The 12 Perfect Running a blog Platforms for 2021 (& Select One)

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Consistent with HubSpot data, blogs are quite a few probably the most good 3 types of media used in content material subject material strategies in recent years.

This isn’t surprising. Whether or not or now not you may well be eager about working a weblog for your small business or as a interest, publishing blog content offers many benefits. Operating a weblog not most efficient helps you establish authority in an business — it moreover drives guests to your internet website online and allows you to upper convert that guests into leads.

To reap the rewards of working a weblog, we can walk all the way through the method of opting for the correct platform to your needs and goals. Then we can uncover one of the vital best working a weblog platforms that can be in agreement in case you are buying groceries as a way to upload a blog to your small business site or to create a stand-alone blog.

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Choose a Operating a weblog Platform

To select a working a weblog platform this is correct for your small business, you first have to pass judgement on how its purposes align in conjunction with your goals and wishes. If you wish to boost your visibility in SERPs, for example, seek for a platform with built-in search engine marketing tools. If your primary priority is to start out out publishing visual content material subject material rapid, then it’s imaginable you’ll focal point on finding a platform that is helping multimedia posts.

Let’s take a look at some an important choices that it’s imaginable you’ll need to your blog. You’ll use this tick list when evaluating different working a weblog platforms.

Content material subject material Editor

The content material subject material editor is the core of every working a weblog platform. As a blogger, you might be working in this editor each day, so remember to choose a platform with an editor you like.

It’s profitable to make an inventory of must-have and nice-to-have choices. As an example, possibly your editor will have to have drag-and-drop capacity and an auto-save feature alternatively it’d be delightful to have an approach to preview how your post seems to be like on different devices.

Subjects and Templates

Subjects and templates will help you customize a blog quickly and easily. When buying groceries at different working a weblog platforms, check out their selection of subjects and templates.

Do they’ve a lot of possible choices for working a weblog specifically? Do they’ve quite a few free and most sensible charge ones? What’s the average price of their most sensible charge subjects? Can you edit the themes and templates to create a in fact customized seek for your site?

You may also want find out how to get began from scratch quite than use a predesigned theme.

The ones are only a few questions that help you to select a platform with the design and customization possible choices you need.

search engine marketing Choices and Equipment

Optimizing your content material subject material for search is essential to driving guests to your blog. Consistent with a study by Sistrix, web sites listed on the first SERP in Google get 88% of the herbal clicks for a keyword or phrase, with 28.5% going to the principle end result by myself.

To get on that first internet web page, you ideally want a platform with built-in tools to help you optimize your content material subject material. CMS Hub, for example, supplies search engine marketing ideas as you write.

If a platform does now not have this kind of difficult capacity, then check out should you’ll be capable to arrange a third-party SEO tool. Otherwise, you’ll have to get up to speed on search engine marketing best practices and also you will have to unquestionably put in force them in your blog.

Extensions and Integrations

No working a weblog platform can also be providing every single feature every single blogger wants out-of-the-box. Besides, your working a weblog needs and goals will perhaps business over time as your audience grows or method shifts.

Because of this it is vital to make a choice a working a weblog platform that gives extensions or integrations with third-party tools. Platforms with an ecosystem of apps will have the ability to scale with you over time in order that you don’t want to migrate to a additional flexible variety one day. 

Now that you recognize some choices to consider to your selection process, let’s take a look at one of the vital best working a weblog platforms available on the market.

We’re going to divide this tick list into paid and free working a weblog platforms, so that you’ll be capable to to find one who meets your needs and finances. Let’s get started underneath.

Paid Operating a weblog Platforms

Most most sensible charge working a weblog platforms shall be providing additional choices and regulate over your blog than free platforms. If in case you have the finances, investing to your working a weblog efforts now can help you increase over time.

1. CMS Hub

G2 Rating: 4.5/5.0 (1,093 Reviews)

Easiest for: Rich Capacity

best blogging platforms: CMS Hub

CMS Hub Excellent Consumers

What devices CMS Hub except other working a weblog platforms is that it is very good for every developers and marketers. It has the tools, technologies, and workflows that developers need to assemble a CRM-powered blog and that marketers need to arrange it. 

