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Through the years we’ve equipped a ton of freebies for your next Divi website online. With the release of the Divi Theme Builder Library and Divi Cloud, we’re rounding up a couple of of our freebies into template devices that you simply’ll be capable to add to your next enterprise. For in recent years’s put up, we’ll be specializing in our Blog Submit Template freebies. Not certain what a Blog Submit Template is? Let’s take a look and find out!

What’s a Blog Submit Template?

Blog posts are the basis of WordPress. Previous than WordPress become the principle website online builder of the internet, it was once a humble working a weblog platform. With the coming of pages in WordPress 1.5, WordPress began making waves as a content material subject matter regulate machine. On the other hand it hasn’t ever forgotten its working a weblog roots. With the Divi Theme Builder, we will be able to create templates for our blog posts. We can even assign different templates to all blog posts in a tag or magnificence. If we might have preferred to, shall we even assign a singular template to each single blog put up on our website online (I wouldn’t recommend it, alternatively you could wish to do it!).  Markedly in Divi, we use Blog Submit Templates to set a relentless style for our blog posts, whether or not or now not it’s a single put up or all the posts on our website online.

What’s a Template Set?

Throughout the new Divi Theme Builder Library, we will be able to personnel a variety of templates together. That is referred to as a Template Set. For instance, to your provide Divi Theme Builder, you are going to have created a template for your homepage, your blog posts and your product pages. You’ll add all of the ones templates to a template set. Then, you’ll be capable to add this Template Set to your Divi Cloud account so that you could get admission to it on each different website at a singular time.

4 FREE Blog Submit Template Devices

In this freebie, we’ll be providing you with 4 FREE Blog Submit Template Devices. We’ve organized each set consistent with their industry. Let’s take a look at the templates built-in in each set.

Art work & Design Template Set

The Art work & Design Blog Submit Template Set is aimed on the ones in creative fields like artists and creators.

Structure Company Weblog Put up Template

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Architecture Firm Blog Post Template

Craft Faculty Weblog Put up Template

Craft School Blog Post Template

Ingenious CV Weblog Put up Template

Creative CV Blog Post Template

Movie Lab Weblog Put up Template

Film Lab Blog Post Template

Freelance Creator Weblog Put up Template

Freelance Writer Blog Post Template

House Staging Weblog Put up Template

Home Staging Blog Post Template

Inner Design Weblog Put up Template

Interior Design Blog Post Template

Renovation Weblog Put up Template

Renovation Blog Post Template

Painter Weblog Put up Template

Painter Blog Post Template

Team & Non-Get advantages Template Set

Our Team & Non-Get advantages Template Set speaks to those that have social superb as their number one serve as.

Charity Weblog Put up Template

Charity Blog Post Template

Chess Membership Weblog Put up

Chess Club Blog Post

NGO Weblog Put up Template

Foods & Drink  Template Set

Consuming puts and foods vendors this set is for you.

Bistro Weblog Put up Template

Bistro Blog Post Template

Cooking Faculty Weblog Put up Template

Cooking School Blog Post Template

House Baker Weblog Put up Template

Home Baker Blog Post Template

Italian Eating place Weblog Put up Template

Italian Restaurant Blog Post Template

Meal Package Weblog Put up Template

Meal Kit Blog Post Template

Nutritionist Weblog Put up Template

Nutritionist Blog Post Template

Pizzeria Weblog Put up Template

Pizzeria Blog Post Template

Produce Field Weblog Put up Template

Produce Box Blog Post Template

Sushi Eating place Weblog Put up Template

Sushi Restaurant Blog Post Template

Vineyard Weblog Put up Template

Winery Blog Post Template

Smartly being & Well being Template Set

Finally, should you’re inside the well being industry, this set may have your blog posts looking sharp.

