Press This: How WordPress Certification Can Lend a hand Builders Stand Out

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Welcome to Press This, the WordPress workforce podcast from WMR. Each episode choices guests from around the workforce and discussions of the largest issues going via WordPress developers. The following is a transcription of the unique recording.

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File Pop: You’re paying attention to Press This, a WordPress Staff Podcast on WMR. Each week we spotlight participants of the WordPress workforce. I’m your host, File Pop. I toughen the WordPress workforce by way of my serve as at WP Engine, and my contributions over on TorqueMag.Io where I get to do podcasts and draw cartoons and tutorial motion pictures. Check out that out.

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Have you ever ever ever wondered the way you’ll have the ability to stand out inside the competitive global of WordPress development? What if WordPress certification was a way to help you stand out as a Developer? On these days’s episode of Press This, we’re excited to dive into the topic of certification with Talisha Lewallen, the founder of CertifyWP and WPConnects by way of her artwork at WPConnects, Talisha has been helping military veterans to find new careers all the way through the WordPress industry. 

And as well as by way of her artwork, Talisha has noticed firsthand that there’s a need for credentialing within WordPress. Talisha, welcome to the show. I’m excited to have you ever ever proper right here. Can you get began us off via telling us your WordPress starting story?

Talisha Lewallen: Certain. And I’m moreover excited to be proper right here these days. Thank you for having me. Then again I imagine my WordPress starting story started beautiful very similar to a large number of other folks when Covid started. As soon as Covid started, there started being a pink meat shortage and I private a farm. And so when everybody was talking about how shortage of pink meat there was, I was like, I’ve a whole field of cows.

So I ended up in need of a website. So I reached out to the one person I knew that worked in tech, Corey Miller at Post Status and was like, “Hello there, I desire a website.” And so instead of doing it for me, he taught me recommendations on how you can create a website and it’s the main one I ever created. It’s nevertheless live and it nevertheless looks like the main one I ever created.

And since then it merely kind of snowballed into what it’s now, running with WPConnects and CertifyWP.

File Pop: I in reality like that Corey helped train you recommendations on how you can assemble your own website. That type of seems like some lesson like, train somebody recommendations on how you can assemble a website they normally’ll assemble internet websites for days or regardless of. , the fishing one. 

Talisha Lewallen: Significantly, it’s all the fish. You give an individual a fish and he eats for in the future. You train him recommendations on how you can fish, he’ll eat for the rest of his existence. Significantly, one of those. He taught me recommendations on how you can make one, and then I imagine I’ve made 5 – 6 internet websites at this stage.

However no longer such a lot in comparison to most people, then again more than I ever concept I may ever create.

File Pop: After that experience, I know that you simply started WPConnects. Can you tell us reasonably bit about that workforce?

Talisha Lewallen: Certain. WPConnects is a company this is serving to lively accountability military personnel, or I will have to say US military personnel, download training for their next profession path. We have now now 3 different training platforms nowadays that they go through depending on what stage of their military profession they’re in. So all the function is for us to train them and then have the same opinion them be very a good fortune each and every time they do break free the military they normally get began their civilian existence.

File Pop: So WordPress is solely part of that training? There’s other possible training that you simply’re doing?

Talisha Lewallen: Yeah. So WordPress is our number one focus. So the three training ways we’ve, the main one is referred to as a Credentialing Lend a hand Program. That program is for lively accountability or like Reserve or National Guard participants. They get a stipend used for training once a year they normally might simply take a credentialing lend a hand program.

So lately we’re the usage of the Web Foundation Friends credential by way of CIW, then again that’s where CertifyWP were given right here in on account of I actually sought after a WordPress credential to turn the ones men and women at that very first stage. 

In the event that they’re completing their supplier contract or once they end their supplier contract inside the remaining 180 days of their supplier contract, they may be able to join our SkillBridge program, which is a WordPress SkillBridge program. It is a 12 weeks hands-on, instructor led direction where they come proper right into a Zoom meeting. Because of we’ve other folks in all places the U.S.. We’ve had a couple in Germany, ‘reason why they’re stationed over there. So we’re in the hunt for to make this as all inclusive as we will be able to for other folks wanting to actually be told WordPress. We have now now a gorgeous excellent development kind now. 

