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If you want to prepare an web store with WordPress, you’ll most definitely use WooCommerce. It’s the king of e-commerce plugins, and it makes selling online remarkably simple. Alternatively, if you happen to occur to’re about to place in WooCommerce, chances are high that you’ll need a little of help getting started.

In this article, we’re going to guide you through the entire process of setting up WooCommerce, from A to Z. We’ll show you ways you’ll be able to navigate the plugin’s setup wizard, and stage you in opposition to some resources you’ll use to configure its myriad settings.

Let’s get to it!

Step 1: Arrange WooCommerce and Liberate Its Setup Wizard

In case this is your first time setting up a WordPress plugin, let’s walk all over the process. One of the most most simple tactics to prepare WooCommerce is to get right of entry to your WordPress dashboard and transfer to Plugins > Add New. Use the search bar to seek for “WooCommerce” (1), and click on on on Arrange Now next to the main finish consequence (2):

Installing WooCommerce in WordPress

The plugin will take a 2nd to place in. Once that’s achieved, click on on on the Activate button that replaces the Arrange Now selection.

When it’s ready, the plugin will unencumber correct into its setup wizard, which walks you all over the basics of getting your store up and dealing. Remember that no longer some of the conceivable possible choices you’re making in this setup wizard are permanent; you’ll regulate any or all of them later if you happen to occur to business your ideas.

Step 2: Set Your Store Details

The first step inside the WooCommerce setup wizard involves specifying your store’s basic details. That includes its take care of, country, the town, and postcode, along with your e mail take care of:

Configuring your WooCommerce store details

Should you occur to’re launching a store for a business with a physical location, transfer ahead and add its details on this visual display unit. Then again, if you happen to occur to plot to advertise products online from a residential take care of, those are the details you’ll want to enter proper right here.

As for without equal field, remember the fact that WooCommerce will use regardless of e mail take care of you enter to send notifications. That suggests it should be an take care of you apply, alternatively preferably now not a private one (because you’re vulnerable to get a lot of emails).

Finally, you’ll select to opt-in and procure pointers and promoting emails from WooCommerce. Should you occur to’re new to the plugin, those emails can be helpful. Alternatively, it’s a private variety whether or not or to not download them or now not, and it received’t impact your retailer.

Step 3: Specify Your Store’s Industry

The second visual display unit inside the WooCommerce wizard will ask you to specify your store’s business. WooCommerce uses this information for development purposes. Alternatively, your variety received’t impact the aptitude that the plugin supplies:

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Configuring your WooCommerce store's industry

You’ll select multiple industries if you happen to occur to plot to advertise products and/or services all over all of them. If no longer some of the industries WooCommerce lists fit your store’s description, transfer ahead and select Other.

Step 4: Make a choice What Product Types You Plan to Advertise

WooCommerce means that you can advertise each and every physically and digital products and services and merchandise. Alternatively, you’ll moreover make larger WooCommerce’s capacity using extensions to advertise further “advanced” products, similar to subscriptions, memberships, bookings, and further:

Configuring what types of products you'll sell using WooCommerce

At this step, WooCommerce will recommend plenty of product sorts that you simply’ll advertise if you utilize extensions that require you to shop for a once a year license. Alternatively, it’ll display those once a year prices in the case of monthly costs.

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to sign up for any of the extensions that WooCommerce suggests. There are a lot of possible choices for together with new product sorts which may well be reasonably priced or even free. In addition to, you’ll at all times add the ones extensions for your store later down the road if you decide you want them.

For now, simply select between Physically products and Downloads, or make a selection into each and every. You’ll safely put out of your mind about the rest of the product sorts that WooCommerce suggests and switch on.

Step 5: Add Information About Your Business Model

On the next visual display unit, WooCommerce will ask you what choice of products you plan to turn, and whether or not or no longer you’ll moreover advertise them in numerous storefronts:

Specifying how many products you plan on selling in WooCommerce

The answers you select proper right here will haven’t any impact on the base choices that WooCommerce supplies. Alternatively, depending on your answers, the plugin would in all probability routinely add some free extensions for your store.

To get a hold of an example, if you select the Certain, on any other platform selection beneath In recent times selling somewhere else? WooCommerce will ask about your provide profits and what platform you’re the usage of:

Sharing your business information with WooCommerce

You’ll moreover indicate if you happen to occur to’re development a WooCommerce store for a consumer on this visual display unit. While you click on on on Continue, WooCommerce will ask if you want to have it so that you can upload free extensions for your store based on the answers you supplied:

Installing WooCommerce recommended extensions

You’ll select the drop-down arrow to see what extensions WooCommerce recommends. Should you occur to’re now not conscious about extensions however, we suggest against together with any this present day. You’ll at all times arrange the apparatus you want later, while you familiarize yourself with how WooCommerce works.

