Scale Your Industry To Better Heights With Larger WPMU DEV WordPress Web hosting Plans

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Whether or not or now not you (or your shopper) needs trustworthy enterprise-level web webhosting to process resource-heavy programs or an occasional power spice as much as deal with guests surges or spikes all the way through the massive events, WPMU DEV has bigger managed WordPress hosting plans to suit any web page’s needs.

In this publish, we’ll duvet the following:

WPMU DEV’s Prorated Internet webhosting Plans: What You Need When You Need It

WPMU DEV’s better web webhosting plans allow you to scale up server memory, CPUs, storage, and bandwidth for specific individual web pages.

If you wish to lengthen or decrease your server needs for a decided on internet website online (and/or for a decided on time frame), you’ll merely and simply give a boost to or downgrade your web webhosting plan and most simple pay for the extra amount of property used all the way through that period.*

For instance, let’s say that you simply’ve a internet website online hosted on our level 5 Uranium plan (see phase below for more than a few web webhosting plan specs) for some time and you wish to have additional server grunt to deal with an upcoming product sales promotion (e.g. Mother’s/Father’s Day, Black Friday, and plenty of others.), in order that you power your internet website online up to our level 9 Iridium plan.

You’ll most simple be charged the prorated difference for upgrading plans. Whilst you downgrade, you’re going to then be given prorated “web webhosting credit score” for the time period you didn’t spend.

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So, inside the above scenario, while you have been on the Iridium plan for most simple 10 days, you’re going to most simple pay for 10 days of that plan’s usage.

It’s basically like having dynamic web webhosting pricing with complete regulate over when to give a boost to or downgrade your web webhosting needs.

Additionally, as a WPMU DEV member, you’ll configure our internet website online monitoring provider Uptime to track your internet website online’s potency and routinely notify you that it’s time to give a boost to your web webhosting if it detects that guests is surging in your internet website online.

You’ll have the ability to then make certain that your internet website online is emerging with precise guests, no longer bots, and make a risk-free answer to give a boost to.

Hosting upgrades and downgrades

* Remember: Upgrading and downgrading between plans most simple applies to our better web webhosting plans. With the standard plans (Bronze to Platinum) you’ll most simple downgrade to the level below (e.g. if you are on Bronze plan and give a boost to to Platinum, you’ll most simple downgrade to Gold).

Internet webhosting Plan Specifications

WPMU DEV gives you the choice of web webhosting your web pages on the following plans:

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Internet webhosting Plan
Value p/Web page
Est. Visits
1 GB
1 vCPU
25 GB
1 TB
2 GB
2 vCPU
25 GB
2.5 TB
8 GB
4 vCPU
60 GB
10 TB
16 GB
6 vCPU
155 GB
20 TB
32 GB
8 vCPU
640 GB
25 TB
64 GB
16 vCPU
640 GB
30 TB
96 GB
20 vCPU
640 GB
35 TB
128 GB
24 vCPU
640 GB
40 TB
192 GB
32 vCPU
640 GB
45 TB

Is your internet website online starting to get further guests than Google and the Metaverse combined? If this is the case, it may be time to give a boost to to one amongst WPMU DEV’s better web webhosting plans!

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How To Give a boost to or Downgrade Your Provide Internet webhosting Plan

Changing your web webhosting plan with WPMU DEV is super easy.

From your Hub, select the internet website online you want to give a boost to or downgrade, then click on on on the Internet webhosting tab, and click on on on the Give a boost to (or Resize) button next in your provide plan inside the Review phase.

Hub - Hosting - Overview screen
Click on on on the Give a boost to button to modify your web webhosting plan.

Select your new web webhosting plan to each give a boost to or downgrade and click on on on the Give a boost to/Downgrade button.

Hub hosting plans table.
Merely give a boost to or downgrade anytime by the use of deciding on a singular web webhosting plan.

That’s it! Your new web webhosting plan will take have an effect on after disk resizing takes place and your web webhosting credit score will likely be prorated as described earlier.

Remember: your internet website online will likely be offline while the server disk resizes. Allow 30-40 mins when upgrading/downgrading to a bigger web webhosting plan.

Put The Pedal To The Metal With Our Better Internet webhosting Plans

All of our managed WordPress web webhosting plans run on trustworthy servers and come up with get right to use to 24/7 skilled web webhosting enhance.

Most WordPress web pages will run merely glorious on the Bronze and/or Silver plan. We recommend choosing Gold or Platinum plans for web webhosting small to large eCommerce web pages.

If you wish to have web webhosting with precise grunt and server power for a large eCommerce store, a big Multisite, or heavily-trafficked subscription or paid content material subject matter web pages, believe upgrading to our Uranium, Titanium, Palladium, Rhodium, or Iridium plans.

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And if you wish to have have the same opinion choosing the most productive web webhosting plan to your needs, contact our enhance staff or chat/email correspondence our sales team.

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