Learn how to Ship a Calendar Invite with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar & Outlook

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As a marketer, few problems are additional frustrating than phase the registrants for an match you promoted certainly not showing up.

Fortunately, you’re about to discover ways to send a calendar invite by means of Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or Outlook, so registrants can add the advance to their calendars and be a lot much less much more likely to forget about your match.


Get quick get admission to to our unfastened assembly scheduling instrument. Not more losing time with back-and-forth emails or putting in place calendar invitations.

Till you in some way magically know what type of calendar your target audience uses, your best possible guess is to include all 3 primary calendar invites for your electronic message, giving recipients a call that works for them.

Outlook and Apple Calendar consumers will get an .ics record, and Google Calendar consumers will use a URL-based custom designed invitation.

Remember: All screenshots and steps were taken on a Mac, alternatively if you are on a PC, the process is similar.

Step 1: Create a New Match 

Apple Calendar


Google Calendar 

Step 2: Set Main points for Your Match

Apple Calendar 


Google Calendar

Step 3: Save and Ship Your Match

Apple Calendar 


Google Calendar 

Step 4: Insert Invitations Into Your Advertising E-mail




Step 1: Create a New Fit

In case you have a Mac, you’ll be capable of create your invitation in Apple Calendar. In case you have a PC, you’ll be capable of create it in Outlook.

For Google Calendar, you’ll be able to create the URL immediately from your calendar instrument (you’ll be able to need to be logged into your Google account to try this). It isn’t vital which type of pc you’ve.

Apple Calendar

Open Apple Calendar and click on on on the “+” sign inside the bottom right kind corner of the window. A pop-up will appear. Enter the identify of your match inside the “New Fit” text box and hit return/enter to your keyboard.

This may increasingly create an match to your calendar, alternatively it’s going to place the advance at the moment date and time and move away the rest of the details blank. You’ll be able to need to exchange this information to duplicate the details of your match (additional on that inside the next section).

the apple calendar homepage with an arrow to the new event button in bottom right corner; how to send a calendar invite


Open up Outlook Calendar, then click on on on the “New Fit” icon inside probably the most good left corner.

An match pop-up will open for boosting — simply include the advance’s establish, time and date, location, and whether or not or no longer or now not you want to set a reminder. To look out the technique to “Invite attendees,” click on on “Further possible choices.”

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outlook calendar homepage with arrow pointing to new event button

Google Calendar

Open Google Calendar in a brand spanking new browser window. You’ll be able to need to be logged into your Google account. Click on at the “Create” button on the best left side of the show. A brand spanking new match window must open.

google calendar homepage with arrow pointing to create button; how to send a calendar invite

Step 2: Set Details for Your Fit

While Outlook, Apple Calendar, and Google Calendar events have rather different formats, you’ll be able to however need the equivalent portions for each one:

  • Fit identify
  • Location
  • Time
  • Fit description
  • URL of your match’s landing internet web page
  • Optional match alert

Beneath are examples of the way in which the ones details look inside the different techniques, along with a rationalization of what wisdom and construction to use for each of the ones portions.

Apple Calendar

apple calendar event; how to send a calendar invite


outlook calendar event; how to send a calendar invite

Google Calendar

google calendar event; how to send a calendar invite

The Details You Wish to Include

Fit Identify 

Ensure that the identify presentations what your precise match identify is called to your internet website and for your other promotions (this is a no-brainer, alternatively we’re being thorough proper right here).

Chances are high that you’ll wish to moreover come along with your company identify at the end so registrants can quickly believe who’s internet webhosting the advance when they come across it in their calendar later.


The physically take care of of the advance (one line, similar to “123 Trade Ave, Springfield, TX”) or the landing internet web page URL, with regards to an web match.


Enter the start and end dates and circumstances of the actual match. Regulate the advance’s timing to your time zone, as you’re the one growing the .ics record. It will robotically exchange the time to correspond with each specific particular person’s time zone. For example, if you are growing the advance record in Boston for a webinar in San Francisco that starts at 10 a.m. PST, you’ll have to enter the start time as 1 p.m. EST.

Alert (Optional)

You’ll be capable of prepare signs so attendees don’t forget regarding the match between when you sent the invite and the time of the advance. In Outlook, you’ll be capable of set a time for one reminder to move off (corresponding to 1 hour faster than).

In Apple Calendar and Google Calendar you’ll be capable of set a couple of signs.

