Methods to Create the Easiest PowerPoint Displays [Examples & Templates]

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Some presentations are upper than others. They will have gorgeous designs. Others have insanely actionable takeaways. Some merely give down-to-earth advice. Alternatively the best presentations represent all 3.

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And if you are buying groceries to get started making your own presentation, why now not be told from the best of the best?

That can assist you kick your own presentations up a notch, we have curated 20 awesome PowerPoint and SlideShare decks beneath.

If you find yourself clicking all the way through the presentations beneath, notice how they weave a fascinating story all the way through the format, design their slides, and make their presentations interactive with choices distinctive to the platform on which they’ve been created.

The ones are the entire maximum essential portions to making a great presentation — ones that you simply’ll be capable to definitely adapt and apply for your private with the right kind approach.

Even upper — it’s imaginable you’ll merely be told something new about promoting and advertising when you find yourself at it.

What do superb presentations have in no longer odd

The best presenters rehearse the material for blank provide, use eye contact, and interact their audience. You’ll moreover to find pleasant slides and a strong storyline.

Listed here are 5 portions you’ll to find in every pleasant presentation.

The presentation is extraordinarily associated with the objective target market.

Probably the most most straightforward techniques to have interaction your audience is to speak about problems that subject to them. Thru choosing topics which will also be necessarily attention-grabbing, transparent up their problems, answer their questions, or offer actionable ideas, you’re on track for a great presentation.

The icing on the cake? Having pleasant titles. Your slide titles will have to pique other folks’s hobby and passion while clearly bringing up the topic so your audience can decide if it’s similar.

The presentation has a clear serve as.

People sitting in on a presentation will have to have a moderately clear considered what you’re protecting.

Without reference to the topic, your slides and remark will have to clearly relate for your key takeaways.

The presentation follows an organized storyline.

While carefully related to the article above, your slides will have to tell a story that your audience can observe, with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Thru following the essential factor portions of storytelling, it’s much more easy to showcase the aim you’re major towards.

The objective target market understands the next steps.

Defining the movement you want your audience to take at the conclusion of your presentation and offering a compelling explanation why to do so helps them understand and observe your final course of action.

While this is ceaselessly a choice to movement, it may be a thought-provoking question or an inventory of key takeaways.

The audiences go away with contact wisdom and/or resources.

Forever, your audience needs to dive deeper into your material or matter. Offering contact wisdom or additional resources helps listeners to find what they would like, whether or not or no longer it’s a conversation with you or a link to more information.

Now that what to seek for in a great slide deck, let’s dive in and explain the way you’ll be capable to create your own. Follow the ones 4 guidelines for the best results.

1. A lot much less is additional.

Keep your slides clean when turning in a presentation to an audience in-person. You need the focal point to be on the message, slightly than just the slides themselves. Keep the slides on-topic then again clean enough that individuals can however take note of what you may well be pronouncing.

Take into accout, your visuals and text give a boost to your message. The true power is to your provide.

2. Keep text to a minimum.

One way to accomplish the aforementioned simplicity is to cut back the amount of text to your presentation. A substantial amount of text can go away your audience overwhelmed. They’ll be preoccupied with finding out your slides instead of listening.

Instead of huge amounts of text, take into consideration fewer words in a bigger font. This will likely most probably help your audience up close and behind the room be informed your slides.

3. Rethink visuals.

People recall knowledge higher when it’s paired with pictures (as opposed to text). While you reduce the amount of text to your slides, you’ll be capable to need compelling visuals to give a boost to the message you may well be turning in for your audience.

That doesn’t suggest you’ll be capable to merely throw some nice-looking footage onto your deck and switch on. Like some other content material subject matter method, the visual portions of your presentation wish to be strategic and similar. We’ll talk about different types of visuals, and their best practices, beneath.



Obtain 10 PowerPoint Templates for Unfastened

While PowerPoint templates have come a ways given that program was first unveiled to the sphere, likelihood is that, they’re however steadily used.

To make your presentation unique, choose a theme that your audience hasn’t noticed dozens of events previous than — one that matches your emblem and complements the topic you may well be speaking about.

From time to time, it is going to pay to try presentation platforms moderately than PowerPoint to hunt out templates, like Prezi.

There are also many visual content material subject matter design web sites that supply customizable templates that you simply’ll be capable to adapt for your private emblem and matter, like Canva. In reality, along side templates, Canva moreover offers its very private platform for construction displays from scratch.

