Integromat vs. Zapier: Options, Costs, Professionals & Cons (2023)

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Connecting unrelated applications, making them art work together, and automating a lot of information processes turns out like a large number of art work for other folks, in particular for many who haven’t any coding knowledge. Alternatively thankfully, equipment like Integromat and Zapier exist. The ones platforms permit shoppers to connect applications merely with minimal coding involved and, in a lot of cases, none the least bit.

This article is for solution makers who wish to streamline and optimize their processes. For many who’re proper right here, in all probability, you’ll have the advantage of either one of the ones two.

100+ Zapier Zaps and Recipes to Spice up Productiveness

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100+ Zapier Zaps and Recipes to Boost Productivity

Seize automation with Zapier – uncover over 100 Zaps and recipes for productivity. Be informed further

To get a hold of a fundamental example of what you’ll have the ability to do with each and every platforms… Imagine receiving email inquiries from possible shoppers. And for the entire emails that you just get, you or your assistant have to replicate their wisdom to an external platform like Google Sheets or problem regulate equipment like ClickUp, Asana, and so forth..

Now, imagine should you occur to procure lots to loads of the ones emails per 30 days. If copying their wisdom and saving it somewhere else takes a mean of 1 minute every time, you then’re taking a look at lots to loads of minutes out of place per month.

Alternatively with Integromat or Zapier, you’ll have the ability to completely remove the human in this process. It would in truth simply move from email at once on your CRM or challenge control instrument – without human intervention.

What are the essential factor permutations between the two?

Worth Diversifications: Integromat vs. Zapier

Previous than we delve deeper into the essential factor permutations between the two automation platforms, we should first take a look at their pricing on account of it will shape a large number of your decision-making.

At a glance at the table beneath, Zapier seems like it’s the costlier variety. Integromat’s Free plan has 1,000 operations/month, while Zapier’s loose plan best has 100 loose tasks/month. Keep in mind, tasks and operations have nearly the equivalent which means that proper right here, merely different terminologies used. Then, when you take a look on the Starter plan of Zapier, it’s best at 750 tasks per month, while Integromat’s Free plan continues to be ahead by the use of 250 tasks or operations.

To take problems slightly of extra, Integromat’s most expensive plan is best $299/month at 800,000 operations/month, while Zapier’s is at $599 at best 100,000 tasks/month.

Should that dissuade you from choosing Zapier? Not somewhat.

Zapier - automate your workflowZapier - automate your workflow
  • $0 – Free with 100 tasks/month.
  • $19.99 – Starter plan with 750 tasks/month.
  • $49.00 – Professional plan with 2,000 tasks/month.
  • $299.00 – Workforce plan with 50,000 tasks/month.
  • $599 – Company plan with 100,000 tasks/month.
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See Zapier’s Pricing Plans plus all choices built-in.

Integromat, Automate your workflowIntegromat, Automate your workflow
  • $0 – Free with 1,000 operations/month.
  • $9 – Elementary with 10,000 operations/month.
  • $29 – Usual with 40,000 operations/month.
  • $99 – Business with 150,000 operations/month.
  • $299 – Platinum plan with 800,000 operations/month.
  • Custom designed plan is available if you want to have more than 800,000 operations/month and 220+ GB wisdom transfer.

See Integromat’s Pricing Plans and contours.

As you’ll have the ability to see, there’s a huge difference between the two in relation to pricing. Alternatively this shouldn’t be the only criterion. Depending on your needs and ability set, you’ll in all probability want one over the other.

Let’s dissect them beneath.

Custom designed Coding

Zapier wins over Integromat with regards to running scripts. If you want to use Python or JavaScript to execute codes, then the use of Zapier is a clear variety as it has built-in fortify. Integromat doesn’t have this however, even supposing other folks have requested it for a couple of years now.

One workaround for Integromat is by the use of the usage of Google Cloud Purposes to execute Python scripts.

Enhancing Steps

One thing I don’t like about Zapier is that if if you have 10 steps in a Zap, and should you occur to’d like to remove or trade the 5th step, there’s no option to merely remove or trade that step because it’s. It’s essential to remove the entire thing previous to it.

Within the interim, with Integromat, you’ll have the ability to merely trade any module/step anywhere they’re and easily keep an eye on the guidelines accordingly.


Relating to the complexity of the automation you’ll have the ability to assemble, Integromat clearly is the winner. Although a huge proscribing factor is operating scripts, you’ll have the ability to however assemble a actually difficult workflow should you occur to don’t need that.

For example, with Zapier you’ll have the ability to assemble conditional pathways known as Paths. If X is equal to 1, then use Path A. If X is equal to 2, then use Path B. At this time, it’s best limited to 5 Paths.

