How you can Advertise Your YouTube Channel [+ Tips from HubSpot’s YouTube Team]

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Throughout the early days of YouTube, there weren’t somewhat numerous YouTubers or producers creating content material subject material on the platform, so it was much more straight forward for content material subject material creators to stand out. Fast forward to 2022, and there are in fact kind of 15 million lively content material creators on YouTube pumping out 500 hundred hours of content material each and every minute.

With that all the way through ideas, you’re maximum undoubtedly wondering simple promote your YouTube channel so that it stands out above the remainder. And what kind of will promotion price? Fortunately, there are many apparatus, tips, and techniques you’ll be capable to use to promote it your YouTube channel and not using a wish to spend a lot of money — or any money the least bit.

In this blog, we can uncover a couple of of my favorite, no-cost learn how to promote a YouTube channel.

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  1. Create compelling content material.
  2. Use key phrases on your headlines, descriptions, and tags.
  3. Use hashtags.
  4. Customise your thumbnails.
  5. Publish continuously.
  6. Advertise your channel on social media.
  7. Advertise your channel on boards.
  8. Construct a neighborhood.
  9. Run a competition.
  10. Go-promote your movies on YouTube.
  11. Collaborate with different creators.
  12. Create playlists on your YouTube movies.
  13. Embed your YouTube movies.
  14. Livestream.
  15. Upload a YouTube widget in your web page.

How you’ll be able to Put it up for sale Your YouTube Channel for Free

I’ve my own YouTube channel where I speak about anime, and after I first got started I definitely didn’t have money to spend on expensive advertisements or pricey apparatus to expand my channel. So, I did a lot of the following to look out my audience, and I realized growth pretty quickly:

1. Create compelling content material subject material.

There are many ways you’ll be capable to use to attract target audience to your channel, alternatively none of the ones ways may just make up for lackluster content material subject material. In actual fact nobody wants to get invested in content material subject material that’s no longer excellent.

A large key to attracting an audience and galvanizing them to subscribe is to create compelling content material subject material that may keep them coming once more for additonal.

Skilled-Tip: Take a look at other established content material subject material creators to your space of hobby for inspiration. What do you enjoy most about their motion pictures, and what would you do in a different way? Use your answers that will help you figure out the kind of content material subject material you need to make.

2. Use keywords to your headlines, descriptions, and tags.

Numerous masses of flicks are uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis. To ensure your motion pictures be triumphant to your target audience, you need to incorporate keywords into your headlines, descriptions, and tags.

There are unfastened apparatus like Google Key phrase Planner, which may also be accessed from your Google Ads dashboard. Do not be disturbed — you don’t have to run advertisements to use it. All you need is a Google account.

Google Keyword Planner can be used to promote your YouTube channelSymbol supply

Skilled-Tip: Probably the most simplest ways to look out the proper keywords without the use of any apparatus is to enter your video’s subject inside the YouTube search bar, and use the autosuggest to look out words and phrases you’ll have to incorporate into your content material subject material.

yt autosuggestSymbol supply

3. Use hashtags.

You’ll moreover use the important thing words you found out to create hashtags to your motion pictures’ titles and descriptions. Your video’s content material subject material may also inspire ideas for a hashtag. For example, in all probability you interviewed a popular customer for your channel — that customer’s establish can be used as a hashtag to attract their fans to your content material subject material.

Hashtags are used to promote a YouTube channelSymbol supply

Skilled-Tip: Take a look at other YouTubers to your space of hobby to look what hashtags they’re the use of so that you’ll be capable to to find the proper ones to your content material subject material.

4. Customize your thumbnails.

The thumbnail of your video serves as your video’s first affect — and we all know you on no account get a second likelihood at a number one affect. To clutch target audience’ attention, create a unique, eye-catching thumbnail that may compel them to click on on for your content material subject material.

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YouTube thumbnails that stand out most often include a mixture of the following:

  • Prime quality pictures
  • A face (other people naturally point of interest on faces when it comes to photos)
  • Brilliant contrasting colors
  • Movement photos
  • Bold text of no more than six words

Skilled-Tip: For my own YouTube motion pictures, I use Canva’s unfastened YouTube thumbnail device. With Canva, the thumbnail templates are already the correct dimensions and there are tons of fun stickers, bold fonts, colors, and background pictures to choose from. Plus, I will upload my own pictures from my phone or laptop to the template.