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Additionally, you’ll be capable to moreover take a look at Venngage’s free presentation maker for additonal professionally designed templates, icons, and top quality stock footage that you simply’ll be capable to use immediately.

Charts and Graphs

good presentation examples, charts and graphs

Symbol Supply

Probably the most a very powerful best techniques to give a boost to the message you may well be turning in to your presentation is by the use of at the side of data and statistics. That’s the position charts and graphs are to be had: They provide a vibrant and engaging way to give you the details that give a boost to your stage.

That mentioned, ensure that they’re appropriate in with the rest of your presentation’s visual theme. Otherwise, your data problems can distract the objective target market from what you may well be talking about, slightly than improving it.

Color Theme

There is also been some research on the approach color can have an effect on our emotions, specifically when used in promoting and advertising.

While the target of your presentation received’t necessarily be to make a sale, you might be searching for to invoke positive feelings or impressions, which a strategic use of color permit you to do.

Check out Coschedule’s data on the psychology of color in promoting and advertising, which highlights the techniques different tones, shades, and combinations can have an effect on purchasing picks.


While you include text, you want it to be easy to be informed and interpret. When you occur to come back with text this is too small or dense to easily be informed, contributors develop into too captivated with searching for to decipher it to be aware of what you may well be pronouncing.

Because of this the designers at Visage recommend choosing Sans Serif fonts that opt for “legibility over fun,” noting that text will have to now not most straightforward be big enough for other folks behind the room to be informed however as well as offered in the right kind color to care for visibility over your background.

Image Top quality

Incorporating this fabulous visual content material subject matter into your presentation will transfer to waste if the pictures are low-quality. Be sure your footage and other visual belongings are high-resolution enough to be crisp and clear when displayed on a huge presentation show.

4. Incorporate multimedia.

There’s a reasons why we adore examples. You’ll be capable to give out the best advice available, then again once in a while, so that you can consider it, other folks wish to see it in apply.

Multimedia is a technique to succeed in that — in a manner that may also snatch and care for your audience’s attention.

A clean Google search for “song in displays” yields enough soundtrack results to suggest that this can be a unique approach of attractive your audience, or at least creating a welcoming environment previous than and after you communicate.

Within the presentation itself, video serves as valuable visual content material subject matter to stick your audience engaged. Finally, 43% of other people need to see extra video content material from entrepreneurs.

Video helps for instance and explain theories in apply by some means that the spoken word or photographs cannot do alone.

Highest PowerPoint Shows

Every products on this file meets the factors for a great PowerPoint presentation. As you peruse the ones examples, take inspiration from our favorites and use what you learn to create your best presentation however.

1. ChatGPT What It Is and How Writers Can Use It by the use of Commercials

All people get writer’s block once in a while. You’ll be capable to stare at a show, hoping for inspiration to strike — and for that idea to be superb. ChatGPT can help with the writing process.

The presentation beneath explains what ChatGPT is and all of its capacity, all with the target of creating the writing process easy.

What we adore: This presentation maintains a limited color palette. The rage clothier makes use of bold white text over a blue background to call out important headings. Key definitions are targeted in white area, allowing the ones sections to naturally catch the viewer’s eye.

2. How Google Works by the use of Eric Schmid

Ever surprise what it’s if truth be told like to artwork at Google? The presentation beneath from Eric Schmidt (Alphabet, Inc.’s Govt Chairman and ex-CEO of Google) might simply clue you in.

This presentation outlines some of the important highest categories he and his team have discovered from running and hiring at one of the vital highest companies on the planet. Besides supplying you with a peek behind the scenes, Schmidt inspires you to make changes to the way in which during which your small business runs.

What we adore: This presentation has minimalist slides that balance clean illustrations with fast text. Target market can consume wisdom briefly. Merely as valuable, Schmidt ends with a thought-provoking question and information about where to move for more information.

3. Repair Your Truly Dangerous PowerPoint by the use of Slide Comet

This presentation has some awesome takeaways all people might simply be told from. Even if you may well be following the entire guidelines in this presentation (inspired by the use of Seth Godin’s e-book), you’ll be capable to indubitably be inspired by the use of its a professional reproduction and design.

Seth Godin is arguably one of the vital greatest promoting and advertising minds of our time, so a presentation in step with his e book had to succeed in over the top marks. Along side the compelling design, the simplicity of the text stands out, making it easy for target market to use along.