We’re moreover teaming up with Robbie at OSTraining to flush out a couple of the bugs that we’ve got. So each way, they’re gonna go through that CA program, the Skill Bridge program, and we have now an Lively Apprenticeship Program. So once they finish that Skill Bridge program, they may be able to follow to enroll in our apprenticeship program that we’ve got connected with 3 other companies.

And WPConnects, moreover hires apprentices too each and every time we’re development internet websites. So it’s a actually 3 step process.

File Pop: It’s by way of that process that you simply’re talking about that you simply’ve in fact encountered a need for certification on account of some of the the most important organizations that you simply’re partnering with military veterans organizations, they request some type of credentialing or certification program as you recognize, within the tournament that they’re gonna be involved.

Is that correct?

Talisha Lewallen: Yeah. So for that credentialing lend a hand program, there must be a gaggle built credential. And when we’re even merely going by way of our training, the Web Foundation Associate Credential is a superb credential. It’s lacking in some of the the most important problems that we’d like them to seize for our WordPress Skill Bridge direction.

So it actually got me brooding about that we actually desire a WordPress credential just for WPConnects. Then again then the additional other folks I talked to locally, and I worked at Post Status, and the folks I talked to locally while I was over there, there’s merely kind of always seemed to be that need. You’ve those who cross to a job interview they normally say, I’m a WordPress Developer. 

That can indicate a large number of more than a few issues. That can indicate you made a couple web sites to you wish to have to handle those massive mega corporate internet websites, WordPress internet websites. And so there’s merely no longer actually a standardized foundation of training. So hiring managers are having problems kind of working out what somebody’s skill stage is in an interview.

And as well as with all the contract jobs and freelance jobs, there’s that struggle of I can do this if somebody will merely gimme the shot or proper right here’s my portfolio. Then again merely announcing that you simply’re a developer, there’s merely no longer that standardized stage of training for other folks to be like, “Oh, okay, this is exactly what you recognize, and we will be able to assemble from there.”

So that’s where it was actually turned into, “Okay. So I no longer best need it for WPConnects to train our military personnel to have the same opinion them get to this next stage in their private careers, however as well as merely inside the WordPress house generally.” And so that’s kinda where the start of CertifyWP were given right here from.

File Pop: Yeah, I imagine that’s actually crowd pleasing. It nearly no doubt goes previous the organizations you’re running with. I’m positive that running with governments, local governments or federal governments, I’m positive that oftentimes there’s some type of credentialing requirement that’s no longer reasonably there however.

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Like something that some website builder might want to have that doesn’t actually exist inside the WordPress house, then again it will exist in several problems. Or in higher training there might be the ones sorts of credentialing problems. 

So this has in fact been a subject matter that’s get up given that first WordCamp I went to, which was WordCamp San Francisco. I imagine in 2012 or 2013. And it’s been a sizzling topic for some reason. I may assume part of that reason is that developers don’t think that will have to be in charge of this. Is that what this comes proper all the way down to? Or what’s the force that has been spherical prior to now?

Talisha Lewallen: I’ve heard fairly a large number of more than a few issues. So each and every time I first offered it up, I had another other folks be like, “Oh no, avoid that. You don’t wanna touch it. No one wishes a credential.” It’s just about like a political state of affairs sort issue. 

And then I heard other folks say, “Certain, we utterly need this.” And so me being me, I don’t merely take a no. I’m like, neatly what has been the pushback? Let’s see if we will be able to’t resolve this out. And a couple of those who I’ve heard is a who will have to be the one to hold this credential? Who will have to be the one to do it? And I even heard other folks say in all probability web page internet hosting companies will have to be the one to have the credentialing license or the corporations or who will have to actually merely be the one to create this.

And then the other facet of it, we’ve heard gatekeeping like, “Oh, you’re merely wanting to gatekeep.” Whilst you concentrate credential, and I talked to previous podcasts regarding the difference between certification and credentials. And with credentials there’s a worth, and it can be beautiful intensive on some credentials.

And so I might simply see where that were given right here from. And so we had meetings with the CertifyWP Board of Directors and our advisory board. And that’s something that we would really like so to keep the costs down on in with the ability to offer where everybody can take it. We don’t wanna gatekeep, it best benefits the crowd if everybody is able to have get admission to to it.

So that’s where CertifyWP became a foundation. So we nowadays are a nonprofit. And this nonprofit is able to cling sponsorships and memberships to where the price can also be scale back down and easily actually in the hunt for to benefit the mass. Then again, as to like, historically, what’s merely been that pushback?

