Introducing Divi Webhosting by means of Cloudways! Divi Webhosting For Companies & Freelancers That Need 100% Keep watch over in their Servers!

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With managed WordPress web page web hosting, a variety of the very best alternatives don’t allow for a lot of customization. Their web page web hosting plans are rigid for a the explanation why. They supply a protected, forged surroundings for your WordPress internet sites. Then again, managed WordPress web page web hosting doesn’t have to be restrictive. And Cloudways proves it. Cloudways is a new Divi hosting partner, and their managed web page web hosting is all in line with one thing: variety. With Cloudways, you choose just about each part of your web page web hosting experience. And also you’re going to however take care of the protected, forged surroundings you need with a managed host. We’re extraordinarily excited to announce this partnership and want to show you what you’ll be capable to expect from our collaboration.

What’s Divi Internet hosting with Cloudways?

Our partnership with Cloudways brings an outstanding Divi Internet hosting surroundings to Elegant Subjects people who want further control over their web page web hosting surroundings. With Divi web page web hosting by the use of Cloudways, you get a contemporary server with a clean arrange of Divi hooked up for your account at the outset. Moreover, Cloudways has worked with our dev team to ensure that every server is optimized for the Divi theme. This is all to achieve the most efficient potency out of the sphere, with the intention to point of interest on your clients, your design, and your web page itself. Not the technical sides of digging into PHP, databases, and record constructions.

Every one among our Divi Hosting partners is unique, and Cloudways separates itself from our other web page web hosting partners by the use of letting you choose the supplier and datacenters on which your web websites are hosted. You’ll then select and add best the choices and utilities that practice to you. There’s no one-size-fits-all web web page web hosting, and Cloudways leans into that.

What Makes Cloudways Internet hosting Different?

Cloudways supplies managed Divi web page web hosting for a lot of budgets, and that alone is a huge departure from other managed hosts where the price is out of reach for some web page homeowners.

With Cloudways web page web hosting you’ll be capable to get to the bottom of the volume of RAM and processing speed for your server along with which cloud web page web hosting provider your web page in reality lives on. Cloudways makes it easy to choose between the following alternatives:

  • Amazon Web Products and services and merchandise (AWS)
  • Google Cloud
  • DigitalOcean
  • Vultr
  • Linode
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That is a perfect feat, as any person who’s tried getting organize with a couple of of those upper cloud web page web hosting companies can can help you know. For some shoppers, the process will also be overwhelmingly technical and aggravating. Cloudways then again implies that you’ll be able to get started with just a couple clicks.

Have you ever ever ever wanted to host with AWS or Google Cloud, alternatively the intricate setup saved you from doing so? Then Cloudways may be for you. You choose to host your web page on any of the above cloud web page web hosting providers, and likewise you don’t have to transport via guide server configurations. Cloudways manages that for you, making sure that your surroundings is optimized for WordPress and Divi each time.

Every of the above web page web hosting providers you’ll be capable to use via Cloudways is unique someway, and Cloudways pre-configures your servers with the entire thing you need to increase your web page exponentially. Moreover they arrive with an optimized Divi arrange out of the sphere.

Benefits of Divi Internet hosting with Cloudways

We wouldn’t bring in a web page web hosting partner for you if we didn’t believe 100% that the services and products introduced are out of this global. With Cloudways, everyone knows that’s the case and are glad to concentrate on a number of benefits you, our Elegant Subjects folks, will get from Divi web page web hosting with Cloudways.

