subject matter From Weebly to WordPress

Now that you just’ve were given all of the similar pages and posts created in WordPress, it’s time to get began copying content material subject matter from your Weebly web site and pasting it over to the correct publish or internet web page for your new web site.

How long will this take? Neatly, this depends upon the amount of content material subject matter it’s a will have to to put across over. That’s it! The information process may well be really easy then again will also be time-consuming.

It is going to need to also be well-known that you just’re going to in the end need to put across the entire similar footage over from Weebly to WordPress.

To try this, it is important to save the photographs without delay from your Weebly web site and then upload them manually into the WordPress media library.

Once the photographs are to your library, you’ll be capable of simply put them in the correct internet web page or publish.

Don’t fail to remember to fix any inside links so that they stage to the correct places within your new WordPress web site.

You’ll do this manually for each publish and internet web page coming from your Weebly web site, or supplied the out of date URLs on Weebly and the new URLs on WordPress are set with a decided on pattern, you could have the choice to use the regex option as neatly.

Automated Migration

Automating the migration from Weebly to a WordPress web page will also be nice because you get to move transparent of the additional information copy and paste routine. Alternatively, oftentimes the usage of plugins to move content material subject matter like it’ll cross away you with various problems chances are you’ll need to tidy up after the import has finished.

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There may be the issue of finding the precise plugin that provides you with the entire very important apparatus in one place.

There are a number of plugin possible choices to be had out there that can get you via this process. The problem is that a whole lot of them are very out of date and have not been up-to-the-minute in a while. It’s true, most of them nevertheless artwork, then again for this part of the object, we’d have appreciated to go looking out something that was once as soon as each and every loose and up-to-date.

For this, we’re going to make use of the Feedzy RSS Aggregator plugin. Not perfect does this plugin provide a solid manner that will help you automate the Weebly to WordPress migration process, then again they actually have a premium version of the plugin available as neatly.

Sign Up For the Publication

Feedzy RSS Aggregator plugin

Feedzy RSS Aggregator plugin.

It is going to should be well-known that we’re the usage of the loose fashion of this plugin to perform the posts migration process. If you want to have further capacity when bringing the posts over, then feel free to dig into the highest category fashion and see if it supplies something you need.

Let’s transfer your web site from Weebly to WordPress the usage of this additional automated manner.

Step 1: Arrange and Flip at the Feedzy Plugin

While to your WordPress dashboard, head over to the plugin arrange area thru clicking on Plugins and then Add New. This takes you to where you need to be to search for the Feedzy plugin.

Move ahead and search for Feedzy the usage of the available search field. Whilst you see it, arrange and activate it correct from your dashboard.

Search plugin repository for Feedzy and install it from there

Search plugin repository for Feedzy.

Now that the plugin is installed and activated, you’re in a position to use the potential it provides. What we’re going to do is find it to snatch your Weebly web page RSS feed and use that feed to create posts for your new WordPress web site.

Step 2: To search out the “Import Posts” Tab

With Feedzy activated, find the principle tab to your WordPress dashboard and click on on on it. From there, you need to click on on on the Import Posts tab to create a brand spanking new import and snatch the posts from your Weebly web site.

Find the “Import Posts” tab in the Feedzy plugin

To search out the “Import Posts” tab.

Once in this section, transfer ahead and click on on on the New Import button situated on the most efficient of the internet web page. This will likely every so often take you to the principle configuration possible choices for Feedzy and imply you’ll import RSS feeds for your web page.

Click the “New Import” button to import using Feedzy

Click on at the “New Import” button.

Step 3: Import Posts From Weebly to WordPress

At this stage, you could have reached the principle import feed internet web page for the plugin. You’re going to make use of this internet web page to import feeds from Weebly without delay into your new WordPress web page.

Move ahead and gives your import a name. The determine will also be regardless of is said to the feed or regardless of you need it to be. Believe, you’ll be capable of bring in multiple feeds one at a time if sought after.

You want to place your Weebly web site’s feed URL without delay into the sector classified “Provide.” In case you’re wondering what exactly your Weebly feed URL is, it’s maximum steadily one of the following:


From there, fill out the rest of the settings and configurations how you notice fit. Believe, not each feed setup will look the identical. A large number of the way in which you do this part of the process depends upon your configurations.

That is the construction of what you’re going to be taking a look at. You’ll see that some possible choices aren’t available on account of they’re part of the highest category fashion perfect.

New import feed layout in Feedzy

Determine your import and fill throughout the RSS feed provide.

You’ll continue scrolling down and assign further portions.

Assign more elements in Feedzy

Assign further portions.

