The 5 Easiest E book Codecs for Entrepreneurs [Free Templates]

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Likelihood is that you’ll merely be getting started with e book advent as a promoting instrument or reconsidering the placement of ebooks for your present content material technique.

Without reference to where you’re throughout the process, you may well be most definitely asking yourself crucial question: What are the best e e book formats to your promoting library? This is a reliable question given that e e book construction you choose will get to the bottom of the nice fortune of your efforts.

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Proper right here, we will be able to quilt all e e book formats and the way in which to choose the best one to your undertaking. We’ll moreover explain how HubSpot’s e book templates will let you prevail on your promoting crew’s lead generation targets.

E e book Formatting Templates

First up, download our package deal of e e book templates so that you’ll get an idea of the e e book formats which might be available to you.

Featured Helpful useful resource: 36 Loose E book Formatting & Introduction Templates

ebook format templates from hubspotObtain Your Loose E book Templates

Our number of 36 free e e book templates will permit you to create and construction your e e book content material subject matter for an incredible reader experience in Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, and Google Slides. You’ll have the ability to construction your ebooks to perfect go well with the wishes of your promoting crew and the non-public tastes of your content material subject matter readers.

Perfect E e book Formats for Content material subject matter Creation

Whilst you’re a content material subject matter creator, listed below are the e e book formats you’ll have to consider first.

1. Adobe InDesign

ebook formats for content creation: adobe indesign

Adobe’s sophisticated design device supplies content material subject matter creators a myriad of alternatives for rising and formatting their ebooks.

The ones sophisticated choices do come at a value, alternatively professional promoting designers rely on Adobe InDesign because of those choices.

Click on Right here to Obtain 6 Adobe InDesign E book Templates.


Adobe is known for being feature-rich. Consequently, you’ll expect your ebooks to appear their perfect when made with InDesign, as you’ll be able to create and incorporate distinctive design portions right kind into your record.


For an inexperienced style dressmaker or the marketer who merely should free up a serviceable e e book, the bells and whistles that InDesign offers might not be essential. InDesign’s interface and worth aren’t the most straightforward and might require you to position in more effort than is sought after to your final deliverable.

2. Google Slides

ebook formats for creation: google slides

Google Slides is a simpler instrument for making an e e book compared to InDesign. The fact that the e e book lives online method you’ll collaborate in real-time at the side of your crew people to make a fantastic deliverable. Oh — and it’s free, which comes in handy when you’ve got a limited promoting budget.

Click on Right here to Obtain 6 Google Slides E book Templates.


Google Slides is a great tool for marketers who wish to make a good e e book in brief, specifically if you’re working alongside crew people and sourcing feedback from them. Google Slides’ interface is arguably more straightforward than InDesign’s, that implies you’ll switch and edit ingenious portions faster if you’re new to each and every apparatus.


On account of Google Slides is principally a presentation instrument somewhat than an e e book creation instrument, it is advisable to fail to spot some essential choices that can help make your ebooks attractive enough to warrant your leads’ attention.

Conversely, likelihood is that you’ll wish to make design portions somewhere else, very similar to an Adobe device instrument or Canva, and later import the ones ingenious portions into your Google Slides deck. This is in a position to create an inconsistent creation experience if you wish to hint down design portions after you’ve were given created them.

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3. Microsoft PowerPoint

best ebook formats for creation: powerpoint

A reasonably additional sophisticated selection than Google Slides — alternatively not rather as sophisticated as Adobe device — PowerPoint is every other presentation-making platform that can be used to design an e e book.


PowerPoint has some options that Google Slides doesn’t, very similar to upper effects for designing. PowerPoint may be an offline device, that implies you’ll assemble your ebooks without Wi-Fi.


PowerPoint is a paid device as a substitute of a free instrument available in Google Workspace. You moreover received’t be in sync at the side of your crew if you’re collaborating with them on edits and additions. In the end, while it has upper ingenious choices than Google Slides, it does now not come with regards to the sophisticated choices of InDesign.

Click on Right here to Obtain 6 Microsoft PowerPoint E book Templates.

Perfect E e book Formats for Consumption

The e e book formats in this phase are perfect for content material subject matter consumption as you’ll embed links, mimic a real e e book, and spice up your content material subject matter. The formats include:

1. Interactive PDF

best ebook format for consumption: pdf

The best e e book construction for e e book consumption is an interactive Transportable Report Construction (PDF).

PDFs are the go-to selection for content material subject matter promoting ebooks for a lot of reasons. Among them are the consistency of their design and readability on different devices.

We at HubSpot use PDFs for our ebooks because of we will be able to embed links to similar pages and assets in them. We can moreover upload them right kind into our content material subject matter library and consider that the design will appear as intended, although our leads open the e e book in Chrome, Safari, or Preview. The record may also appear the an identical within the tournament that they open it on their phones or on a desktop instrument.

The interactive nature moreover method we will be able to include an open text box for readers to complete an activity throughout the e e book (like in our Content material Advertising Workbook). Another plus? Readers can complete the activity in regardless of software they’re consuming the content material subject matter.


EPUB, fast for virtual e-newsletter and saved with a “.epub” report extension, is differently to be able to save your ebooks.