CMS Hub Execs

Crucial good thing about CMS Hub is that it’s tough alternatively nevertheless easy to use. You’ll get began by way of deciding on a pre-designed theme or assemble your personal custom designed theme. Then, using HubSpot’s blog editor and built-in search engine marketing tools, you’ll be capable to quickly create search engine optimized blog posts with CTAs, paperwork, and other interactive parts. You’ll even create multi-language permutations of your blog posts and run A/B tests on them to reach an international audience. Forward of you set up, you’ll be capable to preview how your posts and pages look on more than a few sorts of devices.

Once you are ready to start out out promoting, you’ll be capable to connect your blog to your social media accounts. That means, you’ll be capable to routinely share new blog posts in your social networks within the an identical place that you just wrote them.

As you set up additional content material subject material, you’ll be capable to analyze your blog potency to grab what topics and sorts of content material subject material are resonating in conjunction with your readers. This is on account of CMS Hub is built as part of HubSpot’s CRM platform.  

CMS Hub Cons

Since CMS Hub is designed to be an all-in-one resolution for marketers and developers, it has quite a few rich capacity, along side process logging, flexible subjects, multi-language give a boost to, and additional. This is a superb issue for plenty of bloggers. Then again, in case you are an individual or small business merely starting to blog, you then unquestionably may not have the time or revel in to leverage all of the power of the CMS Hub. If that’s the case, you might be with a simpler or free variety to start out out. 

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CMS Hub Website online Example

Below you’ll be ready to take a look at this retailer’s feature-rich blog built on the CMS Hub.

CMS Hub blog example: Blum

CMS Hub Key Takeaways
  • Meets the needs of developers and marketers
  • Sponsored by way of HubSpot’s CRM tools
  • Multi-lingual give a boost to, search engine marketing ideas, and other difficult capacity is built-in

2. WordPress

G2 Rating: 4.3/5.0 (8,096 Reviews)

Easiest for: Subjects and Plugins

best blogging platforms: WordPress

WordPress Excellent Consumers

Rising and managing a blog on WordPress will perhaps require additional maintenance than other platforms, alternatively it’ll provide the extensibility and content management features publishers and other corporations need to create a posh blog.

WordPress Execs

WordPress was at first created as a working a weblog platform. Although it has advanced proper right into a multi-purpose content management system, it nevertheless has many choices and subjects for working a weblog.

WordPress means that you can not most efficient gain a custom domain and acquire thought to be one among 3,500+ themes specifically designed for blogs — it moreover signifies that you’ll add social media buttons, paperwork, affiliate links, and other choices by the use of plugins.

The customization possible choices are with reference to countless with the 59,000+ free plugins available.

WordPress Cons

You’ll need to be positive that your theme and plugins fit and up-to-date. Otherwise, they are able to disrupt the individual enjoy or harm your site. Other maintenance tasks like finding and fixing broken links, updating the core instrument, and optimizing your database will also be your responsibility. This can be difficult for site householders who shouldn’t have the time or technical revel in to often deal with their site. 

WordPress Blog Example

Tech Crunch, probably the most largest and hottest generation data blogs, is powered by way of WordPress. Take a look at this WordPress website example underneath.

WordPress blog example: Techcrunch

WordPress Key Takeaways
  • Excellent for publishers and others who want to prolong platform by the use of plugins
  • Over 3,500 free working a weblog subjects
  • Website online maintenance can be time-consuming

3. Squarespace

G2 Rating: 4.4/5.0 (921 Reviews)

Easiest for: Design

best blogging platforms: Squarespace

Squarespace Excellent Consumers

Squarespace is an ideal working a weblog platform for corporations and other folks rising image-rich content material subject material. With Squarespace’s award-winning type dressmaker templates and integrations with Getty Photos, Unsplash, and Google AMP, you’ll be capable to create visual content material subject material this is horny and shareable.

Squarespace Execs

While Squarespace most efficient supplies about 140 templates, they’re all mobile-optimized and fully customizable so that you’ll be capable to create a blog that looks one of the best ways you want it to. Once you might want to have designed your pages, you’ll be capable to use Squarespace’s working a weblog and search engine marketing tools to create and optimize your content material subject material.