Acupuncture Weblog Put up Template

Acupuncture Blog Post Template

Circle of relatives Physician Weblog Put up Template

Family Doctor Blog Post Template

Health Trainer Weblog Put up Template

Fitness Coach Blog Post Template

Golfing Lesson Weblog Put up Template

Golf Lesson Blog Post Template

Meditation Middle Weblog Put up Template

Meditation Center Blog Post Template

Psychologist Weblog Put up Template

Psychologist Blog Post Template

Telehealth Weblog Put up Template

Telehealth Blog Post Template

Tennis Membership Weblog Put up Template

Tennis Club Blog Post Template

Remedy Weblog Put up Template

Therapy Blog Post Template

Digital Health Weblog Put up Template

Virtual Fitness Blog Post Template

Girls’s Well being Middle Weblog Put up Template

Women's Health Center Blog Post Template

Download All 4 FREE Blog Submit Template Devices for Divi

To place your fingers on all 4 of the free Blog Submit Template Devices for your Divi Construction Library, you’ll first need to download it the use of the button beneath. To appreciate get admission to to the download it is important to subscribe to our newsletter thru the use of the form beneath. As a brand spanking new subscriber, you’ll download a lot more Divi goodness and a free Divi Construction pack each Monday! When you occur to’re already on the checklist, simply enter your email take care of beneath and click on on download. You’ll now not be “resubscribed” or download additional emails.

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You’ll have successfully subscribed. Please check out your email take care of to verify your subscription and get get admission to to free weekly Divi layout packs!

Tips on how to Upload The Blog Submit Template Devices

Cross to Divi Theme Builder

So as to add the template, navigate to the Divi Theme Builder inside the backend of your WordPress website online.

Getting started with the Divi Conference Layout Pack

Upload Template Set

Then, inside the top correct corner, you’ll see a plus sign icon. Click on on on the icon. This will open the Template Devices Library.

Open the Sets Library within the Divi Theme Builder

Once you’re inside the Template Devices Library, click on on on the two arrows icon.

Upload template set

To find your .JSON document from the ZIP folder. Upload it to the library thru clicking No Record Made up our minds on.

Upload template set .JSON file from computer

Once you have made up our minds to your document, it’ll display the name of the document. Next, click on at the blue Import Theme Builder Library Templates button.

After successfully uploading template set .JSON file from computer

As your Template Set is uploading, you’ll understand a modal pop-up with a building bar letting you know how your import is doing.

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Import progress

Please Phrase: As a result of the collection of put up templates and property within each set, it might take some time for the set to position in. Please be affected individual.

The use of Your Template Set

After the Template Set has been added to your library, click on on on the kebab menu on the library products.

Using your new template set

Throughout the menu that pops up, make a selection Use This Set. This will get started the process in an effort to upload the templates within your new Template Set to your Divi Theme Builder.

Click use this set to add the templates within the template set to your Divi Theme Builder

An Import Templates modal box will appear. Because of this template set has a few Blog Submit Templates within, we’ll uncheck the Override Present Assignments checkbox. Consider as  you’re working to your website, to set the templates to your decided on internet web page, put up, product, and plenty of others. job inside the Divi Theme Builder. Next, click on on on the Import Divi Builder Templates button in blue.

Import template modal box

Please Phrase: As a result of the collection of put up templates and property within each set, it might take some time for the set to position in. Please be affected individual. Moreover, template thumbnails do take some time to generate.

Save Changes

Once your Template Set has been installed, you’ll understand that all the Blog Submit Template titles are in red. This is because as they stand, they’ve now not been assigned to a internet web page, put up, product, and plenty of others. Don’t omit to assign them once you have carried out your changes. Press the green Save Changes button to save some your new template set inside the Divi Theme Builder.

Save Template Set into the Divi Theme Builder

New Freebies Every Week!

We hope you’ve cherished our very first Blog Submit Template Set freebie! We take a seat up for being attentive to your critiques inside the statement phase beneath. You should definitely check out once more next week for additonal freebies.

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