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Having issues of consumers now not paying you? Our latest hosting feature helps put a save you to that, allowing you to in brief and instantly suspend any site until you get paid.

Through the years we’ve heard every imaginable client horror story from our web developer individuals.

One of the most essential now not abnormal being when internet web page consumers don’t pay for hosted internet sites on time (or the least bit!).

For many who’ve ever been in this boat, you’ll feel free to hear we’ve merely introduced a brand spanking new hosting feature allowing you to suspend and unsuspend internet sites in brief and easily!

You’ll moreover add custom designed suspension messages to any hosted site, correct from your Hub site keep watch over dashboard.

As you’ll see, suspending a site can be performed with any WPMU DEV Website hosting account in a few clicks.

When a site is suspended, the content material subject matter doesn’t transfer any place – so it’s simplest a subject matter of unsuspending it to hold a WordPress site once more to straightforward.

Proper right here’s a quick take a look on the manner it’s performed!

In this put up:

Simple the right way to Suspend a Hosted WordPress Internet website From The Hub

If you want to need to suspend a hosted site for you or your client, click on on on the internet web page you’d like to suspend in The Hub.

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There are two ways to get started.

Way 1: Web site website hosting > Tools

One means is to discuss with the Web site website hosting cloud icon and make a choice Tools.

The tools area from the dropdown.
Select Tools throughout the dropdown possible choices.

Scroll all of the manner right down to the Suspend Internet website area and click on on Off. This may increasingly more and more get started up changing it to a suspended site.

The suspend site area.
Click on on Off to turn Suspend Internet website on!

Way 2: Ellipsis > Suspend Internet website

Some other quicker selection is to click on at the ellipsis next to any hosted site. This may increasingly more and more open up a dropdown where you click on on Suspend Internet website.

Elipsis area by website.
This method is the quickest way.

Each way, when you click on on Suspend Internet website, you’ll get a message to ensure you wish to have to proceed.

It’s just a reminder that the site will download a 503 Error and that you just’ll be charged in most cases for hosting.

Message about suspended a site.
A serious warning call pops up previous than the site is suspended.

Do you still wish to suspend the site? Then click on at the Suspend Internet website button to make sure

The Hub will now show a Suspended icon next to the suspended internet web page.

Red indicator that site is suspended.
As you’ll see, the WPMU DEV Test Internet website is now suspended.

The purple suspension message won’t transfer any place, in order that you’ll always be able to see what’s suspended and what’s now not.

And now that this site’s suspended, visitors will see a 503 Service Unavailable message on the internet web page.

The 503 error message.
That’s the default suspension message that the site’s visitors will see.

For many who’d like to change the 503 messaging, you’ll customize it to the remaining you wish to have. Learn our documentation on how to do this. Merely just be sure you identify your record suspended.html and upload it to the root record.

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Able to unsuspend?

When it’s time to unsuspend a site, that’s a breeze to do as well. It’s the an identical way as suspending it.

Merely head once more into Tools or Ellipsis and click on on Unsuspend Internet website. A message will appear that indicates it’s going to be full of life all over again. Click on on Unsuspend Internet website all over again to make sure.

Where you unsuspend sites.
Unsuspending is just one click on on away.

And that’s it! The site is now unsuspended and once more to straightforward.

Merely To find Suspended Internet sites with Filters & Labels

Along side having a purple indicator {{that a}} site is suspended, there’s otherwise to navigate spherical The Hub and to find your suspended internet pages.

The Filters and Labels feature signifies that you’ll be able to selectively order groups of internet websites in keeping with a lot of standard categories and labels, along with suspended internet sites.

The filters and labels tab.
There’s such a lot you’ll to find from Filters & Labels.

From proper right here, make a choice Suspended to view merely the internet sites you’re going to have suspended.

The suspend button.
Perfect suspended internet sites will show up for those who flip in this clear out.

You’ll clear out by the use of numerous categories instantly and regulate accordingly.

For more information, you’ll wish to take a look at our website online control documentation.

Other Useful Techniques To Use The Suspending Internet sites Function:

Apart from shifting along late-payers, another reason to suspend is when you’ve got a private internet web page or a site for a consumer that is beneath upkeep. It’s a substitute for methods harking back to our loose Branda plugin.

Additionally, if a site is intently impacted by the use of malware, direct mail courtroom instances, excessive use of server resources, or something else causing complications – it’s your choice a site to be suspended until it’s totally cleaned up.

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Suspending Internet sites – Additional Notes

Listed here are some additional problems to note when you suspend a site:

  • Email accounts or forwarding addresses for a suspended site will continue to artwork
  • Backups for suspended internet sites will however artwork glorious while the site remains suspended
  • Internet website monitoring tools (e.g. Uptime) will show the site as being down

See our documentation section for further website online suspension notes.

Take Benefit Of The New Ability To Suspend Internet sites When Sought after!

It’s available for any hosted site with WPMU DEV – and is without cost to use.

Bookmark this newsletter as a reference. Otherwise you’ll always take a look at with our webhosting documentation.

Suspending internet sites is just one of the crucial the most important actions you’ll take as a developer the use of our platform.

Make sure you be told our article about profiting as a WPMU DEV white label webhosting reseller to take your corporation to the next stage.

And when you’re now not the use of WPMU DEV hosting however, give our webhosting a loose trial run and discover all that it has to offer!

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