In the end, after publishing your blog posts, you’ll be capable to connect your social media accounts to easily put it up for sale them. Then use the built-in analytics device to learn where your guests is coming from, what your visitors are in search of, and the way in which they’re interacting in conjunction with your content material subject material.

Squarespace Cons

Squarespace offers even more features, from audio files give a boost to to newsletter signup paperwork, alternatively in spite of everything it’s limited in capacity. This is because it is helping less than 30 extensions, so that you may well be maximum repeatedly limited to the choices Squarespace provides out-of-the-box.

Since they lack some feature that bloggers needs — like an auto-save feature, for example — Squarespace isn’t the most productive platform for everyone.

Squarespace Blog Example

Squarespace does allow some bloggers to create beautiful web sites, like this lifestyle blog underneath.

Squarespace blog example: Lauren Saylor

Squarespace Key Takeaways
  • Easiest suited to parents and kinds who want to customize a blog to their personal style
  • Small selection of templates alternatively high-quality
  • Limited to choices and few extensions that Squarespace supplies

4. Wix

G2 Rating: 4.2/5.0 (1,338 Reviews)

Easiest for: Fast Setup

best blogging platforms: Wix

Wix Excellent Consumers

Wix is a popular working a weblog platform for inexperienced persons who’re in search of hosting and working a weblog tools in one place and who prioritize tempo and design over capacity.

Wix Execs

With Wix, you’ve gotten two possible choices for rising your blog. Using the Wix Editor, you’ll be capable to get began by way of deciding on from over 800 pre-designed templates that any blogger can use, whether or not or now not you private a retail business or run a foods overview internet website online. Otherwise you’ll be capable to get began from scratch if you recognize HTML and CSS. Using Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, on the other hand, you’ll be capable to fill out a to hand information a coarse questionnaire and have a blog created for you. 

After you might want to have picked or created your template, or had one made up our minds on for you with Wix ADI, you’ll be capable to get started writing and adorning posts on desktop or mobile, embed Wix’s stock photos and flicks or your personal media, and organize them into topics.

Once you may well be accomplished writing, you’ll be capable to configure your search engine marketing settings to boost your herbal achieve, push your content material subject material to your subscribers with Wix’s electronic mail device, and share them through your social media accounts. You’ll further foster some way of community among your readers by way of letting them grow to be individuals.

Wix Cons

While Wix is additional versatile than other hosted internet website online builders, it lacks customization possible choices and content material subject material keep an eye on choices, particularly when comparing Wix vs WordPress or any other CMS.

As an example, as a way to upload additional difficult parts to the internet web page, like track or maps, you’ll have as a way to upload HTML code. This process can be intimidating for inexperienced persons, particularly when compared to the good thing about installing plugins on WordPress. It’s post editor moreover isn’t drag-and-drop, which might perhaps frustrate some bloggers.

Wix Blog Example

Take a look at this Wix blogger’s site underneath for an example of a stylish alternatively quite simple blog. 

Wix blog example: Bella & Bloom

Wix Key Takeaways
  • Excellent for bloggers who prioritize tempo and design over capacity
  • Selection to use pre-designed templates or get began from scratch
  • Editor lacks drag-and-drop capacity

5. Weebly

G2 Rating: 4.2/5.0 (419 Reviews)

Easiest for: Ease of Use


Weebly Excellent Consumers

Weebly is any other trendy working a weblog platform for bloggers that want everything they need to free up a blog in one place, along side internet website online construction tools, templates, and internet website hosting. Further specifically, Weebly is most fitted for rising blogs with quite a few content material subject material alternatively additional elementary capacity.

Weebly Execs

Weebly is quite priced and easy to use like Wix, alternatively differentiates itself in a few techniques. The editor is helping drag-and-drop capacity for every posts and pages, for example. You’ll create additional difficult layouts by way of together with parts like paperwork and film galleries as well. You’ll moreover add additional sub-levels to your navigation menus, which helps you to get ready larger amounts of content material subject material.

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All Weebly templates are also mobile-optimized, on account of this you’ll now not should do any longer improving or rearranging for mobile.

