Is it Conceivable to Construct a Static WordPress Web site?

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Are you having a look to simplify your WordPress internet web site? Perhaps you’re finding your dynamic internet web site too slow, or most likely you’ve came upon there’s a lot of the once more end you don’t need.

To get to the bottom of those issues, you’ll generate a static fashion of your internet web site. This will likely help boost its potency and protection. Although we wouldn’t recommend static web sites for each use case, they can be a great selection for small internet pages that don’t need updating incessantly. 

In this submit, we’ll get began by the use of discussing the differences between static and dynamic internet pages. Then we’ll show you three ways to build a static WordPress internet web site. Let’s get to it! 

An Introduction to Dynamic vs Static Internet pages

First, we’ll take a look at the vital factor diversifications between dynamic and static internet pages.

Dynamic Internet pages

Dynamic internet pages supply different content material subject matter to different visitors, making them further customized to shoppers’ exact time needs. What’s displayed can also be relying on an individual’s location, their settings and preferences, or actions they’ve taken in your website online.

Each method, it leads to a further tailored, customized Person Enjoy (UX). For example, an eCommerce store can counsel products to customers, in line with previous purchases:

An example of a dynamic website

Moderately than simply storing and showing HTML files (the best way through which static internet pages do), dynamic web sites assemble the pages there and then, the use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and server-side scripting languages. When the internet web page is requested by the use of shoppers, the server pulls wisdom from databases to construct the HTML record for each buyer.

The ones requests take longer to procedure, given that HTML record isn’t ready and in a position adore it is on a static internet web site. This can lead to potency issues, and slow loading circumstances for dynamic internet pages. At the an identical time, the a lot of benefits involved indicate that almost the entire web websites you talk over with can be dynamic.

Static Internet pages

When shoppers arrive on a static internet web site, they download a single HTML record, accompanied by the use of some style sheets and scripts. The ones are stored and brought to shoppers when the ideas is requested. As a result of this the internet web page turns out exactly an identical for each one who visits the website online, and it’s going to in all probability only be changed by the use of a programmer editing the HTML document.

Alternatively, static internet pages can however provide interactive and tasty opinions for purchasers by the use of a number of the an identical elements that dynamic internet pages use. For example, static web sites can however include links, buttons, media, digital downloads, and JavaScript.

A static design is particularly suited for web sites that don’t require customized content material subject matter and don’t need updating incessantly, paying homage to informational web sites, or web sites consisting of less than 4 pages. This makes them an excellent variety for resume internet pages, brochure internet pages, and read-only touchdown pages (paying homage to “Coming Temporarily” pages).

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Deciding What Type of Internet web site Is Right kind For Your Needs

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at one of the most a very powerful benefits and downsides of using static and dynamic internet pages.

The Pros and Cons of Dynamic Internet pages

Dynamic internet pages offer entire personalization, allowing you to tailor content material subject matter in opposition to each individual. Dynamic code is also much more tough, and we could in for higher capacity. For example, you’ll use dynamic code to build web applications and device, which wouldn’t be possible with a static internet web site.

Additionally, you’ll merely make sweeping changes for your internet web site, which is why we’d recommend a dynamic design for web sites that change incessantly, paying homage to blogs. It’s moreover a excellent fit for internet pages that require moderately numerous individual interaction, like eCommerce stores and streaming products and services and merchandise:

Example of dynamic site for changing content frequently

Then again, dynamic internet pages are further complex than static web sites. Therefore, surroundings one up from scratch would in all probability require further time and effort, and a couple of technical skills. Alternatively, you’ll hire developers to set your website online up for you, or use a Content material Control Device (CMS) paying homage to WordPress.

The biggest problem of dynamic web sites is that there’s a lot more processing required inside the once more end, which may end up in slower loading circumstances. Not only can this hurt your UX, it’s going to in all probability scale back Time On Internet web site (TOS) and increase bounce rate, which could be each and every parts for search scores. Fortunately, there are lots of easy tactics to stay your website operating temporarily.

The Pros and Cons of Static Internet pages

Static internet pages provide very rapid loading instances given that internet web page is already built and stored away, merely having a look ahead to shoppers to get entry to it. Fast loading circumstances are excellent data for UX, and can help boost your search engine position.

Typically, static internet pages are easy to build and take care of, and require little coding wisdom. Some familiarity of HTML and CSS will also be helpful while you’re development the website online from scratch. Alternatively, you’ll moreover use internet web site builders and CMSs to organize a static website online and not using a lot technical experience required.

This makes static internet pages an excellent variety for corporations having a look to unlock a fundamental internet web site as quickly and easily as possible. Safety will also be tighter on static internet pages too, as there don’t seem to be any plugins to hack, no PHP, and no database connectrions.

