Nostalgic Web pages: What 32 In style Websites Used to Glance Like

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It’s no secret that web page design traits (and highest practices) have changed dramatically for the reason that internet’s debut. Reflecting on nostalgic web websites and comparing them to their present-day counterparts is a superb solution to understand why updating your web site is so vital

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With the help of the Wayback Gadget, we will be able to see what our favorite web websites gave the impression of in years earlier.  Whether or not or no longer you’re planning a web page redesign and might use some inspiration, in a different way you’d revel in reflecting on nostalgic web websites, we’ve rounded up 32 internet sites to peruse.

1) Google

Nostalgic websites: Image shows Google homepage from 1998 side by side with 2022 Google homepage.

While Google essentially maintains its branding with its vibrant model and whitespace on the homepage, there are other aspects of the internet website online that look completely different this present day. Inside the Nineties, Google had unique alternatives underneath the search bar. In recent times, the company leans into creating a personalised homepage for patrons via bookmarking their continuously visited web websites.

2) Apple

Nostalgic websites: Apple. Image shows 2001 Apple homepage and 2022 homepage.

Apple always takes a product-centric approach to its homepage. Even in 2001, you’ll remember that the company’s items have been the internet web page’s primary focus. In 2022, Apple chooses to stick branding minimal however distinctive. It choices just one product to make the center focus of the homepage. The prevailing homepage is also a testament to compelling reproduction; in merely 3 adjectives, Apple paints a complete picture of why you will have to get an iPad.

3) Microsoft

Nostalgic websites: Microsoft's homepage in the 2000s and 2022 are compared.

In 2000, Microsoft’s internet web page used to be as soon as clunky and over-complicated. The abundance of words on the internet web page and lack of whitespace made for a great consumer enjoy. In recent times, Microsoft’s internet website online takes a cue from Apple and amenities on its products. The internet website online, because of this, is way much less dizzying and additional digestible for visitors.

4) Mashable

Nostalgic websites: Mashable in 2005 compared to Mashable homepage in 2022.

Once upon a time, Mashable had a gradient background — not to indicate a big lack of imagery. Now, the internet website online balances visuals with text. The company branding moreover no longer takes heart stage and specializes in featured stories.

5) HubSpot

Nostalgic websites: HubSpot in 2006 is shown next to HubSpot's homepage in 2022.

In 2006, the tech and promoting and advertising and marketing global used to be as soon as centered intently on surviving and succeeding in a web 2.0 global. Small companies have been taking pictures up global, and HubSpot’s internet web page used to be as soon as fascinated with showing how the product might add value for the ones corporations. In recent times, HubSpot however caters to small corporations however moreover medium and enterprise corporations. Now, our internet web page focuses further on the product and lines a lot more color than it initially did.

6) BuzzFeed

Nostalgic websites: Buzzfeed's homepage in 2006 is compared to 2022's. Both feature text, but 2006 features significantly more.

BuzzFeed used to be as soon as created to help consumers to seek out their favorite problems, in conjunction with movement photos, tune, taste, ideas, and technology. The internet website online however achieves this with a further visual and interactive manner. In recent times, the internet web page balances images and text further seamlessly, alternatively the internet website online’s general in point of fact really feel is still intact.

7) The White Space

Nostalgic websites: The White House homepage in 2000 compared to 2022. In 2000 you see a picture of the whitehouse itself and in 2022 you see President Biden getting his coronavirus vaccine.

In 2000, Bill Clinton used to be as soon as the President of the USA, Al Gore used to be as soon as Vice President, and the White Area’s internet web page had a very different feel and look. Then, the internet web page featured a Declaration of Independence-esque script font and didn’t emphasize imagery — or storytelling, bearing in mind the text merely welcomed visitors to the internet web page. When you consult with the internet website online this present day, you’ll perceive a large image and replica that focuses on reward tasks. We moreover love how the refreshed internet website online makes a speciality of accessibility with alternatives to switch the text difference and size. 

8) TED

Nostalgic websites: TED. Left features early 2000s website homepage and right side features 2022. There are more images in 2003 than there are on the 2022 homepage.

Although TED’s 2003 internet web page however seems old-fashioned via this present day’s necessities, it used to be as soon as ahead of its time, with most of the homepage that incorporates visual content material subject matter. In 2022, their internet website online however choices rather a large number of images however moreover balances copy — and there is only one number one image above the fold. The internet website online’s general in point of fact really feel this present day is way much less cramped and overwhelming than it used to be as soon as in years earlier.

