How you can Ship Top-High quality Footage on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is likely one of the best messaging apps, but it surely undoubtedly has a disadvantage: it compresses pictures and films. This means that when you send media via WhatsApp, its prime quality is decreased to fit within a 16MB restrict. This compression helps the app send and procure files faster and saves space for storing.

On the other hand, while you’re looking to send top quality images or motion pictures without shedding any prime quality, there’s a trick you’ll be capable to use.

Change: Excellent knowledge! WhatsApp may be testing a brand spanking new feature that may let consumers send top quality photos. This selection is in beta and will likely be available to everyone briefly. Then again until then, you’ll be capable to use the mentioned trick to steer clear of the compression. For more information, see this web page.

Sending Best-Top of the range Photos on WhatsApp

To send full-quality photos on WhatsApp without lowering their dimension, use the Report sharing chance. This permits you to send photos up to 100MB in their distinctive form. Merely make a choice to send your {photograph} as a document to stick its prime quality.

First, let’s send an ordinary image on WhatsApp to appear the record dimension support on the receiving end.

For instance, I’ve a lengthy publicity wallpaper {photograph} that’s first of all 578KB in dimension.

original imageoriginal image

After sharing the {photograph} on WhatsApp and downloading it, its dimension is now 221KB.

after compressedafter compressed

Now, let’s take a look at sending it in WhatsApp, on the other hand this time, as a document. To try this, inside the chat window, tap the + icon on the bottom left, then make a choice ‘Report‘.

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select plus iconselect plus icon

We’ll send a picture that’s 2.1MB in dimension and then check on a computer to appear if its dimension has been compressed.

send as documentsend as document

The image dimension remains 2.1MB.

image uncompressedimage uncompressed

So it in reality works. This means that if you want to must send an image over WhatsApp and don’t want it to be compressed, use the document sharing chance as a substitute.

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