I imagine it merely depends on the person and what their concepts are of an actual credential. The few other folks that have come to me and said, “Hello there, I don’t accept as true with what you’re doing, and proper right here’s why.” And we’ve had an open conversation of where CertifyWP were given right here from, our goals, what we’re doing and the best way we’re planning to reach this. They’ve in fact gone and signed our endorsement form. 

So it’s one of those that I understand where they’re coming from and we’re making an attempt the entire thing in our power. We’re no longer gonna make everybody happy, then again we’re making an attempt the entire thing merely to learn the crowd as a whole and easily actually be helpful necessarily essentially the most and perfect way that we will be able to.

File Pop: I imagine that’s an excellent spot for us to take a handy guide a rough wreck. We’re chatting with Talisha Lewallen, the founder of WP Connects and CertifyWP. Once we come once more, we’re gonna be in contact regarding the, the kind of nitty gritty about how this credentialing process will artwork and the benefits that may come from that.

So stay tuned. You’re paying attention to Press This.

File Pop: You’re paying attention to Press This, a WordPress workforce podcast on WMR. I’m your host, File Pop, and these days we’re talking about credentialing and certifications inside the WordPress Ecosystem. We’ve talked regarding the history of what’s happening with CertifyWP with our customer, Talisha Lewallen, the founder of CertifyWP.

And now we’re gonna be in contact with reference to the longer term. So we discussed how we got to a need for credentialing in WordPress. I want to speak about the easiest way trying out will cross and all that stuff. I assume the first thing to talk about regardless this is I know there’s a difference between credentialing and certification and Talisha, I can’t make this stick.

Can you have the same opinion explain the difference between the two?

Talisha Lewallen: Certain. A certification is maximum frequently any person may just make it. There doesn’t will have to be continuing training tied to it. It’s in truth, I took a class or a direction and now I’ve this certificate and I under no circumstances wish to redo it. I under no circumstances wish to substitute my knowledge or do those continuing training hours.

So then 10 years down the road you wish to have to nevertheless cross to an interview and say, “Hello there, I’ve this certificate. I got my certification.” Then again generation has changed inside the remaining 10 years, then again they may be able to nevertheless have it. To me that’s the drawback of having a certification. 

Having a credential, it must be some form of workforce built and maintained. There moreover must be continuing training hours in re-certification of that credentialing license. Our board decided that it may well be each 3 years, the exam would will have to be retaken. And it’s up-to-the-minute once a year with the new information that’s coming out, or if the remainder changes. 

That way, it assists in keeping everybody’s training stage at the an identical stage. And in addition you’re continuing learning. The entire thing in tech changes, although it’s a minute trade to a large trade. But it’s moreover a host of people that’s coming together. So it’s no longer merely, me, myself, and I over proper right here announcing, that’s what I imagine everybody will have to know.

It’s a host of workforce, what I may nearly no doubt title, leaders in our case, or influential other folks which can be working out actually what we will have to have or what’s crucial to stick in the ones credentials. So actually it merely comes proper all the way down to the difference is one you re-certify each couple of years and deal with your knowledge.

The other one is just a class. Now and again you don’t even even wish to take a take a look at to state that you recognize what you’re taught or know that you simply discovered the material, you merely took the direction. In order that’s the main difference between the two.

File Pop: So what’s the tuition process like for the credentialing that y’all do? What’s the tuition process like for that, and what’s the trying out process gonna appear to be for that?

Talisha Lewallen: So we’re development a direction to go with the exam. Our direction does no longer will have to be the direction you take. There might be other categories. I know that Robbie at OSTraining, I consider, is making a amateur WordPress direction. Our direction is hand tied to the exam on account of we be capable to do that while we’re making it at this time.

Then again you don’t wish to take the path to take the exam. So for those who occur to’ve been in WordPress for years and in addition you merely wanna toughen the crowd via obtaining this credential. And easily having that in your data and with the ability to tell employers that you just’ve were given finished this, you wish to have to cross take the take a look at at any time or take the exam. 

So there’s a direction tied to it. We’re in the hunt for to hit just about all the different types of instructing and learning and techniques other folks be told. The holdup we’ve at this time on it’s the video. We’re in the hunt for to create a video facet to go with the script and PowerPoint.