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9) Skype

Nostalgic websites: Skype. Left shows the old website homepage and the right side shows the present.

Inside the early 2000s, Skype’s homepage featured plenty of colors and lacked hierarchy. (And who knew the video title platform once had a purple model?) In recent times, Microsoft owns Skype, and the latter takes a cue from the larger crew’s feel and look. The internet website online choices whitespace, very good visual hierarchy, and offers a compelling image of the product in movement.

10) AOL

Nostalgic websites: AOL. Left side shows AOL in 2000, right side shows AOL in 2022.

In 2000, AOL’s internet website online had rather a couple of colors that weren’t cohesive, in the end making the internet website online appear messy. In recent times, the internet website online choices enough whitespace to stability the amount of copy and imagery it has. We’re moreover willing on the net website online’s new font, as it’s visually attention-grabbing and blank to be told.

11) Ask

Nostalgic websites: ASK. On the left it shows the site before the rebrand and on the right you'll see the site after.

Ask Jeeves rebranded as Ask. In 2000, the internet website online lacked whitespace and featured a character — part of the internet website online’s unique branding. Since shedding the second a part of the determine, there’s no longer a character on the internet website online’s homepage. In recent times, the internet website online seems much more like a data or publication internet website online than a platform to ask questions and get speedy answers.

12) Blockbuster

Nostalgic websites: Blockbuster. Left: shows the website in the 1990s during the company's prime. The right shows the website now, in 2022.

Believe the good out of date days of going to Blockbuster to select your movie and take hold of a few snacks? We positive do. What Blockbuster’s 1996 internet website online lacked in hierarchy, it made up for in personality. In recent times, Blockbuster’s internet website online is out of rate — and features a cheeky follow that the company is working on rewinding your movie.

13) Coca-Cola

Nostalgic websites: Coca Cola. Left features their site from 2000 which is remarkably ahead of its time. The right features the site from 2022.

We’ll give it to Coca-Cola: Their branding is timeless. Coca-Cola’s internet web page from 2000 does no longer look too shabby compared to many of the old-fashioned web websites on this list.  The emblem understood the importance of visual content material subject matter and ease in 2000, they usually however do this present day. In 2022, their internet website online focuses further on imagery and lines a lot much less purple than in the past, however it however feels cohesive with the rest of their branding.

14) Pepsi

Nostalgic website: Pepsi. Website on the left is from the 2000s, the website on the right is the homepage from 2022.

Pepsi’s internet website online in 2000 used to be as soon as cluttered, lacked visual hierarchy, and had a great deal of happening. In recent times, we’re massive fans of Pepsi’s nostalgic homepage. It features a font that’s blank to be told, plus the internet website online doesn’t in point of fact really feel too cluttered. The company has moreover since moved its menu to the best possible of the internet web page and cut back on what selection of tabs there are which is much better from a shopper revel in standpoint. 

15) Macy’s

Nostalgic websites: Macy's. Left side shows Macy's from 2000 and the right side shows Macy's in 2022.

While Macy’s 2000 internet web page doesn’t conform to this present day’s necessities, we respect how cohesive the colors are. It appears, products aren’t at the forefront of Macy’s nostalgic internet website online. In recent times, however, the Macy’s internet web page tells a in particular different story. The internet web page has a smartly organized menu and very good visual hierarchy.

16) Amazon

Nostalgic websites: Amazon. Image to the left shows the site in 1999 and image to the right shows Amazon in 2022.

In 1999, Amazon’s internet web page used to be as soon as extraordinarily text-heavy, making it dizzying to take a look at. The vertical menu used to be as soon as moreover cluttered and difficult to digest. In recent times, Amazon’s menu turns out on the top of the internet web page, and the internet website online seems significantly a lot much less overwhelming even though it however advertises rather a large number of products. 

17) Yahoo

Nostalgic websites: Yahoo. On the left is the homepage in the 1990s, on the right is the homepage now.
In 1999, Yahoo’s internet web page centered mainly on text and featured no imagery. In recent times, a very different story is suggested when you consult with the platform’s internet website online. Because of Yahoo is a data internet website online, there are images to accompany every story, plus a summary of what you’ll expect when you be informed the piece. We’re moreover a fan of the trending column at the right kind side of the internet website online, as it makes it blank for patrons to clutch what’s throughout the data at a glance.