Weebly Cons

While Weebly supplies additional capacity than most internet website online builders, it does lack flexibility when compared to WordPress or any other CMS. As an example, you’ll be capable to’t drag and drop parts any place in your posts and pages or edit parts of the underlying provide code. The ones restrictions do make Weebly easier to learn and use than most platforms, alternatively they are able to frustrate additional difficult shoppers.

There is also moreover been some pain problems since Weebly was were given by way of the ecommerce company Sq.. A big example: shoppers who make a selection that they want to create a internet website online will see the standard Weebly editor, whilst shoppers who make a selection that they want to create a internet website online with an online store will see a completely different editor referred to as the Sq. Online Builder. This has led to some confusion among users

Weebly Blog Example

Take a look at this Weebly blog underneath, which is content-rich alternatively not feature-rich. 

Weebly blog example: Leadapreneur

Weebly Key Takeaways
  • Excellent for content-rich blogs
  • Editor is helping paperwork, image galleries, and other difficult parts
  • No get admission to to offer code

6. Craft CMS

G2 Rating: 4.1/5.0 (35 Reviews)

Easiest for: Customization

best blogging platforms: Craft CMS

Craft CMS Excellent Consumers

Craft CMS is a working a weblog platform designed for developers, designers, and web professionals. 

Craft CMS Execs

With Craft’s personalized content material subject material modeling, tough templating, and approach to edit your provide code, you’ll be capable to totally regulate the appearance and capacity of your site — whilst you’ve were given the necessary enjoy.

Craft CMS moreover supplies an image editor, collaboration tools, and a localization feature that can translate your content material subject material to precise languages. You’ll now moreover arrange a few blogs from within a single Craft arrange. To research your content material subject material’s potency, you’ll be capable to mix Craft CMS’ dashboard with Google Analytics.

Craft CMS Blog Example

If in case you have the web development experience to fully leverage the facility of Craft CMS, you’ll be able to create a posh blog with custom designed post sorts, like this travel blog underneath.

Craft CMS blog example: Tiny Shiny Home

Craft CMS Key Takeaways
  • Sophisticated capacity along side personalized content material subject material modeling and localization feature
  • Free style for single admin accounts
  • Requires some web construction enjoy

7. Contently

G2 Rating: 4.5/5.0 (51 Reviews)

Easiest for: Enterprise Content material subject material Promoting and advertising and marketing

best blogging platforms: Contently

Contently Excellent Consumers

Contently is a robust working a weblog platform that is very good for endeavor firms with large budgets alternatively few within editorial belongings.

Contently Execs

Contently means that you can arrange your whole content material subject material creation process in one place. You’ll create and visualize your editorial method with their customizable production calendar device, get ready your blog posts with their tagging device, and effectively collaborate in conjunction with your team on tasks by way of leveraging their difficult workflow tools. You’ll even pay for Contently’s well-vetted freelancers to write down a couple of of this content material subject material for you.

Forward of publishing your content material subject material, Contently’s good content material subject material overview tools will be sure your content material subject material is aligned in conjunction with your emblem, optimized for search, and legally compliant. In the end, to refine your content material subject material method, Contently means that you can assessment your content material subject material’s potency against business benchmarks, quantify its ROI, and measure its potency by way of subject, format, and belongings directly to your dashboard.

Contently Cons

Crucial problem of Contently is that it’s previous many small corporations’ and specific individual’s budgets. With prices ranging from $3,000 to $25,000 monthly, Contently is among the most expensive working a weblog platforms for endeavor firms.

Contently Blog Example

The Royal Monetary establishment of Canada, thought to be one among North The united states’s largest banks, uses Contently to streamline content material subject material creation right through 14 promoting and advertising and marketing departments. Check out its blog underneath.

Contently blog example: Royal Bank of Canada

Contently Key Takeaways
  • Can arrange entire content material subject material creation process
  • Deep-dive analytics
  • Pricing most efficient imaginable for endeavor firms

8. Joomla

G2 Rating: 3.9/5.0 (338 Reviews)

Easiest for: Community Building

best blogging platforms: Joomla

Joomla Excellent Consumers

Joomla is an open-source CMS with difficult content material subject material and individual keep an eye on choices which may well be built directly into the platform. This makes it an excellent WordPress alternative for rising community-centric blogs. 

