Press This: WordPress Issues of 2023 with Brian Gardner

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Welcome to Press This, the WordPress group podcast from WMR. Each episode choices guests from around the group and discussions of an important issues coping with WordPress developers. The following is a transcription of the unique recording.

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File Pop: You’re paying attention to Press This, a WordPress Staff Podcast on WMR. Each week we spotlight individuals of the WordPress group. I’m your host, File Pop. I enhance the WordPress group by means of my place at WP Engine, and my contributions over on TorqueMag.Io where I get to do podcasts and draw cartoons and academic motion pictures. Check out that out.

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2022 is a huge year for WordPress. One of the crucial a very powerful huge permutations of WordPress, 6.1, built-in number one milestones for the Block Editor, fluid typography, and the block ecosystem. It’s been a huge year for WordPress, and as we close out this year, it seems like a good time to look ahead at what the future of WordPress would possibly seem to be.

Turning into a member people this week is Brian Gardner, a Developer Counsel, Basic at WP Engine. Brian, welcome to the show.

Brian Gardner: Thanks, File. Glad to be once more.

DP: Yeah, I’m super excited to talk to you about matter issues and predictions and of course, WordPress matter issues is a pun. Did you get that pun?

BG: Positive I did.

DP: We’re talking about broader matter issues. 

BG: The theme of the show is matter issues, is what you’re saying.

DP: And there’s no signifies that could possibly get sophisticated later aswe’re talking about matter issues versus matter issues.

Faster than we get started, I’d like to hear a couple of of your personal WordPress highlights from the last few years. What are stuff you’re serious about?

BG: Smartly, obviously, you already know, purpose you’re part of the company, then again 4 years previously StudioPress used to be as soon as purchased by means of WP Engine and so that type of used to be as soon as a huge seasonal like marker in my life and my plan at the moment, I wasn’t certain regarding the process WordPress reason why for Gutenberg merely being introduced and I merely kind of sought after a time for myself merely to kind of wander the proverbial desert. 

So I spent a few years merely kind of attempting more than a few issues in and out of WordPress and it used to be as soon as slightly bit lukewarm at easiest merely purpose problems were changing and I wasn’t certain where they’d been going. Then again a couple of year and a component previously, I caught something on WP Tavern that type of reignited a in reality deep hobby I’ve for WordPress.

And so to fast forward by means of a couple of of that, I reached out to Heather Brunner, our CEO, talked to her about some problems. She had talked regarding the Developer Family members Personnel proper right here at WP Engine and asked if that would possibly excite me. And it did, [clears throat] excuse me, using my love for design and WordPress and group and kind of wrapping it up proper into an element.

And so in September of 2021, I officially joined proper right here at WP Engine. And that in reality used to be as soon as merely type of the planting the flag of like with WordPress, I’m once more. There’s merely this kind of lot since then. As you discussed, the releases this year have in reality offered the Whole Website Enhancing options of WordPress to the aim now where we’re at with the Website Editor.

And likewise you and I discussed that simply the opposite day, merely walked by means of some problems. And I’ve not at all been further serious about WordPress than I’m right now. And for anyone who’s been doing this since 2016, I consider that says rather fairly of where we’re at. And there’s such a lot to be serious about and I would possibly perhaps spend 3 weeks talking about it.

DP: Did we indicate your style variation that in recent years were given right here out? In that recap of like the last few years.

BG: Uh, no. So Twenty Twenty-3 is the new theme that shipped with WordPress 6.1 proper right here most effective within the close to previous. And part of that theme, it intended to serve a couple purposes. It used to be as soon as in reality mainly a fork of the 2022 theme. Then again what they wanted to do is blow their own horns the probabilities with the Block Editor. And part of that used to be as soon as a brand spanking new capacity that’s referred to as Style Permutations.

And so for block matter issues what this does is it lets in a builder or a themer to type of pores and pores and skin a design, kind of keep the gist of a design, then again to type of offer up different flavors of it. So much one of the best ways, like an iPhone quilt might be for an iPhone, like in all probability at the present time you wish to have a blue fashion or a purple fashion or regardless of.

And so what they did used to be when they made up our minds that they’d been gonna make style variations, type of the highest of the theme liberate, the default theme. Then again what moreover they did used to be when they opened it up to the group. They’d a call to movement for other people in the neighborhood who wanted to submit designs or style variations.

