Press This: Can AI Beef up WordPress Documentation with Aaron Edwards

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Welcome to Press This, the WordPress group podcast from WMR. Each episode choices guests from around the group and discussions of an important issues coping with WordPress developers. The following is a transcription of the unique recording.

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Report Pop: You’re paying attention to Press This, a WordPress Crew Podcast on WMR. Each week we spotlight folks of the WordPress group. I’m your host, Report Pop. I beef up the WordPress group via my place at WP Engine, and my contributions over on TorqueMag.Io where I get to do podcasts and draw cartoons and educational films. Check out that out.

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Now, there’s a lot of discussion this three hundred and sixty five days and at the moment regarding the web and artificial intelligence, AI, Huge Language Models, Robust Diffusion. Google and Bing were experimenting with showing AI generated answers on the most efficient of search queries.

And a couple of developers are experimenting using AI equipment like ChatGPT to generate code snippets. A lot of attention-grabbing problems are going down at the moment spherical AI, and as we’re recording, it’s if truth be told exhausting to tell where we’re in this technological cycle. Like are we merely at the very beginning?

Are problems gonna look utterly different next three hundred and sixty five days? How is the web gonna be different and the best way is WordPress gonna be affected? So I’m super excited to have Aaron Edwards join us on the show in recent times. Aaron is a Chief Technology Officer at WPMU Dev. He’s moreover the founder of Endless Uploads, a cloud storage plugin for WordPress Imajinn AI and AI Image Generator for WordPress.

And he’s the creator of a brand spanking new tool referred to as ChatWP. The rest two of those equipment I imagine are gonna be associated with our conversation in recent times. Previous to we get into AI, Aaron, why don’t you tell us your WordPress starting story?

Aaron Edwards: Sure my fast starting story I started out being if truth be told all in favour of WordPress when it was once as soon as WordPress MU, or Multiuser now referred to as Multi-Internet web page on account of I was looking for to build a kind of group of internet websites, kinda like And so that’s when I more or less got into it and started finding out WordPress development and in reality joined WPMU Dev at the moment as a purchaser and then finally got hired by means of them as a developer. And now rapid forward, what, 12 years or something? I’m CTO and that company’s grown fairly just a bit. Alternatively further no longer too way back I’ve been merely development my own little side projects as smartly. Among the ones you mentioned.

So that’s more or less my WordPress story.

Report Pop: You and I’ve talked on the Torque Social Hour about Imajinn and we’re gonna discuss that later in this episode. Alternatively the latest issue you merely presented is ChatWP. More or less a amusing twist on ChatGPT. Can you tell us moderately bit about what’s ChatWP? 

Aaron Edwards: Well ChatWP is mainly, it’s a chat bot for WordPress and I trained it on the entire WordPress documentation from And just so it has that customized knowledge about it. And then I took that to create a custom designed chatbot, so anyone can ask questions about WordPress and it paperwork whole answers.

Against this to a search engine, it in reality answers the overall question and will give you code snippets and examples. I suggest, you’ll be capable to even tell it to respond to inside of the kind of a poem and it’s going to do that, which is beautiful amusing. 

Yeah, it’s if truth be told merely an experiment as I’m more or less finding out this new technology and more or less brand new tactics to customize it in your private needs.

Report Pop: In order that you discussed how this may well be rather than taking your question to Google or having a look it up on Stack Overflow, then again how is having a look up a question on ChatWP rather than possibly going to ChatGPT and inquiring for a technological question like this?

Aaron Edwards: Correct. Well, ChatGPT, I’m gonna get ’em mixed up at this kind of problems, is trained on the entire Internet, so it has more or less commonplace knowledge from once more in 2021, I imagine. Of plenty of subjects, however it unquestionably’s not specifically excited by any individual topic. Moreover they however don’t provide any more or less API to where you’ll be capable to control it yourself.

Report Pop: Mm-hmm.