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What we adore: This presentation example is best for understanding regulations of great design and team, while similtaneously educating you the best way to create upper slides.

4. 2022 Girls within the Place of work Briefing by the use of McKinsey & Compan

This presentation outlines the essential factor findings from McKinsey’s 2022 research on girls throughout the office. Focusing on unique data, the slides beneath use a variety of graphs and visual representations to show how the expectations girls face at artwork have changed over time.

Skilled tip: If your presentation specializes in unique research, use a couple of varieties of graphs to show your finding. Most efficient the usage of bar graphs or pie charts can be tedious. The usage of many varieties of data analysis will keep your presentation attractive.

5. Electronic mail Advertising Traits by the use of Gabriel Blanche

Most marketers wish to increase, then again once in a while they may be able to get stuck making incremental improvements. That can assist you get unstuck, Gabriel Blanchet shares dispositions to stick a be careful for.

What we adore: The ones slides use a vibrant color pallet and use clean drift charts to offer wisdom. Highest of all, it drives movement by the use of explaining every building and explaining why it truly works.

6. Virtual Technique 101 by the use of Bud Caddel

Despite the fact that this presentation is just about 100 slides long, its content material subject matter is pure gold. Caddell answers some of the important largest FAQs about digital method in a very out there approach.

The reason his slides are really easy is because of the way in which during which he’s laid them out. He’s in reality adept at making “animated” slides that explain his story — something all people will have to learn to do.

What we adore: Inside the first few slides, Caddell lays out his serve as and explains exactly what the presentation will duvet. Target market right away understand what they’re going to get out of the presentation.

7. A Product Supervisor’s Activity by the use of Josh Elma

Product managers are the backbone of every new initiative. The ones slides from Josh Elman describe what the location if truth be told comes to every day.

This presentation uses limited text in massive font to energy area the highlights of the location. Plus, Elman starts off by the use of discussing producers he’s worked with up to now, giving his presentation credibility.

What we adore: Elman’s slides have a relentless color. Thru together with a blue filter to photographs, every slide throughout the presentation feels cohesive.

8. search engine marketing, PPC, and AI in 2023 and Past by the use of Lily Ra

Excellent designers choose a relentless theme for their presentations. In this presentation, Lily Ray and her co-presenter pull from the sphere of science fiction.

When discussing AI and the future of promoting and advertising, they playfully evoke imagery reminiscent of Blade Runner or Ghost throughout the Shell.

Skilled tip: Settling on a theme with cinematic imagery will let you stand out in a sea of corporate clipart.

9. The HubSpot Tradition Code by the use of HubSpot CTO Dharmesh Sha

Not to toot our private horn, then again this presentation has been one in all our most successful. The secret? Dharmesh chooses a central theme, the acronym HEART (Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Exceptional, and Transparent).

This simple phrase provides a concise framing of our company’s values, along with a central message for the presentation. Plus, center icons throughout the presentation make the connection clear.

Skilled tip: Consider together with a theme or acronym that ties your presentation together.

10. How I Were given 2.5 Million Perspectives on SlideShare by the use of Nick Deme

Feeling inspired to create a SlideShare of your own? You must no doubt flip via Nick Demey’s presentation first. He shares some tried-and-true guidelines for rising awesome presentations that rack up lots of views.

Proper right here’s what works: correct off the bat, Demey tells you the best way to become involved with him. He’s already successful, so if any person wanted to succeed in out directly to his corporate, they don’t have to wait until the highest to connect with him.

11. Intro to Azure Knowledge Platform by the use of Karen Lope

Making technical wisdom easy to digest is an outstanding drawback, specifically in a slide deck. Karen Lopez tackles the issue in her slide deck. Her presentation makes use of tables and flowcharts — rising clear visual representations of sophisticated technical ideas.

Skilled tip: When you occur to’re presenting on a posh process, to find techniques to explain every step the usage of charts and infographics. A few footage can help a greater portion of your audience understand what you do.

12. Insights from the 2022 Prison Traits Document by the use of Clio

From a design standpoint, your presentation will have to have imagery. However, the ones footage don’t wish to be photographs of a humdrum office. Consider something additional abstract, like Clio has completed beneath.

Every slide of the presentation incorporates clean units, like triangles, rectangles, and circles. The ones shapes seamlessly mix with the opposite charts and graphs throughout the presentation.

