Product Attributes: What Entrepreneurs Wish to Know

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I’m a huge homebody who prefers the benefit of shopping for groceries online from area. Alternatively, the problem with buying items online is that I can’t check out on, measure, or get a good actually really feel for the product until it arrives at my door. So, quicker than deciding to shop for, I always check out the article’s product attributes to ensure it’s right kind for me.

Product attributes play an the most important serve as throughout the decision-making process for customers. They’re moreover an important for marketers when promoting or selling a product. Be told on to learn further about product attributes, their importance, and the way you’ll incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

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What are product attributes?

Product Attributes vs. Product Advantages

Why You Want Product Attributes

Product Attributes Examples

Use product attributes on your business plan.

Product attributes fall into two categories: tangible and intangible. Tangible attributes are physically attributes that the senses can perceive, harking back to color, shape, size, and texture. Intangible attributes are characteristics that can’t be perceived via seeing or protective the product.

For instance, take a look at this Victrola record player software.

The tangible product attributes of Victrola record player system includes it's red color and retro design.Symbol supply

Tangible attributes of this record player include its crimson color and retro-inspired design. Intangible attributes might be Bluetooth capability and recording software allowing customers to turn into vinyl to MP3.

Product Attributes vs. Product Benefits

While product attributes describe the products, product benefits describe what customers stand to reach from the product. For instance, let’s go back to the record player example.

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As I discussed earlier, a product function of the record player is its Bluetooth capability. A product benefit is that this capability we could in shoppers to float their favorite tune wirelessly.

Why You Need Product Attributes

At the side of product attributes helps shoppers get a actually really feel for your product and what it’s going to in all probability do for them. Attributes moreover impact the conceivable buyer’s answer and allow them to as it should be weigh their possible choices when looking for a product that matches their needs.

Helpful product attributes can reinforce the buyer enjoy via making their answer process further manageable.

Product attributes are also vital on account of they may be able to boost your brand’s discoverability online. Marketers can and should incorporate keywords into product function descriptions so people having a look the ones words are a lot more more likely to hunt down your product.

Product Attributes Examples

Underneath are a few tangible and intangible product attributes from quite a lot of companies and kinds.

1. Top of the range

Top of the range is a very important product function to include in your promoting and advertising and marketing on account of shoppers want products they believe will artwork. Product opinions, manufacturing data, and the use of robust materials are only a few tactics you’ll have the ability to show a product’s prime quality.

An example of a prime quality product function can also be noticed in this cat tree made via FRISCO. The cat tree is described as a “heavy-duty tree” made with sisal posts and is “designed for your cat to climb, play, nap, and scratch merely one of the best ways they like, as much as they like.”

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Highest for: When your function shoppers want an enduring, robust product or a top of the range purchaser enjoy.

Screenshot of the product attributes of a cat tree.Symbol supply

2. Design

Design refers to the product’s glance. For instance, the amethyst engagement ring below comprises a cushion-cut amethyst, a 14K yellow gold band, and “sparkling twists of round diamonds” for a “regal design.”

Highest for: When aesthetics and style are a core value for your shoppers. It’s normally an excellent chance to optimize for keywords. For instance, the ring’s description comprises key search words harking back to “cushion-cut,” “amethyst,” and “yellow gold band.”

Screenshot of the product attributes of an amethyst ring.Symbol supply

3. Value

Value is an excellent function to include in your product’s description, in particular in case you are emphasizing how so much a consumer can get at an inexpensive charge. For instance, Canva mentions it supplies loose use of its design equipment and lists all the problems shoppers can get entry to at 0 costs.

Highest for: When your product is available at a cheaper price stage than your pageant or if your product is available in budget-friendly possible choices.

Screenshot of the product attributes of Canva's pricing tiers.Symbol supply

4. Verification and Coverage

Another time, shoppers need assurance that your product is dedicated, credible, and secure. One strategy to prove those problems is to include verification and coverage attributes. Philly’s Phinest Roofing, a Philadelphia-based roofing company, proves its credibility via emphasizing the 40 years it’s been in industry and its status as a certified roofing company. It even has the company’s license amount choices on its website for possible customers to verify.

Highest for: If coverage and reliability are top problems for your target audience.

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Screenshot of the product attributes of a Philadelphia roofing company.Symbol supply

5. Promoting Claims

Promoting claims are product attributes that reference your product’s potency, and they may be able to be inside the kind of statistics or data. To generate a right kind and compelling promoting and advertising and marketing claim, producers put money into research groups and purchaser surveys.

An example of a promoting and advertising and marketing claim is Lysol promoting that its products kill 99.9% of germs.

Highest for: Showing how your product outperforms pageant or highlighting its effectiveness.

Screenshot of the product attributes of Lysol wipesSymbol supply

Use product attributes in your marketing strategy.

Product attributes lend a hand shoppers make confident and a professional possible choices about their purchases. As well as they contribute to an more straightforward and additional relaxing purchaser enjoy.

Most importantly, they assemble believe in your brand and lend a hand to you’ll want to’re promoting and advertising and marketing your products to the fitting people. To better market your product and delight your customers, include product attributes in your methodology.

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