Two of which were given right here from WP Engine. It used to be as soon as Damon Cook dinner dinner and myself. We submitted two different style variations to this. They’d been each and every made up our minds on and have shipped with Twenty Twenty-3. And we’re in reality, in reality serious about that.

DP: Smartly, for this show, we’re gonna talk about matter issues of WordPress in 2023, and I consider throughout the later segment we’ll talk about broader matter issues, then again right now I wish to stay focused on downloadable, modifiable matter issues. That type of theme. What do you assume is gonna be the biggest theme building in WordPress for 2023?

BG: Smartly, I in point of fact like talking about matter issues. Obviously I’ve been doing that for rather some time and I consider it’s kind of unusual purpose we’re 4 to five years into this Gutenberg problem, and I consider the biggest issue I consider we’re gonna see next year is just mainly the go-to-market of industrial matter issues, we’ve were given however to see it so much. This present day there’s a lot of matter issues on the theme repository. I consider we’re up to a 120, 130, in all probability block matter issues which might be free and in all probability I would possibly rely on my one hand what collection of matter issues are to be had out there which might be being introduced.

Ana Segota is one in all them. Ellen at matter issues is another, then again there in reality isn’t that market however. And it surprises me, anyone who helped mainly get began the Best fee WordPress Theme movement way back throughout the day. Like there’s this kind of lot selection proper right here and why are we now not seeing it however? A large number of which has to do with choices that aren’t shipped however and easily type of the volatility nevertheless of things in flight.

Then again I consider now that we’ve spotted 6.1 introduced and with 6.2, we’re gonna tidy up a bunch of things. I consider we’re gonna get to some degree where developers and product builders understand that problems are sturdy. And with that also outdoor of matter issues comes, plugins and so on like that. Then again I consider that’s perhaps the biggest issue we’re gonna start to see is type of this rebirth of the economic theme market.

DP: Yeah, that’s in reality crowd pleasing. People are continuously achieving out to me, “File, you use WordPress. I’m getting once more into WordPress for a nonprofit. I’m making a web site or regardless of,” and there’s this kind of crowd pleasing 2d where I’m kind of excited yet again to get them into the Website Editor. I consider there used to be as soon as a 2d where I was slightly hesitant to get them in there. I didn’t know where to send them to hunt out their matter issues. Then again I consider the entire thing’s coming along cast and I’m kind of serious about this new wave of block-based matter issues on the industry market.

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I consider 2023 is gonna be a excellent year for that. That’s a excellent degree. 

BG: Yeah. 

DP: So will the changes throughout the Website Editor, will they impact one of the best ways WordPress internet sites look? Are we able to start to see visual design ripples all as a result of one of the best ways block matter issues are built?

BG: , I consider so. I consider one of the most a very powerful problems that excites me necessarily essentially the most concerning the position we’re at is what I identify frontend and backend visual parody. Whilst previously, antique matter issues and you already know, building for WordPress years previously, there would be the frontend experience, then again the backend used to be as soon as all each widgets and HTML markup code and things like that.

And to some degree there were parts of like a visual issue. I consider internet web page builders type of offered that to WordPress through the years. Beaver Builder, Elementor, things like that where it’s very important to actually see and assemble your web site someway that used to be as soon as now not requiring code as so much. 

Then again I consider now that such a large amount of of the settings and the blocks and the choices and all that stuff are in reality part of WordPress Core. I consider we’re gonna see a standardization. Even all over the backend. Right kind. 

We were on the other day merely going from side to side between similar to the posted Internet web page Editor and the Website Editor, which can also be different studies now, then again I know that there’s a huge movement in somewhat numerous discussions spherical type of bringing that and harmonizing one of the best ways that that looks.

So there’s in reality just one improving experience throughout the backend of WordPress, and that’s visual and it represents the doorway end and the backend. So I consider most of the people are gonna start to see all of that come together in a point where the vision that used to be as soon as cast years previously in spite of everything type of the lights pass on and we’re like, “Oh, that’s the manner it used to be as soon as all intended to be in function and I’m proper right here for it.”

I love it. I will be able to’t look ahead to it. And it excites me previous believe.