18) Tumblr

Nostalgic websites: Tumblr. Site on the left is from 2007 when the platform was in its infancy, the right shows the homepage now.

In its infancy, Tumblr referred to blogs as Tumblelogs and had a text-centric internet web page. In recent times, should you consult with Tumblr while no longer logged in, you’ll see a mock dashboard that shows visitors what theirs might seem to be if they devise an account. In recent times’s Tumblr internet website online is also significantly further image-focused.

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19) PinterestNostalgic websites: Pinterest. Left side shows Pinterest in 2010 when it debuted, the right side shows Pinterest in 2022.

Believe when Pinterest used to be as soon as invite-only? As you’ll see from the screengrab of the 2010 Pinterest internet website online, the platform had a fully different brand and a miles much less sleek glance. In the event you consult with Pinterest this present day, you’ll create an account instantly — no request necessary. In addition to, the platform features a are living image that changes however so much quickly. The copy is unassuming however compelling.

20) Reddit


In 2005, Reddit used to be as soon as all about text. Reddit is still further text-focused than most modern internet sites. On the other hand, it does serve as a stability of images. We like how the font Reddit uses this present day is still semi-nostalgic alternatively is more uncomplicated to be told than it’s been in the past. The internet website online is also further visually compelling as it seems that further like a data internet website online.

21) Barnes & Noble

Nostalgic websites: Barnes and Noble. Left features B&N's older website, the right side features Barnes and Noble's site today.

You’re nearly unquestionably starting to perceive a theme at this stage: The websites of years earlier have been text-focused. Barnes & Noble isn’t any exception. In 2000, the bookseller had a dense, visually unappealing vertical menu. The images took a long time to load — within the match that they did. There’s moreover a lack of visible hierarchy, so it’s difficult for visitors to decide where to seem. In recent times, the company’s internet website online is significantly further digestible. It balances whitespace with imagery and text, and the designers cleaned the menu up.

22) Dunkin’

Nostalgic websites: Dunkin. The left features an early 2000s version of the website's homepage, and 2022 shows the present version in 2022.

We’ll hand it to Dunkin’: They’ve stayed true to their signature color scheme for a few years. This screengrab from their internet website online throughout the 2000s is thought of as certainly one of our favorites on this list. It’s shockingly minimalistic and lines an image that wasn’t standard for the time. In recent times, Dunkin’ has rather a couple of whitespace, options cohesive branding, and balances graphics with the copy. The internet web page moreover has an easy-to-follow menu and contains the company’s striking red and orange colors. 

23) Starbucks

Nostalgic websites: Starbucks in 2000 versus Starbucks in 2022. In the 2000 version, the images do not load.

In 2000, Starbucks got a few problems correct: Their menu is simple, they usually featured images on their internet website online, even though they didn’t load. (Psst: Those plugins can help make sure that your content material subject matter so much quickly when you’ve got a “heavy” internet web page so your internet web page avoids a an equivalent future.) You’ll moreover perceive their consistent model. In 2022, Starbucks with out issue supplies a pop of color on its internet website online without overwhelming visitors. The internet website online choices Starbucks’ signature font and contains an image promoting a modern collaboration with another company. The image itself moreover feels on-brand. We moreover need to title out Starbucks’ sparse however environment friendly navigation at the top of the internet web page.

24) Walmart

Nostalgic websites: Walmart. The past version of the Walmart website is shown next to its 2022 counterpart.

For its time, Walmart’s internet website online in 2002 used to be as soon as moderately a good fortune. It featured images and text which however dominate the internet web page this present day. In addition to, it had a better visual hierarchy than one of the crucial necessary other examples we’ve investigated. Similar to Dunkin’, one thing that Walmart does extraordinarily smartly is translating its well known colour scheme to its internet website online. In 2022, Walmart’s internet web page has rather a couple of imagery and concise reproduction that enhances the graphics.

25) Goal

Nostalgic websites: Target. On the left you see Target's site in 2004 and 2022 on the right.

There are also rather a couple of problems Function got correct in 2004. For one, the logo used its widely recognized colour scheme. The internet website online choices images, too, and its branding is still largely the identical. In 2022, Function’s internet website online puts a much higher emphasis on visuals than it does on text. The branding is minimal however environment friendly, and the internet website online features a clean menu that expands when visitors click on on on it. 