Aaron Edwards: You wish to have to make use of their interface on their internet web page at the moment. So there hasn’t if truth be told been any clear, easy and as tough tactics to build the identical more or less bot in your private content material subject material. Whether or not or no longer it’s your individual beef up scientific docs or in this case as a sign, I did the WordPress beef up scientific docs. And so it’s a very reasonably new, probably the most essential APIs that OpenAI has introduced have enabled development products which could be very similar to ChatGPT, then again development them with your individual knowledge base, like custom designed trained.

Report Pop: In order that is trained on WordPress documentation from, I assume. 

Aaron Edwards: Correct, 

Report Pop: The web page says “ChatWP may make consumers confident they’re receiving necessarily essentially the most right kind and up-to-date wisdom available.” 

And I imagine it’s exhausting to train a manner when you’re using volunteer generated documentation and specifically to stick it up to date, can you tell us moderately bit regarding the difficulties spherical something like that?

Aaron Edwards: Yeah, keep in mind that. I suggest, obviously regardless of you educate on, it’s vital to more or less imagine that for the reason that provide of the truth. Inside the best way through which this AI works inside the backend, is it specifically recommended to simply be allowed to respond to problems that it finds from WordPress to older documentation? I specifically don’t allow it to tug usually knowledge that it might know from the Internet.

On account of you wish to have to get bias assets or things like that.

Report Pop: Mm-hmm.

Aaron Edwards: Moreover, a big part of this is I wanted it to be able to provide assets for its answers. So, when you ask it to respond to something and it writes all the answering code snippet, it’s going to in reality link right kind beneath it, the true assets to where it had been for the reason that knowledge from, ranked by means of which ones like were most associated with it.

So that way it’ll link immediately to the similar documentation pages so that you’ll be in a position to check out his answers to make sure it didn’t make something up, which is something that ChatGPT is known for merely more or less making problems up. So that’s more or less a very unique issue that’s part of it that we’re ready to do with that technology by means of indexing the assets along with merely the total knowledge.

Report Pop: So consumers are impressed to ask questions. It is a conversational development. You’ll be capable to’t merely say “REST API” or something. You wish to have to invite a question regarding the REST API.

Aaron Edwards: Correct.

Report Pop: And likewise you moreover encourage consumers to ask or provide how they’d like answers, like in the event that they would love a code example.

Whilst you’re providing code examples or when ChatWP is providing code examples, is it more or less rising those, or is it quoting those verbatim from the scientific docs?

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Aaron Edwards: It’s in reality for necessarily essentially the most segment, rising them. So very similar to ChatGPT, we’re leveraging the total knowledge of language and programming language and the whole lot that OpenAI models have came upon from all of the Internet. So we’re using that standard knowledge, then again then we’re specifically tailoring it or restricting it to simply the WordPress explicit scientific docs wisdom.

So it’s using its commonplace knowledge of language and commonplace knowledge of PHP programming, for example. And it’s mixed, combining that with the precise details that it’s came upon from So it’s ready to create code examples that suggests, which is beautiful glorious.

Report Pop: And can consumers say, “Hi, I’m looking for to edit WordPress 5.0 or something.” 

Can they ask questions about older diversifications or is this all the time think they’re using the latest type?

Aaron Edwards: It will most definitely not be capable to find or like limit to that more or less context. 

Report Pop: Mm-hmm. 

Aaron Edwards: Merely function we mainly merely scraped every internet web page from Whether or not or no longer it’s similar to the Codex, the Developer documentation about the entire code, that’s auto generated or the Learn WordPress web page that has tutorials and categories and things like that.

So it’s merely more or less pulling in that wisdom and answering in keeping with what it’s acutely aware of there. And then it’s specifically recommended that if it doesn’t find the solution within the ones assets, like specifically, then it’s going to say, I don’t know, look on So it’s more or less recommended to not make those problems up or make those combos if it didn’t find them from

Report Pop: Yeah, this is sensible. And if documentation gets up to the moment, does it have a way of scrubbing the out of date wisdom, or is that like a information process it’s vital to do?