DP: So I’ve been having a look at building forecasts for 2023, and I’m now not talking about merely internet website matter issues, then again you already know, broader traits. We’re seeing pointers that creative typography, gradients, vivid minimalism, AI design, and candy pastels might be the hot problems for 2023. Are you seeing any of the ones traits in theme design kind of already poking their heads up?

BG: Positive, in reality, I’ve been in control of a couple of of them. My Sherbet theme variation throughout the 2023 theme leverages some very sensible pastel gradients. Over again, it’s a web building and perhaps will be spherical for a couple years. Gradients have been spherical for, for a lot of years and, and what used to be as soon as gradients in similar to a button have now turn into gradients in backgrounds or even duotone filters, which type of overlay pictures.

And so we’re starting to see creative use of color someway that’s easy to type of do. Once more years previously, it used to require some very tough CSS problems and problems that browsers didn’t enhance. And so we see this stuff now type of further at the fingertips of other people.

And what WordPress is doing is the theme building is set up someway where now throughout the backend of WordPress with a couple of clicks and a couple of eyedroppers and a color wheel. You change the gradient and change the colors and do the problems that most often have each required code or like a heavy use of Custom designed CSS.

And so, now not easiest will the ones type of traits continue to exist, I consider WordPress’s ability to allow builders to do problems creatively, type of with all the ones controls will in reality start to see some problems which might be in reality unique.

DP: Yeah. I hadn’t even considered it when I was asking you about changes to the Website Editor that will ripple across the web, then again the Website Editor does make gradients super easy. Just about to the aim where I would possibly see other people merely using it just because, “Oh, what’s this extra tab of gradients?”

I would possibly kind of see that helping perpetuate the fashion. And as you discussed, your Sherbet theme indisputably takes get advantages. I didn’t even consider that. Then again those gradients and the minimalism and the candy pastels are all kind of there. It’s beautiful cool that you just’re on top of the fashion, Brian I love that.

BG: I you must be.

DP: Smartly, we’re going to take a to hand information a coarse destroy and once we come once more we’ll concentrate further from Brian Gardner about WordPress matter issues and predictions for 2023. Stay tuned. 

DP: Welcome once more to Press This, a WordPress Staff podcast. My establish is File. I’m proper right here at the present time with Brian Gardner talking about matter issues and predictions in WordPress for 2023. Now, the main a part of the show, we discussed modular matter issues and downloadable matter issues and one of the best ways that WordPressers consider it.

Now I wanna talk about further widely one of the most a very powerful changes that we’d be seeing in WordPress web design. I consider one of the most a very powerful problems that comes to ideas is a couple of other people were saying the Website Editor might be the “lack of lifetime of internet web page builders” and others are saying “No, internet web page builders are perhaps gonna be even better in 2023 than they’d been in previous years.”

Do you’ve got any concepts on that?

BG: I do, and I’m now not exactly certain however what those are. I know initially when Gutenberg were given right here out, everybody discussed, “Oh, it’s gonna be the lack of lifetime of internet web page builders.” 

I consider internet web page builders, those product teams have obviously had a lot of years of even seeing what’s throughout the pipeline to continue to adapt their product and iterate and whatnot.

And the other drawback I consider that is most in their need is type of this gradual adoption of the Block Editor, correct? Such a large amount of other people don’t like alternate. They don’t understand how problems are built. Problems are nevertheless in flight, and it’s easy to type of revert once more to easily what you’ve been using for the remaining a lot of, on the other hand a couple of years, correct?

I’ve spotted such a large amount of other people say, “I’m a Divi particular person. I’m an Elementor particular person. I know the way to art work with it. There’s further control. It’s more straightforward to use, so I’m gonna continue to make use of this stuff.” 

So I consider there’s at all times gonna be a subset of people that, and I consider it’s gonna be a large enough subset of other folks, a few of these products and firms will be able to deal with even the evolution all the technique to its maturity of the Block Editor.

So I consider it’s nonetheless spotted. I consider there’s perhaps some pivoting that’s happening. I know Elementor’s enthusiastic about going towards the cloud, and so to a point I consider there’s been an evolution of those lines of business. I consider the entire thing will coexist for rather some time.

I suggest, WordPress has been traditionally a backward suitable software that generally has gradual adoption of new choices. And so I consider it’s gonna be some time faster than anything in reality turns right into a difference maker or now not.