For example, the device company Rookout makes use of a static website in an effort to strengthen protection and scale back server load:

Example of static site to improve security

The principle boundaries of constructing a static internet web site comprise scalability. It can be difficult and time-consuming to carry out site-wide changes. For example, if you make a decision to modify a header, or add a brand spanking new internet web page for your website online, it will require changing each individual HTML record or creating a brand spanking new one.

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This is incessantly now not smart for emerging internet pages with more than a handful of pages. There are also certain kinds of internet pages that aren’t suited for a static design, paying homage to eCommerce stores. This is because some functions (paying homage to testing) would require moderately numerous third-party equipment to facilitate. The ones would possibly simply crush your web site, resulting in potency and pace problems.

Find out how to Create a Static WordPress Internet web site (3 Techniques)

If you make a decision {{that a}} static website online is proper in your needs, you’ll want to understand how to create one. There are a few methods for doing this. So forward of we wrap up, let’s uncover three ways to build a static WordPress internet web site.

1. Create a Static Area Internet web page

One of the simplest ways to build something that functions like a static internet web site is to set a single static internet web page as your WordPress area internet web page. This is easiest if you want to create a handy guide a rough and simple one-page website online.

For your WordPress dashboard, go to Pages > Add New:

Adding a new page to WordPress

Create your internet web page as usual, together with a reputation and any content material subject matter you like (merely avoid in conjunction with any dynamic elements). Then, click on on on Submit:

Create and publish a new page in WordPress

Navigate to Settings > Finding out. Then, beneath Your homepage displays, check the sector for A static internet web page. Beside Homepage, use the drop-down box to make a choice the new internet web page you created, and save your changes:

Setting a page as a static homepage in WordPress

You’ve now created a static internet web page, and set it as your home internet web page. While this isn’t a ‘true’ static website online, it’s going to in all probability artwork neatly if you want to create a read-only landing internet web page.

2. Generate a Static Type of Your WordPress Internet web site

If you already have a internet web site that you just’d like to make static, you’ll use a plugin like Merely Static. It is a great selection if you want to keep your dynamic website online up and working, and generate a static fashion of it. Depending on the provide way you choose, you’ll each download a record containing your static internet web site, in a different way you’ll have the static fashion of your website online sent to a specified server path.

For your WordPress dashboard, head to Plugins > Add New. Search for “Simply Static”, then click on on on Arrange Now and Activate:

Simply Static plugin in WordPress

Throughout the sidebar, go to Simply Static > Settings. Normally, you’ll pass away all of the settings at the default degree. Alternatively, you’ll moreover include/exclude any URLs manually proper right here (as an example, if you want to keep certain pages out of the static fashion of your website online):

Include/exclude URLs in Simply Static settings

Next, go to Simply Static > Generate, and click on on on Generate Static Files:

Generating static files from your WordPress site using the Simply Static plugin.

Download your .zip files with the link provided. If your website online occupies the realm where you’d like to have your static fashion situated, you’ll want to migrate your common WordPress web site to any other subdomain. If you happen to plan to take your website online to a couple different server, you’ll do this using the .zip files.

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3. Use Headless WordPress Web web hosting

Headless construction detaches the once more end of your internet web site from the doorway end, allowing you to use a CMS to build your content material subject matter while using an Utility Programming Interface (API) for the doorway end. We recommend this option if you want to have shoppers to view a static fashion of your website online, then again you’d however like to make changes for your content material subject matter by the use of gaining access to your WordPress admin area.

This is necessarily probably the most complex way, and will require some technical revel in. Alternatively, it implies that you’ll arrange your website online with higher flexibility and control. For example, it can be a excellent selection for developers who want to send content material subject matter to Android and iOS platforms from the equivalent once more end. It’s moreover a good choice for web sites/apps using JavaScript frameworks.

To get started, you’ll want to find a provider that provides headless WordPress internet hosting, reminiscent of WP Engine:

wpengine plugin

Likelihood is that you’ll need two separate hosts: one for the headless once more end (which is in a position to want to beef up WordPress and PHP), and one for the doorway end of your website online. With WordPress and WP Engine together, you’ll assemble and arrange headless web pages, each and every static and dynamic.


If you happen to’re finding your dynamic internet web site too slow, in a different way you’re now not utterly the use of its once more end, it is advisable imagine switching to a static WordPress internet web site. This will likely help streamline your website online, making improvements to potency and protection.

To recap, listed here are three ways to create a static WordPress internet web site:

  1. Create a static area internet web page in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Generate a static fashion of your website online, using a plugin paying homage to Merely Static.
  3. Use a headless WordPress internet hosting provider, reminiscent of WP Engine.

Do it is advisable have any questions about development a static WordPress internet web site? Let us know inside the comments phase beneath!

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