  • All Cloudways servers have faithful assets. Reverse to the restrictions of shared web page web hosting, this sort of faithful surroundings means that you can maximize server and app potency.
  • 24/7 expert support for everyone, and if you need that support even sooner than rapid, they supply advanced and height price addons for even faster response events, direct phone support, and further.
  • Cloudways servers take advantage of solid state drives, which will also be 3x sooner than non-SSDs used by any other hosts. SSDs facilitate breathtaking potency and diminished internet web page load events for your dynamic web websites.
  • CloudwaysCDN is an outstanding however simple supplier that delivers superior potency and top-of-the-chart global response events. You’ll mix it in conjunction with your Divi web page in only some clicks without any technical tinkering.
  • They don’t prohibit your web page guests. That’s correct, Cloudways has no web page guests cap! No longer like many managed WordPress hosts, Cloudways shall we for your web page as many visitors as you’ll be capable to handle. With the identical budget to get 10,000 visitors on any other host, you’ll be capable to get up to 800,000 visitors on a Cloudways server. That’s a big increase.
  • Cloudways’s Breeze caching plugin integrates with their native caching tactics. Additionally, Cloudways has simply in recent years integrated Object Cache Pro (OCP) into the platform for each plan above 2 GB RAM. This is huge for every WordPress particular person.
  • All Cloudways servers come with Redis Reinforce. Enabling Redis can dramatically give a boost to the potency of your web page’s database. Combine this with Apache, Nginx, and Varnish, and likewise you get unbeatable potency.
  • PHP-FPM dramatically speeds up your web page and improves the loading events of your PHP surroundings. You’ll indisputably understand so much sooner processing with PHP-FPM, which equates to sooner server response events!
  • Cloudways has what they title auto-healing for your web page. You don’t have to worry about your web page crashing from server-side issues on account of auto-healing restarts and resolves most issues on its own.
  • There’s the sort of lot 1-click functionality at Cloudways. Their extraordinarily intuitive platform gets rid of hindrances between you and the web page you need for your brand to achieve success. As part of that, Cloudways has designed 1-click cloning and server scaling. When your web page is in a position to increase, Cloudways is already able.
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We could transfer on and on like this. Instead, we’re going to show you the best way easy it’s to get up and running.

Getting Started: Divi Internet hosting with Cloudways

divi hosting with cloudways

Getting started with Cloudways is as simple as it can be. Merely head to our Cloudways partnership page and click on at the Get Divi Internet hosting button. This partnership is for Elegant Subjects folks best, so that you’re going to be precipitated to log into your account. For many who don’t appear to be a member already, it is a great time to sign up!

launch divi with cloudways

If you want to get Divi web page web hosting without any prematurely willpower, merely press the Free up Divi for Unfastened button. The trial doesn’t even require a credit card. Merely use any electronic message you’ll be capable to get right to use (for verification purposes) and click on on Sign Up Unfastened & Spin Up My First Server. Afterward, you’re going to have 48 hours to tinker and toy away and spot the entire thing that Divi Hosting with Cloudways has to offer.

In case you have completed those steps, you get to organize your server and make your possible choices. You’ll haven’t any trouble proper right here, because it’s utterly simple to get started. If you happen to’ve spun up the server, you’ll see a single visual display unit that provides you with a slew of alternatives.

divi hosting

You’ll check out pricing in line with company, server location, and server duration. Then, on each and every instance you’re able, you’ll be capable to merely click on on Free up Now. Cloudways then begins to create your server, and after only some minutes, you’re going to look it appear throughout the dashboard. Next, it’s conceivable so that you can so that you can upload a brand spanking new Software, which is what particular person WordPress servers are known as.

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The next visual display unit items your login wisdom, along with your server’s entire set of credentials. And also you’ll be capable to use the tabs on the facet to keep an eye on each other part of your server. With that, you’re totally set and able to transport!


Our new partnership with Cloudways for managed Divi web page web hosting opens up choices, possible choices, and control for your web websites that you’ll have certainly not dreamed of. You’ll select your explicit cloud web page web hosting supplier, what datacenter your server is located in, and the technical specifications with RAM and CPU power of your servers. Plus, Divi is already installed and having a look ahead to you because it’s connected for your Elegant Themes account.

What are you having a look ahead to? Check out the new Divi Hosting with Cloudways in recent years!

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