File Pop: I know that accessibility has been something I’ve heard about in WordPress like kind of as an emphasis increasingly more right through the final 5 years. It seems like throughout the broader web and specifically on social media, 2022 used to be as soon as a big year for even introducing the speculation of accessibility to the massive target market.

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I consider Twitter added Alt text descriptions. It’s a huge segment. Whilst you join Mastodon, other people imply you’ll know to camel case your hashtags to make problems further out there and indisputably add alt descriptions or in all probability don’t proportion pictures that don’t have alt descriptions.

I’m wondering are we gonna see a couple of of this mixture over to how other people get began designing internet websites in 2023?

BG: I wish to assume so. I consider it’s gonna take a village of people who are in reality diligent and who care such a lot about that, to in reality type of enforce that. I consider there’s nevertheless such a large amount of problems that individuals merely are unaware of, that destroy accessibility or are bad studies for those who have disabilities and whatnot.

Unusually enough, even huge companies like Squarespace nevertheless delivering matter issues that have fonts and backgrounds and colors that don’t transfer difference, color accessibility checking and stuff like that. So it in reality needs to go back from the best possible. WordPress itself may just make the dashboard out there.

I know there’s somewhat numerous movement there. Then again it’s gonna take, companies doing it on their own internet sites. I know our staff proper right here at WP Engine has in reality embraced that. We’ve up-to-the-minute our web site significantly to type of accommodate for what those changes wish to be. Then again I nevertheless assume that’s there’s numerous ignorance spherical this and it’s now not even helpful ignorance.

Other folks merely don’t know upper. Right kind? They simply don’t even know what it’s, why it problems. How you’ll do problems. So even in small cases, correct? I’ve got a bookmark of a color difference checker that I benefit from always, and each time I choose colors for a theme, very very first thing I do is select colors which might be out there and transfer a difference test.

And so I consider there merely will have to be further information about it. There will have to be further podcasts discussed it. Then again it’s moreover one of those problems that type of isn’t throughout the mass attraction, correct? I consider we’re all serious about appears to be and design and things like that and what appears to be excellent and other people will continue to do problems that. I will be able to see it now when I hit a internet website.

I’m like, I make sure you that’s merely bad accessibility, correct? Then again I understand that it kind of feels to be excellent. So there’s type of that fight between what to do with that. Then again we’ll see. I consider there’s gonna be merely further be in contact spherical it. And so because of this truth, I consider just by nature of that, it’s going to get better.

Then again perhaps now not up to people who in reality care about it want it to be.

DP: I mentioned earlier that one of the most a very powerful predictions I was finding out discussed that creative typography might be one of the most a very powerful matter issues that we see in 2023. And I indisputably am seeing logo logos getting slightly further crowd pleasing and Instagram posts or even TikTok or regardless of, having very cool fonts that they’re using, a minimum of to take hold of your attention.

I do kind of ponder whether creative fonts and accessibility are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Do you’ve got any concepts on that? Is one kind of going throughout the unsuitable route for readability or are they going to be kind of functionally the equivalent for any person who’s using a computer screen reader?

BG: I’d say for necessarily essentially the most segment, all the considered an emphasis on typography as design, with two parts to that, correct. Variable font enhance, which I’ll get to in a second. And then the other part of it, which is a baked in now part of WordPress, fluid typography. The ones two problems together in reality play into the benefit of accessibility.

So I’ll get began with the variable fonts. First of all, Google Fonts has significantly upgraded their font library to include fonts that now in point of fact really feel like most sensible fee fonts. For my taste for years, it’s like, okay, the ones are the equivalent six fonts, open sans, lato, that we see all over the place. None of them look in reality excellent. They’re okay. 

Then again other people would pass to Adobe or Custom designed Foundry to make a choice a font that would possibly merely in reality wow you. So I’m in reality thankful for Google type of increasing the depth of their library. And as part of that is now what we type of identify variable font tiles.

And so what that means is, traditionally, your fonts might be set to different weights. Usually like on the scales of 100. 400 might be commonplace, 300 might be mild and so on. Semi bold, 600, bold 700, that kind of an element. Then again what variable does is it makes it completely fluid.

So love it’s in reality from 100 to 900. So should you wanted to set a font weight for regardless of reasons why to 815, you’ll have the ability to. And it’s now not a asymmetric increase. It in reality is designed someway during which it might be able to scale that implies so much one of the best ways SVGs art work. 