While you’ve were given the entire possible choices filled out how you need, it’s time to click on on on the Save & Activate button on the bottom correct of the internet web page.

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This mechanically imports the feed and takes you once more out to the “Import Posts” section.

From proper right here, you’re going to look what was once as soon as came upon and imported from the feed you decided on.

View your Weebly import in the WordPress dashboard

View your import.

Step 4: Import Pages and Images

As is the case for the information manner, exporting pages and images from Weebly to WordPress must be performed another way as pages aren’t built-in throughout the RSS feed.

You are going to have a couple of possible choices proper right here, depending on the collection of pages you could have. You’ll use the copy and paste manner that we discussed above to get your pages over, otherwise you’ll be capable of use a couple of different plugins to do the trick.

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If you wish to employ the plugin manner, head for your Weebly web page and export the pages as HTML information. You’ll moreover request their give a boost to to check out this for you, even supposing you’ll have to wait a few days for a response.

After getting the pages in an HTML structure, you’ll be capable of use a plugin like HTML Import to import those internet web page information into your WordPress web site.

Feel free to avoid wasting a whole lot of those manually and then upload them into your WordPress media library as far as footage transfer.

You’ll moreover bulk upload files via FTP or SFTP as neatly. In case you’re acquainted with this option, it’s going to avoid wasting some time.

Outsource the Weebly to WordPress Migration

There’s any other strategy to merely migrate from Weebly to WordPress with little to no hassle. If you are interested in outsourcing the mission, then this is a great strategy to transfer.

There are a couple of internet pages that offer excellent Weebly to WordPress migration services. This lets you punch in a little bit of information, then sit down once more and make allowance them to take care of it for you.

We’ve were given two excellent concepts for you.


CMS2CMS is an automated service that provides you with the facility to migrate from any platform correct to WordPress.

Screenshot of the CMS2CMS website


They provide a easy, simple, and fully automated process. Regardless of this being a most sensible category service, it provides a loose demo migration that transfers a limited content material subject matter. That manner, you’ll be capable of see exactly how it works and the way in which easy the process is

CMS2CMS moreover supplies a loose migration calculator that you just’ll be capable of fill in fairly in brief and get the migration worth in a few clicks.

The CMS2CMS migration calculator

CMS2CMS migration calculator.

If you want to have to take a look at the limited process for free, then sign up for an account on their website and go through their step-by-step process to see if it fits you.


Another good selection available for outsourcing your Weebly to WordPress web site migration may well be WordHerd.

Screenshot of the WordHerd website


They provide full-service migration services that imply you’ll switch from any platform correct to WordPress.

It doesn’t subject how huge or small your web site is. WordHerd works with everyone from small industry web sites to large corporations.

To get started with a loose quote in your Weebly to WordPress migration, visit their website and fill out the “loose quote” form.

Even supposing we love to do problems ourselves, every so often (in response to the site) it can be upper to outsource the migration simply. Positive, you’re going to pay some, then again it is a confident process and can get you put up and dealing sooner than the information and automated process.

After the Migration

Regardless of manner you choose, there are a few things to believe after the migration process is complete.

Subjects and Plugins

WordPress has themes for any niche, so transfer make a selection one out to use for your new web site. You’ll install it and customize it then again you need. These themes make design easier and are very user-friendly. Positive, there could also be a slight finding out curve, then again after you progress over a few problems, you shouldn’t have any hassle building and designing your new web site.

Conversely, WordPress moreover has a big plugin library. You’ll download and arrange any plugin you need to lend a hand extend the potential of your web page. You’ll wish to include the best WordPress plugins available, as the ones will lend a hand supercharge your web site.


Moreover it is crucial to verify your permalink building is what you need it to be. You’ll get right to use the permalinks to your WordPress dashboard and set them to be exactly what you need.

We understand there’s so much to think about when the usage of WordPress permalinks, so this ultimate guide to WordPress permalinks will lend a hand.

Degree Your DNS

Final then again not least, when you occur to haven’t performed it however, your ultimate order of commercial is to suggest the web page DNS transparent of Weebly and over for your internet hosting platform. Kinsta makes this process simple.

Once this is performed, you could have the danger to push the web site are living in an instant, or artwork on a staging surroundings to get the web site where you need it to be quicker than you push it are living.

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Migrating a web page from Weebly to WordPress does not will have to be an excessively tough process. Alternatively, it may be a further intense process in response to the amount of content material subject matter and what plugins and kit you could have get right to use to.

For this reason we supplied three ways to perform this process. So, between the information, automated, and outsourcing possible choices, you’ll have to be able to provide the possibility that works for you.

Which manner did you should migrate your web site from Weebly to WordPress? Let us know throughout the comments section!

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