Aaron Edwards: At this time it’s information, as I mentioned inside the FAQ. I tried alternative ways to get that data, like REST API or different things like that. Alternatively I came upon the most efficient way was once as soon as in reality merely to build a web crawler and scrape, ‘function then you definately definately get the overall HTML how it was once as soon as intended to be presented.

I profit from that for training. So at the moment that was once as soon as just a information process, then again I’ve scripts that I can run to switch it manually. Alternatively finally more or less the theory was once as soon as just for this to be an experiment to be informed and play with this new technology and then moreover, I more or less added a wait list form there with merely gathering interest for if people are all in favour of something like this for their own business, their own documentation.

So I imagine that could be a amusing, cool product to build to where anyone will have a chatbot for their own business.

Report Pop: Let’s discuss that all the way through a minute. We’re gonna take a to hand information a coarse break to get to our sponsors, but when we come once more, we’ll continue talking with Aaron Edwards, the creator of ChatWP about AI and WordPress.

Report Pop: Welcome once more to Press This, a WordPress Crew podcast on My name’s Report. I’m your host in recent times, and I’m speaking to Aaron Edwards about AI and WordPress. We’re talking thus far about ChatWP, a brand new tool that permits you to transfer and ask questions, get code examples, a wide variety of stuff on the subject of WordPress, and also you’ll be in a position to check out that out at

And you understand, you were merely more or less talking about how at the present time we’re scraping WordPress documentation to more or less provide the answers for the ones questions on the chat. Alternatively are there long run plans to more or less do this previous WordPress? Do you’ve were given long run partnerships covered up?

Aaron Edwards: Yeah, I’m hoping to. I’ve already been working on development this into WPMU Dev, my day job. So we’re testing this period moreover with our private documentation there, then again finally I need to turn this proper right into a service that any online business that has documentation or beef up tickets, any more or less that data that they are able to use to ingest and learn from, and so they’d be capable to use that on their own internet sites.

So whether or not or no longer purchaser coping with or even it is going to neatly be used for like internal company documentation where you index that. You’ve were given for example, a Slack bot or something in your company, and then you’ll be capable to ask what choice of days off do I get, you understand, when’s the next holiday or regardless of. And it could be capable to get a hold of answers instead of having to search around via piles of HR documentation, there’s such a large amount of use circumstances for this.

It’s merely if truth be told amusing to imagine.

Report Pop: I hadn’t considered using implementation like this, like chat implementation for intranet, internal web stuff. That is pretty eye-catching. You mentioned that possibly something like this may occasionally come to WPMU Dev, and so as that may be, y’all have documentation in your mini apps, mini plugins, and so as that may be form of like in your web page as smartly and it could be in agreement consumers of those plugins possibly find answers to questions.

Aaron Edwards: Yeah, exactly. So we would possibly merely divulge it as part of our beef up possible choices where other people would possibly ask the AI for the answers they would love. And of course I have plans, for example, now we have now beef up forums and you have beef up tickets. Such as you’ll have be in agreement desk instrument.

Would it not no longer be possible to in reality write a draft solution to beef up tickets routinely in keeping with your company’s internal knowledge or even in keeping with training it on the entire beef up tickets that you just’ve already spoke again up to now? So, I suggest, nearly any online business has a be in agreement desk or something like that, and so they’ve a huge amount of data already that the AI is also knowledgeable from.

If you wish to have to build a custom designed one and then you’ll be capable to use that to be in agreement solution other people’s questions one day, which was once as soon as a fantastic glorious idea.

Report Pop: On the subject of ChatWP. This is paid API get right of entry to that you simply’ve, that you just’re providing, more or less complimentary. And likewise you do indicate on proper right here, I imagine I spotted a tweet, “In case you do hit the rate limit, we provide a solution to make requests using your individual OpenAI API key instead,” is what you discussed. 

For people who are listening, if I was using this and for some reasons why, your API key were maxed out, your quota were reached, what’s going to be the process if I wanted to stick using this then again not pay money?