And so that you’re taking that and what WordPress has in recent years added, which is a mobile kind of responsive solution to typography. It’s referred to as Fluid Typography. And so what that does is it signifies that you’ll set a font. Smartly, it lets in you inside of theme JSON to set some predefined font sizes {{that a}} particular person would possibly use. Form of going by means of similar to the t-shirt way using additional small, small, medium, large, additional large, that kind of an element.

And so builders can say, for large, I would like it to be 36 pixels. Smartly, everyone knows on a phone, 36 pixels is such a lot better than on a desktop. And so what the fluid part of it does is it signifies that you’ll say, “Howdy, for this font dimension, for large, I would like it to be 36 pixels at most, correct? The maximum dimension. Then again on smaller devices, let’s cut back that so that you’ll have the ability to set a minimum, in all probability 24 pixels or 20 pixels.” 

Something that may nevertheless look excellent and scale, however moreover now not be as huge on computer screen. And so that you’ll have the ability to in reality set a font and then watch as you cut back a browser width. And I’ve posted a lot of of the ones on Twitter. You’ll have the ability to watch the font degrade the entire manner all the way down to a smaller fashion to the aim where you put it at a minimum.

A couple of of those designs and what this in reality opens the door for. I’ve a theme referred to as Avant Garde that is type of like using type as design and my hero text is using font sizes which might be 120 pixels, merely to make it in reality huge and bold and avant garde. Smartly, 120 pixels on a phone doesn’t art work. It breaks, problems stack, and get bring to a standstill.

And so now this fluid typography lets in it to go back the entire manner all the way down to scale so it fits on the computer screen and looks excellent. So I consider numerous this stuff type of play into another, and it’s all type of benefiting the web.

DP: I consider on that follow, we’ll take another fast destroy and once we come once more we’ll concentrate further from Brian Gardner about WordPress matter issues and predictions for 2023. We’ll wrap up our discussion, so stay tuned.

DP: Welcome once more to Press This, a WordPress group podcast. This episode we’ve been speaking to Brian Gardner about WordPress matter issues and predictions for 2023, and I’m in reality collaborating in taking note of all of the ones matter issues and kind of numerous the problems, Brian, that you just’ve been saying, I’ve been starting to see them sprinkle around the web.

One of the crucial a very powerful questions I was kind of wondering, as a theme developer, where do you like to seek for your inspiration whilst you consider upcoming traits?

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BG: Super excellent question. I’ve a couple of my kind of go-to, I suppose they’re referred to as CSS galleries or, you already know, web galleries. One is known as It’s just a blow their own horns of neatly designed problems and, and the entire thing’s type of categorized. So if I wanted to seek for like landing internet web page design inspiration, I will be able to kind of destroy problems down.

And there are other software platforms like Webflow. For many who pass to their theme, or template library that they have, the group library, it’s just a excellent place to get inspiration. I’ve gotten beautiful excellent through the years at seeing something I in point of fact like and then shutting it down and then interpreting it on my own.

So it’s now not necessarily, copying or visual plagiarism. And so it’s superb. Lots of the stuff I’ve designed has at all times been some type of visual fork of 1 factor I’ve spotted in different places. A lot of design inspiration places to be had out there plainly.

DP: , we mentioned that Gutenberg and kind of what’s been major up to the Website Editor and block matter issues has been something that’s been going down for at least 4 years now in WordPress. And it’s funny, on Mastodon I wrote something about WordPress and the Website Editor, and I got this response from any person I don’t know, “Title me out of date, then again I don’t like using blocks in WordPress and I’m allergic to Gutenberg.”

So there’s nevertheless a couple of of those other people which might be protective out. I’ve to say I’ve been prepared to switch over just because I know when I see cool new plugins or new blocks, I know I’m gonna will have to kind of adopt to be able to use those. Then again it used to be as soon as after a up-to-the-minute conversation with you that I kind of in reality started to see a large part of the attraction.

Website design appeared a lot more impossible for me throughout the customizer, and now with the Website Editor, it seems, like now that I’ve gotten earlier this studying curve, I actually in point of fact really feel like the entire thing’s gonna be upper. And this brings us to a tweet that Mike McAllister in recent years discussed. He discussed “2023 is going to be huge for the WordPress industry. I understand it’s been a rough transition to this new paradigm, then again after spending the remaining six months deep throughout the Website Editor, I’m very bullish on the conceivable proper right here.” 

