Introducing WPCode – Simple WordPress Code Supervisor to Long run-Evidence Your Web page Customizations

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Have you ever ever ever wanted to scale back the choice of WordPress plugins you’re the usage of on your internet web page?

Wouldn’t or now not it’s nice if there was a very easy implies that allowed you as a way to upload future-proof WordPress customizations through code snippets WITHOUT breaking your internet web page?

When you’re like me and most other excellent internet web page house owners, then you definitely’ve at least wanted for this solution a couple cases for your WordPress journey.

At the present time, I’m excited to share the discharge of my loose WPCode plugin which will transform one of the best ways you think about WordPress customization.

We built this instrument that will help you save time and trouble when managing your internet web page customizations. This is like the ultimate Swiss-Army knife instrument that will help you exchange dozens of provide WordPress plugins while making your internet web page faster.

Introducing WPCode - WordPress Code Snippets Plugin

Background Story

In 2012, I created a free plugin referred to as Insert Headers and Footers.

The serve as of this plugin was to make it easy for me and other WPBeginner readers as a way to upload code to our WordPress internet web page’s header and footer area without editing theme files!

This would include things like Google Analytics script, custom designed CSS code, Facebook Pixel, AdSense code, and further.

Over the last decade, this simple plugin grew to over 1 million vigorous installs.

Enter tracking code in header

Within the equivalent period of time, WordPress grew such a lot too with a whole lot of fresh choices and plugins.

Each month, I may get requests from our shoppers as a way to upload further capacity akin to the ability to conditionally load scripts on certain pages, skill as a way to upload code snippets in numerous areas of the internet web page, and so on.

After a lot of idea and a spotlight, now we have now made up our minds to increase this free plugin and make it a full-featured code snippet keep an eye on solution for WordPress with conditional not unusual sense, auto-insertion, and much more.

Using the new plugin you’ll have the ability to:

  • Add tracking scripts / various webmaster instrument verification meta details for your internet web page with only a few clicks.
  • Add banner commercials or other dynamic content material subject matter portions after first paragraph of every blog publish, at the end of every blog publish, and lots of others.
  • Remove WordPress choices that you just don’t want akin to REST API, XML-RPC, Comments, and lots of others.
  • Merely copy & paste code snippets from tutorials for your WordPress internet web page without errors.
  • And if truth be told this is merely scratching the surface.

All of the ones choices are available to you for free of charge!

When you’re a marketer, bring to mind WPCode like a Google Tag Manager then again inside WordPress.

When you’re a normal industry owner, bring to mind this as a swiss-army knife on your internet web page. It’ll let you do what you need to do – now not anything else further, now not anything else a lot much less.

WPCode is by way of far the MOST POWERFUL plugin you’ll arrange on your WordPress internet web page, and I’m no longer exaggerating.

Merely give me 5 minutes of your attention, and I’ll show you — keep on finding out.

What’s WPCode?

WPCode is a powerful WordPress code snippet plugin that makes it easy to be able to add custom designed WordPress choices the usage of code snippets without editing your theme’s functions.php report.

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It comes with a built-in code snippets library where you’ll have the ability to to search out a couple of of my most up to date WordPress code snippets that will help you eliminate the will of separate plugins.

WPCode WordPress Code Snippets Library

As an example, there are ready-made snippets that will help you:

  • Disable XML-RPC – this is good for WordPress safety
  • Allow SVG Record Upload – eliminates the will for separate plugin
  • Disable Gutenberg – eliminates the will for separate plugin
  • Disable Comments – eliminates the will for separate plugin
  • Add Tracking Scripts for Google Analytics, Facebook, AdSense, and other platforms

And there are just lately over two dozen other code snippets that you just’ll have the ability to use as a way to upload custom designed capacity while reducing the choice of plugins on your internet web page.

For an average internet web page owner, this plugin will let you reduce at least 6 – 8 other plugins that you just may well be the usage of at the present time with merely the ready-made snippets that are there.