26) The New York Occasions 

Nostalgic websites: NYTimes. On the left, the NYTimes from 2000 and on the right, its 2022 counterpart. Both resemble a physical newspaper.

We’re impressed: While New York Events has made over its internet web page since 2000, the internet web page is remarkably an equivalent. Even in 2000, working out where to direct attention used to be as soon as blank. The New York Events rankings number one problems on account of its 2022 internet web page resembles a newspaper. It choices visual hierarchy, balances images with copy smartly, and we love how the font is exclusive however blank to be told. 

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27) Lay’s

Nostalgic websites: Lay's. Left features an image of the 2008 site and the right features an image of the 2022 site. The left has green background and poor text contrast the right features Lay's well-known yellow color.

In 2008, Lay’s internet web page used to be as soon as green and featured very poor text color difference. This makes it difficult for other people to be told the copy. Fortunately, Lay’s has since made over its internet website online. In recent times, it’s however vibrant alternatively choices upper difference. You’ll moreover perceive the internet website online has rather a couple of Lay’s illustrious yellow. The 2022 internet website online seems far more on-brand than it has in the past. 

28) McDonald’s

Nostalgic websites: McDonald's. The left image is from 2001 and features a red background and yellow text. The right image is McDonald's present homepage.

In 2001, McDonald’s internet web page featured a purple background and yellow text, which wasn’t exactly optimal for readers. Now, McDonald’s web site is minimalist. It choices few colors with the exception of the logo’s distinct yellow and offers rather a couple of alternatives for visitors to make a choice from on the menu section. On the other hand, the menu isn’t overwhelming on account of the rest of the internet web page is very easy. The emblem moreover taps its signature font for the 2022 internet web page. 

29) Sephora

Nostalgic Websites: Sephora. The image on the left is Sephora's website in the early 2000s and the right is from 2022.

Sephora’s internet web page throughout the early 2000s featured a stability of images and text. For its time, it used to be as soon as an example of a compelling internet web page design. In recent times, the internet website online adheres to modern web design characteristics. It has massive images which may well be visually attention-grabbing and contains  clean copy. 

30) Netflix

Nostalgic websites: Netflix. On the left is the 2005 homepage and on the right is the 2022 homepage.

In 2005, Netflix featured an image-focused homepage, which is moderately different from this present day. In 2022, copy is the fame of the show on Netflix’s homepage. The company moreover cleverly places a name to motion at the heart, in order that you’ll provide your email care for and get started. In each and every 2004 and 2022, the main focus of the homepage used to be as soon as a option to movement, which is noteworthy. We like the image throughout the background, which the text overlays as it choices shows and movies you’ll revel in with a Netflix subscription.

31) eBay

Nostalgic websites: eBay. On the left is eBay's homepage in 2004 and on the right is eBay's homepage in 2022.

Inside the early 2000s, there used to be as soon as a lack of hierarchy on eBay’s internet website online, which made it tough for visitors to clutch where to begin. This can be damaging from a shopper revel in standpoint. That has since changed, however. In 2022, eBay has a carousel above the fold on its internet website online. It choices a few products and promotions the company is in recent years offering. The internet website online moreover choices further whitespace than in the past, and the menu is paired once more via comparison.

32) Burger King

Nostalgic websites: Burger King. The left side of the image shows the nostalgic homepage from 2006 and the right side of the image shows the 2022 update.

In 2006, Burger King did serve as a primary image on their internet website online. The menu used to be as soon as moreover at the top of the internet website online, alternatively the font used to be as soon as difficult to be told. In 2022, In recent times, Burger King features a independent background and assists in keeping the focal point on its imagery. Reproduction is sparse however environment friendly. In addition to, the company uses a font that provides a pop of personality however is readable.

Take Internet web page Redesign Inspiration from The ones Nostalgic Internet pages

In the event you’re seeking inspiration on your internet website online redesign, take a look at the ones nostalgic web websites to get an idea of the way in which you’ll transform your landing internet web page. The ones nostalgic web websites finally end up that via using your unique branding, balancing images and text, and in conjunction with a clear visual hierarchy, your internet website online will look great for future years.

Editor’s follow: This submit used to be as soon as at the beginning printed in April 2014 and has been up-to-the-minute for comprehensiveness. 

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