This thumbnail is used to promote a YouTube channel

5. Post often.

Consistency is very important when attracting conceivable subscribers to your channel. When you post often and constantly you’ll be able to gain credibility along side your audience on account of they know you’ll be able to always keep the good content material subject material coming. To begin out, take a look at posting a brand spanking new video every two weeks and in the end artwork your technique to a few occasions each week.

Skilled-Tip: You’ll moreover use YouTube Analytics to track the days and circumstances your audience interacts along side your content material subject material necessarily essentially the most. For example, within the tournament you already know your motion pictures get necessarily essentially the most views when posted on Saturdays at 12 p.m., you’ll wish to have motion pictures posted spherical that time to get necessarily essentially the most engagement.

6. Put it up for sale your channel on social media.

The scoop director of a TV station I worked for would always say this about promoting content material subject material: “If it isn’t on social media, then it does no longer exist.” Keep this in ideas when promoting your YouTube channel.

You’ll put out glorious content material subject material, have the easiest thumbnail, and use all of the correct keywords — but if you don’t promote your content material subject material on social media, you’re falling by the wayside on a most likely large audience.

To attract anime fans to my channel, I started a Twitter account and started the use of the #anitwt and #AnimeAfterDarkCH hashtags each and every time I tweeted about my motion pictures. “Anitwt” is short for “Anime Twitter,” and is used to lend a hand anime fans connect to other fans on the platform.

#AnimeAfterDarkCH is a hashtag used for a weekly Twitter space aimed toward Black anime fans. Now after I check my YouTube analytics, I regularly understand about 80% of my views come from Twitter shoppers.

HubSpot’s Senior Manager of Promoting and advertising and marketing Essie Acolatse moreover suggests creating motion pictures to cross-promote on different platforms.

“Make shorter bite measurement diversifications as teasers for various platforms. The ones teasers should fit the best video structure for that platform, and should be attractive enough to make the viewer want additional,” she discussed. “It’s regularly circumstances laborious to get folks to go away the platform they’re already on, alternatively benefiting from your other social platforms can lend a hand power views to your channel.”

Skilled-Tip: Use social media to observe and connect to content material subject material creators, figureheads, and other remarkable folks to your space of hobby. This may increasingly more and more allow you to to find online communities that correspond along side your space of hobby and can lend a hand expose your channel to the proper audience.

7. Put it up for sale your channel on forums.

Online forums like Reddit are great places to promote it your channel. Merely take into account that many forums have “no promotions” insurance coverage insurance policies — alternatively you’ll be capable to get spherical them with a bit bit little little bit of tact. Make sure that you’re contributing price to the conversation and that your posts don’t come off too similar to commercials.

For example, shall we say you’re a taste YouTuber and in addition you already know a Reddit dialogue board discussing thrift store taste — an issue you’ll have coated for your channel. As a substitute of replying with “Excellent day, check out my YouTube channel about taste.” You’ll say:

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“That could be a in truth cool standpoint! I love thrifting and in truth made a YouTube video with some great tips on simple to find the best items at thrift stores. You’ll check it out if you’re looking for advice.”

Then chances are you’ll link to your specific video.

Skilled-Tip: Be an vigorous contributor to these forums even whilst you don’t have new content material subject material to promote it. Doing this gives price to the conversation and presentations that you just want to be helpful instead of merely plugging your channel.

8. Assemble a local.

Use your YouTube to decide yourself as an authoritative voice to your space of hobby and to create a space for folks with shared interests. Among the finest (and unfastened) means to try this is to simply interact along side your audience. Reply to comments by means of sharing additional valuable knowledge.

Some YouTubers may also shout out new subscribers in their motion pictures. You’ll moreover ask commenters for guidelines for your next subject and gives them some recognition for contributing.

Skilled-Tip: If if you have more than 500 subscribers, you’ll be capable to make the most of YouTube’s “Neighborhood” characteristic. This feature allows creators to interact with their audience between uploads by means of status updates, polls, and GIFs.

9. Run a contest.

Running a contest is a good way to attract new subscribers, alternatively you’ll want to be sure that the contest attracts people who are in truth to your space of hobby and now not merely the prize.

To take a look at this, be sure that the prize is something attached to your subject. For example, if I’ve been to run a contest to attract anime fans, a excellent prize may well be unfastened anime merchandise or a gift card to anime garments retailer Atsuko.

Skilled-Tip: You should definitely promote your contest on social media and in online forums each and every time imaginable.