My plan is to continue as a way to upload further custom designed code snippets there to cover trendy use-cases. If if you have concepts, please let us know by way of filling out the shape right here.

When you’re a WordPress developer / freelancer that wants to contribute code snippets, please send us your snippet the usage of the form above.

Long term-Proof Internet web page Customization & Code Regulate

Most WordPress customization tutorials will ask you as a way to upload code snippets on your theme’s functions.php report. This old-fashioned manner simply makes managing code snippets messy, and it moreover prevents you from updating your theme.

When you ever substitute your theme or switch to a couple different theme, then you definitely’ll lose all custom designed code functions that you just added for your functions.php report.

WPCode solves this by way of providing you a very easy approach to insert header and footer scripts along with other code snippets directly from your WordPress dashboard. The ones code snippets in fact run as even though they’d been for your theme’s functions.php report, then again we make your customizations future-proof.

Create New Custom Snippet in WordPress

You’ll have the ability to safely substitute subjects or switch to a couple different theme without ever shedding your essential internet web page customizations.

Each different problem with together with custom designed code snippets on your theme’s functions.php report was that even the smallest mistake can wreck your internet web page and make it inaccessible.

So we created our excellent code snippet validation. That is serving to you prevent common code errors to promises you not at all wreck your internet web page when together with code snippets or header and footer scripts.

You’ll have the ability to arrange all of your header and footer scripts along with other custom designed code snippets from a single show. We even make it easy to be able to get ready code snippets the usage of Tags and add reminder notes with every code snippet.

WPCode - WordPress Snippets Organized by Tags

Built-in WordPress Code Generators

With the exception of our emerging code snippets library, we also have WordPress code generators that will help you in short get ready-to-use custom designed code the usage of the most recent WordPress coding necessities and API’s.

WPCode Generators for WordPress

Examples of Custom designed Code Generators with Admin UI include:

  • Custom designed Publish Type Generator – Create custom designed code snippet for Publish Varieties.
  • Custom designed Taxonomy Generator – Get custom designed code snippet for Taxonomies.
  • WP Query Generator – Get custom designed code snippet for WP_Query to load posts.
  • Custom designed Sidebar Generator – Create custom designed code snippet to check in custom designed sidebars or widget-ready areas.
  • Custom designed Widget Generator – Custom designed code snippet to check in custom designed widgets.
  • Navigation Menu Generator – Custom designed code snippet for registering new navigation menu puts for your theme.
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With the exception of the above, we also have code snippet generator for scheduling a cron process, registering scripts & stylesheets, together with custom designed publish status, and further.

In the past, newbies and intermediate shoppers would use WordPress plugins to create custom designed publish types, taxonomies, and lots of others with an admin UI. The problem is that those are one-time use plugins that throughout the background are merely generating custom designed code snippets.

Now with WPCode free generators, you’ll have the ability to cut back out those plugins while nevertheless together with the custom designed capacity that you need with an admin UI.

This will be a huge time-saver for new WordPress developers and web execs who’re building internet websites for consumers.

Conditional Just right judgment for Code Snippets + Auto Insertion Priority

My serve as with WPCode was to create a WordPress code snippets plugin that’s every EASY and POWERFUL.

That’s why except for our global header and footer scripts, we added advanced choices like conditional not unusual sense for code snippets and made it easy.

As a substitute of finding out WordPress conditional not unusual sense queries, you’ll have the ability to use visual conditional not unusual sense to decide when a undeniable snippet would load.

WPCode Smart Conditional Logic

Examples use-cases of WPCode conditional not unusual sense:

  • Load code snippets for logged in shoppers very best
  • Load PHP code snippets for specific individual roles
  • Load PHP code snippets very best on specific internet web page URLs
  • Insert header and footer pixel scripts on specific pages
  • Show code snippets consistent with type of internet web page
  • Run code snippet very best on certain publish types
  • Load header and footer code snippet consistent with referrer provide
  • and further…

We moreover added every automatic code insertion and information output the usage of shortcodes. This way you’ll have the ability to add choices the usage of a custom designed shortcode, or simply robotically add certain choices on area that you need.