So we don’t wanna merely give somebody a PDF and say, proper right here, cross be informed this, and now you recognize what you wish to have to seize. So we’re doing the video. There will be the learning fashion. If other folks be told upper via learning like I do, then there’s moreover gonna be the hands-on portion where it tells you recommendations on how you can do stuff and also you’ll have the ability to artwork along beside the instructor or the video that’s taking part in.

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For the exam, there’s 3 levels to acquire the credential. The credential has been titled the WordPress Design and Keep watch over or Keep watch over Design Credential. And there’s 3 levels. There’s the beginning, intermediate, and then a professional. So you take all 3 levels of the direction, or exam, and then you definately definately’re in a position to acquire your credential. 

So for the main two levels of the exam, it’s only question and resolution type of problems. For the absolute best stage, there’s gonna be that question and resolution, then again we’re moreover planning on setting up a capstone in some way to where somebody has to in fact assemble the website. And so we’ll have domains and we’ll have this house for other folks to go by way of and actually do that Capstone Challenge. So then it’s no longer merely, positive, I can resolution a question, then again I’ve in fact completed this and I know how to do what I merely discovered. 

So it’s actually having that good application that I imagine I might have been the biggest one pushing that. So then it’s no longer merely question and answers, it’s legitimately a practical application to show that you just’ve were given the tips and in addition you’re in a position to that. And that’s been a quite massive selling stage for a couple of those who I’ve talked with that weren’t 100% down for the credential, just because they’re neatly, any person might simply take a take a look at, then again that doesn’t indicate they could do it. And I’m like, exactly, which is why I would really like this good application facet of that prime tier exam.

File Pop: So when we’re talking about working out recommendations on how you can do it, is there gonna be a credential for web design in WordPress or is it gonna be just one? Such as you could be certified in WordPress Core, cross out and do your issue.

Talisha Lewallen: So the original concept was we have now been merely gonna have one, and then after the advisory committee met. I imagine it was actually the main time we realized very quickly that one was no longer gonna cover it. , there’s frontend, there’s backend, then there’s protection, and then there’s this facet of it.

So the main two that we’re looking at development is the frontend, which is this WordPress Keep watch over Design Credential. That’s gonna be the frontend of WordPress. Then we’re gonna create a developer direction, name pending, and it’s gonna be the backend facet. And so the board decided that you wish to have so to move the frontend credential so to take the backend credentialing license.

And that’s just because, by way of some conversations with companies and even problems that the advisory board has treated personally and professionally. It’s laborious so to turn out to be a backend a professional for those who occur to don’t know what it looks like on the frontend and recommendations on how you can have the same opinion your shoppers on that facet.

So there are gonna be different credentials that you just’ll have the ability to take from CertifyWP. Then again the main two I may say foundational categories are gonna be that frontend and backend credential.

File Pop: This is merely thinking about WordPress Core. There’s no longer a WooCommerce credential inside the works, correct?

Talisha Lewallen: Right kind. No less than no longer at this time. We have now now tried very, very laborious to stick with WordPress Core, which has kind of led to its private set of difficulties on account of there’s plugins which can be very helpful. Then again we don’t wanna title any one of those out. We’re strictly sticking to the core. So that has been an enchanting downside, specifically for somebody like me that doesn’t have that facet of revel in.

So that’s why I’m no longer on the advisory board. I get to take a seat down in and take notes and actually merely have the same opinion us push forward with the credentialing. Then again yeah, in all probability in spite of everything we will have the plugin extensions or a credential over WooCommerce. I feel like that’s a beast all on it’s private.

File Pop: Yeah. And it kind of comes once more to an element you could have been talking about earlier where, inside the discussion of credentialing there’s been, will have to, in conjunction with like their Be informed.WordPress and the entire thing else, will have to they’ve credentialing there or will have to this be something that non-public companies and for some reason hosts normally are kind of mentioned for the reason that people who might, like GoDaddy credentials or WP Engine or Automattic credentials versus reputable

And it does kind of make me think when you’re talking about possibly at some point, possibly a WooCommerce credential. I’m merely kind of wondering, do you think that that could be something that could be upper for WooCommerce to do, or do you think that could be something that’s upper for like a nonprofit that’s kind of impartial to be doing.

Talisha Lewallen: that’s a actually excellent question. Right now. I indicate, I may surely say that WooCommerce will also be a great spot to hold that credential. Like I said, just because to me which may be a whole beast on its own. And the few web sites I’ve made with WooCommerce, I merely wanna chuck the computer into the other room, then again that’s merely nearly no doubt my lack of knowledge on that.