Aaron Edwards: Well I’ve a price limit that I merely prepare at the moment that’s mainly in keeping with individual or buyer or regardless of, and I’m merely looking for to stick any person from spamming it or placing a bot or regardless of and costing me a ton of money on account of every question is costing reasonably a couple of cents.

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So that can add up briefly if you have masses of people who find themselves asking questions. So I merely more or less put a basic price limit there. And for many who hit that price limit, which resets daily at the moment, then it’s going to merely in reality recommended you to enter your individual API key, which anyone can create an open AI account. 

They usually get a hold of $20 of loose credit score rating. So then you definately definately merely put in your private key and then it could use that to make the request instead. And so that frees me from having to block other people and they are able to merely continue to use it using their own credit score.

Report Pop: Well, that’s cool and I do have to say I recognize at the bottom of the internet web page you say, “Have the same opinion contribute to WordPress and strengthen this bot by means of turning into a member of the documentation and training teams.” That’s a lovely title to movement there and shout out to those teams. 

Aaron Edwards: Yeah keep in mind that.

Report Pop: And I imagine the rest that, the rest that more or less helps make their art work further visible is awesome.

I wanna switch problems up moderately bit and discuss other AI WordPress implementations that you just’ve worked on. You and I’ve talked at the livestream about Imajinn AI, then again I don’t suppose we’ve offered that to our Press This target audience.

So why don’t you tell us about Imajinn AI.

Aaron Edwards: Yeah, positive. So I was following if truth be told sparsely when OpenAI were given right here out with Dall-e, which was once as soon as their image technology type, and it was once as soon as very exhausting to get into the beta testing. I imagine I finally got get right of entry to once more in July or something. So participating in spherical with that, at the moment it was once as soon as like, this is glorious, innovative as we’ve spotted how it’s affected art work and image technology and things like that and the problems that can be finished with it.

And in order quickly as the principle more or less open provide type that was once as soon as in a position to doing that were given right here out, which is known as Robust Diffusion. I was following that very sparsely, merely taking a look forward to that to drop and the second it did, I merely started getting to art work that weekend and looking for to build a proof of idea for some way you wish to have to generate photos like that within WordPress as it’s a platform I know and what I’m perfect at growing for.

And so that was once as soon as once more in August and I more or less tweeted that out and shared it. It went pretty viral and um, so we introduced that plugin, Imajinn. Once more at the beginning of September. So that’s our plugin for generating photos. And so since then I’ve maintained that plugin and added new choices, however moreover have pivoted as newer technologies have more or less get up.

So I grew to turn into it more or less proper right into a SaaS. So that isn’t necessarily WordPress dependent. So now we have now a whole bunch of quite a lot of little mini products that we presented on that, which you’ll be capable to see at Imajinn.AI. Alternatively we’ve finished the whole lot from where you’ll be capable to custom designed educate product pictures or pictures of yourself so that you’ll be capable to generate all kinds of images. You’ve spotted that more or less transfer viral too, like with avatars, AI avatars, profile pictures, that more or less issue.

Report Pop: Mm-hmm.

Aaron Edwards: We’ve moreover built techniques through which you wish to have to make a published portrait for Valentine’s Day. My partner and I introduced a children’s book that uses that underlying technology to turn the child’s pictures into like a superhero and a physician and development worker and a large number of those quite a lot of issues throughout the children’s book.

Most no longer too way back we presented a product {photograph} visualizer. And that’s in reality loose. So where you merely upload your product {photograph} and then it’s going to almost certainly utterly exchange the way and background. It’s more or less like a virtual {photograph} shoot,

Report Pop: Mm-hmm.

Aaron Edwards: That’s more or less amusing. I’m hoping to mix that into the plugin and so it is going to neatly be used like possibly for WooCommerce photos, things like that.

Report Pop: Oh, cool. For anyone who’s being attentive to this and wishes to research it further, it’s and also you’ll be capable to find out further about it. And one of the crucial problems that if truth be told got me regarding the Gutenberg Block, the Imajinn Block, is just how cool it was once as soon as to be able to more or less interact with Robust Diffusion within a WordPress block.

