The best way to Customise Your Site With a Webfont Generator (In 3 Steps)

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When you choose the correct font for your website, you’ll be capable of increase a unique emblem while maximizing readability. Alternatively, you’ll possibly best have a few default alternatives in WordPress.

Fortunately, you’ll be capable of merely create custom designed fonts the usage of the webfont generator at Ingenious Fabrica. With this tool, you’ll be in a position to make a choice from loads of fonts and convert them to a web-safe construction.

In this submit, we’ll give an explanation for the very important serve as fonts can play in data superhighway design. Then, we’ll show you recommendations on the way to customize your website with a font generator. Let’s get started!

The Importance of Fonts in Web Design

The proper font may just make your website stand out. As an example, you’ll be capable of use a ornamental typeface to create crowd pleasing logos:

Fonts can also make stronger the clarity of your information superhighway website. The usage of a clean and simple typeface for your headings and paragraphs may just make it easier for visitors to seize and digest your content material subject material:

Additionally, fonts may also be providing a great deal of flexibility. When you need to concentrate on a decided on feature, you’ll be capable of use a bold typeface. So that you could upload further personality in your information superhighway website, likelihood is that you’ll use a script font.

Even though opting for a custom designed font typically is a difficult procedure, it allow you to increase a selected id. When you use a standard, uninteresting typeface, visitors would in all probability merely fail to remember your website.

An Creation to Inventive Fabrica

Ingenious Fabrica is an online marketplace that provides a wide variety of unique fonts:

You’ll be capable of download any free font that is available for business use. If you want to have a further unique design, you’ll be capable of achieve a typeface from a fashion designer:

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Plus, Inventive Fabrica’s webfont generator can convert any typeface proper right into a web-friendly construction. You’ll be capable of use this free tool to turn fundamental .otf and .ttf data into webfonts:

The usage of Inventive Fabrica, you’ll be capable of find a distinctive font for your website and acquire it in a usable document construction. 

The easiest way to Customize Your Web page With a Font Generator (In 3 Steps)

Now, let’s take a look at recommendations on the way to strengthen your information superhighway website’s design with Inventive Fabrica’s font generator. 

Step 1: Download a Custom designed Font

First, you’ll need to to seek out the font you need to use on your website. All of Inventive Fabrica’s free fonts have business use.

Every time you find a font you like, click on on on Download:

This will infrequently download a .zip document in your laptop. Every time you extract the document, it’s going to transform to an .otf construction.

Step 2: Upload Your Font to a Webfont Generator

Webfonts, or web-safe fonts, are fonts that can modify to different browsers and gadgets. The usage of this kind of typography, you’ll be capable of ensure that the text on your data superhighway information superhighway web page always shows accurately. 

Will have to you don’t convert a font to a web-friendly construction, it’s going to best appear as it should be if an individual has it installed on their laptop. If now not, the browser will use a generic font similar to Events New Roman as a backup. This may completely business your information superhighway website’s glance.

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After to procure your font, you’ll be capable of merely make it web-safe with the webfont generator. This free tool can automatically turn any font document proper right into a webfont bundle deal.

First, upload your font. You’ll be capable of each use a .ttf or .otf document construction:

You’ll need to check that you just’re allowed to become the font and use it on a website. Then, click on on on Convert to webfonts:

Now, you’ll be capable to download a .zip document with common webfont formats like .woff, .woff2, .eot, and .svg. Remember the fact that you’ll be capable of’t redistribute the ones data since they’re only for personal use.

Step 3: Observe the Webfont to Your Web page

To start out the usage of the font on your information superhighway website, you’ll be capable of simply add some custom designed CSS in your WordPress theme. Alternatively, you’ll first need to create a child theme. This will infrequently make it easier to safely modify your theme data without shedding your changes after an change.

Then, you’ll need to get right of entry to your information superhighway website at some stage in the keep an eye on panel in your web page internet hosting account, or by the use of the usage of a Report Switch Protocol (FTP) consumer. Every time you’ve attached in your information superhighway website’s checklist, move to public_html > wp-content > topic issues:

Proper right here, open the folder for your provide theme and to find the fonts folder. If sought after, you’ll be capable of create a brand spanking new one:

Next, upload your webfont’s .zip document to the fonts folder and extract the document:

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Now, you’ll need to move in your WordPress dashboard and open your Theme document editor. In your Style.css document, add the CSS code for your font. This shall be available in your Inventive Fabrica download:

@font-face {
    font-family: 'Anastasia';
    src: url('fonts/Anastasia.eot');
    src: url('fonts/Anastasia.eot?#iefix') construction('embedded-opentype'),
         url('fonts/Anastasia.woff2') construction('woff2'),
         url('fonts/Anastasia.woff') construction('woff'),
         url('fonts/Anastasia.ttf')  construction('truetype'),
         url('fonts/Anastasia.svg#Anastasia') construction('svg');

Then, you’ll need to specify which parts will use this new font. For example, you’ll be capable of business your H1 headings the usage of this CSS code:

.h1 site-title {
font-family: "New Font", Arial, sans-serif;

When you’re able, save your changes. You’ll have to now have a custom designed font on your website!


If you want to have your website to stand out, you’ll want to choose a unique {{and professional}} font. The usage of a custom designed font can straight away set the correct tone for your information superhighway website and permits target market to easily be told your content material subject material. 

To test, proper right here’s the way you’ll be capable of customize your website with a font generator:

  1. Download a custom designed font from Inventive Fabrica. 
  2. Upload your font to the font generator.
  3. Observe the webfont in your website’s theme data. 

Do you’ve were given any questions about the usage of a custom designed font on your website? Let us know inside the comments section underneath!

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