Then again will have to they cling it versus a nonprofit or a separate entity? I don’t know. That’s the question we get is, why us? Why is this third birthday celebration company conserving this credential and why are we the ones development it? And I always say, why no longer us? Why no longer a third birthday celebration company?

We’re in a position to take a look at problems reasonably bit further objectively. I wouldn’t say that isn’t looking at it objectively, and I don’t indicate it that way the least bit, then again we’re merely in a position to stick function reasonably bit further, you recognize what I’m talking about? 

So each and every time it got offered up via corporations or web page internet hosting companies at one stage, within the tournament that they will have to be the ones. I heard via a few other folks, neatly they are going to no longer be as function ‘reason why then they’ll say, neatly you wish to have to make use of no doubt considered one of our credential holders.

And then that’s where you wish to have to get into the price state of affairs. And with us, we’re legitimately merely in the hunt for to have the same opinion the best of workforce and you recognize, I imagine is simply too. Then again you recognize, why us? I indicate it’s merely, over again, it’s a why no longer us? 

We put together an impressive board of workforce participants. And I imagine that if somebody inside the Woo industry house might simply do that for them and cling it as a separate company and be capable to have that tough board, I imagine that they’d be capable to do it great. Just like we’re.

File Pop: I imagine that’s another excellent spot for us to take a handy guide a rough wreck, and when we come once more, we’ll continue our conversation with Talisha Lewallen, the founder of CertifyWP, about WordPress credentials, so stay tuned.

File Pop: Welcome once more to Press This, your certified provide for WordPress data and knowledge. In recent years we’re chatting with Talisha Lewallen the founder of WPConnects and CertifyWP regarding the importance of credentialing and how it can have the same opinion WordPress developers get jobs and get possible choices in places that lately require credentials.

And I assume merely generally how it will have the same opinion developers stand out, like Talisha you could have been announcing, you’ve got designed 5 web sites, which may well be very impressive. I imagine that’s about what collection of web sites I’ve built in my 15 years doing WordPress. Then again you wouldn’t consider yourself a WordPress a professional?

Right kind? 

Talisha Lewallen: Yeah.

You may be able to be type of an example of you’ve built WordPress, then again you’re no longer necessarily somebody that may get hired via a large company to be their WordPress a professional.

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Talisha Lewallen: Yeah. I don’t think they would need me to. I actually don’t think they would need me to. I can assemble a website and I imagine that it seems that to be like excellent. However, for those who occur to invite the folks on my staff, they’re going to tell you not to let me touch your website. I nearly no doubt wreck my website further circumstances than I do the rest, ‘reason why I’m the trial and blunder person.

I wanna get in there and be like, I understand it might simply do this. I’m gonna resolve it out, and the next issue I know I get a 404, the internet web page. And so then I’ve to call somebody else and be like can you go back and reset that or restore this? Like you’ve finished, you’ve built 5 in 15 years.

I’ve built 5 and what, 3, 4 years. I don’t know how long it’s been at this stage. I haven’t made huge internet websites, merely little ones for each myself or managed a couple other web sites for some pals just because they’d somebody assemble it they normally sought after something finished. I merely wouldn’t consider myself a qualified.

Then again having a standardized stage of training would have the same opinion stuff like that. So if I went into an interview for a WordPress a professional position, I might simply say positive, I built 5 internet websites and I’ve managed, 3 and I’ve put in WooCommerce and I’ve finished all of this, then again on the other facet, they wouldn’t wanna hire me to do it.

Just because I feel like over again that I wreck my website further circumstances than I do the remainder. And a large number of problems are kind of trial and blunder.

File Pop: So more than likely this certification previous the wishes that y’all have at WPConnects. This might be something that if I went to Fiver and wanted to hire a WordPress person to make some changes, or if I was a company looking to hire a WordPress Developer to build our consuming position website, this is this sort of issue that may, previous your explicit needs that you simply built this for, this is something that may have the same opinion hiring generally.

Talisha Lewallen: Certain. Certain. I’ve in fact offered up Fiver numerous circumstances each and every time I be in contact to other folks. Fiver is a great platform. I hire other folks at all times off of Fiver. And each and every time I first started looking at the credentialing, I went by way of and looked at nearly no doubt an ungodly amount of WordPress developers and website designers on Fiver.