Joomla Execs

Joomla supplies rich built-in capacity along with loads of extensions. As an example, Joomla means that you can create custom designed post sorts, arrange lots of shoppers, and submit content material subject material in a few languages correct out of the sphere.

It moreover supplies some pleasant extensions for working a weblog. EasyBlog by StackIdeas, for example, provides a a long way cleaner drag-and-drop editor than Joomla’s built-in editor. You’ll moreover allow giant identify ratings in your blog and routinely submit posts to your social media platforms with this extension.

Joomla Cons

As a result of its tricky built-in capacity, Joomla does have a steeper studying curve than a CMS like WordPress so it is going to require additional time to organize. It moreover supplies a smaller selection of subjects and extensions than WordPress, which is in a position to prohibit your customization possible choices.

Joomla Blog Example

Below is an example of a Joomla blog built with EasyBlog.

Joomla blog example: The Grid Asia

Joomla Key Takeaways
  • Sophisticated content material subject material keep an eye on choices
  • Steep studying curve on account of tricky built-in capacity
  • May require working a weblog extension like EasyBlog

9. Drupal

G2 Rating: 3.8/5.0 (375 Reviews)

Easiest for: Flexibility

best blogging platforms: Drupal

Drupal Excellent Consumers

Drupal is a very flexible open-source CMS this is best suited for difficult shoppers, along with endeavor firms, with difficult working a weblog needs who’re in search of a self-hosted resolution. 

Drupal Execs

Drupal has lots of out-of-the-box choices and modules. If you know how to use them or have the time to learn, then Drupal will provide you additional power than other open-source platforms. 

Specifically, Drupal is helping a wide selection of taxonomies, content material subject material sorts, internet web page templates, blocks, views, and additional for rising and managing quite a few more than a few sorts of content material subject material. It moreover has difficult individual permissions so that you’ll be capable to provide site admins, content material subject material editors, and other stakeholders personalized get admission to to precise content material subject material. This — along with its multilingual purposes, Structure Builder, and other modules — will will help you create and arrange large, difficult blogs

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Drupal Cons

Must you don’t know the way to use Drupal’s out-of-the-box choices and modules, and in addition you don’t want the time to learn, they are able to be difficult and obstruct your working a weblog efforts. If that’s the case, you might be with a simpler platform. 

Drupal Blog Example

Below is a Drupal blog that incorporates all of the add-ons and modules complex by way of the site owner.

Drupal blog example: Paulo Gomess

Drupal Key Takeaways
  • Easiest suited for technical shoppers with difficult working a weblog needs
  • Powerful content material subject material keep an eye on choices
  • Sophisticated individual permissions

Free Operating a weblog Platforms

While free working a weblog platforms would perhaps offer a lot much less capacity and flexibility than their most sensible charge counterparts, many can nevertheless provide the working a weblog tools and customizations you need to start out out working a weblog. Let’s take a look at one of the crucial effectively preferred possible choices underneath.


G2 Rating: 4.3/5.0 (23 Reviews)

Easiest for: Privacy

best blogging platforms: Excellent Consumers is a lightweight working a weblog platform that is very good for other people buying groceries to create simple blogs with a minimalist design. Execs

Offering a stripped-down editor with now not anything else alternatively an auto-save feature, supplies the enjoy of writing in a virtual mag. is also free to use and does now not give a boost to ads.

Teams can also use it like Google Docs to share updates, proposals, and works-in-progress (for a per 30 days subscription). Cons does require you to use Markdown, a syntax that uses specific characters to format text. As an example, you might kind in asterisks to create bullet problems, hashtags to create headers, and [Link] as a way to upload a link. The syntax isn’t difficult to learn, alternatively it would require some practice. Must you’d make a choice to simply click on on a button to create bullet lists or add hyperlinks, you then’ll be capable to be with probably the most free platforms underneath.