So I suppose Brian, To wrap this up, the question is how, how are we able to get the group who’re allergic to blocks? How are we able to get them to see what’s imaginable and why they wish to alternate?

BG: Smartly, thankfully Matt Mullenweg did us a big supplier by means of essentially saying at WordCamp US that the enhance for Antique Editor is gonna pass away. I know that it’s been a couple of years additional that it’s already been. I consider we’re gonna start to see some parts of difficult love, correct? Merely from all the approach at the top saying it’s time to embrace, it’s gonna switch.

We’re gonna save you enabling it to be in point of fact simple to go legacy or antique WordPress. And this in reality is the long run. And so that you could drive that adoption, a couple of of those problems wish to happen, correct? Other folks wish to merely now not have get right to use to the apparatus that allow them to take a look at this. So starting with Matt, I consider, numerous our staff, specifically Developer Family members, Nick Diego, myself, Damon Cook dinner dinner. We get paid to mainly talk about WordPress, the Block Editor, show other people how it’s used, leverage the probabilities, by means of our content material subject matter, by means of our displays, by means of engagements we’ve were given with the group. 

And we’ve spotted this all over the group. GoDaddy has their own fashion of type of developer family members, Automattic does. And numerous our positions exist to have the same opinion facilitate that fluctuate. Not merely as a mandate, then again merely as a way of getting other people on a call, on a one-on-one in a host session to say, “Howdy, let me show you what’s imaginable.” 

On account of like you and I the other day, once other people start to actually see it and see that it’s actually more straightforward than they consider, that’s when this adoption will start to happen. And now that numerous the choices and numerous the aptitude is now part of WordPress Core, that makes it more straightforward to do, correct? Like a year previously, it’s like we understood the probabilities. We spotted it all in Gutenberg the plugin, which is exploratory and most often now not in point of fact useful for production.

Then again now that it’s landed in WordPress core and the loads have get right to use to these problems, now it’s time for, as Mike discussed, the product other people to go back in and assemble problems that type of extend the ones options, show them off, expose how they may be able to be used. 

And so I’m in reality serious about all the plans I’ve, our staff has, buddies in the neighborhood, other people like Rich Tabor has, merely in reality serious about helping other people see the light, in the event you’ll, and in reality serious about that.

DP: , on wrapping up proper right here. I consider the one huge issue that we wish to indicate with 2023 is that we’re much more likely to peer WordPress 6.2 and the kind of bookend of Gutenberg Phase Two. Right kind? We’re about to see kind of like function complete, you already know, problems will nevertheless be added. It’s type of the main choices will be in 6.2.

Does that sound right?

BG: Yeah, I know that one of the most a very powerful Phase Two and Phase 3, which is further like multilingual and collaborative stuff, helps to keep getting pushed out. I consider it’s because of they’re in search of to easily in reality get the device set accomplished. 

6.2, there’s now not a ton of new stuff. A large number of it’s only refinement of experience in problems which might be already provide. I’m actually in reality serious about that as neatly purpose there used to be as soon as numerous stuff that used to be as soon as kind of, felt love it used to be as soon as filled in, in tactics during which were like, okay, this perhaps would possibly look and function and in point of fact really feel slightly bit upper.

And that’s what this 6.2 push is gonna be about. Which is like in reality refining and obviously bringing in some new problems then again merely making it a better particular person experience, which then will have the same opinion type of the adoption. We merely discussed.

DP: Smartly, on that follow, I consider it’s a great place to wrap up. Brian, I had a very good conversation with you at the present time. I consider your Twitter deal with is @BGardner and your internet website is Other folks can check out that out to see some great examples of your matter issues. And I wish to say thanks for paying attention to Press This, a WordPress Staff Podcast from WMR.

DP: You’ll have the ability to follow my adventures with Torque magazine over on Twitter @thetorquemag otherwise you’ll have the ability to pass to where we contribute tutorials and films and interviews like this on a daily basis. So check out out or follow us on Twitter. You’ll have the ability to subscribe to Press This on Pink Circle, iTunes, Spotify, otherwise you’ll have the ability to download it immediately at each week. I’m your host Doctor Neatly-liked I enhance the WordPress group by means of my place at WP Engine. And I in point of fact like to concentrate on individuals of the group each and every week on Press This.

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