EPUBs rose in recognition after becoming a outstanding e e book construction for e-readers. On the other hand, given its accessibility on Apple macOS and iOS products by means of Apple Books, the construction may be a viable — even supposing reasonably proscribing — selection for content material subject matter promoting ebooks.

One unique feature of the .epub report construction is its scroll talent. To mimic the finding out of an actual e e book, readers can view one internet web page at a time and should scroll or swipe horizontally. That’s in contrast to vertical scrolling with PDFs. The epub construction supplies your readers the feeling of finding out a e e book as opposed to interacting with website online content material subject matter. Then again, this moreover method readers might want to do additional artwork navigating the content material subject matter and finding the tips they would like.

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Additionally, video and audio knowledge can also be embedded within the .epub structure, against this to PDFs, this means that that your readers can eat additional interactive content material subject matter without leaving the e e book.

In case you are tired of the PDF selection and want to spruce up your content material subject matter construction, you’ll save your InDesign ebooks as a .epub report. Merely be able for some readers being now not in a position to be informed your content material subject matter, which is something you most definitely don’t want to be the case. It’s since the construction is restricted. For instance, Amazon Kindle devices can’t be told .epub knowledge. Readers should convert your e e book into every other construction within the tournament that they want to be told it on their Kindles.

Find out how to Make a selection the Correct E e book Construction

The e e book construction you choose immediately affects how your e e book performs after e-newsletter. Listed here are a few pointers that will help you choose the correct one to your undertaking for perfect results.

1. Consider your target market.

Who’re your consumers? That’s the number one question you wish to have to answer forward of choosing an e e book construction. Your content material subject matter should be accessible on your readers. For instance, if you’re focused on a huge audience, you’ll wish to consider an e e book construction appropriate with plenty of digital devices.

2. Decide the way in which you’ll market your e e book.

How you plan to marketplace your e book may be a significant factor when choosing a construction. On the subject of selling an e e book, you’ll be self-publishing because of you wish to have to quicken up the process. You’ll have the ability to do so each on your own internet website online, or on a platform very similar to Amazon.

Self-publishing method you get to use your assets to market your e e book. Due to this fact, you’ll desire a means to reach a huge audience, which may indicate the use of an e e book construction like AZW that’s appropriate with different platforms. This provides you with the easiest stage of flexibleness in terms of the number of platforms that your audience can very easily be told your e e book.

3. Consider the nature of your e e book.

Another factor you wish to have to consider when deciding on the best e e book construction is its nature. Is it maximum repeatedly words, or will there be graphics and images? Will you be together with helpful smart digital products like Google Sheets that readers will wish to download? All of this may increasingly sometimes get to the bottom of the best e e book construction to your undertaking. If imaginable, come up with an inventory of all the different types of content material subject matter that your e e book will come with to ensure the e e book construction you choose is helping all of them.

In case you are selling an e e book containing digital images and illustrations with sound or video, you’ll desire a construction that is helping the ones choices. For instance, the EPUB construction is helping motion pictures, color images, and other interactive portions, while MOBI doesn’t.

Avoid the temptation of assuming what an e e book construction will appear to be once you may well be accomplished. Once in a while, the highest product may also be very far from what you expect it to be, and correcting it’ll be expensive. Inquire and do thorough research on all choices forward of settling for any construction.

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4. Consider the security or privacy of your e e book.

Writing an e book from begin to end takes a lot of effort and time, so the last thing you need is everyone editing it as quickly because it’s introduced. It’ll have plenty of implications to your logo. For instance, your audience may after all finally end up receiving false information about your undertaking, and the false content material subject matter may give undesired results. Within the tournament that they’re editable materials for your e e book, make certain that there’s a fashion for the reader to create a separate record first to keep away from editing all of the record. This moreover protects your readers’ privacy by means of preventing them from unknowingly filling in their personal information on a public record.

You moreover want to make certain that the security of your e e book by means of preventing illegal sharing, printing, and copy-pasting. This is specifically crucial for high-ticket ebooks, as it limits readers from sharing your content material subject matter for free of charge. If proscribing sharing is important to you, it’s in reality helpful to use a construction like EPUB that’s protected by means of Virtual Rights Control (DRM). The latter locks knowledge in a decided on platform and protects them from illegal sharing.

5. Imagine the budget.

When you have two or additional e e book formats that artwork well at the side of your undertaking, one of the crucial most straightforward techniques to break the tie is to consider the price. How so much will it rate you to unencumber your e e book the use of every construction? Is it imaginable? In addition to, consider how so much it is going to rate should you occur to wanted to increase. The best e e book construction is cost-friendly at the start and finally. Whether it is inexpensive first of all alternatively limits your enlargement, it isn’t price it. A good e e book construction should not absolute best make launching your product easier, but it surely indubitably should also be cost-friendly when you decide to increase.

Make a selection the most productive e e book construction and get started.

There are a variety of e e book formats in the market which might be widespread for publishing ebooks. Then again, like the entire thing else in trade, what works for one author might not be the most suitable choice for every other. Take your time and research the choices each and every construction offers and see which one absolute most closely fits your undertaking.

In addition to, consider the price, the kind of content material subject matter your e e book has, and most importantly, the availability implies that works perfect to your audience.

Editor’s bear in mind: This put up used to be as soon as at the start revealed in December 2020 and has been up-to-the-minute for comprehensiveness.

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