10. Cross-promote your motion pictures on YouTube.

In every YouTube video I post, I always make the most of the platform’s “playing cards” characteristic. This feature signifies that you’ll be able to promote a video all through different motion pictures for your platform. This works by means of posting a small icon at the corner of your video that links to every other video or playlist. You’ll set the length for the way in which long you need the card to seem. Underneath is an example of what a card turns out like:

YouTube's cards feature is used to promote a YouTube channelSymbol supply

In a different way to cross-promote your motion pictures is to include an finish display. Have you ever ever ever watched a YouTube video and spotted clickable advertisements for various motion pictures appear inside the final 10 seconds? This is an end show, and it encourages target audience to find additional of your content material subject material and subscribe.

Acolatse moreover suggests the use of YouTube Shorts.

“Those bite measurement video diversifications for various platforms can be utilized as YT shorts,” she discussed. “YT is investing a lot of money into shorts and because that feed reaches a novel audience, it’s a great way to boost engagement for your normal channel. Be certain the ones shorts hook target audience in within the first couple of seconds and make them very compelling.”

YouTube's end screen feature is used to promote a YouTube channelSymbol supply

Skilled-Tip: Each and every time I upload a brand spanking new video, I always use taking part in playing cards and the top show to link once more to my previous video. This may give your older content material subject material a second lifestyles and a chance to appreciate new views.

11. Collaborate with other creators.

This is every other form of cross-promotion this turns out to be useful to all occasions involved and can lend a hand prolong your reach. For a a luck collaboration, find a YouTuber whose audience overlaps with yours.

For example, if you’re a well being a professional, you’ll be capable to collaborate with a content material subject material writer who moreover specializes in exercise or diet. Once who you need to artwork with, reach out to that exact, and in addition you two can plan on the way you’ll make a unique video for both of your channels.

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“This is among the perfect conceivable herbal ways to expand. Their audience will get a chance to look you and your audience can see them,” Acolatse discussed. “Growing content material subject material with other creators that have a an identical space of hobby and following measurement as you’ll be capable to allow you to get additional views for your content material subject material.”

Skilled-Tip: Now may well be the time to use the connections you’ll have made on social media to scope out the best collaborator.

12. Create playlists to your YouTube motion pictures.

The additional motion pictures you create, the more difficult it’s going to be for target audience to navigate your channel. Developing playlists organizes your content material subject material into specific categories, and allows target audience to binge your artwork. Playlists will lend a hand target audience to find the comparable content material subject material they’re looking for for your channel, and so they’re going to be a lot more more likely to subscribe once they finish binge-watching your motion pictures.

Skilled-Tip: Believe your playlists when creating content material subject material. Ask yourself how you may categorize the video and what playlist it is going to fit into.

13. Embed your YouTube motion pictures.

If if you have a blog or internet web page, embedding your YouTube motion pictures to your blog content material subject material or product internet web page is a great way to boost conversions and attract subscribers to your channel. Having a piece of writing or webpage attached to your video can also lend a hand it rank higher in search engine results.

Skilled-Tip: Make sure to use keywords to your blog or webpage’s content material subject material as neatly to lend a hand folks to find your internet website online and, in turn, your YouTube video.

14. Livestream.

With the rise in popularity of livestream platforms like Twitch, livestreaming content material subject material is a construction that doesn’t seem to be going any place. TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook have all integrated live-streams into their platforms — and YouTube isn’t any different. Some ways you’ll be capable to use YouTube Live include:

  • Q&As
  • Webinars
  • Live tutorials
  • Product demonstrations

Avid avid gamers will regularly livestream themselves playing the latest video video video games and artists will from time to time livestream themselves completing a problem.

Skilled-Tip: Don’t be too excited about perfection when it comes to your livestream. Probably the most biggest draw-ins of livestreams is that nobody is acutely aware of what is going to happen keep. It all merely supplies to the fun and creates a additional private relationship along side your fanatics.

15. Add a YouTube widget to your internet web page.

By the use of together with a YouTube widget to the footer or sidebar of your internet web page, anyone who visits your internet website online will have the ability to see and interact along side your motion pictures. It’ll turn internet website online clicks into views to your content material subject material. It will moreover encourage visitors to subscribe to your channel.

Skilled-Tip: Many website-hosting platforms have their own unfastened YouTube widgets you’ll be capable to merely embed onto your internet web page.

Promoting your YouTube channel does no longer wish to be a financial criminal accountability. As you’ll be capable to see, there are many ways to increase your audience reach, to find your space of hobby, and promote your content material subject material for free. Now that you just’ve some unfastened promotional ideas, you are prepared to craft the easiest promoting and advertising and marketing plan to expand your channel.

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