Step 6: Select a Theme for Your WooCommerce Store

In all places this final step of the WooCommerce arrange wizard, the plugin provides guidelines for your site’s theme. You’ll see a number of free and paid possible choices, all of which might be optimized to work with WooCommerce:

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Selecting a theme to use with WooCommerce

Remember that you don’t have to select any of the themes WooCommerce suggests. If truth be told, if you happen to occur to’re new to the usage of WooCommerce, we suggest that you just do your research and find the right kind theme to meet your store’s needs.

Should you occur to’re looking for a theme that contains internet web page builder capacity and is totally suitable with WooCommerce, chances are high that you’ll take a look at our private Divi. The Divi theme offers you a visual builder you’ll use to create gorgeous WooCommerce stores. Plus, you moreover get get right of entry to to an enormous number of e-commerce templates:

An example of a Divi boutique shop

For now, transfer ahead and select the selection that be told Continue with my lively theme. That means, you’re free to select what theme to use shortly.

Step 7: Configure Your Store’s Tax Settings

After you choose a theme, the WooCommerce wizard will close and also you’ll continue to configure the plugin via going to the WooCommerce > Area tab. Seek for the segment labeled Get ready to start selling on the most productive of the visual display unit, and there should be 3 steps that still need your attention:

Configuring your WooCommerce store

First, transfer ahead and click on on on Prepare tax. WooCommerce will recommend that you just arrange the Jetpack and WooCommerce tax plugin to help you arrange taxes. Alternatively, you’ll moreover configure taxes manually or select the I don’t price product sales tax selection:

Configuring taxes in WooCommerce

For this step, we suggest the usage of the Prepare manually selection. Clicking on that link will elevate you to the WooCommerce > Settings > Tax visual display unit. There you’ll be able to configure WooCommerce taxes, which we quilt in any other article. While you’re achieved, return to the WooCommerce > Area tab for the next move.

Step 8: Set Up Promoting Tools for WooCommerce

Next, select the Prepare promoting apparatus selection beneath Get ready to start selling. The following visual display unit will mean you can to choose from a number of actually helpful extensions that you simply’ll use for promoting purposes:

Recommended marketing extensions in WooCommerce

The Achieve out to shoppers segment incorporates plenty of guidelines for e mail promoting extensions. Alternatively, it’s important to note that you simply’ll use regardless of e mail promoting software you want with WooCommerce. With that all the way through ideas, check out a couple of of our recommended email marketing services, all of which you’ll mix with WordPress and WooCommerce.

On that exact same remember, the Expand your store segment means that you can get began the usage of Google listings and ads. If you want to use paid ads, we suggest surroundings them up manually. For now, let’s continue setting up your store.

Step 9: Personalize Your WooCommerce Store

Return to WooCommerce > Area, and this time click on on on Personalize your store beneath Get ready to start selling. The next visual display unit will include 3 possible choices: one for setting up a brand spanking new space internet web page in your store, any other for uploading a logo, and a final selection for creating a store “perceive”:

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Creating a homepage for WooCommerce

Let’s get began with the main selection. Should you occur to click on on on Create homepage, WooCommerce will routinely prepare a basic space internet web page in your store. Proper right here’s what that looks like while you’re the usage of some of the important default WordPress matter issues:

Example of a WooCommerce homepage

You’ll at all times customize the home page shortly. For now, let’s return to the personalization visual display unit.

At this level, you’ll upload an image that WooCommerce will use as your store’s logo. What type of image to use is up to you, alternatively we suggest SVGs for scalable logos that look superb all over a wide variety of devices:

Uploading a WooCommerce logo

Finally, you’ll prepare a simple perceive bar that WooCommerce will display all over all of your store’s pages. This option is very useful if you happen to occur to’re running a sale, so keep it in ideas for the long run:

Setting up a WooCommerce store notice

That’s it! At this stage, it’s good to have a fully working WooCommerce store. The plugin routinely devices up retailer and product pages for you, along with a fully-working checkout process the usage of your preferred payment processors.

Alternatively, there are however a lot of WooCommerce settings you’ll configure. This can be a massive plugin that gives an enormous range of capacity for your internet web site, so we suggest that you just take some time to go through its full list of options. That means, your store will art work exactly the easiest way you want it to from day one.


Learning how you’ll be able to arrange WooCommerce is more uncomplicated than chances are high that you’ll suppose. Alternatively, the plugin supplies a lot of choices to WordPress, so going through each of them takes some time. Fortunately, WooCommerce ships with an arrange wizard that can walk you through an important steps for setting up your store.

After you’re achieved with the arrange wizard, your next steps should be to configure the remaining WooCommerce settings, and choose the perfect theme in your retailer. From that point, all that’s left to do is to customize your store’s style and start publishing products.

Do it’s good to have any questions about how you’ll be able to arrange WooCommerce? Let’s transfer over them inside the comments segment beneath!

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