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The WordPress row block is the most important design block that permits you to get ready your content material subject material proper right into a horizontal row. It’s a versatile block that can be used any place inside the WordPress editor to organize content material subject material in templates, template parts, as neatly posts and pages. In this put up, we’ll explain what it’s, use it, and answer your burning questions about it. Let’s get to it.

What’s the WordPress Row Block

WordPress row block

The row block works similar to the stack block. Then again, as a substitute of unveiling items vertically, it shows blocks horizontally across the available house of the mother or father container. Via default, the block will calmly house the blocks contained inside it – and uses the flex CSS belongings to turn content material subject material in a grid construction on smaller screens.

row block flex

If you are using a internet web page builder, like Divi, the row block isn’t essential. You’ll have the ability to use the Divi Builder to be able to upload rows and other components with additional sophisticated design alternatives.

How you’ll Add the Row Block to your Publish or Internet web page

For this put up, we’ll be together with it using the Twenty Twenty-3 theme, then again you’ll have the ability to use any block theme or complete web page modifying theme to watch along. Get began by way of logging into your WordPress internet web page. Then, add a brand spanking new internet web page.

There are a couple of ways to be able to upload the block to your internet web page from the block listing. The main means is to use the block inserter. Click on at the block inserter icon at the best left of your internet web page.

click the block inserter

Next, type row inside the search bar. In finding it from the hunt results and each click on on to be able to upload it, or drag it into the internet web page editor.

insert the row block

Some other means to be able to upload the block is to click on at the + icon on the internet web page editor, or simply get began typing /row to reveal the block results. Click on at the row block to insert it into the internet web page.

insert row block in page editor

After together with a row to the internet web page, you’ll have the ability to insert as many blocks inside your row as you’d like. Blocks display depending on whether or not or no longer you choose to stack them or no longer. We’ll get additional into that inside the next phase. Via default, as you add blocks, they appear from left to right kind inside the row.

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adding blocks to row

Row Block Settings and Possible choices

The WordPress row block will also be customized using the toolbar settings and extra settings. Right here’s a breakdown of the settings available.

Toolbar Settings

The toolbar settings personnel consists of various settings which will also be outlined inside the image underneath:

row block toolbar settings

  1. Change into to
  2. Drag
  3. Switch
  4. Justification
  5. Vertical alignment
  6. Width
  7. Further alternatives

Change into To

The main on the tick list is turn out to be to. You could have a few alternatives proper right here.

transform to controls

You’ll have the ability to turn out to be the row proper right into a quote, unwrap it, convert it to columns, or convert it to a cover. When you unwrap a row, each block contained inside it’s going to stack on best of each other, fairly than being displayed from left to right kind. Gutenberg gives you a preview of how your row will look once unwrapped.

unwrap option

When remodeled to a cover, you’ll have the ability to add a background image, background overlay, and set the padding on it. Choosing this option converts your row into a cover block, then again helps to keep the blocks right through the row itself.

cover option

Drag and Switch

The drag chance lets you reposition the block any place on the internet web page. This is handy for sophisticated internet web page designs that come with a few sections of content material subject material. In a similar fashion, switch will will help you switch the row up or down on the internet web page without the need to drag.


The justification surroundings signifies that you’ll each justify the items to your row to left, heart, right kind or calmly house the items to your row from left to right kind.

justification controls


With the alignment instrument, you’ll have the ability to each align the blocks contained inside the row to the best possible, center, or bottom.

row alignment

Width Controls

You’ll have the ability to specify the width of the block to be a max of 650px massive, 1200px massive, or entire width. Whole-width rows span all the width of the internet web page, which is very good for rows remodeled to covers or for a call-to-action sections.

width controls

Further Possible choices

Beneath Further Possible choices, you’ll be capable to do things like copy, replica, insert, switch, lock, personnel, ungroup, remove, or create a reusable block from the row.

more options

Additional Block Settings

You’ll to seek out various alternatives underneath additional settings. To search out the block’s additional settings, click on at the block tab located inside the sidebar settings for the row block.

access row additional settings

First, you’ll have the ability to get ready blocks to your row each horizontally or stacked vertically.

row options

Next, you’ll have the ability to set justification and orientation alternatives, along with set blocks to wrap to a few lines. Justification alternatives are the an identical as inside the toolbar settings. You’ll have the ability to set your blocks to align to left, center, right kind, or house calmly. Orientation functions similarly to the arranged alternatives in that you just’ll have the ability to choose horizontal or vertical orientation.