Moreover, while is free to use, you’ll have to fortify to its respectable plan for $6 monthly to connect a custom designed house identify, arrange a custom designed theme, remove the nofollow tag from your links, and additional. Blog Example

Check out an example of a Pro blog underneath. blog example: Process Imagining Key Takeaways
  • Easiest for individuals who want a minimalist interface and design
  • Calls so that you can be informed and use Markdown syntax
  • Free style is ad-free

11. Blogger

G2 Rating: 4.1/5.0 (76 Reviews)

Easiest for: Simplicity

best blogging platforms: Blogger

Blogger Excellent Consumers

Blogger is a free platform designed for beginner bloggers. While it lacks many content material subject material keep an eye on choices, Blogger is additional feature-rich than most free working a weblog platforms. On account of this, Blogger may be very best possible for other people buying groceries to create way of living blogs as a interest or to make some more cash.

Blogger Execs

Crucial good thing about Blogger is how easy it’s to create and customize a quite elementary blog.

To get started, you merely need to create an account with Google, make a selection a template, and get publishing. You’ll gain a custom designed house, optimize your search engine marketing settings, connect your blog to Google Analytics, optimize your posts with Adsense, and even edit the HTML and CSS of your site — alternatively you’ll be not able to do so much previous that.

Blogger Cons

To get a better sense of the platform’s obstacles, you’ll be capable to assessment Blogger vs WordPress or any other CMS. With Blogger, you’ll be capable to’t arrange plugins to extend the potential of your site. You’ll’t create different content material subject material sorts, like portfolio pages. And also you’ll be capable to’t business the default display of your content material subject material from reverse-chronological order to, say, your hottest posts.

In short, if you need the content material subject material keep an eye on choices and customization possible choices of a CMS, then look into possible choices to Blogger.

Blogger Blog Example

Take a look at this personal blog underneath for an example.

Blogger blog example: Adams Apples

Key Takeaways
  • Easiest suited for way of living bloggers
  • Further feature-rich than other free working a weblog platforms
  • Can’t create custom designed post sorts or business display of posts

12. Tumblr

G2 Rating: 3.9/5.0 (26 Reviews)

Easiest for: Multimedia

best blogging platforms: Tumblr

Excellent Consumers

Tumblr appeals to private bloggers and kinds alike. While bloggers may be able to use this as their most efficient platform, producers tend to use it as one platform among many to show their character.

Tumblr Execs

Tumblr combines the facility of working a weblog and social networking in one highly-visual publishing platform.

Tumblr supplies everything you need to create a professional-looking site. You’ll choose between lots of free and most sensible charge subjects and add a few pages, sidebars, social sharing buttons, statement sections, and additional. You’ll moreover acquire a custom designed house identify from a website online identify registrar quite than use the free subdomain: If in case you have HTML coding skills, you’ll be capable to further customize your site.

When you’re satisfied in conjunction with your site’s design, you’ll be capable to get began rising and publishing multimedia post sorts. That incorporates photos, GIFs, links, chat dialogue, audio files, and video to your content material subject material makes it additional horny, memorable, and shareable. 

Since other shoppers can merely like, resolution, and reblog your posts on their Tumblr along with their other social accounts, correct from their dashboard, it is a glorious platform for horny and fostering an online community.

Tumblr Cons

There are restrictions on the site that can frustrate shoppers. As an example, you’ll be capable to most efficient agenda (or “queue”) 50 posts in a day, which might perhaps prohibit your ability to plot and execute a long-term content material subject material method. You’ll moreover most efficient upload motion pictures under 100MB and in MP4 format and most efficient observe 20 tags at a time. Additionally, your site can be suspended at any time when you’re found in violation of Tumblr’s community guidelines.

Tumblr Blog Example

Vogue has a very visual and multimedia-rich site on Tumblr. Check it out underneath.

Tumblr blog example: Vogue

Key Takeaways
  • Excellent for publishing multimedia posts
  • Restrictions on what you post, when, and the way in which forever
  • Excellent for other people and kinds to engage with enthusiasts

Get Started Operating a weblog

Should you determine your working a weblog goals and wishes, you’ll be ready to select a working a weblog platform with the potential and flexibility you may well be in search of. Ideally, your platform is like CMS Hub, combining ease of use and power so that you’ll be capable to get began working a weblog and reap the benefits in search engine marketing and guests.

Editor’s understand: This post was at first revealed in April 2019 and has been up-to-the-minute for comprehensiveness.

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