WPCode Auto Insert PHP Code

Our Auto Insert serve as permits you to run the code snippet all over the place or choose between custom designed alternatives like:

  • Run code snippet very best on frontend
  • Run code snippet very best in WordPress admin area
  • Add header and footer scripts sitewide
  • Insert PHP code snippet previous than or after publish content material subject matter
  • Insert code snippet previous than or after specific paragraph
  • Insert code snippet on specific archive pages

With the exception of that, we moreover added a visual code snippet priority software, so that you’ll be in a position to choose the order on your custom designed functions to keep away from code conflict.

Add code description, tags, and priority in WPCode

What are Some Example Use Cases + Plugins You Can Change?

WPCode is the one plugin this is serving to you get rid of dozens of various plugins without shedding capacity.

Listed here are some of the very best use-cases :

  • Insert Headers and Footers scripts
  • Insert Google Analytics Tracking Code in Header and Footer
  • Insert PHP Code Snippets or JavaScript code snippet without modifying theme’s functions.php report
  • Insert Facebook Pixels code, Google Conversion Pixels code, and other Selling Conversion Pixel Scripts in WordPress header and footer with conditional not unusual sense
  • Insert Google AdSense Ads code, Amazon Native Contextual Ads code, and other Media Ads code
  • Insert Custom designed JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code
  • Insert Internet web page Verification Meta tags for Social Media, Google Search Console, and other House verification throughout the header and footer of your internet web page
  • Insert re-usable custom designed content material subject matter blocks
  • Insert Ads code in content material subject matter after specific paragraphs
  • Show or cover custom designed code snippets consistent with conditional not unusual sense
  • Disable XML-RPC, Disable Recreational API, disable comments, allow SVG report uploads, disable Gutenberg and make allowance Antique Editor without together with additional plugins
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Merely with our provide choices and ready-made code snippets library, you’ll have the ability to exchange a lot of trendy plugins along with:

WPCode comes with a ready-made code snippets library that allows you to exchange a lot of trendy plugins along with:

  • Disable Observation plugins
  • Disable XML-RPC plugins
  • Disable Recreational API plugins
  • Disable Gutenberg plugins
  • Antique Editor plugin
  • Allow SVG Record Upload plugins
  • Disable RSS feed plugins
  • Disable Search plugins
  • Disable Automatic Updates plugins
  • Disable Admin Bar plugins
  • Disable Widget Blocks plugin
  • Antique Widgets plugin
  • Remove WordPress Style Amount plugins
  • Facebook Pixel plugins
  • Google AdSense plugins
  • Custom designed Publish Varieties UI plugins
  • Other WordPress Generator plugins

On cheap, I imagine you’ll have the ability to merely exchange 6 – 8 provide plugins on your internet web page because of an ordinary internet web page endlessly installs the ones one-off serve as plugins.

Now you’ll have the ability to remove those plugins, clean up your admin area, and simplify your internet web page keep an eye on.

What’s Coming Next in WPCode?

Given that Insert Headers and Footers plugin had over 1 million shoppers, getting some of these new choices for free of charge was a surprise for everyone.

I’m extremely pleased with the crowd response thus far, as everybody appears to be loving the new choices.

Now we have an exciting roadmap ahead folks to make this plugin a lot more tough. One of the most problems that we’re working on:

  • A larger report of Code Snippet library that is vetted by way of our WordPress execs
  • Save custom designed snippets to cloud – this will be great for those growing & managing a few internet websites as you’ll have the ability to assemble your custom designed snippet library during the plugin
  • and much more

We’re actually building something specific proper right here. If if you have ideas on how we can make the plugin further helpful to you, please ship us your ideas.

As all the time, I want to thank you on your continued beef up of WPBeginner, and we take a seat up for continue serving you for years to come.

Yours Actually,

Syed Balkhi
Founder of WPBeginner

P.S. Want us to acquire or invest for your WordPress industry? Be informed further regarding the WPBeginner Enlargement Fund.

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