This limitation does not exist on Integromat. You’ll have the ability to in truth create dozens upon dozens of more than a few paths or must haves.

If that’s not clear enough, let me get a hold of an example.

Suppose you want to mechanically sort leads in line with your questionnaire with the following fields:

  • The city – Osaka, New York, London, Rome, Manila, Brasilia.
  • Gender – Male, Female.
  • Coaching Level – Most sensible Faculty, Bachelor, Seize, PhD.
  • Plan – Plan A, Plan B, Plan C.

With the fields and possible answers above, if you’re the use of Zapier and if your main sorting secret’s The city, you’ll have the ability to best have 5 main sorting Paths. And throughout the ones sorting paths is another set of 5 Paths you’ll have the ability to use. So in this case, it will appear to be this:

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Zapier Paths exampleZapier Paths example

So there’s no longer extra Path left for Brasilia. In this case, a workaround is to use Path E this way:

Zapier Paths limitation workaroundZapier Paths limitation workaround

Alternatively should you occur to do it on Integromat, it will appear to be this:

Zapier Paths limitation workaroundZapier Paths limitation workaround

As you’ll have the ability to see, you’ll have the ability to create more than 5 different paths with different filters every. And throughout the example above, it’s merely 6, on the other hand you’ll have the ability to add such a lot…in fact, I ended together with further after 30.

So, that said, can you imagine the chances you’ll have the ability to do with this so much freedom?

Third-party Integration

I’m torn between Zapier and Integromat with regards to the available integrations and what possible choices there are for the available modules.

For example, the use of ClickUp, on Zapier you’ll have the ability to create a Space by means of a Template, on the other hand should you occur to make use of Integromat, that risk isn’t available.

I can document a couple of applications available in each and every that aren’t throughout the other on the other hand that can take time. Alternatively the good level is, you’ll have the ability to in truth use webhooks or connect directly to the application’s API. You’re in all probability not in good fortune if the application you want to hook up with doesn’t have a public API to hook up with, even if.

So previous to choosing between Zapier and Integromat, you’ll need to try in the event that they’ve an API, Webhooks, or at least in the event that they’re available on Zapier and/or Integromat.


Previously 30 days as of writing this, Zapier had a truly best score of 100% uptime, within the interim Integromat had an outage for more or less 60 minutes previous to it was once as soon as resolved. So, with regards to reliability, I should give the problems to Zapier.

Purchaser Provider

In keeping with my revel in for each and every, they maximum ceaselessly have a response time of less than 24 hours. However, I can need to admit that I’m fascinated by Zapier’s buyer beef up in particular with regards to situations that I’m having trouble with.

For example, if I simply can’t to search out the possible excellent judgment to do something, Zapier’s buyer beef up will maximum ceaselessly resolution with the actual resolution and even recommend some further. Within the interim, my revel in with Integromat is like that too, on the other hand not as detailed with Zapier.

Pros, Cons, and Final Concepts

Zapier Pros
Zapier Cons
  • The way in which through which you edit your steps or modules isn’t exactly delightful.
  • When compared to Integromat, Zapier is pricey.
  • You’ll have the ability to’t trade the purpose or another steps without deleting the previous steps. I hate this about Zapier and it’s what helps to keep me from giving it a 5/5.
Integromat Pros
  • Slightly priced plans.
  • Has a Wisdom Store function where you’ll have the ability to natively store wisdom so that you’ll have the ability to pull it over again someday. No wish to save wisdom outdoor for reprocessing at a later time.
  • If you know how to use their Error coping with choices, you’ll have the ability to mitigate problems paying homage to when there are downtimes between your apps (not merely Integromat).
  • You’ll have the ability to assemble extensive techniques within Integromat.
  • You’ll have the ability to merely edit modules irrespective of where they’re by contrast to Zapier.
Integromat Cons
  • Replaying a job isn’t possible, and every time you should send a development wisdom, you’ll should in truth send it by contrast to Zapier.
  • Compared to Zapier, Integromat best has 650+ apps able for integration.
  • Does not natively fortify code execution.
  • Has issues of uptime.
  • Having a look out the logs isn’t possible, so if you’re debugging a workflow, be able to buckle down and do lots to loads of logs.

As you’ll have the ability to in all probability imagine, each and every Zapier and Integromat have their own professionals and cons that can each make or harm the deal, so I will be able to’t exactly recommend one over the other until I know what your needs are. They’re great equipment that I take advantage of just about daily for more than a few customers in setting up and optimizing techniques, so I can’t let you know which is my favorite — I take advantage of both of them in a similar way.

Alternatively to get a hold of an idea, if the workflow you’re development is task-intensive and also you’re on a limited budget, then Integromat is how one can move. Alternatively if in the event you manage to pay for it and the apps you need to mix aren’t on Integromat, then move with Zapier.

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