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Popular online stores will have plenty of products, every with its own reviews. Finding the best items in a decided on elegance generally is a essential drawback for customers. Fortunately, The Opinions by means of Elegance WooCommerce block can stage visitors in opposition to the best-reviewed items in any given elegance.

In this article, we’ll talk about together with the Opinions by means of Elegance block in WordPress. We’ll show you ways you’ll configure the section and talk about guidelines and ideal practices for using it. In the end, we’ll resolution shoppers’ most common questions regarding the Opinions by means of Elegance block.

Let’s get to it!

Discover ways to Add the Opinions by means of Elegance WooCommerce Block to Your Post or Internet web page

Open the Block Editor throughout the put up the internet web page where you need to place the Opinions by means of Elegance block. Select the selection so that you could upload a brand spanking new block and use the quest serve as to seek for the “reviews by means of elegance”:

Adding the Reviews by Category block in WordPress

However, you’ll be capable to sort “/reviews by means of elegance” correct right into a Paragraph block and tap your Enter key. The program might also insert the section into your put up or internet web page.

Next, WordPress will ask you to select the product elegance for which you need to turn reviews. You’ll choose numerous alternatives, depending on what feedback you need to showcase. In our tutorial, we’ll show testimonials for “Garments”:

Selecting the product category you want to display reviews of

Once you select a category, the Block Editor will display a list of the latest reviews for the corresponding products. Via default, the testimonials will appear in order from most to least recent:

A list of WooCommerce product reviews

The block gives you complete regulate over what collection of reviews it shows. You’ll moreover alternate the integrated portions, similar to avatars, dates, and big name ratings. We’ll talk about how you’ll modify those settings throughout the next phase.

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Opinions by means of Elegance WooCommerce Block Settings and Alternatives

The Opinions by means of Elegance block has a formatting menu and a settings tab that can configure its behavior and style. To get right of entry to the formatting alternatives, make a selection the block all over the Block Editor, and a menu will appear above it.

That menu contains alternatives for (1) switching the block for another section, (2) shifting it up and down the internet web page, and (3) improving the selected review categories:

The formatting menu for the Reviews by Category block

To modify the block’s style, make a selection the section and click on on on the gear icon throughout the top-right corner of the computer screen. A settings menu will appear at the right kind. While you switch to the Internet web page tab, you’ll see the configuration settings for the entire internet web page.

For now, stick to the Block tab. The configuration settings for the Opinions by means of Elegance block can (1) modify its font dimension and (2) color:

Changing the font settings for the Reviews by Category block

The Elegance phase permits you to alternate product review categories for the block. You’ll each make a selection additional categories or completely alternate the one you already determined on.

While you switch immediately to the Content material subject matter settings, you’ll be ready to select the elements integrated in every review. That implies you’ll be ready to make a choice to permit or remove product names, ratings, the names of the reviewers, avatars, dates, and the principle our our bodies of the reviews themselves:

Customizing what elements the Reviews by Category block displays

Additionally, you’ll be capable to (1) alternate the order of the reviews and (2) choose what collection of testimonials display all over the block. In the end, you’ll be capable to (3) permit customers to load additional reviews when viewing the block:

Configuring how many reviews the Reviews by Category block displays

After configuring the Opinions by means of Elegance block settings, you’re just about able to publish the changes on your website. Faster than you achieve this, let’s go over some guidelines for using the section effectively.

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Tips and Best possible Practices for The usage of the Opinions by means of Elegance WooCommerce Block

Whilst you insert the Opinions by means of Elegance block into your put up or internet web page, you may notice that it doesn’t include a header. If a buyer sees the block, they won’t understand which type of reviews they’re seeing.

Ideally, you’ll have to imagine adding a Heading block above the Opinions by means of Elegance section to stop any confusion. While you’re at it, we propose carefully choosing will have to you’ll display product or reviewer photos alongside every get entry to.

Most e-commerce websites don’t include customers’ avatars with their reviews. Instead, they show you which ones product the testimonial talks about. This is arguably the best follow to watch while you’ve were given a review phase that covers a few products:

Displaying the latest reviews for the Clothing category in WooCommerce

In this example, we added a simple heading that tells visitors regarding the product elegance. We moreover modified purchaser avatars with product images, making it more straightforward to identify what every review covers at a glance.

Steadily Asked Questions In regards to the Opinions by means of Elegance WooCommerce Block

While you however have any questions regarding the Opinions by means of Elegance block, this phase will resolution them. Let’s get began by means of talking about what collection of categories you’ll have to include when using the section.

How Many Categories Will have to I Display The usage of the Opinions by means of Elegance Block?

Normally, we propose best choosing one elegance. That way, you’ll be capable to add a heading that tells shoppers regarding the product classification for quite a lot of reviews. However, chances are high that you’ll imagine combining a few categories to show testimonials all over a broader taxonomy.

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Where Will have to I Display the Opinions by means of Elegance Block?

The Opinions by means of Elegance block makes an excellent addition to any product category shop page. You’ll moreover choose to include the block on your homepage and showcase products that get peak praise from customers.

Can Shoppers Alternate the Order in Which Opinions Appear?

Via default, the Opinions by means of Elegance block lets in shoppers to change the order they see reviews. Visitors can rank testimonials from most to least recent and perfect conceivable or lowest ratings.


The Opinions by means of Elegance WooCommerce block can show the latest and ideal purchaser feedback for explicit lines of products within your store. You’ll use the section to have the same opinion customers to search out the best-reviewed items and make allowance them to understand what exact shoppers imagine those purchases.

As with most WooCommerce blocks, you’ll be capable to regulate how the Opinions by means of Elegance section seems to be like and customize its parts. You’ll moreover configure the block to test the rest of your store and place it on any internet web page or put up all over your WordPress website.

Do you’ve gotten any questions about using the Opinions by means of Elegance WooCommerce block? Let’s talk about them throughout the comments phase underneath!

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