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Skilled tip: Instead of the usage of cliche visuals, shapes, and patterns can give your presentation an inventive flair.

13. Exhibiting Knowledge by the use of Bipul Deb Nat

We acknowledge this presentation for its exceptional display of data — now this post will explain the best way to do the equivalent to your private presentations.

I moreover love how this presentation is concise and minimal, as a result of it’s serving to be in contact a somewhat complicated matter in an easy-to-understand approach.

What works: This presentation example has a clear serve as — showing the objective target market the best way to effectively display data. As a result of that, the visuals proper right here take center stage, expanding on the that implies of the text, which makes it easy to take in the essential factor takeaways from the presentation.

14. 2022 GWI’s Social Document by the use of GWI

In this presentation, Leticia Xavier displays the power of a limited color scheme. She makes use of different shapes of red and red to create difference. All of the graphs, backgrounds, and images use different hues of the equivalent colors.

When she breaks the color scheme, as she does on slide 12, the viewer’s attention is instantly recaptured.

Skilled tip: When you occur to’re apprehensive about contrasting visuals, pick one or two colors. You’ll be capable to then choose different hues and tints of the ones colors to make your slides cohesive.

15. Virtual 2023 International Evaluate Document

When you occur to’re on the lookout for a depressing color scheme to replicate, look no further. This slide deck from DataReportal uses a deep blue background all over the place its presentation. Graphs are in vibrant yellows and greens, while the text is white.

Take into accout to stick a over the top level of difference between your text and your background. This will likely most probably make your slides easy to be informed.

Skilled tip: When you occur to’re going to offer in consumer, consider your environment when choosing a color scheme. If the lights can be off throughout the room, a depressing background will artwork for your slides. If the whole thing can be vibrant, a gradual background with dark text can be more uncomplicated to be informed.

16. Methods to Flip Wild Critiques into Site visitors, One-way links, and Social Evidence by the use of Animalz

good presentation example, animal

Symbol Supply

search engine optimization’s changed such a lot up to now twenty years. Most persons are occupied with keeping up with the latest and biggest changes. This presentation walks via lately’s promoting and advertising landscape, where everyone has every reviews and techniques to specific them.

What we adore: This presentation uses emojis, a staple of the social media world, as a stand-in for bullet problems. Excellent presenters have compatibility design portions with their matter subject matter.

17. 5 Killer Techniques to Design the Similar Slide by the use of Crispy Shows

While retaining the whole thing consistent can be superb for branding, it could moreover prevent other folks from noticing the new content material subject matter you’ve put together. This presentation displays you a few alternative ways you’ll be capable to design the equivalent slide — all depending on what you want it to accomplish.

What we adore: Everyone who sees the establish right away is conscious about what they’re going to learn. It’s fast, which makes it easy to consume in very little time.

18. The HubSpot Buyer Code by the use of HubSpot CTO Dharmesh Shah

good presentation example, customer cod

Symbol Supply

Relating to working with a company, it’s serving to to set purchaser expectations and to clearly lay out your value proposition. HubSpot does every throughout the slide deck beneath. Instead of relying most effective on product footage, this presentation incorporates drawn footage and lively colors.

Skilled tip: Use vibrant colors for more than a few words and phrases that you want to stand out. The ones will naturally catch your target market’ eyes.

19. ThinkNow Tradition Document 2022 by the use of ThinkNow

In the past, we’ve noticed slides that use unbiased backgrounds that difference with vibrant charts and graphs. In this presentation, ThinkNow successfully subverts expectations.

The slides use vibrant icons and accent colors in magenta and yellow. Within the period in-between, graphs all over the place the piece are made in black and white. This works well by the use of rising high-contrast, easy-to-read visual representations.

Skilled tip: Don’t be scared of the usage of antique color schemes like black and white. The ones clean colors can balance out loud accents.

20. Methods to Acquire a Huge Following on Instagram by the use of Buffer

good presentation example, buffe

Symbol Supply

When choosing a presentation matter, to find techniques to hook your audience. For instance, this presentation from Buffer makes use of a numbered file. Listeners know exactly what they’ll get from the presentation and the way in which a long way along throughout the presentation they’re.

Skilled tip: Keep your slides clean. Instead of choosing a text-heavy design, Buffer limits text on the slide merely to every tip.

The best PowerPoint presentations have gorgeous designs, give insanely actionable takeaways, and provide down-to-earth advice.

Learn from the presentation examples above to create your own that represents all 3.

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