It merely felt if truth be told polished and it was once as soon as a type of problems that if truth be told, for many who were however on the fence about blocks. This is a type of implementations you’re like, okay, this if truth be told shows how cool a block can also be. It was once as soon as a if truth be told cool implementation and shout out to y’fascinated by that.

Aaron Edwards: That was once as soon as my first Gutenberg block that I built, so that was once as soon as a amusing finding out revel in too.

Report Pop: We’re gonna take every other fast break and after we come once more we’re gonna keep up a correspondence to Aaron Edwards about predictions for the web and AI and WordPress. So stay tuned after this break.

Report Pop: Welcome once more to Press This, a WordPress Committee podcast on WMR. I’m your host, Report Pop, and in recent times I’m speaking to Aaron Edwards, who’s a busy dude making a ton of cool projects like Unending Uploads, Imajinn AI Chat WP, and of course he’s moreover the CTO over at WPMU Dev. We’ve were given spent all of the show thus far talking about ChatWP and Imajinn AI, more or less two explicit WordPress implementations Aaron, you’ve been working on.

I more or less merely need to take a step once more and spot if if in case you have any predictions for AI and WordPress. At this time it’s exhausting to tell what’s the fad and like, what’s gonna stick spherical and how much further advanced problems are gonna get. Are we more or less like seeing something that we will see like a three hundred and sixty five days from now?

Will it look the identical or is that this period gonna look utterly different? I’m not gonna ask you all of the ones. I’m merely gonna ask you, merely give me your predictions for AI and WordPress.

Aaron Edwards: That’s a big idea. I imagine it’s merely been eye-catching, I suggest, what has happened inside of the remainder three hundred and sixty five days is ridiculous, whether or not or no longer it’s the image technology or ChatGPT, massive language type text technology. It’s if truth be told merely a kind of revolution. It’s more or less in that segment where everyone’s merely super serious about it.

I’m positive that there’s gonna be that crash briefly, that trough of disillusionment they title it, with new technology. And then from that is where we in reality see the true equipment that can be in reality good they normally’ll merely frequently get integrated in everyone’s workflow and everyone’s regularly existence. So unquestionably there’s a lot of hype at the moment. Alternatively it’s exciting ‘function on a daily basis, new problems are being invented, new tactics to use it. Like even this ChatWP that I built that’s very new, it was once as soon as most effective enabled, OpenAI introduced the API sought after for that merely in December, and then the embeddings API, which I used to in reality educate it, they cut back the cost of that and stepped ahead it like tenfold, how smartly it in point of fact works.

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In order that they reduced the cost by means of 10x and it mainly works 10 circumstances upper. And that was once as soon as most effective introduced on I imagine December twenty 2nd. So this is a very new technology issue that everyone is just starting to be informed about and learn new tactics to use for development products, development good problems.

So as far as WordPress, I imagine that, obviously WordPress is all about content material subject material. So content material subject material is a huge issue. So I imagine that the image technology, those more or less equipment will get well and easier to use for when you’re writing content material subject material. Then in spite of everything now we have now AI writing, which has been spherical for a while.

You’ve were given ones like Bertha, plugins that imply you’ll like insert writing. Then in spite of everything you’ve were given some large companies like Jasper and things like that. A couple of of them have browser integrations merely to help you write content material subject material. And of course that’s every other topic with regards to SEO and if that’s to write down down content material subject material using AI, so I don’t have any explicit problems, then again I imagine that content material subject material is most definitely an important issue that’s gonna affect WordPress keep in mind that.

Report Pop: SEO is kind of a stunning phase that I imagine WordPressers discuss after we imagine AI and I imagine to start with my biggest fear was once as soon as that AI generated content material subject material, largely via WordPress internet sites would flood Google, right kind? Like you wouldn’t be capable to find the rest on account of the whole lot was once as soon as gonna be merely other people competing using bots to generate content material subject material that merely does if truth be told smartly.