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row justification

Beneath color alternatives, you’ll have the ability to change colors for text, background, and links inside the row’s blocks. Depending on the theme you’re using, gradient background colors are an chance along with solid colors.

color options

Typography alternatives will also be set for any text contained to your row. You’ll have the ability to set the font family, font size, font weight (glance), line top, letter spacing, text decoration, and letter case.

typography settings

Dimension settings control the padding, along with block spacing. Block spacing controls the amount of house between blocks.

row dimensions

Without equal surroundings controls the border, along with the border radius for the row. Gadgets include pixels, percent, em, rem, vh, and vw.

row border

Pointers and Best Practices for Using the Row Block Effectively

The row block is a versatile block that may will help you do a lot of cool problems, apply nice effects to your blocks, and keep your content material subject material organized. There are a few things you should believe doing to use the block effectively. Using it is a great way to be able to upload different effects to groups of blocks. For instance, when creating name to motion sections for your internet web page, it’s excellent to make use of a choice to movement block, then again its makes use of include limited. Instead, believe using a row as a way to add any type of block that you need.

Additionally, using a row signifies that you’ll set the width, vertical alignment, and background alternatives for a bunch of blocks. This may turn into helpful whilst you’re attempting to draw emphasis to a certain phase of your internet web page, similar to a bunch of posts, for example.

Every other tip you should believe when using rows is to use the tick list view. The tick list view is useful, in particular if you have reasonably a few blocks on a single internet web page. You’ll have the ability to merely come to a decision where your rows get started and end, drag blocks to other puts right through the row to organize them, and add new blocks exactly the position you need them.

list view

Steadily Asked Questions regarding the Row Block

The row block is a complicated block with a ton of uses and features, in order that you’re certain to have some questions. Expectantly, the ones will have the same opinion.

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What’s the Difference Between a Row Block and a Column Block?

Rows and columns are very similar to each other. A row works the an identical as a column in that it signifies that you’ll add blocks horizontally. Then again, there is also one key difference. A column block calls so that you can designate a set width for each column, whilst a row does no longer. You’ll have the ability to merely drag blocks inside it to resize the column width, whilst columns name for that you simply enter a price to resize them.

Can I Use the Row Block in a Template?

Utterly! As previously mentioned, the row block is suitable for use in any state of affairs. Whether or not or no longer it’s in a put up, internet web page, template segment, or template, the row block is useful for all types of content material subject material. Using them is a good way to organize and building content material subject material to your templates, along with your posts and pages.

How Many Blocks Can I Use in a Row?

One in every of its coolest choices is the facility to handle never-ending blocks inside it. Now not just like the column block, there isn’t a predefined number of spaces that can be used. For instance, should you occur to were to begin out together with photographs blocks to a row, your images will continue to turn from left to right kind, without reference to what collection of you add. Each image will scale to fit right through the realm allotted.


The row block is a the most important design section for providing building to your internet web page content material subject material. It can be used inside templates, posts, and pages, and can come with countless blocks inside it. It’s useful in creating template parts similar to headers where a few blocks are displayed. For instance, a header row would most likely come with the web page brand, internet web page tick list, social icons, along with a choice to movement button. For many who’re creating a internet web page using blocks, this block shall be crucial.

How do you incorporate the row block into your WordPress internet web page? Let us know by way of sounding off inside the comments phase underneath.

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