It’s a will have to to now not weigh down folks with too many signs, as this creates a damaging, intrusive experience. Beneath is an example of an alert assortment in Apple Calendar that reminds people about your match alternatively isn’t in-your-face:

hubspot alerts on calendar; how to send a calendar invite

URL of Fit Landing Internet web page

Do you’ve a decided on landing internet web page for your match or webinar? Include its URL, as it acts as a refresher for individuals who may be fuzzy on the details of what the advance is about.

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Include it inside the URL section of an Apple Calendar invite along with inside the body text of your Gmail or Outlook invites when you have no longer already integrated it inside the Location section.


Proper right here, you’ll have to include a snippet of the advance’s details. That is going inside the “phrase” section of your Apple Calendar invite, inside the body of your Outlook invite, or inside the “description” text box in Google Calendar.

It’s normally helpful to supply your contact knowledge in this section. That means, folks can achieve out in the event that they’ve any questions.

Step 3: Save and Send Your Fit

Once you’re all set improving the invite, you’ll be capable of put it aside to use as an attachment for your promoting and advertising electronic message.


Click on on to your match in Outlook, make a selection “Edit,” and then click on on “Further possible choices.” If you happen to see the pop-up (confirmed beneath), type the emails of folks you need to invite into the text bar “Invite attendees.”

When you are in a position, click on on “Send” inside probably the most good left of the show to send the invite to folks for your recipient checklist. 

outlook save and send; how to send a calendar invite

Apple Calendar

Double-click to your Apple match to open it up, and then type emails into the “Invitees” text box. When you are in a position, click on on “OK,” and the invite will robotically be sent to the emails you’re going to have integrated inside the match details.  

apple save and send; how to send a calendar invite

Google Calendar

Click on on to your match for your Google calendar and click on on “Edit match.” Then type emails into the “Add guests” text box to the fitting of your match details (next to “Rooms”). When you are in a position, make a selection “Save.”

If you happen to occur to’ve finished it accurately, Google Calendar will show you a pop-up confirming you’ll like to send the advance to guests. Click on on “Send” to ensure it’ll get sent to the emails you’re going to have integrated. 

gmail save and send; how to send a calendar invite

Step 4: Insert Invites Into Your Promoting E mail

Probably the most absolute best techniques to send an match by means of electronic message for Outlook, Apple, and Gmail is to do it immediately from the advance invite itself.

Each of the ones electronic message providers offers you the danger to type emails immediately into the advance and include additional text, attachments, and plenty of others.

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Easiest of all, the invite you’ll be able to download is clean and will provide you with the danger to simply settle for or deny the invite immediately from your electronic message inbox: 

Screenshot of webinar invite; how to send a calendar inviteHowever, there are a few workarounds you’ll be in a position to check out for those who’d want to include the advance URL in a promoting and advertising electronic message. 

Gmail Calendar

For the Gmail calendar, click on on “Edit” to open the advance in a brand spanking new window, and then make a selection the “Further actions” dropdown. From there, click on on “Put up match”: 

Screenshot of HubSpot Webinar (Gmail); how to send a calendar invite

Throughout the pop-up show, you’ll be able to see an HTML code or a link to the advance. Simply click on on “Replica” beside the link to replicate the link, and then open the email you plan to send and paste the URL.

Gmail calendar publish event

It would be best to ensure that, on the other hand, that each electronic message recipient has been integrated on the match invite checklist, as smartly. 

Apple Calendar

If you’re using Apple Calendar, alternatively, you’ll be able to need to get a little bit additional inventive.

To workaround the number of sending the advance to a recipient immediately from the advance details, simply send the advance absolute best in your private electronic message. Whilst you open the invite, you’ll be able to see a .ics link hooked as much as the email:

Screenshot of ics. link; how to send a calendar invite

Simply download the .ics attachment, and then drag-and-drop that calendar match into an electronic message to send it to recipients. 

Outlook Calendar

In any case, if you are using Outlook, you’ll be able to need to open your inbox and make a selection “New Items” > “Meeting”:

Screenshot of meeting tab in Outlook; how to send a calendar inviteSymbol Supply

Click on on “New Meeting”, and in the end, make a selection “Solution with Meeting” from throughout the electronic message itself: 

Symbol Supply

And that’s it! You’re all set. Use the ones tips to send promoting and advertising events to leads, probabilities, and consumers alike.

Take a look at The Final Information to Match Advertising to be told additional regarding the types of events chances are you’ll believe growing to engage and enjoyment imaginable consumers. 

Editor’s Remember: This publish was once as soon as to start with printed in June 2014 and has been up-to-the-minute for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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