How you can Use the Merchandise by means of Tag WooCommerce Block

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are an important for increasing your online store’s visibility. By the use of the usage of WooCommerce product tags, you’ll be capable of assign specific traits for your items and make them additional searchable for purchasers. Additionally, the Products by way of Tag WooCommerce block can create a grid of the ones similar items and allow consumers to browse them merely.

In this article, we’ll uncover the Products by way of Tag block, and provide an explanation for the way you’ll be capable of use and configure it. Then we’ll discuss some absolute best practices for the usage of this part and resolution any lingering questions you’ll have.

Let’s get started!

How you’ll Add the Products by way of Tag WooCommerce Block to Your Submit or Internet web page

Previous to together with this block to your posts and pages, you’ll need to just be sure you’re using tags in your WooCommerce store. For those who don’t however have any, you’ll be capable of create them by way of navigating to Products > Tags on your WordPress dashboard.

Whilst you’re glad in conjunction with your tags, navigate to the post or page where you need to use this WooCommerce part. To start, click on on on the button (1), type “products by way of tag” into the search bar (2), and make a choice the block (3):

Adding the Products by Tag block.

On the other hand, you’ll be capable of type “/products by way of tag” correct right into a Paragraph block and hit your Enter key. The program may even insert the part into your publish or internet web page.

Next, choose your tag from the tick list of alternatives that appears. In this tutorial, we will be operating with the “logo” tag:

Adding tags to the Products by Tag block.

Click on on on Performed, and the block will create a grid with the items that lift your most well-liked tag:

A WooCommerce product grid,

As you’ll be capable of see, striking this block is discreet. Alternatively, it’s imaginable you’ll wish to adjust its settings to keep watch over how it presentations on your WooCommerce store. We’ll take a look at the opposite configuration alternatives which could be available inside the next phase.

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Products by way of Tag WooCommerce Block Settings and Possible choices

The first thing you’ll wish to do is check out the settings menu that sits at the top of the Products by way of Tag block. It has somewhat numerous icons that keep watch over different alternatives:

The settings menu for the Products by Tag block.

Right here’s a quick evaluate of each of the settings on offer:

  1. Change block type or style: You’ll turn out to be the part correct right into a Columns or Group block.
  2. Change alignment: This atmosphere applies a big or entire width design to the block.
  3. Edit: Proper right here, you’ll be capable of edit your most well-liked tag.
  4. Possible choices: This menu means that you can copy, copy, or add the part for your Reusable Blocks.

You’ll get admission to a 2nd settings menu by way of clicking on the block and then the equipment icon inside the top-right corner of the improving show. You’ll then see a temporary tick list of configuration alternatives:

The configuration menu for the Products by Tag block.

Let’s check out each one in detail:

  1. Product Tag: Proper right here, you’ll be capable of change or add product tags to the block.
  2. Layout: This atmosphere controls what collection of columns and rows make up the product grid.
  3. Content material subject matter: This atmosphere means that you can display different product wisdom, similar to titles, prices, ratings, and Add to cart buttons.
  4. Order By the use of: Proper right here, you’ll be capable of order the products by way of newness, score, price, or product sales.
  5. Advanced: You’ll enter custom designed CSS into this box to modify the style of the block.

Whilst you’re proud of the settings, click on on on Save Changes or Publish to make the block reside. Your customers can now browse products in keeping with their tags!

Pointers and Absolute best imaginable Practices for The use of the Products by way of Tag WooCommerce Block

There are some guidelines it’s imaginable you’ll wish to consider when the usage of the Products by way of Tag WooCommerce block. First, we recommend pairing this part with a Heading block. Another way, your customers would possibly now not understand why your items are grouped in this explicit grid:

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A grouping of WooCommerce clothing items with logos.

Additionally, it’s imaginable you’ll consider putting off product reviews from your displayed items. Customer reviews can boost your logo’s trustworthiness. Alternatively, if your items lack consumer feedback, there’s little degree in showing this empty field.

Moreover, we recommend slightly taking into consideration which tags you practice for your products. The ones classifications mean you can use keywords that can boost your store’s visibility in search engines. Because of this reality, it’s imaginable you’ll wish to conduct keyword research faster than opting on your tags.

In the end, we recommend most efficient the usage of one tag consistent with block. You’ll make a choice multiple classifications when striking the part. Alternatively, this overload of information could be overwhelming for your customers, and prevent them from finding their desired products.

Frequently Asked Questions In regards to the Products by way of Tag WooCommerce Block

By the use of now, you’ll have to actually really feel slightly at ease the usage of the Products by way of Tag part. Alternatively, this phase should resolution any questions it’s imaginable you’ll nevertheless have about this WooCommerce block.

Can I Add New Tags With the Products by way of Tag Block?

Unfortunately, you’ll be capable of’t add new tags while the usage of this block. You’re limited to the taxonomies that you just already use on your WooCommerce store.

Instead, you’ll first need to navigate to Products > Tags on your WordPress dashboard and create a tag. Then you definitely’ll be capable of assign it to specific products on your inventory.

What Is the Difference Between the Products by way of Tag and Products by way of Magnificence Blocks?

Categories and tags are similar taxonomies in WooCommerce. Alternatively, they’ve refined diversifications.

Categories are the primary classifications for products. For example, you’ll have “t-shirt” and “jeans” categories, which may also be assigned to different garments items. The Products by way of Magnificence block can personnel items in keeping with the ones broad characteristics.

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In contrast, tags denote smaller classifications that be in agreement consumers filter your products. For example, it’s imaginable you’ll use “logo” to show garments items that lift your store’s branding.

What Is the Difference Between the Products by way of Tag and Products by way of Function Blocks?

Attributes are different classifications that you just’ll be capable of practice to WooCommerce products. They describe explicit choices of your items, similar to colors, sizes, and kinds.

As such, the Products by way of Function block permits customers to browse your inventory for items that meet those explicit needs. This part works similarly to the Products by way of Tag block, then again it simply makes use of information from a definite classification gadget.


If in case you have a large WooCommerce store, you most likely stock many varieties of items. To make them additional searchable for your customers, you’ll be capable of separate your products into groups and organize them the usage of tags. Even upper, the ones tags can boost your search engine optimization efforts.

As we’ve spotted, the Products by way of Tag WooCommerce block makes it easy to arrange your store’s items in keeping with their tags. This part  presentations the products in a user-friendly grid, so customers can merely browse your alternatives. Fortunately, this block may be somewhat easy to customize to meet your store’s needs.

Do you could have any questions about the usage of the Products by way of Tag WooCommerce block? Let us know inside the comments phase beneath!

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