Obtain a FREE Header & Footer for Divi’s Internet Developer Format Pack

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Excellent day Divi Creators! Thanks for turning into a member people for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where every week, we give away brand new freebies. We in recent years shared a brand new Internet Developer Format Pack. That will help you get your website up and working as soon as conceivable, we’re sharing an international header & footer template that matches this structure pack totally as smartly! Hope you enjoy it.

divi layout

Take a look at Out The Web Developer
International Header & Footer Template Beneath

Get it free of charge as of late!

Header Design

Desktop View

Divi Web Developer Header Design

Tablet and Cell View

Divi Web Developer Header View Tablet and Mobile

Footer Design

Desktop View

Divi Web Developer Footer Design

Tablet and Cell View

Footer Tablet and Mobile View for Divi Web Developer Layout

Download The International Header & Footer Template For The Web Developer Structure Pack

To position your palms on the loose global header & footer template, you will first need to download it the usage of the button beneath. To understand get admission to to the download it is important to subscribe to our Divi Day-to-day electronic mail tick list by the use of the usage of the form beneath. As a brand spanking new subscriber, you will download a lot more Divi goodness and a loose Divi Structure pack each and every Monday! Must you’re already on the tick list, simply enter your electronic mail care for beneath and click on on download. You’re going to no longer be “resubscribed” or download further emails.

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Download For Free

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Download For Loose

Join the Divi Newsletter and we will electronic mail you a reproduction of the ultimate Divi Landing Internet web page Structure Pack, plus a whole lot of other superb and loose Divi resources, guidelines and strategies. Practice along and you will be a Divi clutch in no time. When you’re already subscribed simply type in your electronic mail care for beneath and click on on download to get admission to the structure pack.

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How to Upload The Template

Transfer to Divi Theme Builder

So as to add the template, navigate to the Divi Theme Builder inside the backend of your WordPress website.

Open Divi Theme Builder

Upload International Default Web page Template

Then, inside the height right kind corner, you’ll see an icon with two arrows. Click on on on the icon.

Import the template into the Divi Theme Builder

Navigate to the import tab, upload the JSON file which you might have been able to acquire in this post, and click on on on ‘Import Divi Theme Builder Templates’.

Finish importing the template into the Divi Theme Builder

Save Divi Theme Builder Changes

When you’ve uploaded the file, you’ll perceive a brand spanking new global header and footer in your default website template. Save the Divi Theme Builder changes as soon as you need the template to be activated.

Save Divi Theme Builder Changes

How to Adjust The Template

Open Header Template

To switch the global header template’s parts, get began by the use of opening the template.

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Open Header Template

Substitute Social Media Networks & Links

First, exchange the Social Media Observe Module with your personal social media networks. Remember with the intention to upload the correct links to every social media account that you simply add.

Update social networks and social media links within the Social Media Follow Module

Upload Your Logo

Inside the Symbol Module, upload your emblem.

Upload your logo into the Image Module

Add CTA Link URLs

This header has a button on the height right kind. Open the settings of the button and exchange the link URL and button text to check your website’s needs.

Add CTA Link URLs

Choose Your Number one Menu

Make a choice your menu for the Menu Module.

Select Your Main Menu

Substitute Text Modules with Title-to-Actions

We use the Textual content Module to have two call-to-actions on the left and right kind of the Menu Module. Substitute the ones to replicate the call-to-actions that you simply’d like to use in your website.

Update Text Modules with Call-to-Actions

You may also need to believe together with links to these call-to-actions to essential areas of your website.

Making able for Cell Responsiveness

This freebie uses a distinct set of sections, rows, and modules for the tablet and cell view. As such, we’ll need to switch to the tablet or cell view inside the Divi Builder.

Preparing for Mobile Responsiveness

Substitute Button for Cell

As we did for the desktop view, we need to exchange the text along with the link holiday spot for the cell Button Module.

Update Button for Mobile

Add Your Logo and Substitute Menu for Cell

Choose your menu for the cell fashion of your website. For cell, we’re the usage of the brand function of the Menu Module. Thus, no image module was once used to turn our emblem.

Add Your Logo and Update Menu for Mobile

Business Static Text Title-to-Actions

In any case, we’ll need to exchange the static Text Modules that have our call-to-actions for cell.

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Change Static Text Call-to-Actions

Open Footer Template

Continue by the use of opening the global footer inside the default website template.

Open Footer Template

Substitute Footer Logo

We use an Symbol Module to turn our company emblem. Substitute this module with your personal emblem. Delightful reminder to use a transparent PNG for this for easiest results.

Update Footer Logo

Choose Footer Menu

We’ve were given another Menu Module inside the footer of this template. Let’s choose our menu for this module.

Select Footer Menu

Business and Add Social Media Networks and Links

We’ve were given another Social Media Practice Module inside the footer. Substitute the module to percentage your social media networks and make certain that you link in your up-to-the-minute social media links.

Change and Add Social Media Networks and Links

Connect Your Email Promoting and advertising Solution

There is also an E mail Optin Module inside the footer of our Divi Web Developer template. Just be sure you connect your electronic mail promoting supplier to the module so to gather the email addresses of shoppers in your website online.

Connect Your Email Marketing Solution

Substitute Static Footer Content material subject matter

It is very important go through and exchange the static content material subject matter parts inside the footer. This comprises updating titles, copyright text and additional.

Update Static Footer Content

New Freebies Every Week!

We hope you’ve beloved the Web Developer Structure Pack and the Header & Footer freebie this is going together with it. We look forward to taking note of your reviews inside the statement phase beneath. Remember to check out once more next week for additonal freebies!

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