That was once as soon as my fear. And it’s funny, that was once as soon as like a month prior to now and now my fear since Bing and Google have experimented with together with ChatGPT answers to things. Now my fear is the opposite is that Google won’t be sending web page guests anywhere on account of they’re gonna be uh…

Aaron Edwards: SEO won’t exist anymore.

Report Pop: Yeah. So there’s theories that I’ve spotted other people pronouncing that with a purpose to stay similar within a world where ChatGPT answers or AI answers are on the most efficient of search results, massive publishers would possibly after all finally end up partnering with Google to make sure that they’re training Google on their results. So with a purpose to be possibly necessarily essentially the most similar issue that shows up in a chat solution, New York Circumstances may well be like, “Hi we’re giving you quick access to all of our content material subject material to make sure that you’re if truth be told smartly trained in case the rest comes up.”

Correct? It strikes a chord in my memory of AMP come what may of similar to the Google Amp, and more or less like Google showing AMP results up on the most efficient. And so publishers were incentivized to use AMP. I more or less in point of fact really feel like we’re possibly gonna see some form of drive there to team of workers up with Google. I’m if truth be told going everywhere proper right here.

Alternatively like that’s what’s going down with SEO is our problems are merely pivoting from one thing to every other. You realize, since AI’s come spherical

Aaron Edwards: Exactly. I imagine the focus can be a lot much less on SEO and additional about in reality providing answers to oldsters’s questions. And that can be integrated, you understand, into the ones Huge Language Models further merely. So I imagine it’s going to have a just right benefit, in reality ‘function if truth be told SEO has grow to be a very unfair game.

Report Pop: Mm-hmm. That’s true.

Aaron Edwards: That’s my personal opinion. I hate that space, although I’ve to do it for my own business, pay that tax. Any other issue that I’ve heard, which is a very eye-catching way of having a look at it, is if you know the way the ones Huge Language Models or Huge Image Models, how they art work, they art work in, they title it latent space.

So it’s more or less like the following dimensional space of vector numbers. So mainly they’ll take a piece of text they normally’ll convert that into a collection of 1000 to 4,000 unique numbers referred to as vectors. And that’s the best way you’re ready to test and that’s what encodes not merely the words, however it unquestionably’s in reality encoding the patterns and things like that all the way through text.

With that even though, it’s in reality a very tough form of lossy compression. More or less like if you have a JPEG image, it doesn’t encode all of the details in it. It’ll look okay, like good enough for a human to seem, however it unquestionably’s in reality missing plenty of wisdom and plenty of data.

And the ones AIs mainly art work the identical way. So it’s a very lossy compression, so it’s going to almost certainly make something that may look okay and art work okay for a lot of techniques, however it unquestionably doesn’t have the identical stage of depth as a human written issue or human generated art work in that regard, there would possibly all the time be that place for precise human content material subject material, and other people will categorize those in a different way as different levels.

Within the match that they need to know merely the total knowledge or within the match that they need to know the in depth, precise human insights.

Report Pop: Mm-hmm. Aaron, I recognize your time in recent times. It’s been if truth be told attention-grabbing to talk to you about, uh, your predictions for AI and WordPress, and the equipment you’ve already created. 

If other people wanna find out further about you, they are able to observe you on Twitter @UglyRobotDev, and I need to say thanks any such lot to everyone who’s listened to this episode of Press This, a WordPress Crew podcast on WMR.

You’ll be capable to observe my adventures with Torque magazine over on Twitter @thetorquemag otherwise you’ll be capable to transfer to where we contribute tutorials and films and interviews like this on a daily basis. So check out out or observe us on Twitter. You’ll be capable to subscribe to Press This on Pink Circle, iTunes, Spotify, otherwise you’ll be capable to download it immediately at each and every week. I’m your host Doctor Standard I beef up the WordPress group via my place at WP Engine. And I really like to concentrate on folks of the group each and every week on Press This.

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