And the standard issue that you simply spotted was, I’m a WordPress Developer or some even said that they’ve been licensed or credentialed in WordPress. And I’m like, you’re filled with crap on account of there isn’t one. But if I didn’t know, and that’s what I check out to take a look at on the standpoint of, if I didn’t know the remainder about internet websites, what would I be on the lookout for?

I could be on the lookout for a Developer that was licensed or credentialed on account of they’d know what they’ve been doing. It’s very similar to an auto mechanic. If you’re taking your car somewhere, you want them to have the credentialing. And with regards to each industry has some form of credentialing. Every time you get in a car injury, your insurance policy company makes you take your car to, there’s a certain credential for the automobile mechanics that artwork on wrecked vehicles. I will’t bring to mind the credential at this time, then again there’s that. 

The an identical issue with academics licenses and nursing licenses. It’s necessary to resume those, you wish to have to continue your training. Equivalent issue with chiropractors. Then again in tech industries and in any type of I’m gonna title it like a hands-on industry, there’s credentialing and it’s for that on account of those who don’t know the remainder about it, I do not know the remainder about my car.

I’m gonna seek for somebody that is licensed and credentialed to seize what they’re doing, to seize that they’re no longer gonna wreck it or compromise my website to somebody else. And so that’s actually the aim at the back of this is, positive, it’s supposed to have the same opinion companies and hiring managers hire upper personnel, then again it’s moreover supposed to have the same opinion those those who do contract artwork or are listed on Fiver, however along with be offering our shoppers reasonably bit further protection as neatly, working out that the person they’ve mess, like I’m gonna say messing with, then again designing their website is in fact somebody that is knowledgeable.

I keep announcing knowledgeable in baseline training. Then again that’s what they want to know. And I may very so much hope that Fiver would be capable to adopt the WordPress credential as something that their developers want to have on their web sites so to be that next stage on there.

That’s nearly no doubt a pipe dream. Then again, you recognize, I do hope it’s there to supply other folks, offer protection to shoppers protection along with serving to parents get a job and be capable to say that, “Certain, I can do this. Explanation why I’ve been professional.”

File Pop: Well, Talisha, I like your time these days. I know that as part of the process that y’all are lately nevertheless rolling out the credentialing process. I understand it’s gonna come out nearly no doubt, inside the next month it seems like. There’s moreover the letter that you simply’re asking other folks to sign.

Can you quickly tell us about that and then we’ll wrap up.

Talisha Lewallen: Certain. The endorsement letter on our website. The main serve as for that letter is to show that there’s a need locally for the credential. So this need can also be from companies announcing that, “Certain, I can maximum indubitably hire somebody that has this credential.” Or it’ll smartly be other folks merely announcing, “Certain, I do find a need in our workforce for a credential.”

And all the serve as at the back of it’s for us so to send this credential off to the DOD. And that’s the position it, it’s been kind of getting reasonably murky with other folks and everybody’s like, oh this is only for the military. No, this credential is for each single person locally. The DOD is to be had in for WPConnects.

So for us so to train the WordPress credential to our military personnel, it must be authorized throughout the DOD. So the ones credentialing letters of endorsement have the same opinion us be capable to get it authorized throughout the DOD to train our army.

File Pop: Well, I imagine that’s awesome. I filled out my letter and I beg listeners to do the an identical. If other folks want to follow along, you could have been suggesting to follow on Twitter @certify_wp. And I imagine that’s a great spot for us to wrap up these days, Talisha, I actually respect what you’re doing with WPConnects and CertifyWP and large shout out to all the advisory boards.

I know there’s a large number of volunteers and a large number of people who are excited to make this happen.

File Pop: Very good plug. Thanks for paying attention to Press This, a WordPress workforce podcast on WMR. Once over again, my name’s File and also you’ll have the ability to follow my adventures with Torque magazine over on Twitter @thetorquemag otherwise you’ll have the ability to cross to where we contribute tutorials and flicks and interviews like this on a daily basis. So take a look at out or follow us on Twitter. You’ll subscribe to Press This on Pink Circle, iTunes, Spotify, otherwise you’ll have the ability to download it directly at each week. I’m your host Doctor Smartly-liked I toughen the WordPress workforce by way of my serve as at WP Engine. And I in reality like to spotlight participants of the crowd each and every week on Press This.

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